"All terrorist actions are staged incidents, because acts of terror alienate the very people whose support the people blamed for the terror act need." -- Michael Rivero

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It’s amazing how genuinely upset liberal journalists are about the Trump town hall event on CNN.

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Posted on: May 20 10:29

Liberal celebrity chef José Andrés is building a new restaurant in Palo Alto, California, which has a law banning gas stoves in new construction.

Posted on: May 20 10:29

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan on Friday held a press gaggle in Hiroshima, Japan.

Posted on: May 20 10:28

The danger of ventilators and their likely involvement in the unnecessary deaths of Covid-19 patients has already been raised in these pages. That article was unconvincingly ‘fact checked’ with the customary ‘conspiracy theory’ trope being levelled at the authors. However, while ventilators may not have been fully responsible, for example, for the unusually high deaths of Covid-19 patients on ventilators in New York, they were associated with a higher level of mortality.

Ventilation, a procedure exclusively carried out in intensive-care environments, involves the introduction of an endotracheal tube into the lungs by which air is then pumped in. Despite the sterile conditions under which the tube is introduced into the lungs, bacterial infection referred to as ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP) is common within 24 hours. This is especially dangerous because the patient will already be medically compromised, and the immune system will be less able to combat the infection. VAP has a mortality rate of between 20 and 50 per cent.

An article published earlier this month by the News Center of Northwest Medicine, which is a non-profit healthcare system associated with Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, published an article titled: ‘Secondary Bacterial Pneumonia Drove Many COVID-19 Deaths.’ The article featured Professor Benjamin Stinger of Northwest Medicine, who led a study linking secondary pneumonia caused by being on a ventilator to mortality which was published in a recent issue of the Journal of Clinical InvestigationJCI is a leading medical journal with an impressive impact factor, a measure of how much it is cited, of 19.

Posted on: May 20 10:10

Michelle Obama’s juice drink for children fails her own health standards due to the high sugar content.

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Posted on: May 20 09:30

Police arrested a couple in Griffin, Georgia outside of Atlanta after their 37 pound, 10-year-old son was found walking the street looking for food.

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Posted on: May 20 09:29

 As the Ukraine war drags on, 15 months after the Russian forces launched their Special Military Operation, the different approaches of Zelensky two major sponsors – the US and its main ally the United Kingdom  – are becoming more pronounced.

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Posted on: May 20 09:29

Former US Attorney General Bill Barr on Thursday predicted Special Counsel Jack Smith will indict Trump in August or September.

Posted on: May 20 09:28

A Florida pro-trans group advertises “Build-A-Queer” kits filled with devices aimed at helping individuals — particularly minors — transition to another gender.

The Queer Trans (QT) Project based in Jacksonville, Florida, creates free packages of chest binders, condoms, weapons and other items on TikTok and social media, and offers advice to recipients for concealing the kits from parents and guardians.

According to Fox News, The group has sent out nearly 1,000 kits to states across the country in the past two years, and the small operation has a growing social media following of tens of thousands of people. It is unclear how many minors have received packages from the group, but the project advertises its “discretion.”

Posted on: May 20 09:16

US House members probing the COVID pandemic fired off a letter Friday to disgraced former Gov. Andrew Cuomo demanding he testify about why he sent coronavirus patients to nursing homes during the height of outbreak.

House members previously sent five similar letters to the ex-New York governor, to which he did not respond.

“Your testimony is important to uncover the circumstances and policies which led to the death of more than 15,000 New York nursing home residents during your tenure,” wrote Rep. Brad Wenstrup (R-Ohio), chairman of the GOP-controlled House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic, in the panel’s latest missive to Cuomo.

“The victims’ families deserve to know the truth.

Posted on: May 20 09:02

Disney is facing furious fire after announcing that its getting ready to remove more than 50 different shows and movies from its streaming platforms.

Deadline reported that a total of 58 titles will be leaving Disney+ and Hulu beginning on May 26 - and the internet is not happy about it.

Disney has not given a specific reason for its decision to remove the titles - claiming in a statement from its chief financial officer that it is part of 'strategic changes in its approach to content curation' - however many are speculating that the company is attempting to delete shows and movies that are no longer making them major profit.

Some of the titles being taken off includes the movie Big Shot (which starred John Stamos), the Turner & Hooch remake (which featured Josh Peck), and the beloved kids movie The One and Only Ivan. 

Posted on: May 20 09:01

So, why won't Senate Feinstein just resign?

Multiple Democrats have come forward to call for it, as Congressman Ro Khanna did again on Thursday. 'I'm hopeful that people who are close to her can talk to her and just say, "Look, end your service with dignity. Step aside,"' he said on MSNBC, adding that it is 'painfully obvious' that the senator is not fit for office.

