“When the taste for physical gratifications among them has grown more rapidly than their education . . . the time will come when men are carried away and lose all self-restraint . . . . It is not necessary to do violence to such a people in order to strip them of the rights they enjoy; they themselves willingly loosen their hold. . . . they neglect their chief business which is to remain their own masters.” -- Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America: Volume 2

Bidgear ad



Unbeknownst to most, a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request from back in 2021 produced what has come to be known as the "Confidential Pfizer Report," showing that the vaccine giant has known all along that its Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) jab is deadly.

The mRNA injection caused more than 1,200 reported deaths and tens of thousands of reported adverse events, that we know of, just within the first two months of its release in mid-December 2020. There were also 23 reported cases of spontaneous abortions out of 270 pregnancies and more than 2,000 reports of cardiac disorders.

Pfizer received all these reports by the end of February 2021, and the company itself confirmed that its jabs are responsible for "manslaughter." Based on this evidence, Pfizer had a responsibility at that time under the law to immediately withdraw the injection, but it did no such thing.

Instead, Pfizer would go on to inject hundreds of millions of people all around the world with its mRNA injections. And once again, thanks to approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and acceptance by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Pfizer is once again mass-injecting the public with even more mRNA shots.

Read the full Pfizer report in its entirety at this link.

Posted on: Sep 19 11:14

Radical left Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego is reportedly laying the groundwork in Phoenix to ban meat, dairy, and cars and carry out globalist leader Klaus Schwab’s 2030 Agenda with C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group.

Last month, The Gateway Pundit reported on the Marxist scheme by C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group and globalist leaders worldwide to ban meat, dairy, and private vehicles by 2030. The organization is headed by billionaire globalist “Mini” Mike Bloomberg and is mainly funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies. As of August 4, 2023, C40 has a membership with “mayors of nearly 100 world-leading cities collaborating to confront the climate crisis,” according to their website.

Posted on: Sep 19 11:11

 NBC’s Kristen Welker claimed “no one” is arguing for legal abortion up to birth in her new interview with former President Donald Trump, but that claim is demonstrably false.

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 19 10:36

 Rep. Jennifer Wexton (D-VA) announced on Monday that she will not seek re-election next year after being diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder that affects body movements.

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 19 10:36

 New host Kristen Welker took a virtual barrage of hatred over her maiden voyage at the helm of “Meet the Press” — and the cohosts of ABC’s “The View” used Monday’s broadcast to join the pile-on.

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 19 10:35

 Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie slammed President Joe Biden for agreeing to a prisoner swap with the Islamic Republic of Iran that includes the unfreezing of $6 billion in Iranian oil revenues.

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Posted on: Sep 19 10:35

 A prominent leader in the field of “social emotional learning” in K-12 schools surrendered her therapist license days after an investigation by The Daily Wire found she may have repeatedly violated her duty to report child abuse she learned of during her discussions with “young teens” about sex.

Posted on: Sep 19 10:35

 A New England Patriots season ticket holder died Sunday night after he was reportedly punched three times by a Miami Dolphins fan at the Patriots-Dolphins game at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts.

Posted on: Sep 19 10:34

 A committee of the New York City Council is set to vote Tuesday on a proposal that could result in monuments to figures like George Washington and Christopher Columbus being taken down. 

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Posted on: Sep 19 10:20

 Elon Musk, speaking with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a live-streamed event on X, adapted a well-known adage to slam Wikipedia.

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Posted on: Sep 19 10:20

 Florida Governor responded to criticism over the weekend from former President Donald Trump, who slammed DeSantis for signing a pro-life heartbeat bill into law that bans abortion at 6 weeks.

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Posted on: Sep 19 10:18

 The United States Military said on Monday that it has located the wreckage of an F-15 fighter jet that crashed over the weekend in South Carolina.

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 19 10:18

 Florida Governor Ron DeSantis fired back at House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) on Monday after McCarthy took a shot at him over the weekend for backing members of Congress that are threatening to shut down the government if conservative agenda items are not met.

