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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said following the second Republican Party primary debate on Wednesday night that he believes Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was “the big winner” and that most of the candidates did not do anything to help themselves.
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Posted on: Sep 29 10:00
Representative Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) this week claimed repeatedly that the southern border is “secure,” leaving CNN anchor Jake Tapper stunned.
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Posted on: Sep 29 10:00
A top poll and a top focus group conducted after the second Republican Party primary debate on Wednesday night found that voters believe that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis won the event.
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Posted on: Sep 29 09:59
Far-left Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) scrambled on Wednesday to defend herself after X CEO Elon Musk said the congresswoman is “just not that smart.”
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Posted on: Sep 29 09:59
A federal judge sentenced a woman to a minimum of five years in prison and an additional three years probation for breaking into and setting fire to a full-service abortion clinic in Wyoming last year.
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A former Portland city commissioner who pushed to defund the police will get a $680,000 payout from the police over claims that cops leaked information falsely implicating her in a hit-and-run.
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Travellers heading to Spain have received an earthquake warning after the country was struck by two quakes in the last week.

Costa Del Sol, a region that comes under the province of Malaga, has been named as a Spanish area at the highest risk of earthquakes in the coming days. This comes after northern Spain was hit by a 4.1 magnitude earthquake on Wednesday. The tremors were felt in the provinces of Soria and Zaragoza.

The National Geographic Institute (IGN) recorded the quake in the early hours. While police received a number of reports of tremors overnight, no one has been hurt in the quake.

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Most people are more worried about the effects of online fraud than other crimes, such as knife attacks, burglary and sexual offences, according to a recent large-scale survey.

The poll - for criminal justice experts at Crest Advisory – also found that young people were the group most likely to be affected by online fraud, even though half of those questioned believed the elderly were most at risk.

The research was based on a nationally representative sample of over 3,000 adults across England and Wales as part of a survey conducted by data organisation WALR.

The vast majority of those polled (92%) said online fraud was a significant problem in the UK. When asked what crimes they were most worried about, 56 per cent said online fraud, compared to 43 per cent for burglary and 45 per cent for knife crime.

There is no doubt that online fraud is a major issue, but the latest data – over one-fifth of those surveyed said they had been a victim of online fraud – shows a rate which is higher than the latest crime statistics of England and Wales figures.

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Oil prices flirted with one-year highs on Thursday before falling in a bout of profit-taking, which tempted investors back into stocks after several days of losses over inflation fears.

Worries that elevated energy prices will keep interest rates high in Europe and the US pushed stocks down sharply in September, dousing hopes that central bankers could start easing monetary policy.

Instead, Brent crude hit $97.69 a barrel on spot markets early Thursday, the highest price since November last year, before falling back.

Posted on: Sep 29 09:25

The US government began Thursday to inform workers of an impending shutdown that could see millions of federal employees and military personnel temporarily sent home or working without pay, unless Congress reaches a last-ditch deal.

Without an agreement, funding for much of the federal government will expire at midnight on Saturday (0400 GMT Sunday), threatening disruptions to everything from air travel to benefit payments, and - if the shutdown endures - dealing a further blow to the precarious US economy.

The stand-off has been triggered by a small group of hardline Republicans who have pushed back against short-term funding deals while Congress tries to resolve a broader deadlock over calls for deep spending cuts.

Some federal employees have already been informed of preparations for a lapse, according to a notice seen by AFP.

Posted on: Sep 29 09:24

Russia has released a draft United Nations Security Council Presidential statement about the Nord Stream pipeline. Moscow condemned the West for an act of terrorism and demanded an impartial international probe into the matter.

Posted on: Sep 29 09:23

Virginia's Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin has not explicitly ruled out a shocking late entry into the 2024 presidential race after he was pressed on reports that donors are desperately trying to draft him to take on Donald Trump.

CBS' Bob Costa set off a firestorm on Thursday when he said that Republican billionaire megadonor Thomas Peterffy is calling allies to assure Youngkin he would have the financial backing if he wanted to jump.

Youngkin has insisted he isn't interested in running, and is focused on the state legislature races in November.

