"Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for the government but illegal for the citizenry." -- President Thomas Jefferson

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This week, the trial of Canada’s two main leaders of the trucker protests began. The lead prosecutor has argued that Tamara Lich and Chris Barber “crossed the line” and “committed multiple crimes” while insisting that this trial will not be about the truckers’ political views. The pair face charges including mischief, counselling others to commit mischief, intimidation, and obstructing the police. They face a maximum of 10 years in prison should they be convicted.

The trial is just beginning and has so far featured testimony from Crown witnesses. As is common for criminal trials in Canada, it is not overseen by a jury and will be ruled upon by a judge only. The facts of the case are not in dispute — the protests and its leaders heavily documented their experience and spread it widely through social media. The issue at stake is whether their actions were criminal. Lich and Barber maintain that they were not seeking to commit crime.

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In a surprise turnabout, Senate Republicans now are accusing Democratic leaders of slowing senior military promotions by refusing to schedule individual votes for the highest Defense Department leadership posts in order to work around the months-long hold by Sen. Tommy Tuberville, R-Ala., on hundreds of nominees.

“I don’t think it’d be too much to ask for the Senate to spend a little bit of time confirming general officers to positions like the Chief of Staff for the Air Force or Commandant of the Marine Corps or Chief of Naval Operations,” Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., said during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on Tuesday.

“Maybe my Democratic colleagues should go talk to (Senate Majority Leader) Chuck Schumer, because they’re always encouraging us to go talk to Sen. Tuberville about this.”

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-Ethnically motivated attacks perpetrated by Sudan's paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) and allied militia have killed hundreds in the West Darfur region, the United Nations human rights chief said on Tuesday.

Bloodshed, violence and displacement have escalated since fighting between the Sudanese army and RSF erupted in April, driving the country to the brink of civil war.

"In West Darfur, ethnically motivated attacks perpetrated by the RSF and allied Arab militia have resulted in the deaths of hundreds of non-Arab civilians primarily from Masalit communities," Volker Turk, U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, told the Human Rights Council in Geneva.

"Such developments echo a horrific past that must not be repeated," he said, alluding to the killing of as many as 300,000 people and displacement of over 2 million in conflict in Darfur between 2003 and 2008.

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U.S. drug regulators on Sept. 11 cleared new COVID-19 vaccines to try to counter the poor effectiveness provided by the current options.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared shots from Moderna and Pfizer that will be available to Americans as young as 6 months old later this month.

“Vaccination remains critical to public health and continued protection against serious consequences of COVID-19, including hospitalization and death,” Dr. Peter Marks, a top FDA official, said in a statement. “We very much encourage those who are eligible to consider getting vaccinated.”

The FDA approved the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines for people aged 12 and older. Regulators granted emergency authorization for the shots for people aged 6 months to 11 years.

There was no mention of Novavax, whose vaccine is also currently available in the United States.

The shots target XBB.1.5, a subvariant of the Omicron virus variantThat subvariant has already largely been displaced by newer strains, including EG.5, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The authorizations came despite a dearth of data from clinical trials.

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As vice president, Joe Biden sent some 5,000 emails – many to his son, Hunter – using secret pseudonyms. However, without knowing exactly what these pseudonyms were, nobody could request the emails under the “Freedom of Information” Act. As of this week, that’s no longer the case: congressional investigators have discovered at least three pseudonyms and requested the documents. 

Unfortunately, they’ve been met with a stonewall – the same one that has met all their requests for information from the administration. We still don’t know what the emails said, who replied to them, and who else was copied in. That means we do not know whether Hunter Biden forwarded them to business partners either to share inside information or to demonstrate powerful connections.

Despite the official blackout, we can reasonably infer that these emails pose a real danger to President Biden, or at least that he perceives that they one day might. The documents are stored at the National Archives, and Biden need only ask to get them released. That he has refused to do so raises some uncomfortable questions. This is, after all, the very same man who promised to provide “transparency” on his first day in office. 

Republicans, perhaps predictably, believe that the secret emails will prove that the former vice president was deeply involved in his son Hunter’s lucrative influence peddling. Peeling back this veil of secrecy would be one advantage of a formal impeachment investigation, which the House of Representatives is expected to launch soon. 

Three House committees – Judiciary, Oversight, and Ways and Means – are currently investigating alleged corruption within the Biden family. While all have the power to subpoena, they face a major limitation in regards to enforcement. Let’s say one of those committees requests testimony or documents from the Secret Service. If they don’t receive them, all the committees can do is ask Merrick Garland and the Department of Justice to go to court and force compliance. But Garland, desperate to protect his boss, is highly unlikely to sign-off on their request. 

