The New World Order nobility may be receiving more roadblocks for their plans than they had anticipated.

The entire scam is based on the ignorance and complacence of the great mass of people in the western based economies.

Control of the West is essential for world domination.

We are the source of wealth and innovation which makes it imperative.

The new platform has begun to get rickety with energy problems, war and civil strife bubbling to the surface.

China is believed to be a huge source of economic and political power but actually without the West being a customer, China is a backwater without technology, markets, energy and foodstuffs. The government is unstable as shown in the past few weeks with the new attempted lockdowns. Their food shortages of the past two years are not mentioned by the simpletons of the media but contribute to general instability. The Chinese are a huge unknown to our “intellectual elite” whether they realize it or not. Control of the sluggish population of Chinese is an easy task compared to Europe and North American farmers but all are now stirring.

This does not even consider India and Russia. By adding these cards to the deck the game plan of the WEF attempted coup appears poorly designed with a small chance of successful domination. That leaves two options regarding their plans, either they are rather sophomoric or there is a plan simmering as yet unknown. I vote for sophomoric. All international schemes have revolved around the US for 100 years because of our ability to fund any type of debauchery. The current unknown is how do they expect the US consumer to drive the economies that they expect to dominate if we are poor, hungry and cold. Europe has been used as test bed for the new system as they are used to being dominated by a system of their betters.

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NBC executives are reportedly regretting renewing Jimmy Fallon’s $80 million contract, now that Greg Gutfeld of FOX News is the ratings king of late night TV.
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Send in the Ninja Turtles.

Subway crime in the New York City has jumped 30% in 2022 vs. one year ago, outpacing the 22% jump in major crimes across the city over the same period, Bloomberg reports, citing police data released this week.

The crime wave comes as an embarrassment to NYC Mayor Eric Adams (D) who deployed thousands of additional police patrols in the transit system in order to to reduce crime and put riders at ease.

"Once we stabilized that, we’re going to right-size," said Adams during a Thursday briefing, discussing the need to reduce the police force once crime is lower. "You’re going to see a normalizing of the number of people who are there."

The New York City Police Department is spending an additional $20 million per month on overtime costs on top of regular levels, which pushed its overtime spending to $272 million through November. That’s more than 70% of the annual overtime budget for the fiscal year that ends June 30, according to New York City Comptroller Brad Lander’s office. -Bloomberg

The rise in spending on the police comes as Adams grapples with critics who say the city isn't doing enough to tackle crime within the transit system. Ridership, meanwhile, has to 60% of 2019 levels.

Some City Council members, meanwhile, say the additional funding should be sent on other services such as schools and libraries.

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“We don’t do this.”

That response from Twitter to Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) is a singular indictment, coming at the height of Twitter’s censorship operations. Apparently, there were some things that even Twitter’s censors refused to do.

One of those things was silencing critics of Schiff and his House committee.

In the latest tranche of “Twitter Files,” journalist Matt Taibbi revealed that Twitter balked at Schiff’s demand that Twitter suspend an array of posters or label their content as “misinformation” and “reduce the visibility” of them. Among those who Schiff secretly tried to censor was New York Post columnist Paul Sperry.

Sperry drew Schiff’s ire by writing about a conversation allegedly overheard by one of his sources. Sperry’s article, which appeared in RealClearInvestigations, cited two sources as overhearing two White House staffers discussing how to remove newly-elected President Trump from office. The article raised the possibility of bias on the part of an alleged key player in launching the first Trump impeachment, CIA analyst Eric Ciaramella. The sources reportedly said that Ciaramella was in a conversation with Sean Misko, a holdover from the Obama administration who later joined Schiff’s staff. The conversation — in Sperry’s words — showed that “just days after [Trump] was sworn in they were already trying to get rid of him.”

Rather than simply refute the allegation, Schiff wanted Sperry and other critics silenced. His office reportedly laid out steps to cleanse Twitter of their criticism, including an instruction to “remove any and all content about Mr. Misko and other Committee staff from its service — to include quotes, retweets, and reactions to that content.”

