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"The Elderly are useless eaters." -- Henry Kissinger, Quoted in the book "The Final Days".

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Mass protests against China's 'zero-covid' policy have spread to Hong Kong, after demonstrators on the mainland began demanding that President Xi Jinping resign.

Protesters hold blank pieces of paper in Beijing on Sunday. Photo: Bloomberg via Getty Images

Around 50 students at the Chinese University of Hong Kong were pictured chanting "No PCR tests but freedom!" and "Opposed dictatorship, don't be slaves!" while holding up blank pieces of paper - which have become a symbol of protest against China's clampdown on freedom of expression, according to Axios. The blank paper protests were previously seen during the Hong Kong protests in 2020, and earlier this year during demonstrations against the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


Protesters hold up blank white papers during a commemoration for victims of a recent Urumqi deadly fire in Central in Hong Kong, Monday, Nov. 28, 2022. (AP Photo/Kanis Leung)

Anti-lockdown protests spread throughout several cities over the weekend, including Beijing, Shanghai and Wuhan - which were largely muted on Monday after police moved out in force.

Meanwhile, police in Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou have reportedly been checking the phones of random citizens to look for unapproved social media apps. If they found Twitter or Telegram, the personal information would be taken down and the person would receive a warning. Any resistance would be met with a report, according to DW News correspondent William Yang.

Posted on: Nov 29 06:59

Despite only until recently having no military to speak of at all based on post-WWII disarmament, Japan's defense ministry is hinting that it could soon equip its submarines with long range missiles, regional media reported Monday.

Japan's armed forces are "considering acquiring the capability to launch long-range missiles from submarines as a way to mount a counter-strike against foreign threats," Nikkei reported.

Posted on: Nov 29 06:58

We are being rapidly transitioned into a new system of centralised, authoritarian global governance. This system is designed to be a technocracy and it is truly totalitarian.

Totalitarianism is a form of government that attempts to assert total control over the lives of its citizens. It is characterized by strong central rule that attempts to control and direct all aspects of individual life through coercion and repression. It does not permit individual freedom. Traditional social institutions and organizations are discouraged and suppressed, making people more willing to be merged into a single unified movement. Totalitarian states typically pursue a special goal to the exclusion of all others, with all resources directed toward its attainment, regardless of the cost.

Posted on: Nov 29 06:57

In case you were unaware, big tech companies have been working with the United States military to control the official narratives using propaganda. One such covert operation has been confirmed by Meta, Facebook’s parent company and they were pushing pro-U.S. and anti-Russia narratives.

Meta has acknowledged the discovery of several clusters of fake accounts and pages believed to be linked to individuals associated with the US military,” according to the company’s latest adversarial threat report published this week according to a report by RT. The U.S. ruling class has been trying to control and brainwash the public into compliance with their enslavement for decades. This isn’t news, except, Meta is now admitting it.

“Although the people behind this operation attempted to conceal their identities and coordination, our investigation found links to individuals associated with the US military,” the company said in a blog post on Tuesday.

The influence campaign was discovered earlier this year and in total Meta removed 39 Facebook and 26 Instagram accounts, as well as 16 pages and two groups, all for violating the company’s policy against “coordinated inauthentic behavior.”

The social media giant admitted that the large-scale operation ran beyond those several dozen accounts and across many other internet platforms, including Twitter, YouTube and Telegram – as well as major Russian social networks VKontakte and Odnoklassniki. It seemingly attempted to downplay the discovery by insisting that the majority of this operation’s posts had little to no engagement from authentic communities” and highlighting similar “deceptive campaigns”by China and Russia.-RT

Posted on: Nov 29 06:57

The monitoring of personal behavior by banks will take another step forward as Canadian credit union Vancity launches a new credit card technology to report users’ carbon emissions.

On Oct. 19, Vancity announced that it will be “the first financial institution in Canada to offer its individual and business members a way to estimate the CO2 emissions that come from their purchases.” Vancity said its carbon counter, which is attached to Visa credit cards, was developed with ecolytiq, one of Europe’s leading climate engagement technology companies.

This will be the first carbon counter program for Visa holders. Mastercard already provides a CO2 emissions-tracking card, developed with technology from Swedish company Doconomy. The Visa credit card technology developed by ecolytiq also provides “education and behavioral nudging” so that card users are not only informed about the CO2 emissions of their buying activity but also told how to reduce them.

According to ecolytiq, “the financial industry will play a major role in fighting climate change. Our Sustainability-as-a-Service solution enables financial institutions to offer their customers environmental footprinting as well as personalized impact offsetting and ESG investments.”