Posted on: Sep 19 10:17

 Former Obama administration Undersecretary of State Richard Stengel praised President Joe Biden’s deal with Iran during a recent television appearance.

Posted on: Sep 19 10:17

Strong words, but anything less would be naïve.

As economist Herbert Stein once said, “If something cannot go on forever, it has a tendency to stop.” Case in point: fiat money political regimes. Interventionist economies of the West are in a fatal downward spiral, comparable to that of the Roman Empire in the second century, burdened with unsustainable debt and the antiprosperity policies of governments, especially the Green New Deal.

In the global Ponzi scheme, thin air and deceit substitute for sound money. As hedge-fund manager Mitch Feierstein wrote in Planet Ponzi, “You don’t solve a Ponzi scheme; you end it.” Charles Ponzi and Bernie Madoff

...made some of their investors a whole lot poorer, but the world didn’t come crashing down as a result.

For that‌—‌for a Ponzi scheme that would threaten to bankrupt capitalism across the entire Western world‌—‌you need people much smarter than Ponzi or Madoff. You need time, you need energy, you need motivation. In a word, you need Wall Street.

But Wall Street alone doesn’t have the strength to deliver a truly cataclysmic outcome. If your ambition is to create havoc on the largest possible scale, you need access to a balance sheet running into the tens of trillions. You need power. You need prestige. You need a remarkable willingness to deceive. In a word, you need Washington.

As Gary North wrote in a brief review of Feierstein’s book, “The central banks have colluded with the national governments in order to fund huge increases of national debt, beyond what can ever be paid off. In other words, [Feierstein] has described government promises as part of a gigantic international Ponzi scheme.”

Posted on: Sep 19 09:54

A renowned peer-reviewed scientific journal is standing by a study that found so-called “booster” shots increased Covid infection rates when compared to unvaccinated people.

The journal Cureus has come under mounting pressure to retract the study after it conflicted with the official narrative used to promote the latest FDA-approved booster campaign.

However, the journal has refused to bow to the mob and rejected calls to retract the study.

Cureus said there is “no basis for retraction.”

The study that found people who received a Covid booster were more likely to become infected when compared to unvaccinated people.

The research group analyzed numbers from California’s prison system.

They found that those who received one of the bivalent boosters had a higher infection rate than people who have never received a dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

Posted on: Sep 19 09:35

Hasan Minhaj — a stand-up comedian and former Daily Show contributor — admitted that he has lied about several jokes/stories where he “experienced” racism during a recent interview.

“Every story in my style is built around a seed of truth,” the 37-year-old told the New Yorker in a profile published this past Friday. “My comedy Arnold Palmer is 70% emotional truth — this happened — and then 30% hyperbole, exaggeration, fiction.”

Minhaj — who has the distinction of being the last Daily Show correspondent who was hired by Jon Stewart — later expanded on what he meant in a statement to the New York Post.

“I use the tools of standup comedy—hyperbole, changing names and locations, and compressing timelines to tell entertaining stories,” he said. “That’s inherent to the art form,” he added. “You wouldn’t go to a Haunted House and say ‘Why are these people lying to me?’—The point is the ride. Standup is the same.”

Posted on: Sep 19 09:27

London’s far-left Mayor Sadiq Khan has just signed the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) radical “climate pact” to ban meat and dairy consumption, air travel, and private car ownership in the British capital city.

After signing the treaty, London now has until 2030 to enforce the new laws.

The climate change initiative, spearheaded by London Mayor Sadiq Khan, is also moving to ban citizens from purchasing “more than three items of clothing a year” and flying “more than once every three years.”

The initiative suggests that members of the public should begin wearing “a uniform” to reduce the need for new clothing purchases.

Khan has joined the globalist C40 Climate Leadership group which comprises, in its own words, “a network of nearly 100 mayors of the world’s leading cities that are united in action to confront the climate crisis”, and has commissioned a report making demands for cities to slash their greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

Khan, who chairs the C40 group, has received backlash from Londoners following this month’s Ulez (ultra-low emissions zone) expansion.