The date of Schiff’s non-public letter in November 2020 is notable: Earlier that year, I wrote a column for The Hill criticizing Schiff for pushing for censorship of misinformation in a letter that he sent to social media companies. His office promptly objected to the very suggestion that Schiff supported censorship.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has come out with a guide for how we are all to speak and write. This can be found on the website titled, “Preferred Terms for Select Population Groups & Communities.” It is clear that this list is being read and distributed broadly – from medical institutions, hospitals, scientific communications, doctor’s offices, schools and universities, as well as other US Government agencies and institutes.

The CDC is the arm of the US Government tasked with disease control and prevention. It is not tasked with correcting wrong-speak.

Now, how exactly this guide fits in with the CDC mission is beyond me. Here is what the CDC lists as their mission on their website:

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The US power grid is under attack as extremists shoot, sabotage, and vandalize electrical equipment at power stations. One of the highest-profile attacks was when two men used guns to paralyze a substation in Washington state on Christmas Day, leaving thousands without electricity. The incident made national news, but strangely enough, another attack last week on the Las Vegas power grid went unnoticed by the national press.

Mohammad Mesmarian, 34, rammed his car through the gate of a solar power generation plant outside Las Vegas on Wednesday and set his car on fire, intending to damage a massive transformer, 8 News Now reported.

"Employees at the plant said they found a car smoldering in a generator pit," 8 News Now said, adding the Mega Solar Array facility provides power to 13 properties on the Las Vegas Strip, all belonging to MGM Resorts. 

Investigators believe Mesmarian "siphoned gasoline from his car to put on wires at the transformer," 8 News Now said, citing documents from investigators. 

"Mesmarian clarified he burned the Toyota Camry," police said. "Mesmarian said he burned the vehicle at a Tesla solar plant and did it 'for the future.'"

Here's security camera footage of Mesmarian lighting his car on fire next to a giant transformer. 

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The ‘end of history’ has concluded and the world has returned to conflicts between ‘great powers’. Let’s hope it doesn’t turn nuclear...

By Ivan Timofeev, Valdai Club Programme Director & one of Russia’s leading foreign policy experts.

In 1989, the ‘short 20th century’ concluded with the ‘end of history’ – the victory of the Western capitalist world over the Soviet socialist project. At that time, there was not a single country, or community, left in the world which offered a realistic alternative to the US-led view of the organization of the economy, society, and the political system.

The Soviet bloc dissolved itself. A large part of it quickly integrated into NATO and the European Union. Other major world players had begun to integrate organically into the Western-centered world system long before the end of the Cold War. China retained a high level of sovereignty in terms of its domestic order, but quickly moved into a capitalist economy, actively trading with the US, EU, and the rest of the world.

Beijing, meanwhile, shied away from promoting the socialist project abroad. India had avoided claiming global projects of its own, although it has, to this day, also maintained a high level of identity in its political system and has so far shied away from joining blocs and alliances. Other major players also remained within the rules of the ‘liberal world order’ game, avoiding attempts to challenge it.

Individual rebels, such as Iran and North Korea, did not pose much of a threat, although they raised concerns with their stubborn resistance, persistent promotion of nuclear programs, successful adaptation to sanctions, and for the most part, any potential military attack was ruled out because of its high cost. For a brief period, it seemed that the global challenge might come from radical Islamism. But it could not shake the existing order either.

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The fact that American living standards have broadly stagnated, and for some segments of the population have declined, should be cause for real concern to the ruling class...

Image removed.

America ran out of frontier when we hit the Pacific Ocean. And that changed things. Alaska and Hawaii were too far away to figure in most people’s aspirations, so for decades, it was the West Coast states and especially California that represented dreams and possibilities in the national imagination. The American dream reached its apotheosis in California. After World War II, the state became our collective tomorrow. But today, it looks more like a future that the rest of the country should avoid—a place where a few coastal enclaves have grown fabulously wealthy while everyone else falls further and further behind.

After World War II, California led the way on every front. The population was growing quickly as people moved to the state in search of opportunity and young families had children. The economy was vibrant and diverse. Southern California benefited from the presence of defense contractors. San Diego was a Navy town, and demobilized GIs returning from the Pacific Front decided to stay and put down roots. Between 1950 and 1960, the population of the Los Angeles metropolitan area swelled from 4,046,000 to 6,530,000. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory was inaugurated in the 1930s by researchers at the California Institute of Technology. One of the founders, Jack Parsons, became a prominent member of an occult sect in the late 1940s based in Pasadena that practiced “Thelemic Magick” in ceremonies called the “Babalon Working.” L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology (1950), was an associate of Parsons and rented rooms in his home. The counterculture, or rather, countercultures, had deep roots in the state.