Posted on: Nov 29 06:55

Five major Western news organizations have finally spoken out for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and are calling on the US government to drop the charges against him.

In a letter to the US government, the editors and publishers of The New York TimesThe Guardian, Le Monde, DER SPIEGEL, and El País said that “publishing is not a crime” and that it was time for the US “to end its prosecution of Julian Assange for publishing secrets.”

The five news outlets benefited greatly from documents released by WikiLeaks and worked with the organization to publish State Department cables in a release known as “Cable Gate.” The letter explains that for receiving those leaks and the Iraq and Afghanistan war logs from whistleblower Chelsea Manning, Assange has faced “the most severe consequences.”

Posted on: Nov 29 06:54

Two false news reports have gone viral in recent hours due to sloppy sourcing and journalistic malpractice. As usual they both featured bogus claims about US-targeted nations, in this case Russia and Iran.

An article in Responsible Statecraft titled “How a lightly-sourced AP story almost set off World War III” details how the propaganda multiplier news agency published a one-source, one-sentence report claiming that Russia had launched a deadly missile strike at NATO member Poland, despite evidence having already come to light by that point that the missile had probably come from Ukraine. This set off calls for the implementation of a NATO Article 5 response, meaning hot warfare between NATO and Russia in retaliation for a Russian attack on one of the alliance members.

Mainstream news reports circulated the narrative that Poland had been struck by a “Russian-made” missile, which is at best a highly misleading framing of the fact that the inadvertent strike came from a Soviet-era surface-to-air missile system still used by Ukraine, a former Soviet state. Headlines from the largest and most influential US news outlets like The New York TimesCNN and NBC all repeated the misleading “Russian-made” framing, as did AP’s own correction to its false report that Poland was struck by Russia.

Posted on: Nov 29 06:53

With the collapse of its economy in June, the situation is dire in Sri Lanka.

According to the World Food Programme (WFP), Sri Lanka faces a “serious food crisis,” with 6.3 million people—close to 30% of the 22 million population—being food insecure. Food inflation has reached a record-high of 90%, making staples such as rice unaffordable for millions of people. Overall, inflation is running at 60%.

“What we are really worried about now is the food crisis—we are looking at even the dangers of a famine in the near future,” says Ahilan Kadirgamar, a political economist and senior lecturer at the University of Jaffna, located in the capital city of the Northern province of Sri Lanka.

“Starvation is already hitting some sections of the population.”

Sri Lanka, which is very import-dependent, ran out of foreign exchange in April, leaving it unable to import food supplies, fuel, medicines and fertilizer. Buses, trains, ambulances and many cars cannot be driven and electricity power cuts have become common, crippling farming, fishing and factory production.

Sri Lanka defaulted on its $56 billion external debt in May, its first default. The country has obtained 16 loans from the International Monetary Fund and tried to obtained a 17th loan in May but was not able to come to an agreement.

Posted on: Nov 29 06:52

Germany’s top newspaper Der Spiegel obtained a leaked confidential strategy paper that reveals the country’s military is preparing for a potential war with Russia.

The German military, the Bundeswehr, released the secret 68-page document internally in September.

The Bundeswehr chief, Inspector General Eberhard Zorn, warned that Germany could be attacked, and he proposed plans for a future armed conflict with Russia.

Posted on: Nov 29 06:52

There seems to be no limit on what tissues and organs can be damaged by COVID-19 vaccination.  Because lipid nanoparticles laced with genetic code for the damaging Spike protein are distributed throughout the body, bad luck may play a role with disproportionate delivery to a specific area, for example the eyes.  

The eyes receive their precious blood supply from the optic artery with no backup or redundancy.  Hence, if lipid nanoparticles settle along the artery or into the central nerve taking visual signals to the brain, then inflammation fighting the foreign Spike protein will start a process of tissue damage leading to loss of vision.  Indeed, this injury pattern has been described in the medical literature and has been summarized by Dr. Elnahry from Egypt and Dr. Al-Nawaflh from the National Institutes of Health and five additional authors.[i] 

Posted on: Nov 29 06:51

t was a tiny incident, not captured by TV cameras, nor did it make headlines across the world. But it suggested a seismic shift in attitudes. The men in white hazmat suits, (the Big Whites as they are known as or da bai in Mandarin) had come to lock down a building of about 100 residents in northern Beijing.

