"'Peace and prosperity' means the time after a major war spent rebuilding everything that was destroyed." -- Michael Rivero

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In three days the federal reserve begins rolling out the new US digital dollar rollout program. The program will slowly unfold until widespread adoption in July. Cash dollars are already being phased out at government offices, parks and museums. This is the biggest change to the US dollar since it was removed from the gold standard in the 1970's.

Posted on: Mar 30 08:17

In a TikTok video, there appears to be a woman shopping at Walmart in Portland, Oregon, revealing her shock at the empty shelves. Walmart, Walgreens, and other large chain stores are shutting down in high-crime areas.

Posted on: Mar 30 08:16

At a Tuesday Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas agreed with President Joe Biden's stance on banning assault weapons in the U.S. but could not provide a definition of the term.

Kennedy asked Mayorkas what an assault weapon is, and Myorkas responded with the example of an AK-47.

When pressed by Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana to clarify what an assault weapon is aside from pointing to a specific weapon, Mayorkas said that when he was a federal prosecutor, most law enforcement leaders he worked with supported the assault weapons ban.

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Our Rights DC and the Trans Radical Activist Network have been organizing a "Trans Day of Vengeance" protest in Washington, DC scheduled for April 1.

This event has been publicized on social media despite the deadly vengeance carried out by a trans person just days earlier. According to their website, the event is meant to be a show of unity and to advocate for the rights of trans individuals. The protest is scheduled to occur outside the Supreme Court, which recently ruled in favor of employment protections for trans people in the Bostock case. This protest is about unity, not inciting violence. TRAN does not encourage violence and it is not welcome at this event," the site says.

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On Wednesday morning, the press secretary of Arizona Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs resigned following her suggestion of gun violence against "transphobes" on Twitter.

Hours prior, 28-year-old Audrey Hale had opened fire at the Covenant School in Nashville, killing three children and three adults. Josselyn Berry, the now-former press secretary, had shared a GIF of Gena Rowlands pointing two revolvers in a scene from the 1980 movie "Gloria," along with the caption “Us when we see transphobes.”

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A train hauling ethanol derailed Thursday morning in Raymond, Minnesota, igniting several rail cars and forcing nearby residents to evacuate, officials said.

The derailment happened around 1 a.m., the Raymond Fire Department posted on Facebook.

The train was carrying mixed freight, including ethanol and corn syrup, said Lena Kent, general director of public affairs for BNSF Railway.

Ethanol is a highly flammable chemical. Exposure can lead to coughing, dizziness, the feeling of burning eyes, drowsiness and unconsciousness.

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As with all military conflicts, it is rarely the case that the outside observer knows the “whole story.” Regarding Russia and Ukraine, the story is more complicated than news-cycle soundbites can give justice to.

The recent Eastern European conflict has many layers to it, and one of those might the West’s hatred of traditional Biblical morality, which is manifesting itself in a knee-jerk reactionary position against Russia and for Ukraine. A tweet by the top spy in the UK alleges that LGBT issues are at the heart of the matter, and, a recent sermon by the Patriarch of Moscow makes essentially the same claim, only from the other side.

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Journalist blames attributes Liberals' misunderstanding the Ukraine proxy war and China to willful ignorance. Plus he explains the difference between the U.S. invasion of Iraq, Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and the difference between understanding and approving. Plus the difference between Liberals and Leftists.

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US President Joe Biden has extended the national emergency and sanctions over alleged cyberattacks on the United States for another year, according to a White House notice.

"These significant malicious cyber-enabled activities continue to pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States. For this reason, the national emergency declared on April 1, 2015, must continue in effect beyond April 1, 2023," the document reads.

"Therefore <...> I am continuing for one year the national emergency declared in Executive Order 13694," Biden said.

Posted on: Mar 30 07:57

Republican lawmakers in Kentucky on Wednesday overturned the governor's veto of a bill to ban transgender youths from gender-affirming healthcare and restrict which toilets they use in public schools, voting in line with a national conservative-led movement.

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LAURA INGRAHAM: Where's the manifesto? We're getting out first answers tonight. According to the New York Post, and we just learned this moments ago, that Hale's writings could be released, but only after the FBI analyzes — and we assume scrubs — some of the content. As we told you last night in Instagram messages to an old teammate minutes before the massacre, Hale said she left behind "more than enough evidence" and that one day "this will make more sense." Well, predictably, LGBTQ groups are desperately lobbying to keep it all under wraps. Media outlets, which are supposed to be interested in actual facts, are oddly subdued about the prospect of learning more about the killer's motives. Now, we have no idea what was in Ms. Hale's mind, why she targeted The Covenant School, but it is clear that if this is a case of anti-Christian hate, we all should know all about it, including how it was inspired. And no matter what her writings contain, they should be aired publicly and in full. We don't want some sanitized version. 

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A conservative nonprofit group founded by former Trump administration Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said it poured about $9 million into state elections last year, backing nearly 200 candidates. Now, some of those candidates are pushing a wave of legislation boosting DeVos’ longtime goal: subsidizing private schools with public dollars.

Using at least $2.5 million from DeVos and her husband, the American Federation for Children has played a pivotal role in getting what supporters call “school choice” policies passed into law in at least three states and introduced in several more, according to current and former GOP legislators, lobbyists for teachers unions and academics.

The nonprofit group has found success amid a 20-year low in approval for the K-12 education system and after two years of protests over lessons involving race and LGBTQ identity. It is now on the verge of ushering in a transformation in how large swaths of the country fund schools.

