"The first casualty of war is truth." -- Rudyard Kipling

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NOTE: Judge Napolitano was not on this flight, but his trip to the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum was also cancelled, details unclear.

Webmaster addition: There does seem to be a lot of confusion in this story, especially about Napolitano.

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CHICAGO – Graduation is an important moment for many Americans. More than just pomp and circumstance, the ceremonies mark when students are handed the most coveted testimonial in academic life: A diploma.

But for some college students who participated in pro-Palestinian protests, campus activism has cost them their degrees – at least for a while.

“Four years and just a criminal record, nothing else,” said Youssef Hasweh, one of four students at the University of Chicago who have had their degrees withheld pending an investigation into a protest encampment. “A decade of (high school and college) work down the toilet because I decided to express my free speech.”

Students being denied conferment – some of whom have faced arrests, expulsions, suspensions and other disciplinary action – say they're in limbo and are being made into examples. As they await appeals processes and the results of university investigations, they're preparing for an uncertain future. In the worst-case scenario, they'll be saddled with debt and will have no degree to show for it

Claire's Observations: To the University of Chicago Trustees; and others around this country and around the world,  a word, please.

How, in the halls of Academia, did Israel become the 6,000 ton gorilla in the room, which no one dares talk about, peacefully and logically,  in terms of its treatment of Palestinians?   Is it possibly because of the large donations Israel lavishes upon schools which insist in "towing the Israeli agenda line", even when  that agenda is dead wrong?

What is the blackmail/quid pro quo, going on here, because it must be very pervasive, that" alleged" educational institutions have called in the cops to forcibly and violently arrest students who were demonstrating peacefully?!?

I am paraphrasing now, but to find out the limits of one's freedom of speech, find the people or institutions you are forbidden to criticize; then, you will know precisely where you are, in terms of an allegedly "free society."

And by the way, as far as I am aware, the By -di-Byidenistas have not yet suspended the Constitution or Bill of Rights;  and these kids have every right to peacefully protest the carnage in Gaza, under the First Amendment to that Constitution; that you are punishing them in this manner for so doing, reflects horrifically on the leadership of this university, and  forever destroys its reputation as a place upholding "academic freedom of inquiry"

Through the cold and unforgiving eye of history, future students, and academics will look at this period in the University's history, as one of shame, and outrage as to what has happened to these students.

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Former MIT associate professor Jeremy England, an ordained rabbi, wrote in Tablet Magazine that Jews need to fully reject any "lingering" sense of Christian morality and embrace ethnically cleansing Gaza in accordance with Talmudic law.

In an article last week titled "Live by the Law or Die on the Cross," England said that "Israel must stop pretending it is a nation like any other."

"[W]e should conquer, annex, and resettle parts of Gaza so that Jews and friendly gentiles both can live there safely," England said.

"If our own, unsurpassably subtle ethical tradition guides us to these policies, then it is only our lingering ideological subjugation to the Western tradition that makes them seem scandalous," he continued. "Like the Jew among nations, Israel constantly struggles with its half-successful attempt to blend in with the crowd and pretend to be a member like any other, and it is time to put an end to this paralyzing charade."

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Back in January 2024, Britain’s Leader of the Labour Party Keir Starmer arrived in Davos on the invitation of the World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak decided not to attend the Davos Venue: 

“Number 10 has not provided an explanation for his absence but the Prime Minister is facing significant problems at home”.

Starmer started his election campaign in the Swiss Alps, in conformity with Klaus Schwab’s  Fourth Industrial Revolution 

Starmer was presented at Davos in January as the WEF’s  “favourite candidate” for the position of  PM,

Ironically, the actual announcement of the U.K. July election was released by PM Sunak several months later.

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Want to see some actual crime and corruption? This is what true campaign finance malfeasance looks like.

