"I fear that fifty years from now, the world will view the stars and stripes with the same revulsion that our generation viewed the Swastika!" -- Michael Rivero

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Governor Greg Abbott declared on January 24, 2024, that over 6 million illegal immigrants have crossed Texas’s southern border in three years, asserting the state’s constitutional authority to protect itself from this invasion as the supreme law of the land. This statement garnered support from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and state representatives in South Carolina, joined by governors from 25 states, who echoed Texas’s right to enforce federal law for self-defense.

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Part of this new law outlines a new “fake news” offence – a false communications offence – that outlaws the intentional sending of false information that could cause “non-trivial psychological” or physical harm to users online.

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Judicial Watch announced today it filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit on behalf of Aaron Babbitt, the late Ashli Elizabeth Babbitt’s husband, and Ashli Babbitt’s estate against the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) for all FBI files on Ashli Babbitt (Estate of Ashli Babbitt and Aaron Babbitt et al. v. U.S. Department of Justice (No. 24-cv-0119)). Ashli Babbitt, a U.S. Air Force veteran, was shot and killed inside the U.S. Capitol by then-Capitol Police Lt. Michael Byrd on January 6, 2021.

The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California to compel production of the FBI files on Ashli Babbitt and Aaron Babbitt after the FBI denied two February 27, 2023, FOIA requests to the FBI and subsequently failed to respond to an appeal of the denial for:

All FBI files for Ashli Elizabeth Babbitt. Additional information: “Subject also used the names” Ashli Elizabeth McEntee and Ashli Elizabeth Pamatian;” and

All FBI records, including main and cross-referenced files, related to Aaron Raymond Babbitt.

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Yesterday, a reporter standing outside the Senate chamber told me that after four months of secrecy, The Firm™️ plans to release the text of the $106 billion supplemental aid/border-security package — possibly as soon as today.

Wasting no time, she then asked, “If you get the bill by tomorrow, will you be ready to vote on it by Tuesday?”

The words “hell no” escaped my mouth before I could stop them. Those are strong words where I come from. (Sorry, Mom.)

The reporter immediately understood that my frustration was not directed at her. Rather, it was directed at the Law Firm of Schumer & McConnell (The Firm™️), which is perpetually trying to normalize a corrupt approach to legislating, in which The Firm™️:

  1. Spends months drafting legislation in complete secrecy
  2. Aggressively markets that legislation based not on its details and practical implications (good and bad), but only on its broadest, least-controversial objectives
  3. Lets members see bill text for the first time only a few days (sometimes a few hours) before an arbitrary deadline imposed by The Firm™️ itself, always with a contrived sense of urgency
  4. Forces a vote on the legislation on or before that deadline, denying senators any real opportunity to read, digest, and debate the measure on its merits, much less introduce, consider, and vote on amendments to fix any perceived problems with the bill or otherwise improve it.
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Alaska has plunged into a deep freeze with temperatures well below zero and more than 8.5 feet of snow blanketing the state this winter. 

Anchorage, the largest city in the state, is well on track to break its all-time snow record, having received more than 100 inches of snow so far this winter, leading to building collapses and school closures. 

Temperatures in the city hit -17F (-27.2C) on January 31 - its coldest weather in 15 years. Elsewhere in the state the thermometer reached as low as minus 40 degrees. 

Brian Brettschneider, an Alaska-based climate scientist for the National Weather Service, said: 'We're at the most snow for the season today. We were up to 104.3 inches, and we'd never hit this amount before the end of January before.' 

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When the US borrows money, it needs to pay its loans back with interest—just like any other borrower. But America’s national debt is currently $34 trillion and rising. Soon, the US will need to spend more each year paying interest than what it spends on national defense.

In the last few weeks, former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin told Bloomberg TV that the US economy is “in a terrible place,” and Black Swan author Nassim Nicholas Taleb warned that “a debt spiral is like a death spiral.”

