"Liberty is not for these slaves; I do not advocate inflicting it against their conscience. On the contrary, I am strongly in favor of letting them crawl and grovel all they please before whatever fraud or combination of frauds they choose to venerate…Our whole practical government is grounded in mob psychology and the Boobus Americanus will follow any command that promises to make him safer." -- H. L. Mencken

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The government wants to strengthen people’s right to pay with physical cash

Just recently I reported on how Sweden is going against the cashless agenda, looking at ways to support citizens right to pay with physical cash.

Now the neighboring country of Norway is looking to do the same.

The Norwegian government is proposing a new law that will FORCE shops to accept real cash as payment. In other words, they will not be allowed to be “cashless”.

The Ministry of Justice and Public Security want to change the law of the land to make sure that real cash can always be used as a form of payment.

Webmaster addition:  I won't do business with anyone who refuses cash! 

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Ukraine has renewed calls for the United States to dispatch more surface-to-air Patriot defence systems to help shield key Ukrainian cities from ongoing Russian attacks. Kyiv's Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba insisted on the importance of the system for the defence of the country as he demanded in an interview with Politico: "Give us the damn Patriots."
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With the state’s shelter system bursting with migrant families, the Healey administration announced today that they will open a new overflow site in Chelsea at the old Soldiers’ Home and introduce a range of work search and permit application requirements for those housed at “state safety-net sites.”

Effective May 1, according to Gov. Maura Healey’s office, families housed in one of the state’s Emergency Assistance shelter overflow sites will be required to document and demonstrate their participation in state programs aimed at getting them out of the shelter and into a job and permanent residence.

“We have said for months now that our system is at capacity, and we do not have the space, providers or funding to continue expanding,” Emergency Assistance Director Scott Rice said along with the announcement. “This new certification policy is a responsible step to address the capacity constraints at our safety-net sites. Families will need to demonstrate that they’ve taken action to get on a path toward independence and out of shelter.”

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President Joe Biden is now considering a program that could allow 4,000 undocumented immigrants every year to avoid deportation and obtain a green card to remain in the United States.

Those who have lived in the U.S. for more than 10 years and have a legal citizen relative that would 'suffer' as a result of their removal could qualify for access to this program, which the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) says allows non-legal permanent residents to apply for a judge to 'cancel your removal' and stay in the U.S.

It comes amid continued crackdowns by Republicans in Congress on the Biden administration's actions at the southern border.

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Earlier this month, one of MS-13’s senior leaders was apprehended after eluding the FBI. After four years of being on the run, Freddy Ivan Jandres-Parada was captured by FBI agents at the San Ysidro Port of Entry near the California-Mexico border on Mar. 7.

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Baltimore is about the 8th biggest port in the U.S. I’d imagine the port is now blocked off, but the Key bridge is so long (8000′) there might be a way around. The Port of Baltimore specialties include importing cars and exporting coal.

There was a similar disaster in St. Petersburg, FL in 1980 when a freighter hit the Sunshine truss bridge during a sudden intense squall that made the ship’s radar useless. 35 motorists were killed when 1200 feet of roadway fell into the water.

In the live cam footage, a couple of minutes or so before the ship hit the pillar, all its lights went off. After about a minute some emergency lights came back on, suggesting some sort of malfunction that perhaps disabled steering. A huge puff of black smoke can be seen, perhaps due to the pilot trying to reverse power. Or maybe an explosion.

Personally, I would at this point avoid jumping to conclusions about how this must be an example of whatever is your favorite complaint, such as the Crisis of Competence or DEI or Crumbling Infrastructure or whatever you learned about the Port of Baltimore from watching the second season of The Wire.

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The Birmingham Police Department believes the people in the city aren’t tired of murder, or they would be cooperating as witnesses.There have been 13 homicides in March so far, with eight in a single week.

Police Chief Scott Thurmond said all it takes is one person coming forward with a small piece of evidence to help units solve the puzzle. But since people aren’t doing that, he said they must be fine living with the city the way it is.

“Our residents haven’t had enough yet,” Thurmond said.

Witness cooperation is the main problem in solving cases, he noted. He brought up the case of Mahogany Jackson, in which eight people were arrested because of people coming forward with evidence.

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Biden doesn’t seem to care that the Supreme Court told him he couldn’t do this. He is a lawless president.

FOX News reports:

Biden vows to forge ahead with student loan handouts, has 4 words for all his critics


President Biden is vowing to forge ahead with his plan to forgive billions of dollars in student loans, just months ahead of his expected 2024 presidential election rematch with Donald Trump.

Despite a national debt soaring past $34.5 trillion and the U.S. Supreme Court previously serving as a roadblock for such handouts to loan borrowers, the president is again vowing to forgive the borrowed sums.

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The Russian population has handed to the Kremlin total carte blanche to exercise brutal, maximum punishment – whatever and wherever it takes

Let’s start with the possible chain of events that may have led to the Crocus terror attack. This is as explosive as it gets. Intel sources in Moscow discreetly confirm this is one of the FSB’s prime lines of investigation.