That said, if the House launches an impeachment investigation the Department of Justice will lose that blocking power.

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Pakistan is now back to the rule of the generals under a ruthless military dictator, a setup that Washington adored throughout the Cold War and has engineered once again.

The population of 240 million is being terrorized and brutalized, and the Western mainstream media is criminally silent. 

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According to multiple press reports, President Joe Biden has rejected requests by lawyers for five prisoners illegally held by the United States, first at CIA “black sites” and then at the Guantanamo Bay prison camp, that a possible plea deal include medical treatment for the physical and psychological damage resulting from years of systematic and sadistic torture.

Biden has also reportedly rejected the request of the prisoners, accused of conspiring to carry out the September 11, 2001 terror attacks on New York City and Washington D.C., that they not be held in solitary confinement if they agree to plead guilty in return for a life sentence.

The five men, including the alleged “mastermind” of 9/11, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, were abducted shortly after the 9/11 attacks under the pseudo-legal provisions of “war on terror” legislation passed overwhelmingly by Congress. This legislation sanctioned the “rendition” of “enemy combatants” anywhere in the world, including citizens of the US, and their indefinite detention, without formal charges or a trial, at CIA sites and military facilities, where they were subjected to “enhanced interrogation,” i.e., torture.

A total of 30 prisoners remain in legal limbo at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in southeastern Cuba, outside of any constitutional judicial system and subject to the rules of so-called “military commissions,” in which the prosecutor, judge and jury are all military officers. The prisoners include, in addition to the five 9/11 detainees, Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, a Saudi national who is alleged to have helped organize the suicide bombing of the USS Cole in 2000.

For the past year and a half, the US government has been scrambling to resolve the cases of the 9/11 defendants while avoiding trials, which, even under the conditions of the military tribunals, could expose damning details of the government-sanctioned torture inflicted on the defendants. This would shatter US claims to be fighting for “democracy,” “human rights” and a “rules-based international order” in the proxy war in Ukraine against Russia and the escalating provocations against China, as well as other US interventions around the world.

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In response to 9/11, Republican Attorney General John Ashcroft told an obedient Congress on a Wednesday to have a sweeping expansion of executive power and dramatic curtailment of American’s civil rights ready in bill form by the end of the week. As Matt Taibbi reminds us,

“Congress quickly delivered with ‘roving’ wiretaps, warrantless searches, ‘trap and trace’ searches, law enforcement and intelligence access to grand jury information, use of FISA monitoring for non-foreign situations, reduction or elimination of predicate requirements for FBI investigations, and elimination of judicial review for most of these activities, among many other things in the USA PATRIOT Act. It all passed on October 26th.” See this.

These measures had nothing whatsoever to do with fighting Muslim terror. To the contrary, these measures gave the government the power to terrorize Americans. 

Try to name Muslim terror attacks on America other than, if you believe the official narrative, 9/11. You can’t, because there aren’t any. 

Terror attacks on America were so non-existent that the FBI had to search for confused people and groups, convince them, enhanced with monetary bribes, to adopt a FBI prepared terror attack, and then arrest them before the attack could be attempted.  The FBI always explained that “the public was never in danger” as control of the operation was in FBI’s hands.

But the public is very much in danger from the police state measures that Taibbi lists. “Muslim terror” was so conspicuous by its absence that Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano announced that Homeland Security was being refocused on domestic American “extremists,” which has come to mean Trump supporters against whom the US government is deploying the police state measures.

The first part of the “war on terror” was against Americans’ civil liberties.

The second part of the war was on Israel’s opponents in the Middle East. 

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A California district attorney has claimed that allegations that she has soft-on-crime policies are actually racist attacks against her.

Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price and some of her supporters slammed Oakland residents who have been complaining that crime is too high in the major California city and that the DA is not doing enough. 

In addition to dismissing these locals’ concerns as "racism," Price and her allies claimed the elected official is being unfairly treated by a disenfranchised community.

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US President Joe Biden has been struggling with dismal approval ratings ahead of a possible rematch against ex-POTUS Donald Trump next year, as a slew of polls shows that both Democrat and Republican voters are concerned with the 80-year-old’s performance in office and age.

As polls show Joe Biden and Donald Trump are neck and neck 14 months away from 2024 presidential Election Day, the Democrat’s campaign is banking on an ad blitz to woo voters.

