"Beliefs are chains used to hold free minds in slavery. No chains of steel ever bound a human tighter than the chains made of beliefs." -- Michael Rivero

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 Law enforcement officials in Tennessee arrested 40-year-old Victor Rodriguez last week after he told them that he opened fire at a group of men who were allegedly trying to steal his car from outside his home.

Posted on: May 22 10:23

Mexican authorities on Sunday raised the warning level for the Popocatepetl volcano to one step below red alert as smoke, ash and molten rock spewed into the sky posing risks to aviation and far-flung communities below.

The huge volcano that towers above Mexico City is considered one of the most dangerous in the world because some 25 million people live within a 60-mile radius.

Sunday's increased alert level - to 'yellow phase three' - comes a day after two Mexico City airports temporarily halted operations due to falling ash, which also forced 11 villages to cancel school sessions.

The yellow warning means 'remain alert and prepare for a possible evacuation,' according to the warning system developed by Mexico's National Disaster Prevention Center.

Posted on: May 22 10:23

Over One Thousand Scientific Studies Prove That the COVID-19 Vaccines Are Dangerous, and All Those Pushing This Agenda Are Committing the Indictable Crime of Gross Misconduct in Public Office   

Just over 12 months from deployment of the COVID 19 emergency use experimental vaccines,  scientific studies in the thousands, and reports of criminal complaints of assault and murder from the illegal, unlawful use of biochemical poisons made to police forces around the country, verify an assault on an unsuspecting UK population. Irrefutable science shows that the COVID 19 vaccine is not safe and not effective in limiting transmission or infection from the SARS-CoV-2, coronavirus pathogens.

The “safe and effective” false propaganda, put out by public officials who now are continuing to push this vaccine, is a clear breach of duty. A public office holder is subject to, and aware of, a duty to prevent death or serious injury that arises only by virtue of the functions of the public office.

Many have breached that duty and, in doing so, are recklessly causing a risk of death or serious injury, by carrying on regardless of the now-confirmed dangers associated with COVID 19 injections. Some of these risks are blood clotting, myocarditis, pericarditis, thrombosis, thrombocytopenia, anaphylaxis, Bell’s palsy, Guillain-Barre, cancer including deaths, etc.

All of these are confirmed in the following science-and-government-gathered data from the UK Health and Security agency on COVID 19 regarding vaccine damage.

Posted on: May 22 10:13

Statistics provided by the US Department of Defense, in 2003, outlined that there were around 725 American military bases positioned that year overseas in 38 countries, including the presence of 100,000 American soldiers in Europe. 

A decade later, by 2012 there was an increase to 750 US military bases in existence globally, including 1.4 million American troops on active duty, figures which are reported through to today. Other estimates suggest the Americans have owned, or maintain authority over, more than 1,000 military installations abroad. The network of bases is so expansive that even the Pentagon may not be sure of the exact number.

In Europe, some of the US military facilities currently in operation date to the Cold War era. Much has changed over the past generation, as many European states have joined the Washington-dominated NATO, an increasingly aggressive military association. NATO enlargement of course continues, despite the fact that membership leads inevitably to significant erosion of sovereignty and independence, especially for the smaller countries which have chosen to join NATO.

Since 2004 NATO-operated spy planes (Airborne Warning and Control System) have been patrolling the Baltic Sea nations and NATO states such as Estonia and Latvia, at the actual borders of Russia, a nuclear superpower. Such actions by NATO as these have resulted in a clear potential for nuclear war erupting, a threat which is increasing as tensions escalate in the Ukraine crisis.

From 1940 to 1996, Washington spent about $5.5 trillion on its nuclear program. This figure does not include the $320 billion, pertaining to the annual storage and removal costs of more than 50 years worth of accumulated radioactive waste, and the $20 billion needed for the dismantling of nuclear weapons systems and removal of surplus nuclear material.

Posted on: May 22 10:12

Five Iranian border guards were killed in a clash with an unknown armed group trying to enter the country near the Pakistani border, state TV reported Sunday.