But the troubling performance by the seven candidates who took the stage at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library has prompted financial backers to look for another option before it's too late.

Additionally, some of Youngkin's top donors will be gathered at a 'Red Vest' retreat in Virginia Beach October 17-18 with plans to 'shove' Youngkin into the 2024 race, Costa said, as they are 'growing desperate to beat Trump.' 

Posted on: Sep 29 09:23

There is no way Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau did not know that 98-year-old Yaroslav Hunka, who received a standing ovation in the Canadian legislature, was a Nazi criminal, Steven Rambam, a private investigator and Nazi hunter based in New York, told Sputnik.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has officially apologized for a "deeply embarrassing" incident in the national Parliament, where a Waffen SS veteran was warmly greeted by Canadian politicians.

"This was a mistake that has deeply embarrassed Parliament and Canada. All of us who were in this House on Friday deeply regret having stood and clapped even though we did so unaware of the context," the Canadian PM said in a brief statement to journalists.

Trudeau stressed that Canada is especially sorry for "the situation that [they] put President Zelensky and the Ukrainian delegation in" given that this "egregious error" is being used by Russia's "propaganda."

Still, Trudeau's hypocrisy has been called out by Steven Rambam, a private investigator and Nazi hunter based in New York, publicly known for his pro bono activities, which have included the location and investigation of nearly 200 Nazi collaborators and war criminals in the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

Posted on: Sep 29 09:14

On September 27, the Russian Soyuz MS-23 spacecraft undocked from the International Space Station (ISS) and later landed in Kazakhstan, marking the completion of the mission. The expedition proved to be the longest ever, breaking the record for space flight duration.

Russian cosmonauts Sergey Prokopyev and Dmitry Petelin, as well as NASA astronaut Frank Rubio spent 371 days in space, setting a new record for the ISS program.

Thanks to the Russian Soyuz MS-23 rocket, the crew returned to Earth safe and sound. Despite the fact that more and more countries are developing space programs, it is the Russian spacecraft which remains the main shuttle carrying cosmonauts and astronauts to and from the ISS.

After the successful landing, rescue teams quickly reached the capsule and provided assistance to the crew.

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Senator Dianne Feinstein has died at 90 years old, ABC7 Insider Phil Matier has confirmed. Her career was one of many firsts. She was the first woman president of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, the first woman mayor of San Francisco, and one of two of the first women elected to the U.S. Senate from California.

"Dianne Feinstein, right from the start, was an icon for women in politics," said former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Senator Chuck Schumer adds, "She's a legend. A legend in California as the first woman senator. A legend in the Senate. She was the leader on so many different issues."

Born Dianne Goldman in San Francisco on June 22, 1933, she was raised by a Russian Orthodox mother and Jewish father. She worshipped at Temple Emanuel Synagogue and graduated from San Francisco's Convent of the Sacred Heart, a Roman Catholic all girls' high school. She was in the glee club, ballet, camera club and athletics.

Posted on: Sep 29 09:13

French President Emmanuel Macron proposed an incremental step toward limited self-rule to the elected assembly of Corsica during a visit to the Mediterranean island on Thursday. 

Let us have the audacity to build a Corsican autonomy within the republic [of France],” Macron told the island’s Regional Assembly in Ajaccio in a speech he described as “an outstretched hand.” 

In what was apparently meant as a gesture to the Corsican people's campaign for independence, he suggested the French constitution might be changed in order to “build autonomy” for the island “without any disengagement from the state.”

However, Macron may not unilaterally alter the French Constitution, even on Corsica’s behalf, without the approval of Parliament back home in Paris. Despite promising such changes would acknowledge the island’s unique “specificities,” a move he characterized as a meaningful milestone on the way to autonomy, Macron avoided naming any specific powers to be granted the Corsicans through this process.

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There is no history in human affairs when a society willingly gave itself away to foreigners. There is no history of a society maintaining any values once foreigners overtook it. Indeed, there is no history in human affairs where multi-culturalism and ethnic diversity have not led to massive civil conflicts, but Canadians love romanticizing these anti-values.

