"An ignorant man with lawyers is a danger to all society." -- Michael Rivero

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Joe Biden made multiple false claims about guns and the Second Amendment this week, in response to the shooting in Nashville.
Posted on: Mar 29 12:44
An Alabama Supreme Court justice has scolded liberal lawyers for using woke language in their filings with the court.
Posted on: Mar 29 12:43

Twitter is currently suspending conservative Twitter accounts for calling out the trans Nashville shooter who killed 6 Christians in Nashville, Tennessee.

On Monday morning, 28 year old transgender Audrey Hale drove to Covenant Christian School and killed 3 students and 3 faculty.

Lindsay Watts of ABC News reported, “Nashville Chief says Audrey Hale bought 7 guns from 5 gun stores legally. Says Hale was under doctor’s care for an emotional disorder. Says parents believed she had sold the only gun she owned, but unbeknownst to them there were others.”

Starting on Tuesday, multiple top conservative Twitter users were locked out their accounts for commenting on the transgender shooter including Benny Johnson, who has well over 1 million followers on the platform.

Posted on: Mar 29 12:35

A North Carolina public school says it's exploring ways to "revise campus policies" after children as young as 14 were invited to a drag queen show on campus.

Forsyth Technical Community College in Winston-Salem was thrust into the national spotlight Tuesday after a video published by Libs of TiktTok showed a drag queen straddling a young girl during an LGBTQ Pride Festival at the school.

The school confirmed in an earlier statement that students of all ages were allowed to attend, and photos posted by the school’s official Instagram account showed drag queens posing with young girls

Posted on: Mar 29 12:31
On March 14th, U.S. District Court Judge Deborah Boardman issued an arrest warrant for Roy McGrath who previously served as the Chief of Staff for Former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan.
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Posted on: Mar 29 12:28
Joe Biden on Tuesday returned to the White House after spending an afternoon in Durham, North Carolina.
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Posted on: Mar 29 12:28
Tucker Carlson opened his show on Tuesday with a discussion on the trans community and violence.
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Posted on: Mar 29 12:27
There will be no vote on a possible Trump indictment by the Manhattan grandy jury this week, according to a leak to NBC News.
Posted on: Mar 29 12:26
Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico- Mexican authorities said 39 foreign migrants died after a fire broke out at an immigration detention center in Ciudad Juarez, a Mexican city on the US Border across from El Paso. 29 additional migrants were injured.
Posted on: Mar 29 12:25

From the original Baric study demonstrating beta-coronavirus loading in laboratory models can cause myocarditis to the first year of the COVID-19 crisis there has been a concern that SARS-CoV-2 infection in humans could cause heart inflammation. Epidemiologic studies relying on ICD codes triggered by routine cardiac troponin testing and or results implied that hospitalized patients were developing myocarditis with the respiratory illness. None of these studies were confirmed with clinical adjudication or autopsy. In 2020 the NCAA Big Ten athletic conference, US Military, and many other organizations screened for myocarditis on clinical grounds—handful of cases were found without any reported hospitalizations or deaths. Tuvali, et al from Israel, demonstrated that myocarditis in 2020 was not any more common that the low levels of baseline myocarditis from parvovirus, giant cell, and other conditions.

Almamlouk et al performed a systematic review of 50 autopsy studies and 548 hearts of patients who died of or with COVID-19. Usual post-mortem findings of tissue edema and necrosis were reported commonly. About two thirds of hearts had SARS-CoV-2 found in the tissue. However, none of the hearts had extensive myocarditis as the cause of death.

Webmaster addition: This rules out claims that Covid itself causes myocarditis, and points the finger at the mRna shots!

Posted on: Mar 29 12:25

A barge carrying 1,400 tons of toxic Methanol broke loose from a tugboat early Tuesday and has become submerged in the Ohio River after crashing into a dam in Kentucky. Officials said the U.S. Coast Guard is investigating the incident.