Potentially, due to the cruel realities of aging, the senator may be incapable of making this decision for herself. But her family, close friends, staff, and colleagues must know that this is no way for a political legend to end her career.

Well, this week we received reports of what may be behind all of this, and it is the most shockingly gruesome explanation imaginable.

Feinstein is accompanied around the Capitol building by former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's eldest child, Nancy Corinne Prowda, who has reportedly, 'assumed a central role in Feinstein's life.'

In fact, when Feinstein traveled by private jet from California to Washington this week, she was accompanied by 'her dog, her longtime housekeeper and Nancy Corinne Prowda,' according to the New York Times.

The relationship is making many people uneasy. I am downright nauseous.

Posted on: May 20 08:59

Office values in San Francisco have plunged 75% on a per-square foot basis compared to sales from just before the pandemic, the Hoover Institution said.

The Hoover report was authored by Lee Ohanian a senior fellow at the institution.

The report's finding noted the former Union Bank building, located in the center of San Francisco financial district, was auctioned off last week for $65 million — 75% less on a per-square-foot basis than comparable building sales just prior to the pandemic.

Ohanian called it "devastating news" for the city since the auction price provides a new market rate benchmark for setting the price for other downtown commercial buildings.

Posted on: May 20 08:56

Todd Bensmann, a senior national security fellow and author, has spent years documenting illegal immigration on the Mexican side of the border. He said the government and mainstream media have ignored the problem for far too long.

The Biden White House is only worried about the "optics" of the migrant crisis on the Mexican border, a national security expert says.

The regulations allowing immigrants arriving illegally by land to be deported for fear they might carry COVID-19 were dropped last week by order of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That development has since prompted fears of an unprecedented wave of people-trafficking across the Mexico-US border.

Posted on: May 20 08:55

You are not alone if you are tired of watching your government grow increasingly oppressive and corrupt. Many people across the world share your pain. People continue to voice their anger and discontent, however, this is something the media often chooses not to report for it is owned by those same forces which are attempting to enslave us. Those on the left referred to the right as fascist or Nazi while those on the right refer to the left as communist. 

This tends to overlook the fact that both groups are rooted in wanting to expand control. The truth is that the angst and growing anger many people feel is kept under control by a mass media with a very strong agenda. Mass media has perfected the art of dividing us and at the same time keeping us in the dark. The greatest risk we face may be that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is coming at us fast and furious. Once it is here getting information will become almost impossible. 

As of late, several times a day I find a song from the musical  Les Miserables flowing through my mind. It is named, "The Song Of Angry Men" and screams enough is enough. Of course, in the video, the people seem very happy until the soldiers start killing them. This "killing thing" is of course what happens in totalitarian regimes. Sadly, the world has far too many totalitarian regimes and is moving in the direction of creating more. Yes, they can take away your freedom.

Posted on: May 20 08:50

Senate Democrats unveiled a new bill that would pack the Supreme Court by adding four new seats beyond the current nine seats, a move that could lead to the loss of the court’s current conservative majority.

The legislation comes after President Joe Biden’s commission on Supreme Court reform failed in December 2021 to recommend expanding the size of the nation’s highest court. Public approval of the court has fallen in recent years, according to polls. The late Democratic President Franklin Roosevelt tried to pack the court in the 1930s after it kept striking down his New Deal policies but the plan ultimately went nowhere after the public and lawmakers from his own party turned against it.

Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) unveiled his new legislation, the proposed Judiciary Act of 2023 (pdf), at a press conference on the steps of the Supreme Court on May 16.

Webmaster addition: This sets a dangerous precedent. From now on, as Congress flips back and forth between the two parties, more justices will be added to the court until a sports venue will be required to hear cases!

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In 2024, the IRS will launch a pilot program to offer its own, government-run, income tax return-preparation website, according to a report the universally-despised agency provided to Congress on Tuesday. The report follows a $15 million study of the concept. 

If there were ever a proposal absolutely guaranteed to be a multifaceted disaster, this is it. Boobus Americanus, however, is apparently champing at the bit: IRS surveys find 72% of Americans are "very" or "somewhat interested in" a free government tool for calculating taxes. What are they missing?    

For starters, the IRS and all of us animals on the government's taxpayer ranch approach this endeavor with an enormous conflict of interest. We don't want to pay a penny more than we absolutely have to, while the government is hell-bent on extracting an entirely fictional "fair share" -- and more -- from each of us. 

Next, there's the comically-cautionary tale of the rollout of the Obamacare enrollment website in 2013. Even with three years to prepare, it was a cluster**** for the ages. The site crashed immediately upon launch, and then inflicted countless glitches on users after it was up and running.