The fighting happened in the town of Saravan in the southeastern province of Sistan and Baluchistan, some 1,360 kilometers (850 miles) southeast of the capital Tehran. The report said the militants fled the area with casualties, but did not elaborate.

State TV originally reported that six guards were killed but later said there were five fatalities. Two border guards were also wounded in the clash. It did not blame the attack on any group and no group immediately claimed responsibility. There were no additional details.

Posted on: May 22 10:12

Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA), who is a leading candidate to replace ailing Sen. Dianne Feinstein in California, called Sunday to pack the Supreme Court by adding new seats and filling them with liberal justices.

Lee’s call amplifies the effort by Democrats, including House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY), to counter the Court’s conservative majority by creating a new, artificial liberal majority.

Since extremist groups captured the courts, Justices have thrown out years of precedent to overturn Roe, gut voting rights, strike down common sense gun safety laws & more.

Posted on: May 22 10:11

Tens of thousands of non-citizens have tried or made it onto voter rolls across the U.S. over recent years, according to an election watchdog's analysis of data from several states.

Non-citizen voters have been found on voter rolls in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas and Maricopa County, Ariz. In Georgia, there were non-citizens who attempted to register to vote but were placed in a pending status because there wasn't evidence of their citizenship, so they didn't make it onto the voter rolls.

"Pennsylvania has been covering up for years, the tens of thousands of aliens who got on the voter rolls there for 20 years," J. Christian Adams, president of the watchdog group Public Interest Legal Foundation, told "Just the News, No Noise" TV show this week, while also saying acting Pennsylvania Secretary of State Al Schmidt "knows the truth and won't tell it.”

Posted on: May 22 10:07

British intelligence expressed skepticism about the FBI's investigation into the Donald Trump campaign's alleged ties to Russia in 2016, and eventually became so concerned it stopped cooperating, according to evidence made public in Special Counsel John Durham's recent report.

Durham released his 300+ page report on the origins of the Trump-Russia collusion probe on Monday, representing the culmination of years of investigations. That report excoriated the FBI for pursuing the investigation without possessing any significant evidence of wrongdoing.

Intelligence officials in the United Kingdom evidently shared Durham's assessment contemporaneously.

Posted on: May 22 10:07

A report on Saturday revealed that the situation at Fox News, which sat atop cable news ratings for years, is getting worse as fallout from the decision to take top-rated talent Tucker Carlson off the air last month.

According to Rolling Stone magazine, Fox laid off its entire investigative unit on Friday, a decision linked to the network’s massive $787.5 million defamation lawsuit settlement with Dominion Voting Systems, also last month.

“The rank and file journalists are getting let go. Meanwhile, upper management are sitting pretty while they are the execs responsible for the Dominion debacle. We are the sacrificial lambs,” the magazine quoted a Fox News source as saying.

A second source told Rolling Stone: “Yes, [layoffs] have happened and continue to happen.”

Posted on: May 22 10:05

Pregnant physician's assistant Sarah Comrie has gone into hiding following a viral video that shows a group of men mobbing her over a Citi Bike rental in New York City. The incident has since resulted in death threats and potential job loss for Comrie, who had been falsley accused of stealing the bike from a black man, despite possessing a receipt that proves she paid for it.Comrie, 36, found herself at the center of a social media mobbing after footage surfaced of her altercation with a man outside Bellevue Hospital at the end of her shift. The video quickly spread across social media platforms, triggering a barrage of threats and defamatory remarks targeting Comrie, including the claim that she was a "suspected white supremacist" by race-baiting goon Tariq Nasheed.

Posted on: May 22 10:05

Video below shows about three thousand Australians turning-out in Sydney today, to protest NATO and show their support for Russia!  The large group was peaceful and determined to let their country know their position: NATO is wrong, Russia is right, and the war in Ukraine must stop.

Posted on: May 22 10:02

This week on Tuesday, President Biden met with the Congress to negotiate on whether to raise the debt ceiling. What hangs in the balance is 87,000 new IRS agents. Whatever happens in these negotiations, the outcome is going to affect your life. I am going to explain how, this week on Wolves and Finance.

