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Grain shipments from Ukraine are being controlled by the US, while European leaders are being guided by American, not European interests on this issue, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on the Kossuth radio station.

He confirmed that Hungary will keep the ban on imports of Ukrainian grain in effect unilaterally, if the European Commission fails to prolong the ban for grain shipments to five Central European countries that expires on September 15.

"As of now, the Brussels bureaucrats have no intention of prolonging it and, if they fail do it before midnight, then we will unite efforts with several countries - Romania, Poland, Slovakia - in order to prolong the import ban on a national basis, which will be a serious fight with Brussels," the Prime Minister said.

Orban added that such battles are fought every day, because the EU leadership has no desire to stand by European countries and prefers to be guided by American interests. In his opinion, Ukrainian grain is actually "a commercial product originating from a territory, which, possibly, has long been in the US’ hands."

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Cash will not disappear from circulation and the demand for it does not go away, Governor of the Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina said at a press conference following a meeting of the regulator's board of directors.

"Our fundamental position is that people should be able to choose how to make payments. We are presenting choices. We are still developing cash, and we are even creating a new series of banknotes with a fresh design. So cash is not going away, there was and still is a demand for cash," she said.

Head of the State Duma Committee on the financial market Anatoly Aksakov said in early September that the digital ruble can be used in international payments by 2025.

The Bank of Russia said earlier that the digital ruble will not be a substitute for bank accounts and deposits: interest will not be charged on balances in the wallet, moreover, it is planned to introduce a limit on the amount of funds stored in them. This is needed to prevent an outflow of liquidity from banks and a decrease in lending.

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Donald Trump’s legal team is celebrating a tremendous court victory in its Trump RICO case and Fulton County DA Fani Willis must be throwing things against the wall. That’s because Judge Scott McAfee ruled to sever the cases of Trump Rico Defendants Kenneth Chesebro and Sidney Powell, meaning they can’t be tried with Trump.

ABC NEWS reported: “In the Georgia election interference case against former President Trump and 18 others, the judge has severed the cases of two of those defendants who will now be tried separately from the former president and the rest of the group. Prosecutors say they’ll also hand over the names of 30 unindicted co-conspirators to defense counsel… This is not a good day for the Fulton County DA.

I mean, Fani Willis wasn’t there, but you got to imagine, Diane, she’s throwing things against the wall based on this hearing. So let’s start where you just began. So first, the team for the federal, the prosecutors down there had been arguing. Keep everybody together, keep all 19 because really what we learned today, we’re going to have a show this fall, and then we’re going to have a repeat performance next spring, which makes it incredibly difficult for prosecutors, a great win for Donald Trump and others that did not want to be part of this speedy trial case. I can tell you, sitting here with you, just texting with some of the attorneys involved in the other defendants celebrating ‘Yay, victory’. This is everything they wanted was to take more time and slow this down.”

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Civil rights lawyer Leo Terrell is being hailed as a hero after he stopped a robbery at a Starbucks in Los Angeles.

The incident happened on Friday morning when Terrell was at the Starbucks near the intersection of Perdue and Santa Monica Blvd. He saw a man enter the store and as he was waiting in line the man started stealing items inside the store.

Terrell immediately intervened, grabbing the bag and putting the items back.

He told the man to “get out of here.”

The man said that he “has to eat.”

Terrell said he was going to call the police to which the criminal replied “I don’t care, the police won’t show up.”

The likely Democrat and criminal eventually gave up and ran away.

No one was injured in the incident.

Terrell’s actions were praised by X users.

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Special Counsel Jack Smith has filed a request for a “narrowly tailored” gag order against President Donald Trump that would limit his ability to speak out against judges and prosecutors in the midst of the presidential campaign.

The gag order motion has been filed with Judge Tanya Chutkan, the jurist overseeing the January 6 case against Donald Trump, who has been asked to recuse herself over her history of anti-Trump statements and hyperbolic language over the Capitol riots.

CBS News’ Catherine Herridge reported on the disturbing legal development.

“Federal prosecutors filed a motion to restrict former President Trump from making comments about witnesses, lawyers, and judges in the case surrounding his alleged attempt to overturn the 2020 election,” Herridge reported.