“It’s a slow spiral, but it’s still a spiral—of rising debt and rising payments on the debt,” Phillip Swagel, director of the Congressional Budget Office, tells the Big Take DC podcast. “ The situation is unsustainable.”

Swagel and Bloomberg reporter Liz McCormick join the Big Take DC to discuss the US government’s debt crisis, and what it would take to rein it in.

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In a recent interview, former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley faced a challenging question regarding Texas's right to secede from the United States.

Haley's response, that it is "their decision to make," has sparked debate.

The question arose during Haley's appearance on "The Breakfast Club" podcast, where host Charlamagne tha God asked the potential 2024 presidential candidate if she would "use force against Texas if they would try to secede from the Union over the border issue." Charlamagne referred to a 2010 interview in which Haley suggested that the U.S. Constitution permits states to secede.

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It’s always encouraging when a country’s military commander-in-chief – President Biden, in this case – announces in advance that he knows how he is going to respond militarily to the killing of three American soldiers at a base that supports an illegal and immoral U.S. “covert” war against Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Iran, and all those who oppose the US/Israel slaughter of Palestinians. Such anxiety to show antecedently that he’s not sitting on his hands is touching. It’s the kind of announcement that all great military leaders make. It is the kind of arrogant stupidity that has long been the norm for U.S. presidents who love war but lose them all while masquerading as conquerors. So it goes, and so it will go.

To add to that, Biden says he doesn’t want a wider war as he creates one, since you can always take him at the opposite of his words. Yet he really has no secrets since his transparent corruption is almost palpable: He supports the Israeli/U.S. genocide in Gaza, the Ukrainian war against Russia, has expanded the war in the Middle East over the past few weeks, and will soon widen it further while the mass media report that he and his cast of fools are trying to “manage” their violent responses to prevent a wider war. The narrative has it that he is trying to outfox Netanyahu, who has often bragged how he has the U.S.A. in his back pocket.

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We are rapidly approaching a point of no return in the Middle East.  So far, more than 28,000 people have died as a result of the conflict between Israel and Hamas, but if a full-blown regional war erupts the final death toll would be many times higher.  Unfortunately, it appears that a full-blown war is exactly what we are going to get.  Day after day there are more escalations, and now the Biden administration has approved plans for “a series of strikes over a number of days” against targets in Syria and Iraq…

U.S. officials have confirmed to CBS News that plans have been approved for a series of strikes over a number of days against targets — including Iranian personnel and facilities — inside Iraq and Syria. The strikes will come in response to drone and rocket attacks targeting U.S. forces in the region, including the drone attack on Sunday that killed three U.S. service members at the Tower 22 base inside Jordan, near the Syrian border.

Speaking at the Pentagon Thursday, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told reporters that the U.S. won’t tolerate attacks on American troops.

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Polish farmers will block border crossings with Ukraine during a general strike planned for next week, the Solidarity trade union announced on Thursday.   

In addition to making Ukrainian crossings impassable, the union plans intermittent road blockades across Poland to last through March 10, it said. 

“Our patience has run out. Brussels’ position on the last day of January 2024 is unacceptable for our entire agricultural community,” the union said in a statement, referring to Thursday’s EU summit, which was loudly protested by farmers from across the bloc.  

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Close associates of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban are reportedly responsible for organizing the farmers’ protests in Brussels over the past week, the Financial Times reported on Friday.

The Hungarian leader personally met with protesters in the Belgian capital on Wednesday ahead of an EU summit on Ukraine aid, expressing support for what he described as “the voice of the people.” 

The farmers, thousands of whom have descended on Brussels, have been picketing the EU Parliament building, where they have burned pallets and piles of manure, and hurled eggs, stones and fireworks. They have also blockaded the Belgian capital using around 1,300 tractors.

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The Quds Force, an elite wing of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps still pose a threat to the stability of Iraq and the safety of Americans, said General Michael Kurilla, the commander of the US Central Command.

"Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Quds Force and affiliated militia groups continue to represent a direct threat to the stability of Iraq, the region, and the safety of Americans. We will continue to take action, do whatever is necessary to protect our people, and hold those responsible who threaten their safety," he said on the command’s X page.