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Calls for race-based compensation appeal to emotion, not logic. First, how do we define slavery? Contrary to popular belief, African Americans weren’t the only victims of slavery. As Stephan Talty, an author who has researched slavery in great detail, has noted, white people were also the victims of slavery.

In a piece for Salon, a hyper-progressive online magazine, Talty discussed the fact that, contrary to popular belief, white slavery did occur prior to the occurrence of the Civil War. Talty referenced the work of Joel Augustus Rogers, a historian who meticulously documented the many ways in which whites were kidnapped and sold into slavery. These kidnappings occurred from the early 1700s right up until 1861, the year the Civil War started. Some of the victims were orphans or unwanted babies, while others were impoverished immigrants. White slavery occurred in America. This is an inconvenient truth that receives little or no attention, probably because it contradicts the “white privilege” narrative that continues to do the rounds.

Even if we were to agree on a definition of slavery, how are we supposed to verify those that claim to be victims? Then, of course, there’s the matter of financing reparations. Where will the money come from?

Posted on: May 20 08:44

About 20 years ago, I read a piece about the North Miami police department eliminating the swimming requirement for the police. With a working knowledge of geography and having visited Miami many times, I thought this was a bit odd and kind of a bad idea. After all, North Miami has hundreds of miles of canals, lakes, and beaches. Predictably, the reason the requirement was being dropped was that “blacks are less likely than whites to know how to swim because of economic disparities between the groups…” In other words, the change was because not enough blacks were qualified to become police.

That was long before the cancer of wokeness had taken hold of much of America. I was dumbfounded. Nobody with a functioning brain would have looked at that situation and said we must eliminate a key element of the job requirements to let more members of “X group” join. But that’s what the people in charge decided. If someone with a functioning brain were actually in charge, he would have said something like, “If our goal is to have a more diverse workforce…” (a questionable assertion in the first place) “and not enough otherwise qualified black candidates can pass the swim test, maybe we should simply take those candidates who meet the other requirements and teach them how to swim.”

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Cruz and Blackburn ask Whitworth to “avoid a lengthy investigation” by publicly severing its relationship with Mulvaney, publicly apologizing for marketing alcoholic beverages to minors, and directing Mulvaney to remove any Anheuser-Busch content from his social media platforms.

“The Beer Institute must examine whether your company violated the Beer Institute’s Advertising/Marketing Code and Buying Guidelines prohibiting marketing to individuals younger than the legal drinking age,” Cruz and Blackburn write in their letter to Whitworth, chairman and senior director of the Beer Institute in addition to being Anheuser-Busch’s chief executive officer.

Anheuser-Busch, which owns both the Budweiser and Bud Light beer brands, faced backlash after Bud Light partnered with Mulvaney for a contest during March Madness. The beer company gave Mulvaney custom cans of Bud Light featuring his image to commemorate his first year living as a woman.

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Posted on: May 20 08:27

U.S. lawmakers are considering a bill that would grant the U.S. government vast new powers to surveil and censor U.S. citizens.

The RESTRICT Act — the Restricting the Emergence of Security Threats that Risk Information and Communications Technology Act, or Senate Bill 686 — would give the federal government new powers ostensibly to mitigate national security threats posed by technology products from countries that the U.S. deems adversarial.

The bill would grant the U.S. secretary of commerce the authority to “identify, deter, disrupt, prevent, prohibit, investigate, or otherwise mitigate” national security risks associated with technology linked to a foreign adversary.

Posted on: May 20 08:24

The entire Bakhmut Citadel area has fallen to the Russians, and the Children’s Hospital area also has been taken.

The last part of the city remaining uncaptured is a small corner close to the Ukrainian flank operation facing Ivanjske. This area straddles an important roadway.

At this stage I don’t see much point for the Ukrainians continuing other than to evacuate any troops remaining.

There is no information yet on casualties.

Most of the city is utterly destroyed.

Probably the Russians will claim the entire city this weekend.

Posted on: May 20 08:23

The problem for Pelosi is that she has endorsed Rep. Adam Schiff (D) to succeed Feinstein, who is set to retire next year if she doesn't resign before then. But if Feinstein does resign, Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) would pick Feinstein's replacement until the election, which would most likely be Rep. Barbara Lee (D), who is also running for Feinstein's seat. Lee, not Schiff, would likely get the nod because Newsom has pledged to select a black woman for the seat.

Posted on: May 20 08:21

80-year-old Joe Biden looked confused as he greeted the world leaders in Japan on Friday.

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Posted on: May 19 21:07

The University of Colorado is encouraging students to greet all new acquaintances as if they are confused transgenders and use the pronouns “they, them, and theirs” which is improper English, but whatever.

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Posted on: May 19 21:07

Police arrested a couple in Griffin, Georgia outside of Atlanta after their 37 pound, 10-year-old son was found walking the street looking for food.

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Posted on: May 19 21:06