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States are taking measures to crack down on tranq dope, the street drug that combines the animal tranquilizer xylazine with fentanyl or heroin and can cause users to develop horrific wounds and even require amputations. 

Ohio just became one of the first states to restrict xylazine, with Gov. Mike DeWine signing an emergency order making it a Schedule III controlled substance on  Wednesday. 

The order classifies xylazine as a drug with a moderate-to-low potential for physical and psychological dependence but makes it illegal for most people to possess it. Veterinarians can still administer xylazine but need to obtain a special license first. 

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Now is the time to unite.

Just before Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi took the stage at the Human Rights Campaign Dinner in Los Angeles, the esteemed congresswoman spoke with The Advocate on the event's red carpet.

"Take pride in what you have done. Look at what has been done by showing our pride. Pat yourself on the back. Let's be hopeful from the success we've had and the love we have shown each other and that's what we have to do for the trans community now, especially the children. There's very hateful things that the other side is cooking up," Pelosi says.

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Joe Biden on Wednesday hosted the Summit for Democracy with a pledge to spend $690 million on so-called democracy programs around the world.
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Matt Gaetz took General Milley and Secretary Lloyd Austin to the woodshed during Wednesday’s House Armed Service Committee hearing.
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All eyes have been on New Federal State of China Founder and anti-CCP dissident Miles Guo following his arrest on March 15, 2023. The arrest represented the culmination of years of targeting of Guo by the CCP. Guo was previously forced to flee from China to America for his personal safety after exposing the CCP’s 13579 plan to unleash a bioweapon, and the CCP has been fighting ever since to have Guo sent back to China.
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Joe Biden on Wednesday hosted a reception celebrating Greek Independence Day in the East Room.
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Trans “Day of Vengeance” rallies will take place this weekend at the US Supreme Court despite the shooting Monday at a Christian School in Nashville by a “transgender” terrorist who murdered three adults and three children.
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White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Wednesday wouldn’t say if Joe Biden supports mandatory semi-automatic firearm confiscation.
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Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Wednesday testified before the State, Foreign Operations, and House Appropriations Subcommittee.
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The 28-year-old shooter who killed three children and three adults at a Christian elementary school in Nashville, Tenn., on Monday had been under the care of a doctor for an “emotional disorder,” police said.

Nashville Metro Chief John Drake told reporters on Tuesday that Audrey Elizabeth Hale “was under care — doctor’s care — for an emotional disorder,” but did not disclose further details about the nature of that disorder. Hale was killed by police on scene.

“Law enforcement knew nothing about the treatment she was receiving. But her parents felt that she should not own weapons,” Drake said.

The shooter was initially described by police as a teenager and then as a 28-year-old white woman. It was later revealed that Hale was transgender, though police have referred to the shooter by gender assigned at birth.

Police also revealed that Hale had purchased seven firearms at five different local gun stores — all legally. Hale’s parents told police they knew Hale had bought and sold one weapon, but were apparently unaware that Hale had been hiding additional weapons at home.

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Black Californians are owed $800 billion for reparations due to generations of over-policing, disproportionate incarceration and housing discrimination, according to economists who are working with the state panel considering the payments. 

A previous model, announced earlier this month, estimated that $640 billion would be due in payments to black residents in the Golden State. 

In their report, the consultants suggest the state task force 'err on the side of generosity' and consider a down-payment with more money to come as more evidence becomes available.

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‘MAYDAY! Mayday!’ is something no airline pilot wants to say, and no passenger wants to hear, but this month Virgin Australia, Emirates, United and Southwest airlines have all turned back aircraft or made emergency landings because air crew have suffered serious health incidents. A British Airways pilot died of a heart attack just before he was due to fly a plane from Egypt.

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The U.S. Supreme Court has rejected a challenge to Kansas’s newly-drawn congressional map, giving Republicans a victory as the 2024 election inches closer.

In an unsigned order, the justices rejected an appeal from a group of voters in Kansas who argued that a lower court used the wrong legal standard in upholding the Republican-drawn congressional map.

“A state trial court had initially struck down the map, finding the legislature intentionally discriminated against minority voters because of their race in designing the congressional district boundaries. The map split Wyandotte County, which is home to Kansas City, and the challengers asserted the move eliminated the ability of minority voters to continue electing their preferred candidate. The state, meanwhile, argued the changes were necessary to respond to population growth in the area,” The Hill reported.

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Researchers at George Chuch’s Harvard lab have genetically engineered a bacteria, E. coli, to be totally immune to viruses.

In addition to blocking every virus the team has challenged it with thus far, their E. coli has also been designed so that its modified genes cannot escape into the wild, which does indeed sound like the plot of a lost Michael Crichton novel. (In fact, the parallels to Jurassic Park are there, but we’ll get to that.)

“We believe we have developed the first technology to design an organism that can’t be infected by any known virus,” genetics research fellow and study author Akos Nyerges said

“We can’t say it’s fully virus-resistant, but so far, based on extensive laboratory experiments and computational analysis, we haven’t found a virus that can break it.”

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Biden regime dark forces pressured, bribed and bullied 12 UN Security Council nations to abstain from blaming hegemon USA for destroying 3 of 4 Russian Nord Stream II gas pipelines to Germany.

The empire of lies is infamous for policies detrimental to the lives and well-being of the vast majority of people worldwide.

At war on nonthreatening Russia for nearly a decade, hegemon USA may destroy planet earth and all its life forms by its megalomaniacal rage for unchallenged control.

As long as it exists in its present form under either wing of its war party, the state of the nation is jeopardized and world peace is off the table.

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