In the 90’s MBNA was Biden’s biggest campaign contributor. In addition, executives would send memos out “encouraging” employees to donate to Biden. The company hired Hunter Biden and continued paying him even AFTER HE LEFT the company. An MBNA executive bought Biden’s house for full asking price and then MBNA reimbursed that executive for a portion of the purchase price. It’s all true.

In return Biden would go on the Senate floor and fight for the rights of the credit card companies over the rights of the American people. This is what our politicians get away with.

This isn’t shocking to anyone who’s paid even the slightest attention to Joe Biden’s lengthy history of crime and politics. He’s always been known as one of the dumbest politicians in DC, but also one of the biggest opportunists. When you consider the entire picture, it all makes sense. Who’s a better puppet “president” than the guy with so many skeletons in his closet he could build a bone army? Biden is protected because he is a product of the Swamp, used repeatedly to achieve goals and defeat political enemies. When he’s no longer useful, he’ll be discarded. His days are numbered, but this sham “conviction” against Trump may have just bought him some time, but not much.

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There were many COVID martyrs—brave warriors who challenged the regime’s twisted COVID and vaccine narratives and ultimately lost their jobs and reputations and were “canceled” by the vaccine-obsessed left-wing mob. Many of these martyrs were athletes who refused to take the jab and found themselves publicly ostracized, banned, or even fired. Tennis champ Novak Djokovic famously declared he would rather miss out on future tennis trophies than be forced to get a COVID vaccine, and he stuck to his guns, even when the media and the mob threw everything they had at him. In the end, he had the last laugh when he won the US Open. Another one of those rebel athletes, NBA player Kyrie Irving, proclaimed that his decision not to take the COVID jab was bigger than basketball—it was about his life. Right on cue, he was demonized for making an informed—and, as it turns out, smart—decision for himself.

Well, now, Kyrie Irving’s story has come full circle. Just two years after the NBA forced him to sit out for refusing the beastly jab, he’s making a triumphant return to the finals.

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Last month, the Israeli military declared that it had taken “tactical control” of the Philadelphi corridor, the strategically important nine-mile-long and 300-foot-wide buffer zone between Gaza and Egypt. I

sraeli officials say that they took this action as part of an effort to decapitate Hamas roughly eight months into this war, claiming that the Palestinians have used this corridor to set up tunnels for funneling arms.

But these tunnels have been used to bring all types of goods and services, not just weapons, into Gaza — even if authorities in Egypt, which has officially been imposing its own blockade on Gaza since 2007, have not been openly admitting so. These tunnels connecting Egypt and Gaza have given the Palestinians in the besieged enclave some sort of a lifeline. Now the blockade will be even tighter and Gaza’s humanitarian disasters are only set to worsen.

“The direct control of the [Philadelphi corridor] by Israel means the complete encirclement of Gaza, which in prior years [the Israelis] left that one part of the borders to a joint Egyptian-Palestinian control. For Palestinians it denies them all hope of an Israel-free part of their borders,” Nabeel Khoury, former deputy chief of mission at the U.S. Embassy in Yemen, told RS.

“Israel’s takeover will make it that much harder for humanitarian aid to get through. Israel’s right wing is getting its desired goal here: Full encirclement of Palestinians and denial of all means of livelihood — in other words a step closer to driving out whoever is still alive once this war ends, if it ever does,” added the former US diplomat.

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Today, I bring to your attention another government policy that’s about to take effect that will crush domestic air travel under the guise of national security.

Independent journalist Patrick Webb reports that the US government plans to launch its heavily criticized federal ID program, called Real ID, for domestic air travel on May 7, 2025.

Webb stated in a series of posts to X Sunday that this will ban all adults from domestic flights unless they have replaced traditional state-issued IDs with Real IDs, raising significant concerns about privacy and state surveillance.

Webmaster addition: And what about the illegal aliens?

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Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said on Monday the United States could face “fatal consequences” if it ignored Moscow’s warnings not to let Ukraine use weapons provided by Washington to strike targets inside Russia.