It was close to 5pm on Sunday. The Big Whites erected steel barriers and were about to cordon off the 26-floor structure with a large metal fence. Then the women came out. They were a group of mothers of small children and residents of the building. They berated the officials, shouting at them.

Security guards hurriedly arrived and menacingly took up position. Everyone expected the women to back down, accept the lockdown, be arrested or at least cautioned. Those who challenge authority in China normally pay a heavy price. But the women stood their ground. Shouts and insults were exchanged. And then incredibly the men in white suits took down the barriers and left.

The security guards also left. People on the street who were queuing for Covid tests witnessed the incident and applauded the outcome. China is changing socially as well as economically.

The miracle that has transformed the country’s fortunes over the past four decades was due in large part to local-level policy innovation and experimentation.

Posted on: Nov 29 06:50

The armed group Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), also known as the Pakistani Taliban, has announced the end of an indefinite ceasefire agreed with the government in June and issued orders to its fighters to carry out attacks across the country.

“As military operations are ongoing against mujahideen in different areas, … so it is imperative for you to carry out attacks wherever you can in the entire country,” the group said in a statement on Monday.

Posted on: Nov 29 06:49

The spiritual leader of Israel's Druze community, Sheikh Mowafaq Tarif, condemned on Monday afternoon an attack on a Palestinian home allegedly carried out by Druze IDF soldiers in retaliation for the abduction of the body of a Druze teenager by Palestinian militants.

"I denounce any act of violence of any kind, there is no justification or legitimacy of any illegal act toward any person or property," he said in reference to a Monday firebombing of a home near the West Bank city of Bethlehem.

Posted on: Nov 29 06:48

How is it possible that our NATO ally, Turkey, is firing rockets and conducting air strikes “danger close” to American forces in eastern Syria? And at the same time, Iran is attacking Kurdish separatists in the Northwest of that country? What the HELL is going on?

We are only being told 1/4 truths, and mostly lies, about why we still have military forces (and a ton of CIA etc) in eastern Syria. The three maps below will go a long way toward understanding the real situation, which is preventing Iran from establishing a land corridor to the Mediterranean.

Posted on: Nov 29 06:46

The Kurds in northeastern Syria have established their semi-autonomous administration which they call “Rojava”. They are now under threat of an increased invasion and occupation by Turkish ground troops, which could end in ethnic cleansing and mass casualties.

Turkish President Erdogan has demanded for years that the US must stop supporting the Syrian Defense Forces (SDF) and their armed wing the Peoples Protection Units (YPG) which serve as the army of “Rojava”.

Although Turkey and the US are partners in NATO, and long-term allies, with a US military base in Turkey, the two sides have diverged sharply over the issue of the Kurds establishing an administration independent of Damascus in northeast Syria.

The Turkish view the YPG as an offshoot of the PKK, which is an internationally outlawed terrorist group, responsible for about 40,000 deaths in Turkey over three decades.  Yet, the US partnered with the SDF and YPG in their joint attack to eradicate ISIS from Syria.

Posted on: Nov 29 06:46

As the stories came out of China this weekend of people protesting COVID restrictions, lockdowns with mainstream media making noise about them my "BS Meter" was quickly triggered.

People doing the same thing these people did were not given the major attention nor the sympathetic treatment those who protested restrictive COVID policies in Western nations were.

They were "extremists" "mentally ill" "Anti-Semites" "Neo-Nazis" "Far-Right" etc. etc.

Protests on the streets of nations like Libya and Syria in 2011 and Ukraine in 2014 have had serious repercussions like wars and were ultimately rooted in intelligence networks we associate with the "Deep State".

They were about regime change and creating new geopolitical realities.

Beware of what happened in China in recent days it's likely the work of Western intelligence agencies of the "Five Eyes" nations (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States)/

Posted on: Nov 29 06:45

Fentanyl has become a scourge across America and is taking a toll on the growing number of people living on the streets of Los Angeles. About a third of the 2,000 homeless deaths between April 2020 and March 2021 were from an overdose.

  • Forensic assistant Laurentiu Bigu, left, and investigator Ryan Parraz from the Los Angeles County coroner’s office cover the body of a homeless man found dead on a sidewalk in Los Angeles,
  • The federal government says the highly addictive and lethal synthetic drug has quickly become the deadliest drug in the nation. While help is available, it is outpaced by the magnitude of misery on the streets. Homeless addicts in Los Angeles can be seen sprawled on sidewalks or passed out in alleys. Others peddle tiny doses and puffs of smoke to the desperate seeking their next high.
Posted on: Nov 29 06:37

South Korea’s President Yoon Suk-yeol said that Tesla would get “tailored” incentives if it decides to establish its next gigafactory in the country. Elon Musk recently noted that South Korea was a top candidate for the next Tesla gigafactory location. 