Youth culture was born in California, arising out of a combination of rapid growth, the Baby Boom, the general absence of extended families, plentiful sunshine, the car culture, and the space afforded by newly built suburbs where teenagers could be relatively free from adult supervision. Tom Wolfe memorably described this era in his 1963 essay “The Kandy-Colored Tangerine Flake Streamline, Baby.” The student protest movement began in California too. In 1960, hundreds of protesters, many from the University of California at Berkeley, sought to disrupt a hearing of the House Un-American Activities Committee at the San Francisco City Hall. The police turned fire hoses on the crowd and arrested over thirty students. The Baby Boomers may have inherited the protest movement, but they didn’t create it. Its founders were part of the Silent Generation. Clark Kerr, the president of the UC system who earned a reputation for giving student protesters what they wanted, was from the Greatest Generation. Something in California, and in America, had already changed.

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After four grueling days and 15 votes, Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) is finally Speaker of the House - but not without having made a pile of concessions to a group of hard-line Republicans who think he'll be too accommodating to uniparty interests.

The last vote came after a dramatic scene, where during the 14th vote Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) threw a wrench in the gears - voting 'present,' which left McCarthy just one vote short of victory.

McCarthy - who clearly thought he had a deal, stormed up to Gaetz and exchanged words, during which a visibly angry Rep. Mike Rodgers bolted towards Gaetz and had to be muzzled and restrained.

During the final, 15th ballot, enough holdouts voted 'present' to bring the total required number of votes low enough for McCarthy to finally win around midnight.

Here's what McCarthy had to give up for the votes, according to The Epoch Times' Roger L. Simon, who interviewed first-year Congressman Andrew Ogles (R-TN), who has yet to be sworn in;

I spoke with Ogles by phone the night of Jan. 6, 2023, before the roll call vote during which, it was said, two of the remaining rejectionists who couldn’t accept McCarthy personally would absent themselves so that the magic number would be lowered and the new Speaker could go over the top.

Apropos, Ogles informed me that what many had guessed was true. His absence from voting in a previous round was also planned. He waited to see that all was going according to plan before stepping forward to flip his vote to McCarthy after the initial round.  

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After all of the criticism I’ve directed toward Coronamaniacs and the Vaxxmongers over the past three years - in-person and online - I know that many of them have wished that I’d get very sick and die “from Covid.” If I had, they would have gleefully jeered me, as many did when lockdown critic Herman Cain died. Bear in mind that Mr. Cain was 74 and had Stage IV cancer.

Image removed.

But I haven’t died “from Covid.” Like the super-vast majority of people, I was never at any risk of doing so. 

While I’d prefer to never get sick, I always knew it was possible that I might “get Covid,” just as I had gotten some other, prior, unnamed coronavirus-driven colds or flus. It’s how life is, has been and will always be. Many people seem to be sick lately. It doesn’t help immune function to be in the low light/low Vitamin D state of winter. And during the past three years of disrupted social life, our immune systems haven’t been properly tested.

Many have said that, by Spring, 2022, everyone had been exposed to Covid-causing coronaviruses. Maybe it’s true, though it sounds like hyperbole; I’m not sure how this could be known. Regardless, except for one February, 2020 day of malaise, and then a week-long dry cough with no apparent cause—perhaps a quick, nearly asymptomatic, pre-Lockdown brush with Covid, or perhaps nothing at all—I’ve felt fine for the past three years. 

Last week, on the day after Christmas, that changed.

My muscles started to ache. These aches spread and lasted for three days, accompanied by a tight chest and a banging headache. On Day 2, I also got a high fever. I let the fever crest until I took some Tylenol to moderate my temperature. Serial doses over the next two days quelled the headaches. My wife got sick the day after I did and exhibited the same symptoms.

By our respective Day 4s, we each felt much better. 