Ryabkov was commenting on President Joe Biden’s decision last week to approve the use of U.S.-supplied weapons to hit targets inside Russia that were involved in attacks on Ukraine’s Kharkiv region.

“I would like to warn American leaders against miscalculations that could have fatal consequences. For unknown reasons, they underestimate the seriousness of the rebuff they may receive,” state news agency RIA quoted Ryabkov as saying.

He referred to comments last week by President Vladimir Putin, who said NATO countries were playing with fire and risking a deeper global conflict – one of a series of warnings from Moscow about the risk of a serious escalation.

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In his opening statement, Fauci denied trying to silence officials and scientists who thought the virus was created in, or at least escaped from, the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China.

"The accusation being circulated that I influenced these scientists to change their minds by bribing them with millions of dollars in grant money is absolutely false and simply preposterous. I had no input into the content of the published paper," said Fauci. "The second issue is a false accusation that I tried to cover up the possibility that the virus originated from a lab. In fact, the truth is exactly the opposite."

Following his opening statement Fauci was grilled over the government's response to the pandemic - defending the CDC over mask mandates, lockdowns, and other public policy - while Democrats on the panel repeatedly bent over backwards to defend him.

Rep. Michael Cloud (R-TX) got into a heated exchange Fauci over the measures - at one point forcing the former NIAID director to admit that the Covid-19 vaccine doesn't stop transmission.

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These are the lines none of us would have ever wanted to write, but we have to. The current situation in and around the war in Ukraine has opened a path, which could lead to a nuclear confrontation.

Ukraine has struck another early-warning (over-the-horizon) radar, this time in Orenburg region, near Orsk, some 1500 km from Ukraine. This radar did not even look at the direction of Ukraine, which makes the strike an act of madness, or something sinister.

These strikes to the Russian early-warning system can serve only two aims:

  1. Ukrainian leadership is desperately trying to fully commit NATO to the war in Ukraine, or
  2. Strikes are a preparation for nuclear strikes to Russia by the U.S.

Needless to say that the latter is extremely speculative. However, it is one of the two motives that can be established for the strikes. Alas, we have to acknowledge its existence. We have gone through the former in our previous warning.

What is more is that, according to Kremlin, the U.S., the U.K. and France would have deployed ground-based intermediate and short-range missile system to Ukraine. These systems were previously banned by the INF (Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces) Treaty from which President Trump withdraw the U.S. in February 2019, citing Russian non-compliance and missiles developed by China.

These missile systems can be used to strike deep into Russia. The risk is that, if Ukraine would continue to target the early-warning system of Russia, at some point Kremlin would simply be forced to act, because it would seriously undermine their nuclear deterrence.

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A proposed bill that would enforce surgical castration as opposed to chemical castration for those convicted of rape has advanced in the Louisiana legislature.

The bill is now headed to Republican Gov. Jeff Landry’s desk to be signed or vetoed.

Senate Bill 371, sponsored by state Sen. Regina Barrow, a Democrat, would sentence those 17 and older who have been convicted of the rape of a victim under the age of 13 to be physically castrated.

It passed in the state House 74–24 and in the Senate 29–9.

“Proposed law further provides that the procedure is contingent upon a determination by a court-appointed medical expert that the defendant is an appropriate candidate for surgery, which determination must be made within 60 days of imposition of sentence,” the bill reads. “Proposed law further provides that when the offender is sentenced to a period of incarceration or confinement, the procedure must be performed no later than one week prior to the release of the offender.”

The Department of Public Safety and Corrections would oversee the procedure; however, it “will not be performed if not medically appropriate.”

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A Chinese spacecraft carrying rock and soil samples from the far side of the Moon has lifted off from the lunar surface to start its journey back to Earth, according to state media.

The achievement on Tuesday is a world first and the latest leap for Beijing’s decades-old space programme, which aims to send a crewed mission to the Moon by 2030.

The Xinhua News Agency, citing the China National Space Administration (CNSA), said that the ascender of the Chang’e-6 probe took off at 7:38am local time on Tuesday (23:38 GMT) and entered a preset orbit around the moon.