According to a press release from Louisville officials, a vessel hauling 11 barges “made contact with a stationary structure at the entrance to the Portland Canal near the McAlpine Lock and Dam.”

“As a result, 10 of the 11 barges broke loose, with three barges settling against the lower McAlpine Dam structure,” the release continued.

In addition to Methanol, the cargoes also carried soy and corn. Officials said there is “currently zero evidence of a tank breach or any leaks, and air and water monitoring resources are in place,” and all barges are accounted for as of Tuesday.

Posted on: Mar 29 12:16

#1. Fake Food (Zombie eggs and GMO Franken-test-tube meat)

#2. Fake Money – insolvent banks influence more crypto (digital money) that can be shut off by the Feds in an instant

#3. Fake Vaccines (spike protein injections)

Posted on: Mar 29 12:11

The story of the good Samaritan is HERE. In the story, Jesus refers to a “certain man” who fell among thieves. The bottom line is that Jesus did not designate the nationality, political affiliation, economic status, racial, ideological, or religious underpinnings of the “certain man” about which the story takes place. Jesus’ parable is likely just that, and not a true story. Nonetheless, it is instructive from a couple of key points.

Firstly, lacking any identity, the “certain man” could be you or me, or your neighbor, or your family member, or a friend or whomever. He has no designated identity or qualities. Therefore, let us call him, for this post’s purposes. “everyman”. And, let us note that “everyman” would apply to all men women and children who are living on planet Earth regardless of their racial, social, political, economic, religious, ideological, or business status.

The story details how people who are supposed to be in a position of responsibility and compassion for their fellow man (“everyman”), cross over to the other side of the road to avoid getting too close to this “everyman” who has been set upon by violent thieves who injured him severely and took all of value that he had leaving him helpless and defenseless and either semi-conscious, or maybe unconscious?

Posted on: Mar 29 12:09

Leaders from the BRICS Alliance meet in 2018 including Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping. The BRICs nations include – Brazil, Russia, India, and China and South Africa.

recently, South Africa’s Foreign Minister Naledi Pandor announced that Saudia Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Algeria, Argentina, Mexico, Nigeria, and other nations want to join BRICS Alliance. This is a direct threat to the West and US dollar dominance.

Was this always the plan for the Obama-Biden regime? To take down US dominance on the global stage? Because it sure looks like it.

Posted on: Mar 29 11:40

Democrat determination to convict former President Donald Trump of something — anything — to make him ineligible to run again, is straight out of Joseph Stalin’s head of secret police Lavrentiy Beria’s playbook: “Show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime.”

In the latest attempt in this ongoing assault on fair justice principles, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has resurrected a misdemeanor 2016 case back from the dead beyond its statute of limitations, elevated it to a felony, and is threatening to indict Trump in a humiliating show trial destined to lead nowhere.

The same charges, namely failure to report a payment of $130,000 to former porn star Stormy Daniels as a campaign contribution purportedly to hush up an affair which Trump denies, were previously dismissed both by Bragg’s predecessor Cyrus Vance, and the former chair of the Federal Election Commission.

Posted on: Mar 29 11:39

Luke Rosiak, an investigative reporter for The Daily Wire, was suspended from Twitter on Tuesday after he posted a link to a story about activists scheduling a transgender “Day of Vengeance” the same week of the shooting at a Christian elementary school in Nashville, Tennessee.

Police said that a 28-year-old woman who identified as a transgender man killed three 9-year-old children and three adults at The Covenant School, which is associated with the conservative evangelical Covenant Presbyterian Church. Authorities revealed that the shooter, whom The Daily Wire will not name in accordance with company policy, executed a “targeted attack” and left behind a “manifesto.”

Posted on: Mar 29 11:38

Swedes will be 'sent to their deaths' if they join NATO, Russia's ambassador to Stockholm has warned in a tirade of attacks on the Nordic nation.

Viktor Tatarintsev claimed in a statement on the Russian embassy's website that Sweden and neighbour Finland would both face 'retaliatory measures', including 'military ones', if they join the international military alliance.

