"It is not the duty of a patriotic American to listen to the government's lies. It is the duty of a patriotic American to listen to the government's lies, and shout 'BULLSHIT' at the top of their lungs!" -- Michael Rivero 

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News media manufactures consent, and one way that happens is by manufacturing amnesia — burying a government’s past misdeeds makes it easier to sell future ones.

The catastrophic floods that Storm Daniel unleashed on Libya, which have killed as many as 10,000 people, are both a natural disaster and a human-made one. In the week following Storm Daniel, a large portion of the media coverage described “war” as a reason the country was ill-equipped to handle the catastrophe.

However, media discussion of NATO’s contribution to what has become Libya’s forever war has been almost non-existent. NATO’s intimate involvement — albeit by proxy — in the current war in Ukraine makes the omission all the more remarkable.

War in contemporary Libya is traceable to February 2011, when protests against Muammar Gadhafi’s government evolved into an armed conflict. In the initial days of the fighting, the U.S. media amplified claims that the Libyan air force was bombing demonstrators despite statements by top Pentagon officials that there was “no confirmation whatsoever” that such bombing was happening.

Western media outlets and politicians accused Gadhafi of carrying out a systematic mass slaughter of civilians, and of intending to do more of the same, particularly as government forces advanced on rebel-held Benghazi. In this climate, the UN Security Council passed Resolution 1973 in March 2011, which authorized “all necessary measures” to protect civilians.

NATO dubiously interpreted the resolution as granting it the right to overthrow the Libyan government. NATO forces — primarily Britain, France and the U.S. — subsequently conducted roughly 9,700 strike sorties and dropped over 7,700 precision-guided bombs during their seven-month campaign.

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Dozens of Palestinians suffocated on Thursday morning as Israeli occupation forces stormed the town of Ya’bad, south of Jenin, in the northern occupied West Bank, the official Palestinian news agency WAFA reported.

Local sources told WAFA that Israeli forces stormed several neighborhoods in Ya’bad town, spurring confrontations with Palestinian residents in the vicinity of schools.

Dozens of people suffocated after inhaling tear gas fired at them by Israeli soldiers during the clashes.

Nearly 250 people, including 48 children, have been killed by Israeli occupation forces in the occupied West Bank and Gaza since the beginning of 2023.

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While each side is jockeying for position in political points, the fact remains that one of the main factors precipitating the coming government shutdown is the insistence by both parties to continue sending money we do not have to a losing war in Ukraine. Also today: McConnell claims sending more money to Ukraine is the “number one priority right now for the United States.” Really?

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The House Ways and Means Committee released a document on Wednesday showing an IRS agent relaying an inquiry from a CNN producer who claimed to have an email where Hunter Biden said that all of his "stuff" would go away once his father was elected president. To date, the alleged email has never become public. 

"Documents show Hunter Biden and his business associates had access to the White House and Joe Biden’s advisors; Biden business associates were instructed to not ‘mention Joe being involved’; and official trips to Ukraine line up U.S. government actions and Hunter Biden’s financial bottom line," the Wednesday press release states.

"And, after the IRS began investigating these crimes, Hunter apparently "expected all of this ‘stuff’ to go away when his dad becomes President." 

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Buck's Stove Palace has been a mainstay in Southeast Portland for nearly 50 years, however increasing theft has led founder and owner Buck Froman to consider shutting down for good.

While some of the break-ins took place at the shop, which has sat at Southeast 68th and Foster Road since 1974, the majority occurred at Froman's storage facility about a mile down the road.

As KGW8 reports, over the past weekend alone, the facility was broken into numerous times. With law enforcement unable to come to his defense due to staffing issues, he took matters into his own hands and ended up with injuries after falling while pursuing the suspects.

"I can't handle it," Froman said. "It's killing me emotionally and mentally."

He explained that after one round of thefts, he changed the locks, but perpetrators simply cut through them and made off with more products. At one point, the driver of a pickup truck drove through the chain link fence surrounding the property, tearing off its front bumper and knocking the barrier to the ground.

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Out of 180 Canadian doctors who have died unexpectedly since COVID-19 vaccines rolled out in Canada, 42 had cancer.

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A group of more than two dozen House Republicans led by Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, is introducing legislation Wednesday to defund climate envoy John Kerry's office at the State Department.