It described the move as “an unprecedented feat in human lunar exploration history”.

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June 2, 2024 (GENEVA) – A humanitarian crisis of catastrophic proportions is unfolding in Sudan, where 18 million people are facing acute hunger and famine is rapidly approaching. The Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC), a coalition of top humanitarian officials, has issued a dire warning, calling for immediate action to prevent mass starvation and further suffering.

The conflict, now in its second year, has displaced nearly 10 million people within Sudan, making it the country with the largest internally displaced population globally. An additional 2 million have fled to neighbouring countries.

The situation is particularly dire in Darfur, Kordofan, Aj Jazirah, and Khartoum, where millions are on the brink of famine. Al Fasher, a city in Darfur, is bracing for a potential large-scale attack that could unleash devastating humanitarian consequences across the region.

Aid workers are facing immense challenges, including systematic obstruction and denial of access by parties to the conflict. This has resulted in the closure of crucial supply routes and the deaths, injuries, and harassment of humanitarian personnel.

The IASC is urging both warring parties to prioritize the protection of civilians, allow unimpeded humanitarian access, and de-escalate the conflict, particularly in Al Fasher.

They are also calling on international donors to urgently fulfil their pledges and provide additional funding to address the escalating crisis.

Five months into the year and over a month after the International Humanitarian Conference in Paris, UN humanitarian agencies have received only 16% of the $2.7 billion required for our humanitarian response.

They urgently called on donors to fulfill their pledges made in Paris and expedite additional funding for the humanitarian appeal. With famine looming, they urged drastically scaling up life-saving aid delivery, including providing seeds to farmers before the planting season ends.

Without immediate and significant action, the IASC warns of a catastrophic scenario: widespread famine, mass displacement, increased child mortality, and heightened suffering for women and girls. The clock is ticking, and the world must act now to avert this impending humanitarian disaster.

Claire's Observations:  in the 21st century, NO child - or their families - should have to endure this.

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Zelensky is pushing for Russia-style sanctions against China.

This would rapidly accelerate the decline of the American Anal Empire. It would be a complete disaster for Europe, turning the whole continent into a squatter camp. The effects on the American home base would not be good either.

America is apparently giving him permission to make these sorts of statements.

It’s a bit confusing where they are trying to go with this. If I had to guess, I’d say that there are still a lot of boomers in Washington who think they can just keep bullying people, despite the fact that the last 4 years have shown that bullying simply does not work anymore.

These people can’t even bully Africa and they think they can bully China?

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“For two years Biden was absolutely adamant that no US weapons could be used to strike Russia. Now he reverses the policy — aka, he lied. So where’s the pushback? Congress, media? What could be of greater consequence than lying the country into war with a nuclear superpower?” — Michael Tracey

Are the peoples of the Western world so completely insouciant that they do not notice that their politicians are pushing them into direct conflict with Russia? It seems Hungarians are the only European people who have any sense.

The Kremlin could not issue any warnings more dire, and in response moronic Western politicians provoke harder. Are they unable to comprehend that they are provoking a nuclear war, or is it their intention to provoke a nuclear war?

Biden, Blinken, and NATO have made another U-turn. The long range missiles that Ukraine could not use for attacks on Russian territory can now be used that way, but, for now, only on military targets. But the distinction between military and non-military targets is a distinction without meaning or substance. All modern wars are attacks on civilians and infrastructure.

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Did you know that Boston, Massachusetts — Brahmin Boston — has a 36 year old Chinese woke female as mayor? What else do you need to know about the speed at which white America is disappearing?

As far as I can tell, there is no white anglo-saxon protestant male or female in any top position in the Biden regime. Wherever you look in America, you see “diversity” among mayors, state attorney generals, police chiefs, university presidents, corporate executives, government officials. Many of these officials have been brought up on propaganda that white people are racist exploiters. Can these diverse officials with powerful positions be relied upon to use their positions without discriminating against demonized white people?