Sweden has since announced that it has summoned the Russian ambassador to explain his remarks in which he said Sweden and Finland would both become 'legitimate targets' after joining NATO. 

Posted on: Mar 29 11:37

However, according to disgraced AG Merrick Garland, supposedly nobody knows Audrey’s motive.

Unfortunately for Merrick, nobody believes that hogwash. We all know the killer wrote a manifesto.

It’s categorically laughable to suggest officials aren’t fully aware of the motive of the shooter.

However, the public may never know what really happened… LGBTQ activists are fighting tooth and nail to keep the manifesto buried and as of now, the Nashville police are refusing to release it.

Posted on: Mar 29 11:36

In the Netherlands, the political establishment is reeling from the victory of the Farmer-Citizen Movement (BBB) in the recent provincial elections – an extraordinary result for an anti-establishment party that was formed just over three years ago, says Thomas Fazi in UnHerd. He has written an insightful piece on the sinister global agenda that the farmers are pushing back against. Here’s an excerpt.

The BBB grew out of the mass demonstrations against the Dutch Government’s proposal to cut nitrogen emissions by 50% in the country’s farming sector by 2030 — a target designed to comply with the European Union’s emission-reduction rules. While large farming companies have the means to meet these goals — by using less nitrogen fertiliser and reducing the number of their livestock — smaller, often family-owned farms would be forced to sell or shutter. Indeed, according to a heavily redacted European Commission document, this is precisely the strategy’s goal: “extensifying agriculture, notably through buying out or terminating farms, with the aim of reducing livestock”; this would “first be on a voluntary basis, but mandatory buyout is not excluded if necessary”.

Posted on: Mar 29 11:33

The World Health Organization (WHO) revised its Covid vaccine recommendations and suggested that healthy children and adolescents may not need a shot.

In guidance released Tuesday, the global health agency deemed healthy young people 'low priority' for Covid jabs. 

It said the public health impact of vaccinating healthy children and adolescents is 'much lower than the established benefits of traditional essential vaccines for children' like measles and polio. 

Posted on: Mar 29 11:02

When some scientists took a closer look at recent Webb images, they found that some of the galaxies were not only larger and more organized, but surprisingly they started forming stars earlier, making current theories more suspicious. Here's what astronomers say about this unexpected discovery,

Researchers, on the other hand, claim that in the recent image obtained from the Webb telescope, they found some early galaxies also contain large amounts of heavy elements that are not possible with their age according to our current model.


Posted on: Mar 29 10:51

Scientists have discovered a new and renewable source of water on the moon for future explorers in lunar samples from a Chinese mission.

Water was embedded in tiny glass beads in the lunar dirt where meteorite impacts occur. These shiny, multicolored glass beads were in samples returned from the moon by China in 2020.

The beads range in size from the width of one hair to several hairs; the water content was just a miniscule fraction of that, said Hejiu Hui of Nanjing University, who took part in the study.

Since there are billions if not trillions of these impact beads, that could amount to substantial amounts of water, but mining it would be tough, according to the team.

Posted on: Mar 29 10:48

The majority of Americans are seriously concerned about rising crime in their cities, as President Joe Biden's national approval rating takes a nosedive.

A new Marist Polling survey found that Biden's approval rating dropped four percentage points in March to 42%, falling from 46% in a February poll conducted around the president's State of the Union speech.

The poll revealed that 68% of Americans believe that crime is a "real threat in most communities." 

Posted on: Mar 29 10:45

Fox News host Tomi Lahren believes that the United States needs to have a national conversation about anti-Christian bigotry after the Nashville Christian school shooting.

“We hope that his story in Nashville continues to get coverage,” she said on Fox News, due to the fact that the shooter was transgender and the narrative would not work for Democrats.

“We also need to talk about the anti-Christian, anti-religious rhetoric that is so popular and mainstream right now, really cheered by the left,” she said, adding that it’s “irresponsible and reckless” to blame the entire transgender community for the actions of one person.