Posted on: Sep 19 09:24

America and its entire NATO are at war against Russia in the battlefields of Ukraine, and (though its Government and news-media claim otherwise) are losing that war like they did against Afghanistan, and against Libya, and against Iraq, and against Vietnam, and against China, and against Korea. Even without the assistance of America’s colonies in Europe (NATO/EU), America spends (in fact, though not in the jiggered commonly published American propaganda) 17 times as much annually on its military as does Russia: $1.5T in America, versus $70B annually in Russia. How can this be?

Like that “$1.5T” link explains, America budgets lots of its military spending to be spent from Departments other than its Defense Department, such as from its Homeland Security Department, Treasury Department, Energy Department, and Veterans Affairs Department, so as to enable its propaganda agents, such as the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), to publish ONLY the Defense Department’s expenditures for comparison with other nations’ total military expenditures (which are far more honestly reported than America’s), and so to make America’s seem to be a smaller percentage of the global total than is really the case. Thus, for example, SIPRI states that “US military spending reached $877 billion in 2022, which was 39 per cent of total global military spending,” and that, “Russian military spending grew by an estimated 9.2 per cent in 2022, to around $86.4 billion.” Whereas that Russian figure is honest, the American figure is a blatant lie, because it’s only the Defense Department’s budget, NOT the full $1.5T of military spending in all Departments (like Russia’s, and other nations’, figures, actually are). In reality, America accounts for 50% of global military spending, not 39% as SIPRI alleges.

Where is all that excess American money going?

Posted on: Sep 19 09:21

The Joe Biden administration is being roasted on social media as the U.S. military is still unable to locate a lost F-35 fighter jet. The world's deadliest fighter went missing on Sunday after its pilot ejected to safety following a mishap. The authorities then sought public help to locate the jet which triggered a meme-fest on Twitter.

Posted on: Sep 19 09:19

As most caregivers know, many people who have dementia experience sudden changes in appetite which can lead to appetite loss, weight loss or increased cravings of sugary foods and weight gain. Often people with dementia don’t taste food and experience flavor like they once did, which can change appetite preferences. Because taste buds are diminished as people age, people with dementia opt for heavy foods or foods with a lot of flavor, like sugary sweets.

Webmaster addition: Biden and his ice cream habits?

Posted on: Sep 19 09:05

On Sunday President Donald Trump sat for an interview with Kristen Welker from NBC’s Meet the Press.

During the interview President Trump argued that “Nancy Pelosi is responsible for January 6th.”

President Trump: “Nancy Pelosi was in charge of security. She turned down 10,000 soldiers. If she didn’t turn down the soldiers, you wouldn’t have had Jan. 6.”

Of course, President Trump was right. And there is plenty of evidence to back him up.

President Trump asked for the National Guard three days in advance of January 6. Pelosi turned him down.

Pelosi refused to turn over information about her culpability in the security breakdown during the Jan. 6 riot for over a year to congressional investigators.

Steven A. Sund, the Capitol Police chief on that fateful day, not only confirms her culpability along with the rest of the Democratic leadership. Sund reported that Pelosi utilized him as a scapegoat and forced him to step down as Police chief. We all know now she was just trying to obfuscate her own responsibility for the attack.

Posted on: Sep 19 07:56

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi responded to President Donald Trump blaming her for the Jan 6 riot at the Capitol, claiming he is suffering from a “sickness” and called for an “intervention” to stop him from becoming president.

Webmaster addition: Exactly what kind of "intervention" do you have in mind, Nancy?

Posted on: Sep 19 07:55

Former Trump administration official Kash Patel filed a lawsuit last week over the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the FBI’s “politically motivated” effort to obtain a subpoena for his personal email account data in 2017.

Patel, who at the time was the investigator leading the House Intelligence Committee’s probe into FBI and DOJ conduct in the Crossfire Hurricane investigation, alleges the DOJ violated separation of powers and his Fourth Amendment rights when it sought a subpoena of his personal email account in 2017. The lawsuit names seven individuals who were officials at the time, including FBI Director Chris Wray and former U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia Jessie Liu, as defendants.

