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"Instead of giving a politician the keys to the city, it might be better to change the locks." -- Doug Larson, English middle-distance runner who won gold medals at the 1924 Olympic Games

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Elon Musk announced he will be publishing the real reason behind Twitter’s decision to block the Hunter Biden laptop story ahead of the 2020 general election.
By: orraz
Posted on: Dec 02 19:58
Los Angeles County is likely bringing back its mask mandate as Covid cases rise.
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Posted on: Dec 02 19:57
Kari Lake responded today to Obama-Judge John Tuchi’s decision to sanction her and Mark Finchem at the request of Maricopa County for daring to bring a lawsuit against the unreliable and corrupt voting machines.
Posted on: Dec 02 19:56

 Ohio Republicans are seeking for Ohio to become the seventh state to ban noncitizens from voting in elections.

By: orraz
Posted on: Dec 02 19:55
Joe Biden’s gender fluid “pup handler” DOE employee Sam Brinton was charged with felony theft for stealing a woman’s luggage last month at MSP airport in Minnesota.
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Posted on: Dec 02 19:55
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is warning GOP House members to vote for him for Speaker or else.
By: orraz
Posted on: Dec 02 19:54
Joe Biden on Friday signed H.J. Res. 100 to avert a nationwide rail shutdown after Congress intervened in union negotiations.
Posted on: Dec 02 19:53

Texan authorities became the first to use a robot to kill a suspect, when the Dallas Police Department in 2016 strapped an explosive device to the machine, remotely piloted it towards a gunman, and detonated it.

The robots can also be fitted with a device called a PAN, or Percussion Actuated NonElectric, disruptor. This device is a shotgun loaded with a "diverse selection of projectiles (i.e. liquid, solid, shot, frangible) to allow technicians to match projectiles to a given scenario," according to Evan A. Young of the United States Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Armaments Center.

The SFPD has "several PAN disruptors," reported Mission Local.

Posted on: Dec 02 17:22

Three weeks after Alex Jones was ordered to pay another $473 million in Sandy Hook judgements, bringing his total tab for the two cases to $1.48 billion, the Infowars founder and host filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Texas.

According to the Chapter 11 filing, which was filed on Wednesday but made public on Friday, Jones estimates his assets to be worth between $1 and $10 million, and his liabilities to be over $1 billion. He lists between 50 and 99 creditors that he owes.

Posted on: Dec 02 16:32

Just The News founder John Solomon believes that Special Counsel John Durham is preparing to go after the FBI. Solomon spoke about the special counsel’s investigation into the Trump-Russia witch hunt and what Durham’s next move might be.

Russian-born analyst Igor Danchenko — key source for the unverified Steele dossier that alleged ties between Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia — was arrested by federal agents last year as part of the Durham investigation. Solomon explained that he believes Durham is dealing with “two buckets.”

In one “bucket,” there are the last two indictments against officials who were connected to Hillary Clinton and their plan to feed the FBI false information about Trump-Russia conspiracies. He said the other “bucket” focuses on the FBI and whether agents knowingly mislead the FISA court to obtain warrants to spy on members of Trump’s 2016 campaign.

“But Durham developed really significant evidence that red flags, the stop-now warning signs go all the way back to August when Bruce Orr, in 2016 came to the FBI and said Christopher Steele is dumping a dossier. He hates Trump. He’s hired by Hillary Clinton and most of his information is raw and uncorroborated,” he said.

“A month after the CIA sends a warning to the FBI, this is something John Ratcliffe declassified, saying Hillary Clinton is trying to play a dirty trick on Donald Trump to tie him to Russia to get out of her e-mail thing. All through the fall, they keep a spreadsheet of what’s right and wrong with the Steele dossier. It’s all wrong. Can’t corroborate, they can’t collaborate the information. The FBI never should have started the investigation and I think that’s where John Durham’s investigation is focused right now,” he added.

Posted on: Dec 02 15:51

Arizona’s Republican gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake and Secretary of State nominee Mark Finchem have been sanctioned by an Obama-appointed U.S. District Judge John Tuchi in a lawsuit they filed to prevent the use of electronic voting machines in the Arizona November election. The Lake campaign said this is a message to those who lose an election not to take their case to court.

“This case is not about money or gain. It was essentially a public interest lawsuit seeking electoral integrity. It is very very rare to sanction a party in public interest suits,” said the Lake campaign in a statement shared with The Arizona Sun Times. “All in all this reads like an angry Obama appointee who wants to send a message. The message is if you lose shut up and don’t come to court. The message is not that you lost a case or acted in bad faith.”