“Special counsel Jack Smith’s team says a ‘narrow well-defined order’ is necessary to preserve the integrity of the case,” she continued. “Prosecutors write that the former president has repeatedly and widely disseminated public statements attacking those involved in the prosecution against him.”

Webmaster addition: Don't worry, Donald. We The People will speak for you!

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Official reports obtained from several governments around the world reveal that multiple nations are being subjected to a disturbing depopulation agenda.

According to official statistics published by 28 countries across the continent, Europe has recorded over 193,000 more excess deaths so far this year than it normally recorded prior to the alleged emergence of Covid-19.

The continent has also suffered nearly 30,000 more excess deaths than it recorded in 2020 at the height of the alleged Covid-19 pandemic and nearly 27,000 more excess deaths than it recorded in 2021.

The statistics do not include the country of Ukraine so the increased number of deaths can not be blamed on the deaths of Ukrainians in the ongoing war in the country.

It appears instead that the record-breaking increase in deaths can be attributed to the fact that so many children and young adults are now dying alongside a persistent increase in deaths among all other age groups.

Is it just a coincidence that the increase in deaths among children started to occur as soon as the European Medicines Agency (EMA) approved the Covid-19 injection for 12 to 15-year-olds?

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This is FLASH Traffic.  North Korea has agreed to send three-hundred-thousand (300,000) to five-hundred thousand (500,000) troops to Russia to assist with its Special Military Operation in Ukraine, against NATO.

The first deployment will be about 20,000 soldiers to assist with Logistics.

More as I get it. . . .

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Again, we have to ask who this speech is for. I don’t think it would even make sense to the average normie who believes that US power is a good thing. It is tinged with a super-villain tone.

In theory, it is for the elite – but do they need this kind of pep talk? It would be much more reasonable, if you are giving a speech to the elite, to explain how it is you hope to achieve this world domination plot, rather than simply saying “oh – we’re gonna do it alright.”

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General Michael Flynn has openly refused to comply with the Biden regime’s looming COVID-19 restrictions. This comes as the Biden regime is reportedly preparing to reinstate full COVID-19 lockdowns, beginning with masking mandates for TSA and airport employees as early as mid-September, as reported by The Gateway Pundit citing Infowars.

It can be recalled that a high-level TSA official reached out to Alex Jones of Infowars, detailing a meeting where TSA managers were informed of new memorandums and policies that would reimplement mask-wearing.

These policies will reinstate the mask mandate for TSA and airport employees starting mid-September.

According to the TSA official, further details on how the policy will escalate will be provided the coming weeks.

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Does our government respect human life the way it claims to do?

Hardly. And being a soldier is no deterrent.

Ignore for a moment the lies surrounding 9-11, TWA 800, the USS Iowa, and the Gulf of Tonkin, and step back into horrid history with me.

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What's not being reported by corporate media outlets, such as Reuters, AP News, Bloomberg, and others, because any win (big or small) for the Second Amendment community is rarely covered due to their commitment to anti-gunners, such as 'Everytown' and 'Giffords,' is that Judge Reed O'Connor of the Northern District of Texas granted the plaintiffs in the Garland v. VanDerStok caseDefense Distributed and BlackHawk Manufacturing Group Inc. (doing business as 80 Percent Arms) motions for an injunction pending appeal, which basically means they're the only two companies that can sell 'ghost guns' nationally (or partially completed frames and receivers and weapons parts kits) while the case continues. 

"Last month, a cringing Roberts Court blinked under protest and preserved the Biden frame and receiver rule for the life of the first appeal from a final judgment of the Texas district court. Big sad. That appeal isn't exactly going well for ATF ...," Defense Distributed wrote in a blog post

Defense Distributed continued, "This month, Judge O'Connor strikes back with forty-two pages of just why he has the authority to issue an injunction against the frame and receiver rule, as to at least two VanDerStok plaintiffs: Defense Distributed and 80 Percent Arms."