Webmaster addition: These days, listening to the radio, I hear lots of commercials from a half dozen tax resolution companies. I suspect that despite claims of record high tax collections, that there is in reality a huge non-compliance problem!

Posted on: May 22 09:58

The joint communiqué released by the Group of Seven leaders during the summit over the weekend in Hiroshima, Japan, took aim at China over several issues, but President Biden said Sunday that he expects a “thaw” in relations with Beijing.

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan recently held a meeting with China’s top diplomat, Wang Yi. But for months beforehand, Beijing essentially cut off high-level contacts with Washington after Secretary of State Antony Blinken canceled a planned trip to China over the Chinese balloon that wound up over US territory in February due to unexpected weather.

Biden noted that he and Chinese President Xi Jinping agreed to maintain high-level communication when they met in Bali, Indonesia, last November. “And then this silly balloon that was carrying two freight cars’ worth of spying equipment was flying over the United States, and it got shot down, and everything changed in terms of talking to one another. I think you’re going to see that begin to thaw very shortly,” he said.

Posted on: May 22 09:54

China on Friday warned against the introduction of “geopolitical games” in the South Pacific following the announcement that U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken will visit Papua New Guinea next week.

The U.S. opted to send Blinken after President Joe Biden canceled what was to have been a historic stop in Papua New Guinea as well as a visit to Australia for a meeting of leaders of the so-called Quad partnership so he can focus on debt limit talks in Washington.

The administration has made putting a greater focus on the Pacific region central to its global outreach, largely to counter China’s growing influence there.

Posted on: May 22 09:47

The head of Russia's Security Council Nikolai Patrushev will hold talks on Monday with Chen Wenqing, member of the Chinese Communist Party's Politburo who oversees police, legal affairs and intelligence, the Russian RIA state news reported.

This would be Patrushev's first meeting with Chen Wenqing, RIA reported. In October, Chen Wenqing was named the party secretary of the Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission, China's top security post with oversight of the police, judges and spies.

Patrushev, a former chief of the FSB internal security service, is widely seen as one of the most hawkish members of Russian President Vladimir Putin's inner circle.

Posted on: May 22 09:44

Irish nationalist party Sinn Fein made sweeping gains in Northern Ireland’s local elections, repeating its success from last year’s assembly elections, when it became the largest party for the first time.

With counting completed late Saturday, Sinn Fein, which seeks unification of Northern Ireland with the Republic of Ireland, took 144 of 462 local government seats — an increase of 39 from the last local government elections in 2019. Its main rival, the Democratic Unionist Party, captured 122 seats, while the centrist Alliance Party had 67.

Michelle O’Neill, Sinn Fein’s vice president, said the results were “momentous.” She added that her party’s success was a message from voters that Northern Ireland’s power-sharing government, which has been paralyzed for over a year, must get back to business.

Posted on: May 22 09:44

When Israel launched its five-day assault on Gaza earlier this month, Palestinian hospitals were immediately pushed into crisis mode. 

Already under-equipped following 16 years of an Israeli-led blockade, medical workers scrambled to evacuate patients receiving urgent care to make way for those wounded from the new air strikes.

Medical supplies and medicine that were already rationed to meet the needs of Gaza's two million people began to run out quickly. 

And with Israel closing crossings with Gaza - preventing the entry of fuel, aid, and other supplies - doctors were bracing for the worst. 

Posted on: May 22 09:43

I know Romanian corruption. When I was exiting the country after investigating its collapsing economy in 1987, I made sure to bribe every guard who searched my luggage at the Bucharest airport with a pack of Kent cigarettes. But I neglected to give a pack to the soldier on the tarmac as I walked to my Lufthansa flight. He was soon screaming and waving his submachine gun in my direction. Whoops.

After the fall of communism, the U.S. State Department launched a program to help Romania and other East European governments curtail corruption. Vice President Joe Biden masterminded that effort from 2009 to 2016. The program was a smashing success.