Lake and Finchem initially filed this lawsuit back in April 2022. The lawsuit alleged that electronic voting machines used in Arizona’s elections are flawed and pose the risk of hackers tampering with election results. The complaint requested that Arizona use “tried and true” paper ballot counting methods such as live-streamed hand counts rather than electronic machines.

However, in May, Maricopa County alerted the plaintiffs that their lawsuit was “frivolous” and that they would file a motion to dismiss it and a motion for sanctions should the plaintiffs not dismiss it themselves. When that did not happen, the defendants and Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (D) filed a motion to dismiss the plaintiff’s lawsuit in early June.

Posted on: Dec 02 15:49

VoterGA released supporting evidence showing Herschel Walker did have 20,000 votes vanish from the amounts being reported by the media during the recent November election. 

We reported previously on suspect reporting in the 2022 Senate race in Georgia.  At one point in the evening, a large chunk of ballots was reported for Democrat Raphael Warnock that put him into the lead.

We also reported today that Warnock benefited more than any candidate in the US in the 2022 election from millions in donations from unemployed actors over the past year.  This is criminal.

Posted on: Dec 02 15:47

The U.S. Air Force will unveil its new B-21 Raider stealth bomber today (Dec. 2).

The B-21 Raider is the Air Force's first new bomber in over 30 years and has been called "the most advanced military aircraft ever built" by its manufacturer, Northrop Grumman. While the stealthy jet will be revealed  at the invite-only, tightly controlled event, the aircraft isn't expected to make its first flight until 2023, according to statements by an Air Force spokesperson given to Air Force Magazine(opens in new tab).

The B-21 Raider will be unveiled at a ceremony at Northrop Grumman's facility in Palmdale, California on Friday (Dec. 2) at 8:00 p.m. EST (0100 GMT on Dec. 3). You can watch the ceremony live on YouTube(opens in new tab) courtesy of Edwards Air Force Base. 

Posted on: Dec 02 15:12

West Virginia Democratic state Sen. Glenn Jeffries has switched his registration to the Republican Party. The state senator submitted paperwork to join the Republican caucus serving as a Democrat since 2016. The Republicans now hold a majority in the state senate of 31 senators. 

“I have the greatest respect for the many friends and supporters I have been blessed with during my time in public office,” Jeffries said in his announcement. “I hope to continue and strengthen those relationships going forward. Our politics have gotten so personal and difficult. I want to make sure that I serve constituents and our state in a respectful, thoughtful way that leads to a better life for all West Virginians.”

In a statement, the West Virginia Democratic Party responded by saying Jeffries made the change because of “discomfort with Democratic Party values.”

Posted on: Dec 02 15:11

Last year, a test of cephalopod smarts reinforced how important it is for us humans to not underestimate animal intelligence.

Cuttlefish were given a new version of the marshmallow test, and the results appeared to demonstrate that there's more going on in their strange little brains than we knew.

Their ability to learn and adapt, the researchers said, could have evolved to give cuttlefish an edge in the cutthroat eat-or-be-eaten marine world they live in.

The marshmallow test, or Stanford marshmallow experiment, is pretty straightforward.

Posted on: Dec 02 14:56

An Arizona county certified its midterm election results Thursday after a judge ruled that Republican supervisors had broken the law when they refused to sign off on the vote count by this week's deadline.

Two Republicans on Cochise County's three-member board of supervisors had said they weren't satisfied that the machines used to tabulate ballots were properly certified for use in elections. 

Federal and state election officials have said that they were. 

Webmaster addition: What is the point of certifying the election if certification is simply ordered from above?

Posted on: Dec 02 14:54

Although Ukraine’s power grid has been heavily hit, it is as nothing compared to what Syria is suffering this very day.

NATO’s BBC outlet reports that their NATO masters have promised to supply the rump Ukrainian Reich with yet more weapons and a pile of generators to keep Kiev’s Christmas lights burning brightly for both Christmas and Little Christmas. The problem, it seems, is that Russia’s Armed Forces have an increasing propensity to destroy Ukraine’s power grid, pulverize its water reserves and shred those NATO supplied weapons Ukraine does not offload onto Zelensky’s partners in the international black market.

NATO are unhappy with Russia’s actions, which they and their G7 flunkeys classify as war crimes, even though Russia’s actions are a watered down version of what NATO did in Iraq and what NATO and Israel currently continue to systematically do in both Syria and Gaza. The blockades of and systematic destruction of Serbia, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Gaza, Libya and a host of other countries NATO put on their butcher’s block show beyond any debate that it is NATO and her BBC apologists that belong both in the dock and on the gallows; not only is it a disgrace that these serial criminals have yet to face the harshest justice they richly deserve for their multiplicity of war crimes but their evasion of the hangman’s rope indicts us all.