Defense Distributed, the online, open-source hardware and software organization that pioneered the first 3D-printed ghost gun, the "liberator" a decade ago, expects, "DOJ probably appeals, but the Biden admin is now in the worst place they could be: The true believer fanatics in this industry have achieved a commercial monopoly. Oops." 

Recall, that the president was in the Rose Garden in April 2022, vowing to crack down on untraceable firearms:

"These guns are weapons of choice for many criminals," Biden, adding "We're going to do everything we can to deprive them of that choice."

Webmaster addition: There is a problem. The vast majority of ghost guns are manufactured outside the US and smuggled in. This was documented in the National Geographic documentary series "Underworld Inc." in the very first episode. I highly recommend this program for those who wish to understand what the realsource of crime is in this country and why the government seems unwilling to deal with it!

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There are many reasons for the recruitment problem.

The decline in mental and physical fitness is real, and many young people are disqualified from a military job even before applying.

Many others are put off by what appears to be an overtly politicized and partisan military. Pentagon leaders appear to be doubling down on ideological crusades more and more. Even while it faces a recruiting crisis, the military still refuses to provide back pay to service members who were forced out for declining the experimental covid vaccines.

Unquestioning compliance with vaccine mandates, of course, is a cause near and dear to the current administration.

Then there are the "woke" crusades in which military brass use drag queens as Navy recruiters and create recruitment ads tailor-made for LGBT personnel. The military wants to let you know they'll affirm your gender transition—unless, of course, that gets in way of conscription. (The Pentagon claims the "woke" issue isn't having much effect on recruitment.)

But there are other more deep-seated problems as well.

There is growing evidence that the American public no longer reveres the military as it once did. Moreover, it is more abundantly clear than ever that military service has nothing to do with defending the United States or its people. And then there is the often-seen "problem" of low unemployment and the fact the private sector is drawing the best workers away from military careers. 

Webmaster addition: Who would join the military when it is obvious a major war is coming?!?

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While Western sanctions haven't led to the collapse of Russia's economy, the Group of Seven (G7) nations remain determined to roll out the next round of sanctions in a matter of weeks. According to Reuters, this round aims to reshape the global diamond supply chain, shifting it away from Moscow's influence.

Reuters said, "The plan could transform the global diamond supply chain, but implementation will depend heavily on India, whose diamond industry employs millions of people who cut and polish 90% of the world's diamonds."

A Belgian official told reporters the new trade restriction will go into effect on Jan. 1. They said the ban was proposed by Belgium, where Antwerp, home to all major diamond mining companies, is located. 

Reuters noted the restriction would fracture the global consumer diamond market in half as G7 countries would no longer be able to accept diamonds from Russia, the world's largest producer of rough diamonds. 

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For every Americans, it is important for the members of the judicial system to be impartial and not influenced by outside money sources. This is especially true for judges who make rulings that affect the lives of not only individuals but often large portions of society.

When a judge steps outside the circle of impartiality there must be accountability. Republicans in this Midwest state believe an elected judge at the highest level may have stepped far outside that circle and the problem needs to be resolved.

From the Daily Caller:

Wisconsin’s Republican State Assembly Speaker announced Wednesday that he has created a panel to review the criteria for impeachment of a liberal state Supreme Court justice.

The panel is looking into Justice Janet Protasiewicz over comments she made about the state’s Republican redistricting maps and the money she received from the Democratic Party, the outlet reported.

Republicans are taking this seriously and Assembly Speaker Robin Vos has chosen three former Wisconsin Supreme Court justices for the panel. He has refused to name the former justices until after the panel completes its review.

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People testifying before Congress, especially bureaucrats, need to realize that they are under oath when speaking. Congress has a duty to get all the facts regarding their inquiries and they must depend on government officials to deliver the facts.

One key member of Biden’s administration is now under fire from Republicans in the House for allegedly not delivering accurate information as required. The situation is so intense that one GOP member has openly called for impeachment of this official.

From Fox News:

Republican Rep. Claudia Tenney of New York called for Congress to launch an impeachment inquiry into Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm on Thursday for giving false testimony to Congress about her family’s stock ownership.

