"History is a joke played by the victors on the vanquished in front of an audience that dares not laugh." -- Michael Rivero

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Colombia's President Gustavo Petro has suspended coal exports to Israel amidst the ongoing conflict in Gaza. This decision aims to pressure Israel to halt its military operations, highlighting Colombia's significant role in Israel's coal supply chain. With over $320 million worth of coal exports to Israel in 2022 alone, this suspension could have far-reaching consequences.

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s Chief of Staff Andrey Yermak is reportedly calling the shots in the country amid the ongoing war with Russia. Multiple Ukrainian officials have complained to British daily The Times about the growing power of Vladimir Zelensky’s chief of staff Andrey Yermak, who they say de facto runs Ukraine. Yermak has also been accused of orchestrating the ouster of General Valery Zaluzhny in February, because he saw him as a rival. So, who is Andrey Yermak? Why is referred to as Zelensky’s “right-hand” man?

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Thanks to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, we indeed seem to be rushing headlong into a major war—possibly a World War Three, possibly the world’s first (and perhaps last) nuclear war. Ukraine leadership and their Western backers seem hell-bent on fighting to the last man, and Vladimir Putin, as an old-school Cold Warrior, seems equally determined to press ahead until achieving “victory.” The cause seems hopeless for Ukraine, who cannot reasonably expect to prevail in an extended conflict with one of the largest militaries on Earth. At best, they may bleed Russia over a period of months or years, but only at the cost of massive blood-letting themselves. It seems that Ukraine will be the loser in this struggle, no matter what comes.

In the Western media, we are presented with a remarkably simplified storyline: Putin is an evil warmonger who simply wants to extend Russian territory; to this end, he is exploiting events in Ukraine, deploying his military ostensibly to support the Russian-speaking districts of Luhansk and Donetsk in the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine. But this is just cover, they say, for his mad quest to rebuild the Russian empire. In pursuit of his goal, he is willing to inflict any amount of material damage and kill any number of civilians. Fortunately, say our media, Putin has thus far been largely contained; the brave Ukrainian fighters are constantly “reclaiming” land, Russia’s advance has “stalled,” and indeed, Russia seems to be in danger of losing.

Consequently, the US and its allies must do all they can to “aid” and “support” the brave Ukrainians and their beleaguered but heroic leader, Volodymyr Zelensky. No amount of money, no assortment of deadly weaponry, no military intelligence, is too much. Like World War Two, this “war” is an unconditional struggle of Good versus Evil; therefore the West, as the moral paragon of the world, must step up, undergo sacrifice, and ensure that Good prevails.

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In January of this year, a Russian A-50 airborne early warning aircraft was hit by an American Patriot anti-aircraft missile system. This information was shared by Colonel, Deputy Chief of Staff of the 10th Air and Missile Defense Command of the US Army Rosanna Clemente.

The officer said that the defenders of the Ukrainian state used aerial ambush tactics. According to her, the fighters were specially prepared for this - in the middle of the night, the instructors activated the Patriot battery, the order was given to go to the firing position, “work out,” and then retreat.

The colonel added that Ukraine is currently armed with up to a battalion of Patriot air defense systems. “Some of them are used to protect stationary objects, others move and do truly historical things. I have not seen this in 22 years of work in air defense,” she emphasized.

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Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the slain leader of the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group, was subjected to "sexual torture" during his time in US custody back in 2004, claims his widow.

Umm Hudaifa, currently detained in a Baghdad prison, shed light on her life alongside Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, in an interview with BBC published on Monday.

Before he was held in 2004, al-Baghdadi was “religious but not extremist” and “conservative but open minded,” Umm Hudaifa said who is currently under investigation in an Iraqi jail for her ties to Daesh.

She claimed that a year-long detention in US-run Camp Bucca caused a significant change in Baghdadi’s personality, as he was reportedly arrested after founding a militant group to purportedly combat US and allied occupation forces in Iraq. She said that he told her that during his detention, he was subjected to something “you cannot understand.”