The US Central Command previously said its military forces struck more than 85 targets in Iraq and Syria as they retaliated for an attack on US troops in Jordan. The airstrikes were carried out with numerous aircraft, include long-range bombers, according to the statement. The facilities that were struck included command and control operations centers, intelligence centers and sites for the storage of unmanned aerial vehicles. More than 125 precision munitions were employed in the airstrikes.

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Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Vershinin called for an immediate ceasefire in the zone of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and stressed that there is no alternative to the political settlement of the Palestinian problem on the basis of international law, the Russian foreign ministry said after his meeting with Israeli Ambassador to Moscow Simona Halperin.

"The sides exchanged views on the current issues of international and regional agenda of mutual interest, which are being discussed within the United Nations Security Council and General Assembly. Amid the ongoing unprecedented escalation of violence in the zone of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, special attention was focused on the current situation in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank," it said.

"The Russian side once again called for an immediate ceasefire and steps to ensure safe and unimpeded humanitarian access to all those affected or in need. It also stressed that there is no alternative to a political solution to the Palestinian problem on the basis of generally recognized international law, with the two-state solution as the central element," the ministry said. "It was noted that the October 7, 2023 terror attack on Israel’s civilian population deserves every condemnation but it cannot and must not be used as a pretext for the collective punishment of millions of Palestinians, with growing threats of regional destabilization."

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Just as American Zennials took to social media a few months ago to express their outrage after rumors swirled about a possible military draft, younger Brits are also not happy after multiple government officials hinted that national conscription might be necessary in the near future to combat Russia.

Chief of the General Staff, General Sir Patrick Sanders, has suggested that British men and women could face a call-up to the army in the event of a war.  The head of the British Army said UK citizens should be "trained and equipped" to fight in a potential conflict between NATO and Vladimir Putin's forces.  The problem that is apparently stumping British military brass and political leaders is their ever dwindling recruitment numbers.  They just can't seem to fathom why no one wants to fight for them.

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Biden says he doesn’t want a wider war as he creates one, since you can always take him at the opposite of his words. Yet he really has no secrets since his transparent corruption is almost palpable: He supports the Israeli/U.S. genocide in Gaza, the Ukrainian war against Russia, has expanded the war in the Middle East over the past few weeks, and will soon widen it further while the mass media report that he and his cast of fools are trying to “manage” their violent responses to prevent a wider war. The narrative has it that he is trying to outfox Netanyahu, who has often bragged how he has the U.S.A. in his back pocket.

It is hard not to laugh derisively. Now Biden issues an executive order to sanction some Israelis on the West Bank, as if this blatant political move to help his election chances with Muslim Americans is an act of moral statesmanship, while the blood of over 30,000 Palestinians drips from his shaky hands and increases daily.

“Not Wanting” a Wider Middle East War, the U.S. Has Started One. “It’s Self Defense”. Edward Curtin

My guess is that he will, as CIA veteran Larry Johnson suggests, execute his militarily meaningless bombing late today, Groundhog Day, not so much because he has to endlessly repeat similar macho acts of a Napoleon in rags (which he does), but because the South Carolina primary is tomorrow and acts of war are appealing to the state’s military connected voters. Additionally, to timely “avenge” the lives of the three black soldiers killed in Jordan might help Biden with the crucial black vote in this primary that will positively launch his reelection campaign or send him back on his heels.

Acts of war have long been the magic rabbit American presidents have relied on to bail them out of political jeopardy and to show their macho toughness. In this case, as in others, such as Trump’s 2013 attack on Syria with 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles for the false accusation of Syrian chemical weapons use (a continuation of Obama’s war against Syria), the actual damage inflicted is often minor while the headline grabbing showmanship is major. That these presidents legally justify these acts of war based on the war authorization Congress passed following September 11, 2001 is telling.  The so-called war on terror and a supine Congress is the gift that keeps giving the warfare state carte blanche to attack and kill whomever it damn well pleases.