Tenny isn’t playing political games as she was the first lawmaker to demand an impeachment inquiry into Granholm. Tenney cited a series of alleged violations she said Granholm, who was appointed in 2021 by Joe Biden, has made in her tenure.

The allegations, according to Tenney, include violating the Hatch Act multiple times. These include owning Proterra stock while her boss, President Biden, repeatedly promoted the company. Granholm’s husband owned Ford stock, Tenney said, while she personally promoted the company’s work with official resources.

Tenney maintains that Granholm lied, under oath, to Congress, claiming she did not own any individual stocks when in fact she did. Tenney backed her claims with evidence in the articles she submitted into the record.

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When Donald Trump enforced American immigration law, Democrats accused him of mistreatment. The mainstream media made claims that his administration was being cruel to migrants who entered the country illegally. They circulated photos of children being kept in cages. It seemed to escape the media’s notice that the photos they were using had been taken years before Trump was in office, during the Obama presidency.

Despite this, Trump’s DHS made changes to provide care for migrants, even preventing parents from being separated from their children. Now that Joe Biden is in charge of the border, most media outlets have not reported on it. Millions of migrants have entered the country, overwhelming our system. And now, a video has emerged that reveals Biden is treating detained migrants worse than Obama or Trump.

From The Post Millennial:

Hundreds of illegal immigrants are being kept in a caged outdoor pen in record-breaking Arizona heat as President Biden’s immigration crisis continues to worsen, which Democrat lawmakers slammed during Trump’s presidency but have remained quiet under Biden’s.

Video footage taken at the Ajo, Arizona sector of the US/Mexico border on Wednesday shows hundreds of illegal immigrants packed like sardines confined in a fenced-off area after being taken into custody by Border Patrol waiting to be processed.

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Over the summer, Hollywood was stunned to see patriotic film Sound of Freedom bring in millions. The indie-released move that exposed the child trafficking crisis brought in over $200 million worldwide. The film continues to see releases in countries around the world.

Recently, U.S. Southern Command was going to screen the film for American troops. The film was relevant to their work combating human trafficking in South America. But after a leftist critic accused the film of being political propaganda, the military quickly canceled the screenings. And now, a top Republican senator is getting involved.

From The Post Millennial:

US Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) issued a letter to the military on Wednesday demanding they “reschedule” the showing of the hit box office film Sound of Freedom “without delay.” […]

“Since the concern which led to the cancelation has now been addressed, I urge you to rectify this situation and ensure that the screenings of the film be rescheduled without delay,”  Rubio wrote in the letter.

SOUTHCOM reportedly canceled the screenings by claiming they might have infringed on copyright law. Sen. Rubio did not seem to believe this excuse. Military bases screen movies on a regular basis, even at overseas bases. It would simply be a matter of securing permission from the rights holder.

Rubio even said that a representative from Angel Studios, the film’s distributor, was willing to communicate with SOUTHCOM to alleviate any concerns. Despite this, it is unclear if the screenings will be resumed.

Webmaster addition: This child sex trafficking issue is starting to look like the third rail of contemporary politics!

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The mainstream media has been allegedly working overtime in the wake of House Republican’s impeachment probe against Joe Biden. Numerous pundits, seemingly to protect Democrats, have suggested there is little justification for the investigation. This comes after Democrats impeached former President Trump over a phone call.

A reporter questioned House Speaker McCarthy about the news. Associated Press’s Farnoush Amiri wrote an article claiming that Republicans launched this probe “without evidence.” The reporter seemed to be making a direct challenge to the inquiry, despite months of Republican investigations. Speaker McCarthy confronted the reporter and quickly set the record straight.

From The Post Millennial:

Associated Press reporter Farnoush Amiri had written a report stating that the investigation was launched “without evidence” and Speaker McCarthy was able to force the congressional reporter to admit the House had established enough evidence to support the inquiry.

While listing off a slew of evidence, McCarthy questioned Amiri on whether or not she believes that House has obtained enough evidence against President Biden…

Amiri indirectly confirmed the House has enough evidence by responding to McCarthy saying, “That’s what the testimony said.”