Romania remained profoundly corrupt, but Biden family members received more than a million dollars from Romanian businessman Gabriel Popoviciu. He was convicted for corruption even though Hunter Biden flew to Bucharest to testify on his behalf before the National Anticorruption Directorate.

Posted on: May 22 09:43

The Australian government said it would provide surveillance drones and other high-tech equipment to the Philippines to boost its maritime patrol capabilities.

The announcement was made following the visit to Manila of Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong to meet with her Filipino counterpart Enrique A. Manalo.

The military aid package builds on the already deep and wide-ranging maritime security ties between the two allied countries, Wong said.

Apart from drones, Canberra will provide technical assistance and initiate capacity-building exercises for the Philippine Coast Guard.

It also vowed to support women’s leadership in maritime security.

“We want a region that is predictable, that operates by standards and laws in which sovereignty is respected,” Wong explained.

Posted on: May 22 09:42

Hundreds of people fleeing the fighting in Sudan cross the main border post at Metema in western Ethiopia every day.

Around 15,000 people from sixty different countries have crossed over between April 21st and May 7th. 

Redin Abdela Ahmed, a student from Khartoum, was one of them.

"We have to live together, suffer together, share our stuff with each other, because it is going to be a temporary situation and we are hoping to get a better life than this. I've spent about nine days here."

He says the authorities are trying to look after them.

Posted on: May 22 09:39

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s last-minute participation Sunday in the Group of Seven summit has brought intense global attention to Russia’s invasion of his nation. But it has also worried atomic bomb survivors who said the high-profile visit overshadowed a rare chance to push world leaders to focus on nuclear abolishment.

Zelenskyy’s inclusion at the G7 gathering of the richest democracies — and his pursuit of more weapons and other support for Ukraine, rather than a diplomatic pursuit to end the war — sends the wrong message, activists and victims said.

“Zelenskyy’s visit is not appropriate for Hiroshima, which is a peace-loving city,” said Etsuko Nakatani, an activist whose parents survived the Hiroshima atomic bombing in 1945.

Posted on: May 22 09:38

China’s president Xi Jinping on Friday laid out an ambitious plan for co-operation with Central Asian countries on defence and security, pushing into a region traditionally seen as Russia’s backyard at a moment when Moscow is distracted by the war in Ukraine.

Hosting his first in-person summit with leaders of the group of Central Asian countries known as the “C5”, Xi also offered to increase transport and energy ties with the region. The group consists of Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

“Xi stressed that China is ready to help Central Asian countries improve their law enforcement, security and defence capacity building in an effort to safeguard regional peace,” state news agency Xinhua reported.

Posted on: May 22 09:36

The Ministry of Oil and Minerals of the Sanaa government signed a memorandum of understanding with the Chinese firm, Anton Oilfield Services Group, and a representative of the Chinese government, to allow oil exploration in the Republic of Yemen, Saba News reported on 21 May.

The memorandum of understanding comes after many negotiations and coordination with several foreign companies to convince them to invest in the oil sector of the war torn country.

The Minister of Oil and Minerals, Ahmed Dares, has called on investment companies to visit Yemen to see the potential investment opportunities, advantages and facilities that investment in the sector would provide.

Minister Dares noted that negotiations are ongoing with several international companies to enter the field of oil exploration in Yemen, and work will be done to finalise memorandums of understanding with several of them.

He noted the efforts of the ministry to encourage investments and development in this vital sector for the benefit of the country.

Posted on: May 22 09:36

Bahrain and Lebanon are to restore diplomatic relations after a year-and-a-half break prompted by a spat over the conflict in Yemen.

Bahrain and other Gulf countries followed Saudi Arabia in recalling their diplomats towards the end of 2021 after a Lebanese minister criticised Riyadh's military intervention in the war in Yemen.

Manama, a staunch ally of Riyadh, also called on its citizens in Lebanon to leave the country.