“If Tesla, SpaceX or other companies are considering more investment in [South] Korea, including constructing a gigafactory, the government will do our best to support the investment,” President Yoon told Reuters.

President Yoon also provided a brief overview of the advantages Tesla would have if it chose to build in South Korea. 

“We are preparing a tailored approach to grant some advantages to these specified companies,” he said. 

Posted on: Nov 29 06:36

“Did you hear? About what happened last night,” my friend asked me as we walked out of a spin class in the heart of downtown Shanghai’s Jing’an district on Sunday (Nov 27).

“What do you mean? I saw some friends sending pictures and videos in our WeChat group but I haven’t looked at them yet,” I responded.

The Xintiandi area where we were headed for a post-spin brunch was uncharacteristically quiet. I spotted more security than usual in the area.

My friend lowered her voice, and launched into a rundown about the events that had transpired on Wulumuqi Road the night before, about 4km from where we were.

Photos and videos of the protest had been circulating since the wee hours of the morning, she said. But she wasn’t about to start forwarding them to people, just in case her WeChat account got blocked.

Posted on: Nov 29 06:35

Chinese authorities have begun inquiries into some of the people who gathered at weekend protests against COVID-19 curbs, people who were at the Beijing demonstrations told Reuters, as police remained out in numbers on the city's streets.

Two protesters told Reuters that callers identifying themselves as Beijing police officers asked them to report to a police station on Tuesday (Nov 29) with written accounts of their activities on Sunday night. A student also said they were asked by their college if they had been in an area where a protest happened and to provide a written account.

"We are all desperately deleting our chat history," said another person who witnessed the Beijing protest and declined to be identified. The person said police asked how they heard about the protest and what was their motive for going.

Posted on: Nov 29 06:34

Democratic-allied groups have unleashed an aggressive opposition research operation to dig up unflattering accusations against House Republicans investigating President Biden, his family and his administration.

The effort, designed to discredit and distract from the congressional investigations targeting Mr. Biden, was launched Monday with recycled accusations from years ago against the Republicans who are poised to lead the inquiries: Reps. Jim Jordan of Ohio and James Comer of Kentucky.

One of the three organizations intent on protecting Mr. Biden by going on the offensive against the Republicans in the next Congress is Facts First. The group’s leader is David Brock, a former self-described “right-wing hit man” who went on to become a high-profile left-wing political operative within the Democratic Party.

Posted on: Nov 29 06:33

In February 2019, the election in Venezuela did not go the way the U.S. had scripted it. So, the U.S. stuck with the script and ignored the election.

Though Hugo Chávez’ successor, Nicolás Maduro, easily won re-election to a second term, the U.S. ignored the result and recognized their choice as the legitimate leader of Venezuela. The script had been long in the works, and the performance of it was closely coordinated with Washington: Juan Guaidó was the legitimate leader of Venezuela.

Though, while campaigning, Biden called the Trump administration’s policy on Venezuela "an abject failure,” his administration has continued to recognize and support Guaidó as “the Interim President of Venezuela.”

Posted on: Nov 29 06:32

The US is considering supplying Ukraine with a new longer-range rocket system that can hit targets up to about 100 miles away, twice the range of the artillery systems the US has been providing Ukraine.

According to a report from Reuters, Boeing has proposed to manufacture small precision-guided bombs that can be fit onto widely available rockets as US weapons makers are struggling to ramp up production of more advanced arms.

Boeing said in its proposal that the system, known as Ground-Launched Small Diameter Bomb (GLSDB), could be delivered to Ukraine as early as spring 2023. The system has been in development since 2019 and combines small-diameter bombs with the M26 rocket motor, which is widely available in US military inventories.

Webmaster addition: That will make Moscow very nervous!

Posted on: Nov 29 06:30

As he wraps up his Russiagate investigation with the now-failed prosecution of Igor Danchenko, we are left only with questions about what John Durham did not do.

The mainstream media barely covered this event, which began with an attempt to overthrow and dispose of the president of the United States. Best to start with what we learned. Durham established what FBI Director James Comey likely knew from near day one: the Steele dossier was politically driven nonsense created by the Clinton campaign. The FBI knowingly ran with its false information to begin a legal process against American citizens, to include Donald Trump as a candidate and as president. The FBI’s goal was to destroy candidate Trump—and, when that failed, destroy President Trump—by tagging him as a Russian agent.