The No Taxpayer Funding for Climate Zealots Advancing Radical Schemes Act would prohibit any federal funds — including for salary, administrative, and travel expenses — from being appropriated for Kerry's office. In 2021, President Biden appointed Kerry to be the first-ever special presidential envoy for climate, a position that didn't require Senate approval, and gives him a spot on the president's cabinet and National Security Council.

"Climate czar John Kerry is the poster child for the Biden administration's anti-energy policies that are destroying both our economy and national security," Roy told Fox News Digital in a statement. 

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Hungary’s patience with Ukraine is running out. Once again, Budapest claims that Kiev will face serious consequences if it does not immediately change its discriminatory and racist policies against the ethnic Hungarian people on Ukrainian territory. In fact, ethnic Hungarian citizens in Ukraine have been going through a process of cultural genocide similar to what Russians suffered in Donbass, which is why tensions between Hungary and Ukraine tend to grow more and more.

The “ultimatum” to Ukraine was made by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban during a speech at the parliament on August 25th. According to the official, there will be no support for Ukraine on any international issue until Kiev reverses racist policies affecting ethnic Hungarian citizens living in the country. Orban emphasized that it is necessary that all Hungarian rights be restored and fully guaranteed, and that the Ukrainian government must stop “tormenting” people of other ethnicities living in Ukraine.

“We will not support Ukraine on any issue in international life until it restores the laws that guaranteed the rights of Transcarpathian Hungarians, (…) for years [the Ukrainians] have been tormenting [the ethnic Hungarians]”, Orban said.

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With the notable exception of the spectacular failure called the F-35, the acquisition of F-16 “Fighting Falcon” fighter jets for the Kiev regime forces is the most controversial military contract in recent times.

And as soon as we thought it couldn’t possibly get any more complicated, well, it just did. As if having the United States (along with its numerous NATO satellite states) and Russia involved wasn’t dangerous already, particularly as Moscow repeatedly warns about the nuclear-capable F-16s that the Neo-Nazi junta could be getting, it seems the controversy now also includes China and Argentina.

And while it may seem bewildering, given the sheer magnitude of geographical (and geopolitical) dichotomy, it actually makes perfect sense, showing the true extent of America’s growing imperial overstretch, unparalleled in human history.

Washington DC’s aggression against the world will inevitably cause the American Empire to implode, as it simply cannot fight half a dozen global and regional powers simultaneously while also keeping numerous other countries in a vassal or semi-vassal state. The United States is now in a dilemma about which of its two superpower opponents to prioritize. In Ukraine, the belligerent thalassocracy wants to continue putting pressure on Russia and at least postpone or slow down its inevitable victory.

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«Internationally renowned Australian Pathologist Dr.Richard Scolyer (in the cover image) was diagnosed with the worst possible Brain Turbo Cancer with months to live. He is now 1st in the World to receive an mRNA Cancer Vaccine to treat a cancer that was likely caused by COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines. If this was science fiction, it would be deemed too unbelievable to be published…».

To understand the bioethical gravity of the problem, these few words are enough.

These sentences were wrote on his substack by from the Canadian oncologist William Makis, one of the first in the world to denounce the phenomenon of turbo-cancers that exploded after the mRNA vaccines against Covid but also to keep count of the young military and civilian pilots struck down by sudden illnesses during the flight or rest after genic serums.

Doctor Makis’ suspicion is fully legitimate given that she is a young adult in her forties who discovered the aggressive form of cancer a few months ago, right in the period following the vaccination campaign which she had certainly joined (it was mandatory for healthcare workers in Australia).

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Suella Braverman has never wavered in telling the truth, even under severe criticism. See HERE and HERE. However, her party and country are run by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who — like his predecessor Boris Johnson — has demonstrated no will to tackle the flood of illegal migrants that have invaded Britain, and continue to do so daily via the English Channel. Nonetheless, Braverman still advances a strong anti-globalist message, which seems to be out of sync with her party’s actions. For some reason, however, Braverman is still tolerated within her party, perhaps to calm the party’s conservative base. It remains a deep mystery why the Sunak government refuses to act in the best interests of Britain, and in accordance with conservative values.

Braverman’s speech was undoubtedly praiseworthy, particularly when she notes that “multiculturalism makes no demands of the incomer to integrate. It has failed because it allowed people to come to our society and live parallel lives in it. They could be in the society but not of the society.”