While Donald Trump, after being arrested and arraigned, witnessed his mug shot supercharge his fundraising and propel him in the polls, Democratic strategists are worried that Joe Biden is facing an uphill battle in the hopes of securing another stint in the White House.

Accordingly, in what is touted as a major investment, Biden's team has launched a sweeping advertising effort earlier than Barack Obama or Donald Trump during their reelection campaigns, according to US media outlets. Leading the effort are veterans of the 2020 Biden campaign, Patrick Bonsignore, Adrian Saenz, and Terrance Green, according to media-cited sources.

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As predicted by a number of independent geopolitical commentators, including ourselves, the emerging official narrative on why Ukraine's counteroffensive ended in failure will be to falsely claim the West didn't provide "enough" weapons in a timely fashion. Despite the literally tens of billions of US taxpayer dollars sunk into Kiev's war effort at record-breaking pace and scale, it will be the "fault" of the United States and its allies—or at least this will be solidified as the Ukrainian government's perspective and narrative (and then will be parroted among Zelensky's most diehard hawkish supporters). 

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has this week been busy advancing this as a key talking point, first telling CNN's Fareed Zakaria on Sunday his country "waited too long" to start counteroffensive. The reason? He blames the West for forcing his military leaders to wait so long for the necessary weaponry and equipment. 

"We — look, we waited too long. It’s true. No, I’m thankful to partners, to the United States, EU, other partners," Zelensky said. "I’m thankful very much to President Biden and to Congress, but we have to understand: We waited too long, they put mines."

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Twitter/X CEO Elon Musk said Tuesday that the Anti-Defamation League was "instrumental" in getting President Trump banned from social media and "made it super clear" that X restoring his account "constituted hateful speech" even though he hadn't made a single post.

"What does this got to do with anti-Semitism?!" Musk asked while appearing at the All-In Summit in Los Angeles.

Musk somewhat bowed to the ADL's pressure last week with X CEO Linda Yaccarino putting out a statement touting their efforts to "combat antisemitism on X" and prevent the "targeting" of Jews, whom she said they consider members of a "protected category."

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This is a MAJOR development and at the time of writing it is being completely ignored by the Western MSM.

Russian President Putin has accused the British of having trained Ukrainian saboteurs who were planning to attack Russian nuclear facilities.

Until now President Putin has shown a measure of restraint in Ukraine, despite how the Western MSM has tried to spin it. So we don’t doubt Putin’s claims because they are so serious. Indeed, one might even call them inflammatory.

In essence, Putin is accusing Britain of preparing to launch an act of war against Russia. Moreover, many more hardline Russians would see the sabotaging of its nuclear plants as tantamount to a nuclear strike on the motherland.

So when Putin says that Britain’s leaders don’t ‘understand the responsibility’ of training Ukrainian saboteurs for such a mission he’s warning Britain that this could have very serious consequences.

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Congresswoman Debbie Dingell (D-MI) says Democrats are kidding themselves if they think former President Donald Trump doesn’t stand a chance at recapturing the swing state of Michigan as he did during his improbable 2016 victory.

Speaking on CNN, the five term Democrat said that too often her colleagues think of Michigan as a blue state. “Michigan is not. It is purple,” said Dingell.

“It is a very competitive state. And Donald Trump would do well in Michigan right now. The election’s a year away, we’re at a very volatile time, but I’m not taking Michigan for granted and I’m going to say I said that very strongly to many people,” she added.

Asked if she thinks President Joe Biden’s team is taking the state for granted, she replied simply, “I think we’ve gotten their attention.”

Posted on: Sep 13 08:32

Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer is furious about an upcoming change in election procedures that aims to simplify the detection of fraudulent signatures on mail-in ballots.

It was recently reported that a Yavapai County judge rejected the Defendants’ Motions to Dismiss the Arizona Free Enterprise Club and Restoring Integrity and Trust in Elections’ recent lawsuit to prohibit the Arizona Secretary of State from enforcing illegal election procedures relating to mail-in ballot signature verification.

This ruling confirmed that Maricopa County has been conducting elections unlawfully.

The Judge ordered that “the language of the statute is clear and unambiguous,” and the current procedures for verifying mail-in ballot signatures “do not have the force of law.”

According to the current Arizona Elections Procedures Manual, when a mail-in ballot affidavit signature is accepted, or when a voter signs in to vote in person using the touchscreen signature log, the utilized signature gets included in the voter’s “registration record” to be used for future reference.