House Speaker McCarthy listed the various pieces of evidence Republicans have uncovered and cited frequently before the country. He explained the role of an impeachment inquiry is to “get answers.” He even asked Amiri if she had “any concerns.” And she appeared to answer “Yes.”

He went on to mention the calls Hunter Biden had with his father while meeting with his business associates. These calls were revealed by a close, former partner of Hunter’s, given under sworn testimony. Again, Amiri admitted that this was true, based on the testimony.

McCarthy confronted the reporter with evidence that had been circulating for weeks if not months and years. Republicans have accused Joe Biden of lying to the American public about his relationship with Hunter–and his involvement in his business dealings.

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Christian students in California have been battling a liberal school district for years over the right to meet on campus and express their religious beliefs. This long-standing student group had no issues until one teacher decided to attack their beliefs before other students and complain to administrators.

The Christian group was kicked off campus in 2019 and insulted throughout the district as protestors acted against them publicly. A teacher initially claimed the group’s stance on traditional marriage was “discrimination.” These students didn’t go away quietly and held to their faith that they deserved a place in school according to the Constitution. They took their case to court and battled for years.

Radical leftist activists were slammed on Wednesday by a federal court in a massive win for religious liberties. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit reinstated the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) chapter at Pioneer High School in the San Jose Unified School District.

The court ruled that the FCA and other such clubs do not have to surrender on matters of faith to enjoy equal access to campus. The court noted that the school district penalized the FCA based on its religious beliefs while allowing other groups to continue even though they might limit membership based on based on criteria including grades, sex, race, ethnicity, and gender identity.

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been somewhat silent during the Biden administration. It is possible the self-described socialist had little opportunity to criticize Biden, given his left-leaning policies. But a crisis is brewing in her home state–which prompted her to speak out.

She didn’t speak out against Joe Biden, however, but her own constituents and the city’s mayor. A growing number of New Yorkers are becoming furious over Washington’s support of this crisis. AOC was joined by other Democrats to rally support for people in the country illegally–overrunning the city. But her own supporters refused to take it.

From Fox News:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., and other Democrats were loudly heckled Friday at a press conference in New York City regarding the migrant crisis there.

The Democrats, who spoke outside the Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan, which has become a relief center for asylum seekers, were drowned out by shouting protesters chanting, “Send them back!” and “Close the border!”

“Close the border! Close the border! Respect the constitution, AOC! I am your constituent!,” a man was heard among the angry crowd, shouting into a megaphone.

Posted on: Sep 16 06:05

An armed man who was wearing a U.S. Marshal’s badge and carrying federal ID who claimed to be part of the security detail for Democrat presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was arrested Friday afternoon at an appearance in Los Angeles by Kennedy. No shots were fired in the incident.

The arrest was first reported by Breitbart News and later confirmed on X-Twitter by Kennedy who noted he is still being denied Secret Service protection by Joe Biden. Kennedy’s father Sen. Robert F. Kennedy (D-NY) and uncle President John F. Kennedy were both shot and killed by assassins in Los Angeles in 1968 and in Dallas in 1963, respectively. Kennedy has voiced concerns this year that his father and uncle were killed by elements of the U.S. government.

Kennedy posted a photo of the man who was arrested:

“I’m very grateful that alert and fast-acting protectors from Gavin de Becker and Associates (GDBA) spotted and detained an armed man who attempted to approach me at my Hispanic Heritage speech at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles tonight. The man, wearing two shoulder holsters with loaded pistols and spare ammunition magazines was carrying a U.S. Marshal badge on a lanyard and beltclip federal ID. He identified himself as a member of my security detail. Armed GDBA team members moved quickly to isolate and detain the man until LAPD arrived to make the arrest. I’m also grateful to LAPD for its rapid response.

“I’m still entertaining a hope that President Biden will allow me Secret Service protection. I am the first presidential candidate in history to whom the White House has denied a request for protection.”

Posted on: Sep 16 06:03

A Texas Republican lawmaker is turning up the heat on the Biden administration to turn over the logs of President Biden's mystery Delaware visitors.

Rep. Lance Gooden, R-Texas, sent letters to both Biden and Secret Service deputy director Kimberly Cheatle, calling on the pair to release the visitor logs from the president's Wilmington, Delaware home.