Most important, however, is the question of what her party intends to do about this, if anything. In Italy, right wing/conservative Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni bemoans suicidal immigration policies and hails the importance of protecting Italy’s culture, yet she has done nothing to stop the migrant influx.

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Senator Tim Kaine gave a speech on the Senate floor on June 16. He said “The United States didn’t inherit slavery from anybody. We created it.” Read the transcript here: Tim Kaine Speech Transcript: Says US Created Slavery, Didn’t Inherit It, June 16, 2020.

I watch his speech and when I heard those words, my jaw dropped. I have followed this man for several years and found him radically anti-American. Since American’s haven’t been taught American History for decades, he could say ridiculous bromides like that and get away with it. I didn’t like him then and I don’t like him now! I am a former Soviet attorney and in addition to Soviet Law, I studied history and Marxism for four years at Law School and know that slavery is a global phenomenon of our world—no country escaped slavery. Unfortunately, in America, the issue of slavery provided Socialist Charlatans with a narrative to exploit the division between whites and blacks—ignorance has become a radical force fighting the political system designed and left to us by our Founding Father…

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It's official. This pope is nuts, and if there was any doubt that the apostate rot that has been the papacy for the last 1,000 years (if you're Orthodox), or 500 years (if you're Anglican or Protestant), or 142 years since Vatican I when Pius IX made himself infallible has reached the point of no return, when what was once Roman Catholicism is no longer concerned with teaching Roman Catholicism, but embracing every trendy fad of "public policy wonks" and technocrats, then this story shared by K.M. might serve to dispel any lingering doubts:

No...that foamy lather flecking the face of the UN Secretary General is not because he just finished a pleasant jog near the UN building (who'd want to jog there anyway?). It's because these people are acting increasingly like they have that insane hatred of all and sundry brought about by rabies infection.

And Francis appears to have been bitten by it:

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A top fraud investigator has raised the alarm about Bill and Hillary Clinton’s new “Rebuild Ukraine” project.

The Clinton Foundation’s latest project to solicit donations from the public that are ostensibly for “rebuilding Ukraine” was just the latest part of a shameless effort to fleece “naive and well-meaning people,” according to fraud investigator Charles Ortel.

Last week, the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), a project of the Clinton Foundation, launched a new Ukraine Action Network (UAN) that it says will “provide continued humanitarian aid to Ukrainians.”

The network is reportedly an extension of an effort that began last year by former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Ukrainian First Lady Olena Zelenskaya to bring together other nonprofits funneling money into the Eastern European country.

The CGI was revived last year after a five-year hiatus brought about by dire financial straits following Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential election loss to Donald Trump when donations dropped to near zero, Sputnik reports.

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The World Economic Forum (WEF) has taken control of several American military bases in Panama and is orchestrating the flood of migrants that are heading toward the U.S. southern border in their millions.

The globalist organization is reportedly running an operation to round up migrants and transport them to the border so they can illegally enter the United States through President Joe Biden’s open border.

The WEF’s operation was revealed by political commentator Ann Vandersteel during her show “Right Now with Ann Vandersteel.”

The host recently visited the former site of Fort Clayton near the former Panama Canal Zone, once a heavy base of operations for the United States.

During her visit, Vandersteel found out that the WEF had moved into the area.

She took a picture of the WEF flag flying side-by-side with the Panamanian flag.

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Donald Trump is suing a former MI6 officer and the intelligence consultancy he founded, High Court records show.

The former US president is bringing a data protection claim against Orbis Business Intelligence and its founder Christopher Steele, who previously ran the Secret Intelligence Service's Russia desk.

According to a court order published on Thursday, a two-day hearing in Mr Trump's legal action is set to start on October 16, which is thought to be the first hearing in the claim.

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New York Democrats are planning to distribute flyers at the US-Mexico border telling illegals to “consider another city.”

On Wednesday, Mayor Eric Adam’s office announced this plan to “combat misinformation at the border.”

The flyers will be in both Spanish and English and will warn the illegals that New York City is the most expensive city in the world so they will be better off somewhere else.

How interesting that a sanctuary city run by Democrats who have been all for illegal immigration is now troubled by the flood of illegal aliens. Leftist ideas sound compassionate coming from those Democrat leaders until it’s at their front door.