Most reading this article haven’t experienced such an increase in immigrants. But your anecdotal experience is not the statistical reality. The composition of people you socialize with does not represent the ethnic proportion of the Canadian population.

Put differently, the new immigrants often get ghettoized in areas you never visit. When you encounter them, your interaction will likely be short and superficial. But they have the same vote as you do. And they have no interest in European values. They are economic migrants without an interest in what provides nutrition to Canadian society. They have, at best, no interest or concept of Western philosophy.

Posted on: Sep 29 09:03

Several recent books have challenged America’s racial orthodoxy. If this trend continues, 2023 could be remembered as the year that dissidents finally broke the Left’s taboo on truthfully discussing race. But while America’s Cultural Revolution by Christopher Rufo, When Race Trumps Merit by Heather Mac Donald, and The Origins of Woke by Richard Hanania focus on defeating leftist policies and civil rights laws, The War on Whites highlights the raw anti-white animus coming from every single US institution.

Written and self-published by Ed Brodow, a veteran conservative columnist, The War on Whites covers what the author calls “the anti-white racial inquisition against whites.” Mr. Brodow gives example after example of this anti-white racial enmity by reporters, black activists, politicians, and college professors. A political pundit, he holds Barack Obama and Joe Biden particularly responsible for the war on whites.

Why did Mr. Brodow write this book? He explains: “Whites are being demonized and marginalized at every turn. Any attempt to say, ‘I am proud to be white,’ is met with scorn and ridicule. I have become an advocate for white people. Thirty years ago, this never would have occurred to me.”

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On August 29, 2023, the U.S. government was forced to release 472 pages of emails dated February 1, 2021 through May 31, 2021. During this timeframe, the federal government carried out their liability-free contracts with Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson, and disseminated their first round of experimental mRNA spike protein, which they claimed was a “safe and effective vaccine.”

These bombshell emails were released under a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, submitted by attorney Edward Berkovich. The emails reveal that Anthony Fauci (NIAID), Francis Collins (NIH) Rochelle Walensky (CDC), Vivek Murthy (U.S. Surgeon General) and other top level government employees knew that the covid jabs would cause myocarditis and blood clotting disorders. These risks were brought to their attention several times and discussed throughout the email chain.

Instead of being honest with the American people about these serious and life-threatening risks, these government figures devised a series of media messages to promote the mRNA injections as “safe and effective” and mandatory “to return to normal.” The emails, highly redacted, reveal the government’s conspiracy to withhold important risk information from the public, while pushing forth an experiment that should have never come near a single human being.

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This is the shocking moment five Border Patrol agents cut through razor wire at Eagle Pass and help migrants to enter the US. 

The group can be seen actively pulling away the razor wire and cutting it with what appears to be bolt cutters before helping numerous migrants up an embankment. 

Footage of the scene obtained by DailyMail.com then shows the officers helping a group of migrants including women and children who are hoisted up by officers. 

Officers can then be seen helping women carrying their children up over the embankment, and also placed fabric over the wire to avoid any injuries. 

After making it over the border, those who have just crossed can be seen lining up to be processed.  

Posted on: Sep 29 09:01

Tesla founder Elon Musk leapt to the defense of embattled comedian Russell Brand once again during X Spaces conversation about free speech and religion with Ben Shapiro on Thursday. 

Conservative activist Shapiro brought up the multiple allegations of rape and sexual assault being leveled at Brand, 48, in particular the deplatforming that Brand has gone through after YouTube demonetized his account earlier this month. 

Brand denies allegations of sexual assault made by four women in a Channel 4 television documentary and The Times and Sunday Times newspapers. 

The accusers, who have not been named, include one who said she was sexually assaulted during a relationship with him when she was 16. Another woman says Brand raped her in Los Angeles in 2012. 

'There needs to be, obviously, a conviction here. It can't be guilty until proven innocent. Because obviously we're just sort of in the witch burning phase here; just being declared a witch is enough to make you a witch and be burnt,' Musk said. 

Posted on: Sep 29 09:01

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Thursday accused a Stetson-wearing Elon Musk of taking a 'joyride' to the U.S.-Mexico border, after he traveled to the Texan city of Eagle Pass and warned some 'pretty extreme people' were arriving illegally.