Posted on: Dec 02 14:13

 The Armenian government approved on Thursday an edited text of the Armenian-U.S. Agreement Concerning Cooperation in the Area of Prevention of Proliferation of Technology, Pathogens and Expertise that Could be Used in the Development of Biological Weapons, which was signed in 2010.

The document allows Armenia to transfer samples of dangerous biological pathogens, collected on Armenian territory, to the United States for preventive, military and peaceful purposes at its own discretion.

The agreement has not been ratified due to mandatory requirements, including a provision that compelled Armenia to transfer samples of dangerous pathogens to the United States.

Tags: WMD
Posted on: Dec 02 14:13

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has received International Pioneer Award for unbending commitment to the principles of freedom and democracy, Ukrainian Ambassador to the United States Oksana Markarova said.

"Today, I have proudly received another, very special award for Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky. International Pioneer Award is the highest distinction from the American Legislative Exchange Council, the U.S. largest non-partisan organization of lawmakers at all levels. ALEC members constitute a quarter of the U.S. Congress and 20% of state legislators, and occupy about 300 elected official positions across America," the Ukrainian media quoted Markarova as saying on a social network early on Thursday morning.

Zelensky received the award for his leadership skills, "which changed the strategic map of the Western world forever" and won over "even those countries that have been historically neutral" towards Ukraine, she said.

The award is not annual, and only two persons have received to date, Markarova said.

Posted on: Dec 02 14:12

Ukrainian service members have been deserting their positions in the special military operation zone after a statement by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen who earlier this week revealed the number of Ukrainian losses over the past nine months, Andrey Marochko, an officer with the Lugansk People’s Republic’s (LPR) People’s Militia, said on Friday, citing intelligence data.

According to him, the scandal over the losses sustained by Ukraine in the course of the special military operation that was provoked by von der Leyen’s remark affected very negatively the morale of Ukrainian troops. "There has been increasingly more saboteurs and people deserting their positions [in the special operation zone], as well as more wrangling with commanders and hazing. Incidents of taking drugs and alcohol have also increased. Besides, social tensions have grown sharply in Ukraine," Marochko said. The families of Ukrainian service people have been storming military commissariats in their cities, defying the risk of arrest.

Posted on: Dec 02 14:11

The Ministry of Health in Gaza has held a press conference near the Israeli controlled Erez crossing in northern Gaza. The aim was to demand the entry of badly needed medical equipment and diagnostic devices into the blockaded Gaza Strip.

The Israeli regime refuses to allow the entry of medical equipment as well as spare parts for devices that are needed to treat thousands of patients in Gaza. Hospitals in the besieged coastal territory are in dire need of such equipment. 

Gaza’s health sector has been suffering under years of the Israeli blockade. Israel refuses to allow new medical equipment as well as spare parts to fix vital equipment especially those that are needed to treat cancer patients and diagnose severe illnesses.

The territory’s biggest medical center, Gaza's Shifa hospital, is struggling to provide health services due to lack of medical equipment. Hundreds of medical devices are currently out of order due to lack of spare parts.

Posted on: Dec 02 14:10

The head of Basij volunteer forces says the Islamic Republic of Iran successfully managed to thwart hybrid war planned by 47 foreign spy agencies during the recent foreign-backed riots in the country.

Addressing an event in the capital Tehran on Wednesday, Brigadier General Gholamreza Soleimani spoke about recent deadly riots in the country, which claimed many innocent lives, including those of security forces.

“Forty-seven spy agencies launched an all-out hybrid war against the Islamic Republic of Iran,” he said, adding that “disappointed with face-to-face war,” the enemy opted for “hybrid war” using media and psychological operations to deceive the Iranian nation into going with their tide.

Tags: IRAN
Posted on: Dec 02 14:08

Two former American diplomats have called on the administration of US President Joe Biden to no longer provide offensive weapons or military aid to Israel’s new regime, expressing fear that the far-right extremists would further aggravate the situation in the occupied cities of al-Quds and the West Bank.

Former US ambassador to Israel, Daniel Kurtzer, and former US State Department negotiator, Aaron David Miller, made the remarks in an opinion article published in the Washington post on Wednesday, following the victory of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the general election early this month.

Kurtzer and Miller-- who have worked on the so-called Palestinian-Israeli peace process--further stressed that while Washington should continue to support Tel Aviv's "legitimate security needs," it should oppose efforts to change the status of the West Bank, the al-Aqsa Mosque Compound and illegal settlement outposts.