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Stevie Wonder’s hit “Living For The City” paints a painful picture of how New York chews up and spits out those who aren’t streetwise. It’s infamously difficult to learn the ins and outs of such a large and bustling metropolis. But what if you’re from New York? It turns out you might not even have a right to your own home.

Queens resident Adel Andoloro found out the hard way about goofy liberal laws four days ago when she was arrested for changing the locks…on her own home.

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8 states are planning to BAN the sale of gas-powered cars entirely - after Biden unveiled ambitious plans to phase them out by 2032

By Tilly Armstrong Assistant Consumer Editor For Dailymail.Com

At least eight states are planning to ban the sale of new gas-powered cars in the next decade - and others are considering joining them. 

Only zero-emission vehicles can be sold in participating states beginning from the 2035 model year, according to the Advanced Clean Cars II legislation. 

The rule, which was first adopted by California, means that automakers and dealerships would be banned from selling new gas cars in these states from that point onwards. 

Americans will not be forced to take their gas-powered cars off the road, however, and will still be able to buy used and secondhand gas vehicles.

These states have gone further than the latest federal legislation announced last week, where the Biden administration released new rules to gradually phase out gas cars by 2032.

Claire's Observations;  The case against the all-electric vehicle has been intelligently, and responsibly, made.  They freeze; they explode; and the self-driving capabilities have not yet gotten sorted by designers and manufacturers.

Me and Mike?!?  We are going to keep our 10 year old  "Korean Wonder Buggy" for as long as is humanly possible, and see about adopting a Cuban mechanic; those folks have been proven to keep older cars running darn near forever!!!  And we are no longer flying;  we are driving everywhere we need to go!!!!

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Russia on Tuesday sought to shift blame for the Moscow concert hall attack onto Ukraine and its Western backers, despite the Islamic State group claiming responsibility for the killings of at least 139 people.

The Kremlin’s security services have been scrambling to explain how gunmen on Friday managed to carry out the worst attack in Russia in over two decades.

President Vladimir Putin has acknowledged that ‘radical Islamists’ conducted the bloody assault, but suggested they were linked to Ukraine, two years into the Kremlin’s offensive on the country.

The head of Russia’s FSB security agency Alexander Bortnikov said Tuesday that while those who had ‘ordered’ the attack had not been identified, the assailants were heading to Ukraine and would have been ‘greeted as heroes’.

‘We believe the action was prepared both by the radical Islamists themselves and, of course, facilitated by Western special services, and Ukraine’s special services themselves have a direct connection to this,’ Bortnikov was cited as saying by Russian news agencies.

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Nine babies from Gaza without a name or a family

Twenty-four newborns were evacuated to Egypt during the Israeli army’s assault. Three have died and nine of them have nowhere to go

Image removed.A doctor and a nurse from the neonatal unit of the New Administrative Capital hospital care for unaccompanied premature babies.Marc Español

Marc Español, El Pais

In a spotless room of the first functioning hospital in the new administrative capital that Egypt is building in the east of Cairo, nine babies without a name are resting. On the small signs that hang from their spacious cribs, overlooking the still empty vastness of a city under construction in the middle of the desert, they are identified only by the names of their mothers. The same ones that were written on the bracelets that hung from their wrists and ankles the day they landed in this gleaming complex.

No one knows who they are, or if there is anyone in the world waiting for them. They are part of a group of 31 premature babies who were born in Al Shifa Hospital in northern Gaza shortly before or during the early stages of Israel’s military offensive in Gaza, and were evacuated in November after the Israeli army stormed the center where they were being kept in incubators. The nine unnamed babies were alone when they arrived in Egypt, and so far no one has asked about them. No one seems to know where their families are or if they have any living relatives.

The premature babies at Al Shifa, Gaza’s main hospital, became a symbol of the tragedy caused by Israel’s raid on the center, which was attacked again this past week. Four months later, the nine newborns embody the uncertain future of many Gazan children. The severity of the violence, the high number of deaths and the displacement of the population are separating thousands of families. And the collapse of the administration and the insecurity of traveling makes it difficult for Gazan children to reunite with their families, even if they still have a living relative. More than 13,000 children have died in Gaza as a result of the Israeli offensive, according to UNICEF data.


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A container ship struck the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore early Tuesday, causing it to fall into the river below. Search and rescue teams immediately launched efforts to locate survivors who may have plunged into the water during the collapse, with one official indicating there may be “upwards of seven people” unaccounted for.

The incident marks the latest in a series of similarly tragic bridge collapses, some of which occurred in the U.S. in recent decades.

From 1960 to 2015, there have been 35 major bridge collapses worldwide due to ship or barge collision, with a total of 342 people killed, according to a 2018 report from the World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure. Eighteen of those collapses happened in the United States.

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Prince Harry was named in a $30 million lawsuit accusing Sean “Diddy” Combs of sexual abuse.

Music producer Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones said in court documents filed last month that guests were drawn to Diddy’s alleged sex trafficking parties due to the rapper’s “access to celebrities such as famous athletes, political figures, artist [sic], musicians and international dignitaries like British royal Prince Harry,” according to the Daily Mail.

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