Musk said he was concerned about stories of violent criminals finding their way into the country among those fleeing poverty and conflict. He discussed stories of people with gang tattoos on their faces being allowed to claim asylum, and said it was 'insane'.

'They have murdered someone and they are so proud of having murdered someone they tattoo one tear on their face for every person they have killed,' said Musk.

'And this person claimed asylum. And we let them in. A serial murderer. Who is proud of their murders. This is insane.'

Ocasio-Cortez, who has long been critical of Musk, condemned his visit to the city and singled out his guide, local Republican congressman Tony Gonzalez, for particular scorn.

Webmaster addition: It's s shame Elon Musk was born outside the US, because he would make a great President!

Posted on: Sep 29 09:00

Astronomers have for the first time found direct evidence of a black hole spinning.

The discovery was made by studying powerful jets of energy beamed from the first black hole ever imaged by humanity, which sits at the heart of the neighbouring Messier 87 galaxy.

Scientists had long believed that the rotation of a black hole powers these jets, but only now has the theory been proven. 

It is an 'exciting' breakthrough that reinforces Einstein's theory of relativity and could help unravel the mystery of the universe's most enigmatic objects.  

M87 is a radio galaxy located 55 million light-years from Earth which has a supermassive black hole 6.5 billion times more massive than the sun at the centre of it.

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The convergence of multiple red-alert warnings is staring us in the face, all pointing to a major “event” of some type in the upcoming weeks or months.

Whatever it is, this new catastrophe will hasten the collapse of the old world system, a collapse of economies and political structures that is already underway, paving the way for the Great Reset or, as some call it, the New World Order. I call it the beast system.

Predicting the timing of such an event is impossible but I do believe we are looking at a major shock event happening roughly within the next three to nine months, a year at most.

The reason is simple. The billionaire globalist oligarchs desire to bring about a situation which involves digitization (of money and human beings), dehumanization (humans replaced by transhuman hybrids), destruction (of all cultural norms, male/female genders, the ability to reproduce without technology, etc.) and depopulation (of those deemed “useless eaters”). These are the “Four Ds” needed to bring about the total control that globalist technocrats seek to extend over all human behavior in a restructured world run by artificial intelligence and based on the elimination of all fossil fuel usage by the common man (non-oligarchs). If only the oligarchs have access to fossil fuels and only the oligarchs are allowed to reproduce and enjoy freedom of speech, what you end up with is a one-world slave state. And that’s exactly the goal.

So the Four Ds are used to get to the fifth and final D, which is dystopia. In the eyes of the globalist predator class, they’re reaching for their utopia, but for the rest of us, it will be a living hell, a dystopia.

Webmaster addition: Take a look at the current US government, with its massive corruption and abuse of the people. Imagine that multiplied into a single world government. Imagine the corruption that will exist then!

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The Biden Regime has announced another amnesty of sorts, this is technically allocating refugee slots to Latin America and the Caribbean. The fraud here is that there is no basis for refugee status, an alien of humanitarian interest to the United States who is subject to persecution by their country of citizenship or last habitual residence.

The only nation really participating in persecution of its citizens is Cuba, with Venezuela a less convincing case as the political opposition has been neutralized and open persecution ended. Venezuela does remain an economic basket case, partly because of U.S. sanctions, but also because of typical Third World mismanagement.

Since Cubans have their own illegal family reunification program, a parole amnesty, and the Cuban Adjustment Act, Cuba does not actually produce many bona fide refugees, as all just make use of easier programs that have little or no documentary requirements.

Similarly, Venezuela produces little in the way of actual refugees, most being economic migrants and few actually applying for asylum once they enter the United States. In fact Venezuelans are openly advertising their love of their nation while simultaneously fleeing it.

Posted on: Sep 29 08:45

The largest cultural change in recent years is not transgenderism or mumble rap. It’s the attack on free speech. Among Democrats, support for free speech is a fringe position. According to a new poll from RealClearPolitics, free speech is increasingly unpopular, especially among the young and among Democrats.