Back to Mayor Wu. The British Daily Mail–apparently the US media avoid this type of news–reports that Mayor WU wants to follow San Francisco’s practice and decriminalize black crime. The woke mayor wants to exclude from criminal prosecution shoplifting, receiving stolen property, breaking and entering of property, wanton and malicious destruction of property, and distribution of drugs. Mayor Wu also wants the Boston police’s gang database closed. It is discriminatory to know who the criminals are. They are the wrong color.

Last Christmas Mayor Wu organized a Christmas party but only for non-whites.

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South Korea Ends Military Agreement with North After Tit-for-Tat Balloon Quarrel

by | Jun 3, 2024

kim balloon top

Seoul says it is scrapping a 2018 military agreement with Pyongyang after North Korea floated hundreds of trash-filled balloons into South Korea. Pyongyang says the trash was a response to a years-long South Korean campaign that sent balloons aimed at undermining the government of Kim Jong-un into North Korea. 

Kim Yo Jong, sister of Supreme Leader Kim, issued a statement last week that said North Koreans had placed “toilet paper and waste” into balloons and floated them into South Korea. Seoul reported hundreds of balloons entering South Korea and said some contained manure. 

Kim asserted that the North Korean balloons were sent in response to balloons that South Korea floats across the border with information aimed at fomenting dissent against Pyongyang. 

“Now, the trashy Koreans are brazenly claiming that their leaflet distribution against us is “freedom of expression” and that our actions that correspond to them are a “clear violation of international law.” She continued, “Are “freedom of expression” and “international law” regulated depending on the direction in which the balloon flies?”

On Sunday, Pyongyang said it would stop sending its balloons if Seoul cut the practice as well. South Korea responded to the balloon quarrel by fully terminating a 2018 military pact that limited activity along the Korean border. Last year, Seoul partially walked back from its commitments in the agreement after Pyongyang successfully launched a spy satellite in space.

Claire's Observations:  These "balloon wars" are infantile in the extreme, on the part of the North Korean regime, and they are giving their people something to do, and something to think about, other than the general grinding poverty with which most North Koreans are living, except for the Party Elite.   

But Kim's ever burgeoning arsenal of weapons, is a cause for concern for both South Korea and the US.  I would like to hope that their Chinese enablers are  preaching "caution" right now, in their usage.

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Dear American,

Do you realize that the Republican Speaker of the House, the House Democrat minority Leader, the Senate Majority Leader and the Senate Republican minority leader, along with an almost unanimous Congress have committed you to the support of the Israeli Genocide of Palestine, both the people and the country? “Our” representatives told Netanyahu that “we (meaning the US) join the State of Israel in your struggle against terror.” For eight months Israel has been terror bombing and destroying everything in Gaza, and “our” leaders see the slaughter of women, children, hospitals, all infrastructure as a “struggle against terror” rather than as an exercise of terror.

The Congress of the United States, supposedly our representatives, but in reality the representative of Zionist Israel, has invited Chief Genocide Leader of the World Netanyahu for whom arrest warrants are outstanding to address the United States Congress. The US Congress is doing this because the US Congress, especially its “leaders,” are paid by Israel Lobby campaign donations to defend the indefensible–the Genocide of the Palestinians and the suppression of all criticism of Israel. This will be the fouth time that Netanyahu has addressed the US Congress.

Only Senator Bernie Sanders objected: “Netanyahu is a war criminal. I certainly will not attend.” The rest of Congress is comfortable celebrating a war criminal for whom an arrest warrant is issued by the Hague-based International Criminal Court.

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After a weekend in which conspiracy theorist Alex Jones warned that his media company faced an imminent shutdown by the federal government because of his bankruptcy cases, a judge on Monday allowed Jones to keep operating for the next two weeks while it is decided whether his assets should be liquidated.