The tiny Gulf kingdom said on Saturday that it was bringing an end to the impasse, a move welcomed by Beirut.

Posted on: May 22 09:35

Two Saudi astronauts will be travelling to the International Space Station (ISS) for the first time on a private mission to carry out a number of experiments, the official Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported.

Rayyanah Barnawi, the first female Arab astronaut and breast cancer researcher, and fighter pilot Ali al-Qarni are scheduled to blast off in a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral in the US state of Florida on Sunday.

Posted on: May 22 09:35

As the final days of the holy month of Ramadan approached, Muqtada al-Sadr busied himself with preparations for his annual itikaf, a period of reflection to be spent in the great mosque of Kufa.

To those around him, it seemed clear he was trying to divert his attention away from events in the world outside the walls of his home in central Najaf's Hanana.

It has been almost a year since the influential Shia cleric announced his withdrawal from politics. Over the past few months, as a new Iraqi government was formed without his participation, he resolutely refused to enter into any political dialogue or receive visitors trying to speak to him about developments or issues the country was facing.

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Posted on: May 22 09:34

While the American public and even some U.S. politicians have been sounding the alarm recently over the dangers of the potential future rollout of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), and the loss of all privacy in any financial transactions, a new blockchain financial network that was launched in 2019, before COVID, has been gaining momentum here in 2023 and is now being used in dozens of countries around the world with over 1.5 million users.

And it is now being launched in the United States: World ID with the Worldcoin cryptocurrency.

World ID is not some concept for the future. It is already here, and already being used around the world with the World App and Worldcoin, for both financial transactions and “World ID checks.”

Since its initial debut, 1.5 million people have joined the World App pre-release, more than 500,000 of which use it every month. On a typical day, it sees around 60,000 transactions and 25,000 World ID checks among other actions from over 100,000 people in a handful of countries. Today we’re excited to introduce Phase I of World App, and to make it globally available for the first time. (Source.)


Why have so many people around the world so quickly signed up for a World ID?

Because they are being offered free cryptocurrency, and in some cases even free money in their local currencies, by using their new World ID.

And what do they have to do to receive this free money?

They just have to have their eyeball scanned by the Worldcoin “Orb” which will then create their unique World ID.

Posted on: May 22 09:31

Last Saturday the Washington Post published an exposé of classified American intelligence documents showing that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, working behind the back of the Biden White House, pushed hard earlier this year for an expanded series of missile attacks inside Russia. The documents were part of a large cache of classified materials posted online by an Air Force enlisted man now in custody. A senior official of the Biden administration, asked by the Post for comment on the newly revealed intelligence, said that Zelensky has never violated his pledge never to use American weapons to strike inside Russia. In the view of the White House, Zelensky can do no wrong. 

Zelensky’s desire to take the war to Russia may not be clear to the president and senior foreign policy aides in the White House, but it is to those in the American intelligence community who have found it difficult to get their intelligence and their assessments a hearing in the Oval Office. Meanwhile, the slaughter in the city of Bakhmut continues. It is similar in idiocy, if not in numbers, to the slaughter in Verdun and the Somme during World War I. The men in charge of today’s war—in Moscow, Kiev, and Washington—have shown no interest even in temporary ceasefire talks that could serve as a prelude to something permanent. The talk now is only about the possibilities of a late spring or summer offensive by either party.

But something else is cooking, as some in the American intelligence community know and have reported in secret, at the instigation of government officials at various levels in Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, Estonia, Czechoslovakia, and Latvia. These countries are all allies of Ukraine and declared enemies of Vladimir Putin.

This group is led by Poland, whose leadership no longer fears the Russian army because its performance in Ukraine has left the glow of its success at Stalingrad during the Second World War in tatters. It has been quietly urging Zelensky to find a way to end the war—even by resigning himself, if necessary—and to allow the process of rebuilding his nation to get under way. Zelensky is not budging, according to intercepts and other data known inside the Central Intelligence Agency, but he is beginning to lose the private support of his neighbors.

Posted on: May 22 09:29