They also expressed concern that the incoming regime will increase settlement activity, settler violence and allow the use of force by the Israeli security forces, arguing that such actions would lead to the end of the two-state solution.

Posted on: Dec 02 14:08

A Chinese government propaganda outlet is quietly pushing content about U.S. politics over TikTok even as U.S. officials work with its Chinese ownership to address mounting national security concerns.

Some in the U.S. government have long warned that TikTok, the first foreign social media service to take hold in the country, could be used by the Chinese Communist Party to spy on American data or influence culture through content recommendations.

The U.S. is currently negotiating a contract with TikTok aimed at resolving national security concerns without requiring its Beijing-based owner, ByteDance, to sell the hugely popular app, as reported by the New York Times.

Now Forbes has revealed an account racking up millions of views with politically charged coverage of U.S. news, and it’s run by a U.S.-based branch of the CCP’s main TV broadcaster, China Central Television.

Webmaster addition: The whole idea of freedom of speech is to allow people to speak to try and influence their fellow citizens politically, especially when it comes to elections. That's the whole point of that amendment. If the US tries to stop people from  sharing their political views, that is a violation of the First Amendment that delegitimizes the whole government! As for China, it is hypocritical for the United States, which regularly interferes in foreign nations' politics, to point fingers!

Posted on: Dec 02 14:04

A German nurse was accused of injecting more than 10,000 patients with saline solution rather than the COVID-19 vaccine.

She was sentenced to 6 months probation this week.

The nurse was identified as Antje T, the 40-year-old Red Cross nurse from the German district of Friesland.

It is still unclear how many who were injected with the saline eventually came down with COVID-19. 

Look for authorities to hide this number from the public.

Posted on: Dec 02 14:03

Imagine if the Mexican army started bombarding American ex-pats living in Mexico with heavy artillery-rounds killing thousands and leaving thousands more wounded. What do you think Joe Biden would do?

Would he brush it off like a big nothingburger and move on or would he threaten the Mexican government with a military invasion that would obliterate the Mexican Army, level their biggest cities, and send the government running for cover?

Which of these two options do you think Biden would choose?

There’s no doubt what Biden would do nor is there any question what the 45 presidents who preceded him would do. No US leader would ever stand by and do nothing while thousands of Americans were savagely slaughtered by a foreign government. That just wouldn’t happen. They’d all respond quickly and forcefully.

But if that’s true, then why isn’t the same standard applied to Russia? Isn’t the situation in Ukraine nearly identical?

Posted on: Dec 02 14:03

The high cost of living crisis in the United Kingdom has prompted Britons in some cities to eat pet food.

British media reported on Thursday that people were “eating pet food” because they can’t afford real food anymore.

According to the report, parts of Wales were hit so hard by poverty that people were forced to stoop to the lowest levels to just feed their families.

Posted on: Dec 02 14:00

The American leadership intends to work closely with Europe, helping it diversify energy resources and transition to clean energy in the future, US President Joe Biden said.

At a joint press conference with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron following the meeting at the White House, Biden stressed that the United States will work in close partnership with the European Union. "The United States is helping Europe to diversify its energy resources and abandon Russian natural gas in the near future," he stressed. In his opinion, this will accelerate the transition to environmentally friendly energy sources.

Earlier, US Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Resources Jeffrey Pyatt said that the United States supplies 70 percent of all exported American liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Europe. According to him, Washington is mobilizing its LNG export resources to meet the needs of Europe.

Posted on: Dec 02 13:59

A representative of the French Foreign Ministry said that he was preparing, together with his European and Ukrainian partners, to create a tribunal to investigate Russia's actions in Ukraine. According to him, the work has already begun.

"We have started working with our European and Ukrainian partners," RT quotes him as saying.

In addition, according to the representative of the French Foreign Ministry, France supports the investigation of the International Criminal Court in The Hague, conducted with the participation of the Ukrainian side. He believes that it is necessary to bring to justice those responsible for war crimes.

Posted on: Dec 02 13:59

The United States is instigating violations of international law by its speculations about the need for resuming the production of military equipment in Europe under Soviet licenses for subsequent supplies to Ukraine, the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation said on its website.

The US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, in an interview with CNN on November 30, came up with an idea of resuming the production of Soviet-designed combat systems at enterprises of the countries once affiliated with the former Warsaw Treaty Organization in order to supply these weapons to Kiev. As the service said, within the framework of cooperation with the USSR, the member-states of the Warsaw Treaty Organization did receive fraternal assistance in organizing the production of Soviet models of weapons and military equipment on their territory.

Posted on: Dec 02 13:58