Both Jones and his company, Free Speech Systems, filed for bankruptcy reorganization after he lost two lawsuits and was ordered to pay $1.5 billion to relatives of victims of the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. They sued Jones for calling the shooting that killed 20 first graders and six educators in Newtown, Connecticut, a hoax, claiming defamation and infliction of emotional distress.

The families have opposed Jones' reorganization plans. On Sunday, they filed an emergency motion to convert Free Speech Systems' bankruptcy reorganization into a liquidation, saying Jones has not made progress in showing how he will pay the lawsuit judgments.

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I’ve been disgusted by the American justice system for years. Even before the O.J. Simpson trial, I was hearing about how judges would treat friendly lawyers better than other lawyers. A lady I knew had a contract dispute in Annapolis, so she hired a lawyer from out of town upon recommendation from some others. It turned out that the judge and the other lawyers resented her for hiring counsel from outside the city and rigged the trial against her.

America has never had a perfect justice system, but it is only getting worse. Despite predicting to others that Trump would be convictedb y a Manhattan jury, I guess that I still held out hope that one juror would have an ounce of integrity to make it a hung jury, or, that they would convict on a few charges, but not all of them.

(I saw where JD Vance was arguing with Wolf Blitzer and Blitzer had the nerve to start off the conversation by claiming that Trump’s team selected the jury. No, they didn’t. They tried for a change of venue, but didn’t get one. The gall of that lie.)

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A Minnesota mayor earning $130,000+ per year at his post thanked Joe Biden for canceling his student loan debt.

St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter publicly celebrated hardworking Americans being forced to pay off his student loans even though he earns way more money than the average American worker.

“The Supreme Court tried to block me from relieving student debt. But they didn’t stop me. I’ve relieved student debt for over 5 million Americans. I’m going to keep going,” Biden said in a post on X last week.

Biden has used a series of workarounds to circumvent the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down his student loan bailout program.

Last year the Supreme Court ruled 6-3 against Joe Biden’s student loan relief program so the Department of Education rolled out a workaround forbearance program to cancel $39 billion in student loans by counting non-payments as payments for a period of time.

In January Biden unilaterally canceled another $5 billion in student loan debt for 74,000 borrowers in his latest vote-buying gimmick.

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The Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic called in Dr. Tony Fauci to testify on Monday, June 3, 2024, on his many lies and murderous policies that resulted in millions of deaths, thousands of bankrupties, abused and neglected children, and dangerous vaccines that continue to kill Americans by the day.

During the hearing Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene ripped apart Fauci on his malevolent lies, this time on the NIH making a killing from Big Pharma and his hypocrisy on mandates. She even held up a photo of him not wearing a mask during the pandemic and demanded he go to prison.

Following the hearing MTG had this to say about the godless Democrats and their total lack of honesty.

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Scientists at the world-renowned Oxford University are raising the alarm after discovering that Covid mRNA shots have triggered a shocking number of heart attacks and sudden deaths in children.

Researchers at Oxford University published a bombshell new study that debunked claims that the Covid virus harms children.

The major study found that the only kids suffering from heart failure were those who were vaccinated with the injections.

The scientists confirmed that it was, in fact, the Covid shots that caused the global heart failure pandemic in children.

Researchers at Oxford University evaluated over one million English children aged 5 to 11 and adolescents aged 12 to 15 for incidents of myocarditis and pericarditis in relation to the COVID-19 infection and the COVID-19 vaccine.

According to the preprint, myocarditis and pericarditis only occur after vaccination and not after COVID-19 infection.

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Gaza Media Office Says 3,500 Palestinian Children at Risk of Starving To Death

All the children are under the age of five and suffering from acute malnutrition and exposure to infectious diseases by Dave DeCamp June 3, 2024 at 4:26 pm ET Categories NewsTags Israel, Palestine

Gaza’s Government Media Office released a statement on Monday that said over 3,500 Palestinian children under the age of five are at risk of starving to death in Gaza due to the Israeli siege.