Aside from the fever, we didn’t have the publicized, original Covid symptoms: shortness of breath, dry cough and fatigue. Plus, for what it’s worth, we each tested negative on home antigen tests that my wife had gotten in the mail. Thus, we mutually guessed that we probably had some form of flu. I didn’t care whether or not I had “had Covid.” That diagnosis never scared me. I only cared that we felt sick for three days. 

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The International Space Station (ISS) has proven to be a great example of human technological achievement and has existed as a platform for global connection, diplomacy, peace and cooperation.  It has played a valuable and noble role in supporting the peaceful scientific endeavors of multiple nations and communities for over two decades. But, as it continues into its final decade of life – NASA announced in January of 2022 that it plans to “de-orbit” the ISS in 2031 – it is definitely starting to show its limitations. All good things must come to an end, and in this regard, the ISS is no different than any other good thing.  

More broadly, these limitations, and the looming expiration of the ISS generally, reinforce the need for continuing the important pursuit of American independence in space. Certainly, the ISS has supported numerous international missions over the past twenty years, where astronauts from all backgrounds have worked together to advance human activity in space. 

That said, American access to the ISS has faced several complications over the years, a lesson that we should strive to heed moving forward. A few examples make the point. When the U.S. space shuttle program ended, America had to depend on the Russian Soyuz to travel to and return from the station – a situation that may have worked when relations between the U.S. and Russian Federation were amiable, but now problematic in the wake of Russia’s war on Ukraine. In fact, early in the war on Ukraine, Russian authorities threateningly hinted that they could leave an American stranded on the ISS.

And as contemptible as Russia’s pressures have been, other incidents remind of the need to keep pressing toward the goal of independence in space. Most recently in December, a major coolant leak occurred on the Soyuz spacecraft docked at the ISS, a challenge that, while not immediately life-threatening to personnel onboard, poses new problems for return flights to Earth. The Soyuz spacecraft is on station standing by as a “lifeboat” in the event of an emergency where ISS inhabitants need to evacuate.     

The cause of the leak remains unknown and investigations have yet to determine the origin of the malfunction. Thankfully, news reports on the leak and subsequent actions have indicated that both U.S. and Russia have been coordinating closely throughout the ordeal. However, the entire leak episode is another problematic example of American astronauts operating at the mercy of a foreign power’s capability, reliability and technology. It is all the more reason for why America can’t pull its foot off the gas in re-building our human spaceflight program, enhancing our space access platforms and capabilities, and ensuring that our own backup systems and assets are ready for any number of plausible contingency operations or needs.  

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Morocco in recent months has started to link the opening of an embassy in Tel Aviv to formal recognition by the Israeli government of its sovereignty in Western Sahara, four current and former Israeli officials directly involved in the issue told Axios.

The big picture: Then-President Trump’s recognition of Western Sahara as part of Morocco two years ago was part of a broader deal that included the reestablishment of diplomatic relations between Israel and Morocco.

  • Morocco opened diplomatic liaison offices in Israel in lieu of embassies, but in January 2021, King Mohammed VI told Netanyahu in a call that he was committed to opening embassies as part of the next phase of the process.

Flashback: During a visit to Morocco last June, then-Israeli Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked told local media that Israel recognizes Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara.

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In April 2017, the US Defense Department announced that it dropped its most powerful non-nuclear bomb in Momand Dara village in Achin.  

The residents of Achin district in the eastern province of Nangarhar province said they are still suffering from the aftermath of the GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB) dropped by the US forces in the district in 2017.

The residents said they could not reconstruct their homes destroyed in the bombing.

In April 2017, the US Defense Department announced that it dropped its most powerful non-nuclear bomb in Momand Dara village in Achin.  

The residents called for the implementation of development projects in the district.

“Nearly 30 houses were destroyed in the bombing and dozens of others around them were damaged,” said Omid, a resident of Momand Dara. 

“One or two families have returned. Others don’t have the ability to reconstruct their homes. Some families are living under the tents,” said Saleem, a resident of Kabul. 

The only transit route to the district is through Khama district and the closest health center is located within 8 kilometers, according to the residents. 

After six years, the residents said severe impacts of the bombing are still visible in the area, including diseases among the residents, livestock and agriculture.