In Biden’s case today, these are the actions of a desperado, a war-loving bumbling puppet who is over or under or out of his head as he feigns outrage at the killing of three soldiers who were placed in a spot where their lives were at risk because they were cogs in an imperial war machine. Pawns in the game. A very dangerous game in which the Zionists leaders of Israel are as desperate as Biden and whose secret operatives are no doubt plotting a desperate scheme to try to expand the war.  Who is jerking whose chain may be questionable, but the dogs of war are barking.

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The United States on Friday launched strikes on over 85 targets in Iraq and Syria allegedly linked to "Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Quds Force and Iran-backed militia groups." 

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin says "we don't know" how operationally involved Iran was in the January 28 attack that killed three US troops, "but it really doesn't matter" pic.twitter.com/j57JLFuirG

— Michael Tracey (@mtracey) February 1, 2024


TONIGHT: The United States struck 85+ different targets in Iraq and Syria. The strikes hit locations belonging to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Quds Force and Iran-backed militia groups, according to U.S. Central Command.

— Trey Yingst (@TreyYingst) February 2, 2024

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Two French nationals were killed and three others injured this week in Ukraine, the French government claimed on Friday. Paris insists they were humanitarian workers.

The announcement was made by French Foreign Minister Stephane Sejourne, who claimed the incident is an example of “Russian barbarity.”

“Two French humanitarian workers paid with their lives for their commitment to the Ukrainians. Three were injured,” Sejourne wrote on social media platform X (formerly Twitter).

A similar message came from French President Emmanuel Macron, who said “volunteers” had been killed in a Russian strike. He condemned the attack as a “cowardly and unworthy act.”

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On January 20, a high-ranking Ukrainian official, Andriy Yermak, said in an interview that the Ukrainian military was complaining about its inability to advance due to a lack of men and weapons. In this regard, he acknowledged the difficult situation at the front for Ukrainian troops.

The Kiev regime must begin to provide real figures of casualties among the manpower, a Ukrainian serviceman said in an interview with a local TV channel.

He said that the Ukrainian authorities are hiding the truth about real losses on the battlefield from society to avoid shocking it. However, he urged that fainthearted citizens be allowed to face the real numbers and "suffer a bit."

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The Russian military is making advances at multiple locations along the frontline in the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), according to a daily press briefing of the country’s Defense Ministry released on Friday.

Over the past 24 hours, Moscow’s troops have inflicted heavy casualties on the adversary, amounting to up to 795 servicemen. The DPR saw intense combat at multiple locations, with the troops “taking up better positions” near the village of Klescheevka, located to the southwest of the town of Artyomovsk (known in Ukraine as Bakhmut). The small village has been experiencing heavy combat for months, following the liberation of Artyomovsk early last year.

The Russian military reported destroying multiple pieces of military hardware, including assorted armored and soft vehicles, as well as several artillery pieces, including two US-made M777 towed howitzers. The military said it conducted multiple long-range attacks on Ukrainian ammunition stockpiles, troops, and hardware assembly points in more than 100 locations.

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Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence has conducted an operation that resulted in the detection of Mossad agents in 28 countries around the world.

"Following the largest multistage intelligence and counterintelligence operation against the spy organizations of the [Israeli] regime of occupation, unique and unprecedented information about them was obtained and immediately put to use," a statement uploaded to the ministry's official website reads. It is claimed that thanks to the obtained information, dozens of agents linked to Mossad had been identified in 28 countries. The ministry also gained "data on secret military facilities, weapons factories, and strategic civilian infrastructure" in Israel.

The statement noted that several spies were detected in Tehran and several provinces of Iran. All of them have either been brought to justice or taken under the control of Iranian special services. The issue of Israeli agents who have Iranian citizenship and reside abroad will be addressed based on the level of cooperation between the Ministry of Intelligence and the corresponding countries' intelligence services. All countries with which Iran has established an exchange of intelligence information have been provided with basic data concerning active agents operating within their territories. The security services of these countries have already taken the necessary measures.

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