“Rather than seeking to obtain information openly from Mr. Patel’s official accounts, which would have provoked an immediate response and legal fight with the United States House of Representatives, DOJ instead sought—non-publicly and unconstitutionally—to access his private accounts through a third-party subpoena,” the lawsuit alleges. “They did so to avoid public scrutiny, because they were improperly investigating the man who was investigating them.”

Posted on: Sep 19 07:54

Surprising Fact

Just two countries in the world allow drug makers to market prescription medications directly to consumers: the U.S. and New Zealand. Most countries ban the practice.

Key Background

Most countries prohibit directly advertising prescription medications to the public, something the WHO says influences both people and, indirectly, the medical professionals treating them, making it “harder to make decisions on evidence based medicine.” The American Medical Association opposes the practice and, alongside other health organizations, is pushing to outlaw it in the U.S. Pharmaceutical firms claim patients benefit from the commercials and that they have a right to know what options are available to them. Critics argue the ability to sideline professionals and market to the public directly incentivizes companies to exaggerate the benefit of their drugs without detailing possible side effects, a situation regulators hoped to remedy by requiring ads to dedicate time to risks, leading to the well-known, rapid fire laundry list of side effects.

Big Number

$6 billion. That’s how much researchers estimate pharma spent on direct to consumer ads in 2016. The figure grew significantly from 1996, when consumer ad budgets totaled $1.3 billion.

Webmaster addition: That $6 billion in ad revenue is why corporate media won't report on adverse effects caused by Big Pharma's products!

Posted on: Sep 19 07:52

Joe Biden has reached his expiration date, and the Deep State is preparing to dump him in the compost pile.

In a newly released study conducted by the RAND Corporation and funded by a host of entities related to the congressional–military intelligence–industrial complex, researchers posed this question: "Could Dementia in the National Security Workforce Create a Security Threat?"  Now, whom in the world do these researchers have in mind?

Let's just throw out a hypothetical: could a person with cognitive function so severely diminished that he regresses to a toddler-like state and poops his pants ahead of diplomatic talks, and gets labeled a "walking gaffe" due to his endless blunders, who also has access to nuclear codes and is supposed to be the commander-in-chief, be a threat to the safety of the citizens?  Gee, what a stumper.

How many millions of dollars did we pay for this?

Posted on: Sep 19 07:49

Just 12 days separate the federal government from total shutdown, and Speaker Kevin McCarthy has grown impatient with Republican obstinance to spending legislation. 

McCarthy promised leadership would work through the weekend as negotiators seemed to admit defeat on Republicans' newly released short-term continuing resolution. 

'We're going to bring new ideas up, and we're going to work until we get this done. We're not leaving this weekend. We're going to get through this,' McCarthy told reporters. 

Around a dozen Republicans have pledged they would vote 'no' on a deal cut by the right-wing House Freedom Caucus and the Main Street Caucus, a group of pragmatic conservatives, to extend government funding by one month - giving Congress more time to hash out spending legislation and fund the government for fiscal year 2024. 

Posted on: Sep 19 07:48

Willing to bet every one of these 16 shootings at high school football games across the United States of America in 2023 have all involved a black shooter (remember, in 2015, the Brookings Institute published the definitive on race and gun crime in America, Guns and race: The different worlds of black and white Americans). Actually, it should be a bet made available on Fan Duel or Draft Kings: how many shootings will there be this weekend at high school football games? [Friday night lights under fire: High school football games are being blitzed by gun violence: “It’s definitely the worst I can remember in 35 years as a teacher, coach, leader in sports,” said Karissa Niehoff of the National Federation of State High School Associations., NBC News, September 16, 2023]:

Gun violence is threatening to dim Friday night lights and endangering a beloved national pastime — high school football games.

This season alone, there have already been at least 16 shootings, resulting in two deaths and 13 people wounded at games across the country, according to the K-12 School Shooting Database, which has been tracking this data since the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, in 2018.

Posted on: Sep 19 07:47