Biden saw a scandal earlier this year when classified documents from his time as vice president were discovered in his Delaware garage.

Gooden requested that Biden provide "information on and public access to" the logs after the documents' discovery in January.

The Texas Republican also wrote that given "the vast amount of time" Biden spends at his Delaware home "and the significant allegations of unethical behavior and influence peddling against members of your immediate family, the American people deserve to know who is influencing this Administration."

"The Biden Administration has continuously promised to bring transparency and truth back to the government, yet your failure to disclose this information sends the opposite message," Gooden warned.

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Grisham just won’t back down.

Democrat Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham last Friday declared gun violence a public health emergency in response to the shooting deaths of a thirteen-year-old girl on July 28, a five-year-old girl on August 14, and an eleven-year-old boy on September 6.

“The action plan includes a suspension of open and concealed carry laws in Bernalillo County, temporarily prohibiting the carrying of guns on public property with certain exceptions. Exceptions include for licensed security guards and law enforcement officers. Citizens with permits to carry firearms are free to possess their weapons on private property (such as at a gun range or gun store), provided they transport the firearm in a locked box, use a trigger lock, or some other mechanism that renders the gun incapable of being fired,” according to the press release.

A federal judge on Wednesday temporarily blocked New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s gun ban.

U.S. District Court Judge David Urias, a Biden appointee, issued a temporary restraining order against Grisham’s gun grab until the next hearing in early October.

Judge Urias said Grisham violated the rights of law-abiding citizens to defend themselves.

On Friday, Governor Grisham ‘amended’ her unconstitutional order. She is not complying with the Court’s restraining order.

Webmaster addition:

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Health and beauty brand Dove has teamed up with fat liberation activist Zyahna Bryant notoriously and publicly alleged that a fellow student called BLM activists "speed bump" during the riots of 2020 and claimed that student intended to run those activists over.

Now Bryant, who has been awarded with many accolades and opportunities since manufacturing that hate hoax, has a new partner in Dove. The affiliation with Bryant is to help Dove promote their latest "fat liberation" campaign. But Bryant, as many have pointed out, was responsible for the ruination of Morgan Bettinger entire life. 

Bettinger never called BLM activists "speed bumps," she never called police on protesters, and she never attempted to nor wanted to run any of her fellow students over that summer. Yet Bryant, simply by saying so on social media, absolutely destroyed Bettinger. Bettinger was expelled from school and the false allegations have continued to haunt her. She was tormented, bullied, called that most vile of all contemporary insults— "racist"— and it was all a vicious lie spread by Bryant.

Bryant now reaps the rewards, and her Instagram account is chock full of her self-praise. To top it off, she believes that she is "marginalized," despite having an outsized voice and numerous partnerships with high-profile non-profits and brands.

"My belief is that we should be centering the voices and experiences of the most marginalized people and communities at all times," Bryant says.

"So when I think about what fat liberation looks like to me," Bryant continues, "it looks like centering the voices and the experiences of those who live in and who maneuver through spaces and institutions in a fat body." In other words, it means centering herself.

Webmaster addition: There are numerous health reasons to to be obese. THAT is the issue when we talk about being overweight as a negative. And I have been there. Prior to my vaccine injury, I weighed close to 300. Today I am 165. Time to give Dove the Bud Light treatment!

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Last week I warned that 2024 is literally the pivotal year in the history of the United States of America. Because if Trump doesn’t win, we are facing one party rule, the end of the Republican Party, the end of capitalism, the end of America as we know it.

If President Trump doesn’t win in 2024, there will never be another Republican President. Anyone who doesn’t understand this, is blind, deaf and very dumb.

But the real contention of this commentary is…if Trump loses in 2024, I strongly believe he will be the last Republican- period.

Because being a Republican, conservative, patriot, or Christian will be outlawed soon after Democrats achieve one party rule in 2024.

I want you to think long and hard about what Democrats have achieved in just seven short years since 2016. During those seven years we had major Republican leaders in positions of power.