The FBI as an organization knew for sure in early 2017, likely earlier, that Trump was not a Russian spy. But the bureau allowed the process to drift on through the Mueller report and all the rest. Mueller established a “dossier validation” unit that found none of Christopher Steele’s reporting could be corroborated. Mueller also shut down attempts by FBI agents to investigate a Clinton crony with high-level connections to Putin, and failed to complete an espionage investigation into Steele’s Russian primary sub-source.

Imagine how different Trump's term would have been had we all known with certainty what the FBI did. No Maddow, no walls closing in, no insinuations America's president was dealing cards to the Russians right out of the Oval Office. What was lost for the nation’s business we'll never know.

Posted on: Nov 29 06:29

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said Monday that NATO countries need to ramp up weapons production, or Kyiv won’t be able to win the war against Russia.

Kuleba said that NATO countries must “begin the production of necessary weapons today.” If that doesn’t happen, he said Ukraine “won’t be able to win — as simple as that.”

Kuleba’s comments come amid reports that the US and other NATO countries are depleting their military stockpiles by sending so many arms to Ukraine. US arms makers are benefiting from the policy as they are essentially in a position where they can sell as many weapons as they can make.

Kuleba made the comments to POLITICO ahead of a NATO ministerial meeting that begins in Bucharest on Tuesday. Kuleba said that at the meeting, he will ask the NATO ministers for “air defenses, tanks, and production lines.”

Webmaster addition: I would rather Zelensky go back to doing comedy than spend another penny on Ukraine!

Posted on: Nov 29 06:28

A communications line created between the militaries of the United States and Russia at the start of Moscow's war against Ukraine has been used only once so far, a U.S. official told Reuters.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that the United States initiated a call through the "deconfliction" line to communicate its concerns about Russian military operations near critical infrastructure in Ukraine.

Reuters is the first to report on the use of the deconfliction line, beyond regular testing.

Few details are known surrounding the specific incident that led to the call on the line, which connects the U.S. military's European Command and Russia's National Defense Management Center.

Posted on: Nov 29 06:27

Ah, yes. The sweet smell of saving the planet with "green" energy while getting to rake in even more taxes...nothing like having your cake and eating it too

Such is the case in Germany, where the country is getting ready to "table a €130 per megawatt hour cap on the earnings of wind, solar and nuclear generators", according to ReNews, citing Bloomberg. 

Draft law indicates that the German government is planning on "reclaiming" some of the profits belonging to electricity companies in order "to fund a €54bn consumer aid package" that likely wouldn't be necessary if Germany's power grid was independent from the get-go. 

Instead, the country - which famously relies on Russia for energy and has shunned most nuclear power plant plans for the foreseeable future - apparently hopes to spur more supply by clamping down on the earnings of energy companies...and yes - even the companies generating power through "green" means. 

Posted on: Nov 29 06:27

The Economic Times of India revealed in a report on 28 November that Russia and Iran have agreed to increase the volume of cargo transit along the International North-South Transport Corridor (INSTC) to 12 million tons.

The agreement was inked during a recent visit by the head of the Iranian Railway infrastructure, Miad Salehi, who met with his counterpart in Moscow while on a two-day visit.

“With the targeting of 12 million tons of transit in today’s agreement with the head of Russian Railways, a new page is opened in Iran’s international rail relations,” Salehi was quoted by Iranian state media as saying.

The agreement aims to accommodate the increase in trade volumes between Moscow and New Delhi – through Iran – in a cost-effective and robust trade corridor.

Posted on: Nov 29 06:26

Israeli forces demolished a Palestinian primary school in the Masafer Yatta area of the southern occupied West Bank on Wednesday, under the pretext that the school was built “illegally” in an active Israeli military firing zone. 

Israeli forces raided the Palestinian village of Isfey al-Fauqa in Masafer Yatta, known also as the South Hebron Hills, early Wednesday morning during active school hours, as a number of students were inside the recently-constructed school receiving lessons. 

Posted on: Nov 29 06:26

This site contains all the names and info found in Epstein's infamous "little black book".

The contents are a list of 1971 names with with contact information such as phone numbers and addresses.

Several VIPs and respected individuals are found in the book.

Together with the flight manifests of his private jet, the black book is an invaluable primary source of Epstein's network available to the public.

Posted on: Nov 29 06:17