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According to a report by the news network, “The purpose of the national American Miss program is to grow confidence and foster a positive self-image.” This despite the fact that the level of obesity displayed by Milliken is linked with all manner of horrible diseases like diabetes, heart disease, strokes, and certain cancers. Respondents weren’t very impressed with the result. “Dang I didn’t realize this was a cattle auction,” wrote one. “This 500 pound woman is supposed to be a role model to kids,” added another. Some expressed gratitude for the fact that at least Milliken is a biological female, unlike the winner of Miss Maryland USA, who is a man. “She practiced 365 days? What? Eating?” remarked another.
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The retail industry has been a challenging battleground lately, with consumers facing high inflation and economic uncertainty. Target, one of America's retail leaders, recently reported troubling financial results impacting the entire industry. In their latest earnings report, Target revealed concerning trends highlighting the economic challenges affecting consumers and businesses. With its iconic bull's-eye logo displayed in nearly 2,000 stores nationwide, the retail giant has always been seen as an indicator of the U.S. economy's health. When a company as influential as Target begins to struggle, it serves as a warning that requires action from consumers, investors, and policymakers.
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Windows maker acknowledges 'clear signal' from everyone, then mostly ignores it
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In Australia, you can preside over human rights abuses, you can run the healthcare system into the ground, you can authorise police violence on citizens, you can blow billions on cancelled infrastructure projects, and you can name-call from the bully pulpit – and we’ll give you an award for it. Today, Australia’s two most aggressive Covid-era premiers, Daniel Andrews (Victoria) and Mark McGowan (Western Australia), were awarded the nation’s top honour, the Companion of the Order of Australia (AC). In the 2024 King’s Birthday Honours roll, only six Australians received the award, which signifies “eminent achievement and merit of the highest degree in service to Australia or to humanity at large”.
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Reform UK's Richard Tice has said that the amount at which people first start to pay income tax should be lifted from £12,570 to £20,000. He said the policy would mean Britons taking home an extra £1,500 in pay each year, almost £30 a week.
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The Biden administration contends that it is not targeting gas stoves and other domestic conveniences afforded by fossil fuels, but its “building electrification” agenda is poised to effectively do just that, several energy policy experts told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

The notion that the federal government would like to ban gas stoves is a “myth” and “misinformation,” according to the Department of Energy (DOE), which uploaded the blog post in May 2023 after Consumer Product Safety Commission Commissioner Richard Trumka Jr. suggested that a gas stove ban is “on the table” in a January 2023 Bloomberg interview. However, the administration is also working to advance its “building electrification” agenda that would bring about similar outcomes under a different name, energy policy experts told the DCNF.

“The whole ‘building electrification’ effort is part of the centralized control impulse of people who gravitate to government or stand to cash in on the latest fad, irrespective of its costs or impacts on regular Americans. It’s also part of the ‘electrify everything’ agenda of planners and masterminds,” Dan Kish, a senior research fellow for the Institute for Energy Research, told the DCNF. “The U.S. established a Constitutional Republic to limit government control, and yet control freaks want to tell us how to live by expanding the government’s reach.”

Webmaster addition: Does Biden own stock in electric appliance companies?

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Once again, the rapacious Democrats in California are proposing a new tax, this time targeting car owners by charging them for each mile they drive.

The plan to extract more money from the state’s struggling citizens isn’t merely up for debate. A pilot program called the “2024 Road Charge Collection Pilot” is already underway. In this program, car owners install a device in their vehicles to monitor their driving and calculate a tax based on mileage.

Reportedly, the new method of collecting road taxes is set to replace California’s high gas taxes. According to the financial website Motley Fool, California currently imposes the second-highest gas taxes in the nation at 51 cents per gallon, with only Pennsylvania surpassing it at 56 cents per gallon.

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