The media office said the children are suffering from “acute malnutrition, affecting their bodies, exposing them to infectious diseases, hindering their growth, and threatening their survival.”

The statement said the children were at risk of dying due to “a severe shortage of milk and food, a lack of nutritional supplements, and the denial of vaccinations.” The media office pointed to the fact that the Rafah border crossing has been closed since May 7, and barely any aid has entered Gaza since then.

On Saturday, the Palestinian news agency Wafa reported that a 13-year-old boy died due to malnutrition. “A 13-year-old Palestinian child has died due to starvation in Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in Deir Al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip amidst the closure of the Rafah border crossing,” the report said.

Wafa added that so far, 37 Palestinians have died of malnutrition and dehydration due to the Israeli restrictions on aid, although it’s unclear if every starvation death has been recorded. Gaza’s Health Ministry’s latest death toll update said at least 36,479 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli military operations since October 7.

Claire's Observations;  I frankly think that this number, is going to prove to be very conservative, when the death toll of kids dying of starvation is finally tallied.

But you have to remember; for Israeli leadership, death of  Palestinian children by starvation, and the attack of opportunistic diseases, is a terrific thing; it saves bombs and bullets when this happens!

But I would also like to politely remind that "leadership", that the weaponisation of food, in the way Israel and the IDF are doing in Gaza, is a recognized war crime, punishable under the Geneva Conventions.

And a Google search informs me of the following:  "On July 6, 1951, the still newly formed state of Israel ratified the Geneva Conventions – one of 196 countries to have done so."

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Americans were shocked when a New York jury convicted Donald Trump. Legal experts had pocked endless holes in the questionable trial. Many believe this was political persecution against a Republican candidate for president.

Trump’s team will appeal the decision. This fight could drag on for some time.

But one of the more shocking developments has been the court’s decision to sentence Trump four days before the Republican National Convention. This appears to be an attempt to undermine the party’s 2024 campaign plans. And Trump is not taking this lying down.

From The Post Millennial:
On Sunday, President Donald Trump called on the Supreme Court to intervene before the sentencing date for his Manhattan falsified business documents case, in which a jury found Trump guilty on 34 charges on Thursday…

“The ‘Sentencing’ for not having done anything wrong will be, conveniently for the Fascists, 4 days before the Republican National Convention. A Radical Left Soros backed D.A., who ran on a platform of “I will get Trump,” reporting to an “Acting” Local Judge, appointed by the Democrats, who is HIGHLY CONFLICTED, will make a decision which will determine the future of our Nation? The United States Supreme Court MUST DECIDE!” Trump wrote on Truth Social.

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The DOJ had previously tried to orchestrate a plea deal that would have gotten Hunter out of trouble. Biden recently visited Hailey Biden, in a suspiciously-timed trip. Now, someone within the White House released a statement from Biden, which might be poisoning the jury selection process.

From Fox News:
President Biden issued a statement as his son, Hunter Biden, faces trial over federal gun charges.

“I am the President, but I am also a Dad. Jill and I love our son, and we are so proud of the man he is today. Hunter’s resilience in the face of adversity and the strength he has brought to his recovery are inspiring to us. A lot of families have loved ones who have overcome addiction and know what we mean,” Biden said. “As the President, I don’t and won’t comment on pending federal cases, but as a Dad, I have boundless love for my son, confidence in him, and respect for his strength. Our family has been through a lot together, and Jill and I are going to continue to be there for Hunter and our family with our love and support.”

Just as Hunter goes to court, Biden releases a statement to generate sympathy for him and his family. This skirts closely with tampering with the trial, as the president is trying to soften Hunter’s image with claims about his “boundless love” for him.

Biden claims Hunter has gone through “recovery” in his drug addiction, despite evidence to the contrary. The president claims he “won’t comment” on the case. Yet this statement itself is a naked attempt to meddle in the process, as jurors might be less inclined to convict a president’s son, who has such “resilience” in the “face of adversity.”

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