Posted on: Mar 29 10:44

North Carolina’s state elections board on Tuesday removed two local election officials who had refused to certify their county's 2022 results after officials determined they violated state law.

The state board voted unanimously to dismiss Surry County elections secretary Jerry Forestieri and board member Timothy DeHaan in one of the strongest disciplinary actions taken against local officials across the U.S. who have delayed or refused to certify election results. Controversies over election certification have roiled mostly rural counties across the country as conspiracy theories about voting machines have spread widely among conservatives.

Forestieri and DeHaan had questioned the legitimacy of state election law and court decisions disallowing photo ID checks and voter residency challenges. They falsely claimed in a letter that the vote was "illegal" and "very uncertain."

Posted on: Mar 29 10:44

Accompanying the horrifying news today that a mass shooting took place at a Christian elementary school near Nashville, Tenn. was the bizarre background information about the alleged assailant.  A troubled young woman has been blamed for the killing of three adults and three children, and she identified herself as a transgender person, according to online profiles she left behind.

Audrey Elizabeth Hale, age 28, had once been a student at Covenant Presbyterian Church's school, which she returned to yesterday to gun down others.  Her motives for slaughtering six innocent people aren't clear, but it's obvious to anyone that she suffered from one or more mental illnesses.  Whether or not we find out what inner demons drove her to her fatal actions today, we know that her foray into transgenderism should've prompted those who knew her to seek competent psychological counseling.

Posted on: Mar 29 10:37

File this under "Democrats are garbage people." But when you look at the media reaction to the transgender Nashville shooter, no one should be surprised. Though for funsies, imagine the media reaction if a Kari Lake spokeswoman tweeted something similar if the shooter was Christian.

Because hours after a transgender shooter who goes by he/him pronouns shot up a Christian school and murdered Christian nine-year-olds, Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs' press secretary Josselyn Berry tweeted this.


Posted on: Mar 29 10:32

The US Army is to print a deck of playing cards featuring NATO weapons systems and will send them to states outside of the US-led bloc, including Ukraine, The New York Times reported on Tuesday. The cards will supposedly help Ukrainian troops “to tell friends from foes.”

The training tool was developed by the Army’s Training and Doctrine Command and will enable soldiers to quickly “identify enemy equipment and distinguish the equipment from friendly forces,” according to its spokesman, Maj. Andrew Harshbarger. It features information about “NATO equipment that has proliferated to non-NATO countries.”

Posted on: Mar 29 10:31

"We've said it before and we’ll say it again today that if coming out of this meeting, there’s some sort of call for a ceasefire, well, that’s just going to be unacceptable," US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said on FOX News Sunday referring to the meeting in Moscow between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The truth is that an off-ramp from armed conflict has never really proven to be a desired outcome for Washington. This is understandable when the US establishment elites seem to have more to gain than to lose from continued conflict in Ukraine. “The Ukrainians have proven that they are a really good investment for the United States,” former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said last December. “They are not asking us to be there to fight their war; they’re fighting it themselves.” But it’s the US establishment that reaps the benefits of billions of dollars of US taxpayer cash poured into the military-industrial complex under the guise of defense spending for Ukraine. 

There’s also the added bonus of having the entire European Union now more dependent on US energy, and its businesses bailing to the US in the wake of Brussels cutting itself off from the cheap Russian energy, on which the continent’s economy was built.

Posted on: Mar 29 10:31

Elon Musk has taken fellow billionaire Bill Gates to task for his “limited” understanding of artificial intelligence (AI), suggesting he has a poor grasp of the emerging technology. Musk was responding to a comment by that Microsoft founder that he has been involved in the AI field for years.

Musk took a shot at Gates in a social media post on Monday, after another user shared a recent article penned by the Microsoft mogul, in which he states he has held several meetings with the team from OpenAI – a tech company co-founded by Musk – beginning in 2016.

Posted on: Mar 29 10:30