At various times we held the Presidency, Congress and Supreme Court. For the past year, the GOP has had control of the House. For all of those years, Republicans dominated at the state level- with a majority of Governorships and state legislatures. For all of those years, the GOP had a majority of the Supreme Court.

And yet with all those Republicans in key positions of power, think about what Democrats have been able to do to America…

*They have rigged and stolen elections- including the Presidency- with mail-in ballots, no Voter ID, ballot harvesting (a crime everywhere else in the world) and ballot drop boxes. Pure voter fraud has been legalized.

Webmaster addition: The USA will become the new USSR!

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The O’Keefe Media Group filed a lawsuit this week against Hawaii’s Democrat Governor Josh Green and the County of Maui after being told he could not take photographs or video on public land during a trip to investigate the aftermath of the devastating fires that burned the area to the ground.

In hidden camera footage taken during the investigation, law enforcement officers in the devastated area told OMG journalists that due to the governor’s emergency order in response to the fires, they were prohibited from taking pictures or video on public land and even threatened founder James O’Keefe with arrest if he refused to cease recording.

Posted on: Sep 16 00:58

A certain conventional wisdom about the 2024 presidential race has dominated political discourse for much of this year: Donald Trump is unstoppable when it comes to winning the Republican nomination but cannot hope to retake the White House come the general election.

What endears him to his party’s base repels the independent and moderate voters he needs to win the presidency. So, Joe Biden is clear favorite to be elected for a second term.

That conventional wisdom is now smashed to smithereens – and not in a good way, for those who don’t want to see Trump back in the Oval Office.

Indeed, he is more than ever a shoo-in to win the Republican nomination: Four indictments and 91 criminal charges have only served to rally his party’s base tighter around him, leaving rival candidates in the dust as also-rans.

No, suddenly it’s Biden who’s perceived to be the loser with an increasing number of Democrats now fearing that if he runs again the likely outcome is the unthinkable – a Trump victory. 

Posted on: Sep 16 00:58

The Department of Justice pulled a last-minute maneuver to block an FBI agent allegedly involved in Big Tech's suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story from testifying before Congress

The House Judiciary Committee is investigating whether Hunter Biden's laptop was downplayed by social media companies. As part of the probe, Chairman Jim Jordan uncovered that an FBI agent involved in the saga - Elvis Chan - lied about the computer.

Chan had agreed to voluntarily appear Friday to provide the committee testimony and be represented by his personal counsel. 

Agency witnesses are allowed to bring either agency counsel or personal counsel to committee interviews, but not both. The rule is set up so agency witnesses can be more candid in testimony without fear of professional retribution, according to the committee.

But two sources with direct knowledge of the situation tell DailyMail.com that DOJ derailed the testimony because agency counsel also showed up Friday morning. As a result, Chan's interview did not take place as planned.

Now, an official subpoena is expected to be issued later Friday for Chan to appear for a transcribed interview next Thursday, Sept. 21. 

Posted on: Sep 16 00:57

Former CIA employee Joshua Schulte has been convicted for a second time on charges of possessing thousands of child sexual abuse images. The conviction was delivered by a jury in Manhattan federal court, who presented evidence that Schulte had over 3,000 images and videos of child sexual abuse hidden in encrypted areas of his home desktop computer. Schulte, who was previously convicted for releasing agency secrets through WikiLeaks in 2017, could face decades in prison. His sentencing is scheduled for January 10.

The so-called Vault 7 leak, orchestrated by Schulte, exposed the CIA’s hacking of Apple and Android smartphones for overseas spying operations. It also revealed efforts to turn internet-connected televisions into listening devices. In his position as a coder at the agency’s headquarters in Virginia, Schulte had helped create these hacking tools. A mistrial was declared in Schulte’s original 2020 trial due to jurors deadlocking on serious counts such as illegal gathering and transmission of national defense information.

U.S. Attorney Damian Williams released a statement acknowledging Schulte’s accountability for endangering both national security and children. Schulte, 34, has been held in custody without bail since 2018. His lawyer declined to comment on the recent conviction.

Webmaster addition: With people like this in CIA, no wonder the nation is so fucked up!

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