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A 34-year-old illegal immigrant is accused of molesting a 7-year-old girl at knifepoint in a Queens hotel that is housing illegal immigrants after luring the girl and her twin sister to his room.

Police sources told the New York Post that the girls and their family are staying at the Hotel Mint JFK Airport in Far Rockaway. They were playing in the hallway around 9:30 p.m. on Wednesday when the man convinced the two girls to follow him to a second-story room.

The man allegedly held a knife against one of the girls and molested her.

When the girls’ mother knocked on the door, the man jumped out the window to escape. He later walked back into the building through the hotel lobby, where he was confronted by the girls’ older brother.

A fight ensued, with cops breaking up the brawl and arresting the man. Charges are still pending, and his name has not been released by police.

A neighbor of the hotel, 71-year-old Annette, described the conditions at the hotel as "lawlessness."

"It’s completely lawless," she said. "Clothes hanging out the windows, ruckus every night. Walking around in the rain with no shoes, barely [any] clothes. God help those poor children."

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Joe Biden boasted two years ago that the CEO of a major electric bus manufacturer was making him “look good” and federal dollars poured into the company. Now those words have come back to haunt him as an entire town’s electric bus fleet backed by the company broke down.

The Cowboy State Daily reported Tuesday that Teton County and the town of Jackson wanted a low-emission transit system for the county. The Southern Teton Area Rapid Transit (START) system, a joint operation between Jackson and Teton County, had bought eight electric buses to complement its fleet of 31.

But the entire bus fleet broke down so the town’s transit system is now solely relying on its diesel fleet. The last of the electric buses went out of service two months ago and some of the broken buses have been awaiting parts for months.

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There are reportedly internal documents that show the Biden administration and Biden’s DHS knew that an unprecendented surge was coming to the southern border and did nothing.

This gives credence to the claims by many conservatives that the border crisis is intentional and is happening by design.

The Biden White House and Democrats want this to happen.

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Three Disney employees, a school athletic director and a father who left his 1-year-old home alone to have sex were among 219 people arrested in a major human trafficking bust in Florida, authorities said Thursday.

The seven-day undercover operation earlier this month led to 44 felonies and 242 misdemeanor charges against the dozens of suspects – 35 of whom are suspected of being in the country illegally, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said during a news conference.

Overall, 83 suspects were charged for soliciting prostitution or traveling to the undercover location to negotiate having sex in exchange for money, the sheriff said.

Freddy Escalona, 30, and Maria Guzman 36, were charged most severely with human trafficking due to “Operation Traffic Stop 2” that started Sept. 19.

Another 17 suspects were accused of collecting money from prostitution or helping prostitutes conduct business.

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Academy ‘churning out young Marxists with contempt for very nation they’re preparing to defend’

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 28 21:16

Last week unmarked white buses dropped off more than 3,000 illegal aliens – MOSTLY MILITARY-AGED MEN – on the streets of San Diego.

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Posted on: Sep 28 21:16

New York Democrats are planning to distribute flyers at the US-Mexico border telling illegals to “consider another city.”

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Posted on: Sep 28 21:16

Fox News host Neil Cavuto trashed the Republican impeachment hearing and said the three witnesses did not provide any proof for impeachment.

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Tualatin, Oregon – Women’s rights activist and former collegiate champion swimmer Riley Gaines uncovered video Thursday showing a trans male student viciously assaulting a helpless girl at school while fellow students filmed the assault instead of coming to the victim’s aid.

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To those who still repeat the Big Pharma lie that “Nobody Ever Said The Vaccine Would Stop The Transmission Of Covid Virus”

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The House Ways and Means Committee released more emails and documents showing more possible connections between President Joe Biden and Hunter Biden’s business dealings.

The committee published over 700 pages.

“These documents show a clearer connection between Joe Biden, his public office, and Hunter Biden’s global influence peddling scheme that resulted in over $20 million in payments to the Biden family,” stated Chairman Jason Smith. “In addition to then Vice-President Joe Biden attending lunches and speaking on the phone with his son’s business associates, the details released today paint a fuller picture of how Joe Biden’s vice-presidential office was instrumental to the Biden family’s business schemes.”

The committee published a few snippets from the trove of documents.

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