With these rules, County Recorders only have to consistently manipulate the system by using fake signatures to match previous fraudulent ballots. However, this Judge’s order modifies that and mandates the use of voter registration signatures exclusively.

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Earlier today, we reported the breaking news that U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) is impeaching Joe Biden.

Joe Biden is speculated to be related to payouts from foreign companies although it will need to be proven. He is also suspected of pressing charges against political opponents for phony reasons, although he denies instructing the DOJ to do these things directly.

There are many opinions for or against the impeachment. Fired former Fox News host Geraldo appear to be defending Joe Biden in a recent X post.

“Impeaching Biden

For what?

Just because”

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Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey is making LibertySafe the focus of an investigation after the company provided the FBI with a customer’s private safe code.

Nathan Earl Hughes of Fayetteville, Arkansas, was arrested on Aug. 30 for his participation in the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol Riots, according to The New York Times.

The FBI executed a search of Hughes’ home and then sent a request to Liberty Safe asking for the code to access Hughes’ gun safe.

Hughes’ lawyer, William Shipley, said Liberty Safe voluntarily gave the FBI the passcode to get into the safe. However, there was no court order requiring the company to do so, the Times reported.

Conservatives targeted Liberty Safe for a major boycott after the news broke.

Webmaster addition: What I want to know is how and why LibertySafe had that access code.

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In response to Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy’s (R-CA) announcement that the House will be conducting an impeachment inquiry in the Joe Biden, Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries ranted about the House GOP “doing the bidding of their puppet master… Donald Trump”.

Jeffries, as well as many Democrats clinging to Joe Biden’s possible reelection as their up-ticket chance to hold on to their seat as well, are frantic over the notion that Biden is now facing an impeachment inquiry.

In typical fashion, instead of addressing any of the issues and being open to further investigation into Biden, the Democrats are trying to shift focus back to their favorite target, Donald Trump.

“House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries addresses Kevin McCarthy’s impeachment inquiry: “Extreme MAGA Republicans are doing the bidding of their puppet master in chief, Donald Trump.

When Donald Trump says jump, the extreme MAGA Republicans say how high.”

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So, the Berlin State Prosecutor has launched another criminal investigation of me. Apparently, I’m being charged with reporting on the original investigation of me that the Berlin State Prosecutor launched in June.

What happened is, the prosecutor visited my blog and read a column I published in July, The Criminalization of Dissent (Revisited), which included screenshots of the alleged “hate-crime” Tweets that the original criminal investigation is based on, and that resulted in the Order of Punishment that the Berlin District Court handed down two weeks ago. So, the prosecutor opened a new criminal investigation and sent my attorney an official notice explaining the gravity of the additional charges.

The charges are of the utmost gravity. I am officially accused of “relativizing” or “minimizing” the crimes of the Nazis … by republishing the two Tweets that I originally tweeted.

Here, once again, are the Tweets …

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Today marks twenty-two years since the towers – all three of them – fell in New York. The 9/11 attacks are a subject OffG has always rated as vitally important to understanding the modern world, and we have devoted a lot of coverage to it over the years.

This year, as well as new content, we would like to present this index of the best we have produced over the years.

The Physical Evidence

If you’re interested in scientifically debunking the “official story”, or in the true story the data tells, we have published scientific papers and countless columns on the actual physical evidence.

“On the Physics of High Rise Building Collapse” (Jones et al.) is a foundational paper on this subject. For the sake of fairness, we have also published Screw Loose Change’s attempted debunking of it.

More recently Kevin Ryan’s 2022 article “How to Debunk Thermite on 9/11” does a brilliant job of defending the explosive demolition theory from skeptics on both sides.

And more specifically, we ask simple questions such as “Why did NIST assume steel does not conduct heat?” or “Why did NIST experts claim there was no evidence of extreme heat?”

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Oil prices had been coiling for a few days ahead of this data and are breaking out now after OPEC reports that global oil markets face a supply shortfall of more than 3 million barrels a day next quarter - potentially the biggest deficit in more than a decade.

If realized, it could be the biggest inventory drawdown since at least 2007, according to a Bloomberg analysis of figures published by OPEC’s Vienna-based secretariat.

OPEC’s 13 members have pumped an average of 27.4 million barrels a day so far this quarter, or roughly 1.8 million less than it believes consumers needed, according to the report.

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The Biden administration is reportedly on the verge of approving the delivery of ultra-long-range ATACMS or GMLRS missiles to Ukraine, with their deployment expected to enable Kiev to strike deep into the Russian hinterland. Scott Ritter has a simple theory about why the White House is pursuing such a dangerous march up the escalation ladder.