Some of the poll findings seem promising. More than 90 percent of respondents said First Amendment protections are a good thing. Just a small minority disagreed with the statement that “Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech or of the press.” More than 75 percent thought it was better to allow free speech without government interference than to let the government “decide what types of hateful or inaccurate speech should be banned.” The First Amendment itself remains popular. Perhaps the best finding is that only 30 percent thought the Founders would have approved of private companies setting limits on speech.

However, some of the more specific findings are shocking. More than 61 percent said the government should restrict “hateful posts and disinformation on social media platforms” rather than allow an “open forum of free speech.” About three-quarters thought social media platforms themselves should restrict these things. Majorities said free speech should not extend to groups “like” the Nazi party, the Ku Klux Klan, or the Communist Party. More than 74 percent said social media companies had a responsibility to restrict “hateful posts and disinformation.”

Among Democrats, the findings are worse. About a third of Democrats think Americans have “too much freedom” to speak. Only about half of Democrats think speech should be legal “under any circumstances,” compared to large majorities of independents and Republicans. Three-quarters of Democrats think the government should restrict “hateful” social media posts. Democrats are also more likely to favor censoring “extreme” groups and just 31 percent strongly agree with the famous quotation “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” More than half of Republicans do.

Webmaster addition: Before the majority can be right, one person must be right, and while that individual stands alone, the majority is wrong!

Posted on: Sep 29 08:37

The United States is the most dangerous nation among industrialized states, and increasingly more dangerous than much of the developing world. As violent crime soars, our criminal justice system has revealed itself unable and unwilling to respond.

This year it was announced that the national murder clearance rate, which tracks arrests of suspects but not necessarily convictions, has dropped below 50%, the lowest in history. This figure represents a remarkable and system-wide failure, especially when leaps in forensic science and investigative techniques are taken into account. When we contrast the US with nations suffering from a comparable race and crime problem, such as the United Kingdom, we find that only 20% of murderers escape accountability. In the rest of Western Europe, the clearance rate seldom dips below 80%, while relatively homogenous nations like Finland arrest a homicide suspect in close to 100% of cases.

It’s common knowledge that a disproportionate number of homicides in America amount to blacks killing blacks, but recent years have seen a dramatic rise in interracial homicides as well.

According to data tracked by the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS), black on white homicides rose from a total of 2299 in 2019 to 2914 in 2021, a jump of more than 20%. The timing is not a coincidence, interracial murder rate instantly spiked in 2020 following the implementation of policing and prison reforms after the George Floyd riots, as well as the media’s dedication to overtly demonizing white people.

Posted on: Sep 29 08:36

As it turns out, the Department of Justice has a service specifically designed to ensure whites don’t get the wrong idea about minority crimes. The Community Relations Service bills itself as “America’s Peacemaker” for:

communities facing conflict based on actual or perceived race, color, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, or disability. CRS works toward its mission by providing facilitated dialogue, mediation, training, and consultation to assist these communities to come together, develop solutions to the conflict, and enhance their capacity to independently prevent and resolve future conflict.

A recent example of CRS activity was interfering with a Virginia school board that upset the transgender lobby. Roanoke County recently implemented clear rules on gender-assigned bathrooms, pronouns, and names used for students. Transgender activists objected to these rules and aggressively protested at school board meetings. The CRS contacted the school board to offer its “services” to reduce community tensions. This interference appeared to favor the transgender lobby over that of parents.

Posted on: Sep 29 08:33

A woman sexually assaulted by Jason Billingsley — the man accused of murdering a 26-year-old tech CEO in Baltimore — feared for her life while the convicted felon considered “armed and dangerous” was still on the run this week, she told The Post.

“I was petrified. When they couldn’t get him, I was petrified,” the victim said in a brief interview Wednesday.

“I thought he was coming for me. I just thank God he didn’t kill me,” the 35-year-old woman said.

Billingsley, whose 2013 attack on her landed him in prison, was arrested by authorities Wednesday night on suspicion of killing Pava LaPere inside her apartment on Monday.

Posted on: Sep 29 08:30