Officials in Washington have confirmed to US media over the weekend and on Monday that the United States is planning to send Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS) and/or Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System (GMLRS) munitions to Ukraine.

"They are coming," one official familiar with the administration’s security assistance plans said, referring to ATACMS.

ATACMS have a range of over 305 km, and can carry about 300 high-explosive bomblets. GMLRS have a range of over 70 km, with an extended range (ER) variant capable of firing in excess of 150 km, and are packed with cluster munitions. Both pieces of ordnance can be fired from ground-based launchers that the US has already delivered to Ukraine, including the M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS), and the M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS).

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In an instant gratification culture and video-games based reality for huge swaths of modern public, including a vast layer of overweight soy-boys after 30, the strategy of SMO is absolutely incomprehensible. They want a show, they want Russian offensive. But Vladimir Putin is clear as is Russian strategy:


VLADIVOSTOK, Russia (Reuters) -Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday indicated he was bracing for a long war in Ukraine, saying that Kyiv could use any ceasefire to rearm and that Washington would continue to see Russia as an enemy no matter who won the 2024 U.S. election. Speaking for several hours at an economic forum in Russia's Pacific port city of Vladivostok, Putin said Ukraine's counteroffensive against Russian forces had so far failed and the Ukrainian army had sustained heavy losses of 71,000 men in the attacks. Only when Ukraine was exhausted when it came to men, equipment and ammunition would it talk peace, he said in reply to questions from a Russian television presenter acting as a moderator.


Cannot get any clearer than that. And again, Russia doesn't fight VSU, whatever is left of it or will be left, once Kiev regime initiates, prompted by its incompetent military-political advisers from NATO, a full, no holds barred, total mobilization. Russia fights NATO and NATO knows it and begins to convulse and panic in a face of strategic reality. After that, once the mobilization potential of NATO and its 404 cannon fodder proxies is exhausted, Russia will finally decide what conditions she will dictate to defeated West and Russian Army will go on the offensive when it deems proper. 

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"Vladimir Putin today warned Britain of 'serious consequences' and said Prime Minister Rishi Sunak 'doesn't understand' the risks after the UK's special forces tried to disrupt Russian nuclear power plants.

President Putin said that Britain's elite forces were training Ukrainian troops on how to damage atomic power plants in Russia.

The Russian President declared dire consequences for the UK while admitting his words would be interpreted as 'nuclear blackmail.'

Putin claimed during a speech at an economic forum in the far eastern city of Vladivostok, that Russia's FSB security service had interrogated a Ukrainian team caught operating inside Russia.

'It turned out to be a sabotage group of Ukrainian special services,' he said.

Posted on: Sep 13 08:12

Victoria Nuland, the top State Department official and member of the neocon cabal in the Biden administration, said the West needs to be prepared for a long conflict in Ukraine because if Russian President Vladimir Putin wins, it “will mean that evil will become something acceptable to the world.”

Nuland called for more weapons to be delivered to Ukraine and then “the reconstruction of Ukraine,” Ukrainska Pravda reported, citing European Pravda.

 “We must be ready financially, psychologically, and mentally for this,” Nuland, former Vice President Dick Cheney’s principal deputy national security advisor, said.

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Enacting stricter building codes in the name of combating climate change may cause a dangerous backlash benefiting the “far right,” German Finance Minister Christian Lindner said in an interview published on Tuesday.

The energy performance directive is a key provision in European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen’s proposed ‘Green Deal’ package of climate legislation. It would mandate the renovation of older buildings in order to “decarbonize” the housing stock by 2050.

Speaking with Politico on Monday evening, Lindner described the plan as “enormously dangerous” and said it could endanger “social peace” because “people might get the impression that the policy makes it harder for them to live in their own homes and be able to pay for it.”

Lindner heads the Free Democratic Party (FDP), a junior partner in Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s ‘traffic light’ ruling coalition. Last week, its parliamentary majority in the Bundestag pushed through a controversial heating bill that banned oil and gas systems in favor of “cleaner” heat pumps.

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12 year old Cash Addy was visiting Korea with his parents when he started complaining of chest pains. He was COVID-19 mRNA vaccinated but didn’t have COVID. He was taken to the hospital, diagnosed with myocarditis, had cardiac arrest, was put on life support and eventually received a heart transplant on July 20. Sadly, he had complications post transplant, developed clotting and hemorrhage in the brain and died.

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