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The researchers in this study looked at blood samples from 16 myocarditis patients, confirmed to have high levels of serum cardiac troponin T. All developed myocarditis after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, typically within a week of the second dose. However, a few became sick after the first dose or booster dose. Over 80% were male.

They were studied by antibody profiling, including antibodies to the virus, autoantibodies or antibodies to the virome, and the analysis of T cells specifically directed against the virus. In addition, cytokine and antigen profiles were determined. These measurements were compared with those of 45 vaccinated controls, who were of similar age and health.

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Building on millennia of learning how to structure and manage an economy to accumulate and consolidate control and wealth in particular hands, as explained in Part 1 of this investigation, the Global Elite launched its final coup in January 2020 under cover of the fake Covid-19 ‘pandemic’.

Using the health threat supposedly implied by the existence of a pathogenic ‘virus’, the bulk of the world population was terrorized into submitting to an onerous series of violations of their human rights which was tantamount to a declaration of martial law. See ‘The Final Battle For Humanity: It Is “Now or Never” In The Long War Against Homo Sapiens’.

Under a barrage of propaganda delivered by Elite agents – including organizations such as the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, the World Health Organisation, governments, the pharmaceutical industry and corporate media as well as individuals such as Klaus Schwab, Yuval Noah Harari and Bill Gates – people were compelled to wear masks, use QR codes, stay locked down in their homes and, later, submit to a series of experimental but involuntary gene-altering bioweapons to acquire a ‘vaccine passport’, among other measures.

Particularly importantly, these restrictions effectively shut down the mainstream economy with vast sectors of industry either closed outright or unable to function in the absence of locked-down or, later, bioweapon-injured or bioweapon-killed staff. For just one discussion of the vast evidence available of Covid-19 ‘vaccine’ injuries and deaths, watch ‘3.5 BILLION could be injured or killed by the jab. Are YOU ready?’ which is briefly discussed here: ‘Dr. David Martin blasts health authorities for turning roughly 4 billion people into “bioweapons factories”’.

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Remember Event 201 of 18 October 2019 in NYC, hosted by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, in partnership with the WEF (World Economic Forum) and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation? Of course, WHO was also present, and so were all the Globalist players, including the World Bank, IMF and – of indeed the UN and many of its sub-organization. See this

This was a “tabletop” simulation, as they call it – of a corona pandemic that may hit the entire world population “one of these days”…

It happened less than three months later. The rest is history.


Now, the same suspects, replacing officially the WEF by WHO as a key sponsor, used the Event of the Grand Challenges Annual Meeting in Brussels, Belgium, on October 23, 2022 for a similar “tabletop” exercise, this time called “Catastrophic Contagion” – see this.

Is it a coincidence that the venue of this Event is Brussels, Headquarters of the EU and NATO?

Strange that this surfaced only now. And be assured, the WEF was omni-present.

In fact, without the WEF nothing of this kind would happen. Because the WEF is the Executing Branch of Big Finance – the corporate finance-digito-military complex, that directs the world from the shadows of Washington.

It is strange that hardly anything surfaced from this event for almost two months. Why was it kept secret until now?

Well, instead of, or in addition to the vassalic UN organizations and Washington controlled financial institutions, like World Bank and IMF – they invited an extraordinary group of participants, consisting of 10 current and former Health Ministers and senior public health officials from Senegal, Rwanda, Nigeria, Angola, Liberia, Singapore, India, Germany. Of particular interest are African countries.

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Excess mortality is reported from Norway – and all over the western world or Global North. Excesses never heard before. In the ranges of between 15% and 25%. In some countries even higher. Worrisome. No clear causes can be detected.

See this.

Already more than a year ago Dr. Michael Yeadon, former VP Pfizer and Chief of Science at Pfizer, warned that excess deaths will appear in the next 3-5 and even up to ten years, because of the false and criminal, untested mRNA vaxxes.

He elaborates. After all the boosters – 3 to 4 shots – the immune system has lost up to 80% of its defenses. Thus, people are more vulnerable to catching any kind of disease. Plus, myocarditis and sudden deaths are on the rise – even in young people, especially those who practice sport or are sports professionals.

In addition, graphene oxide injection and other concoctions being injected, cause all sorts of cancers, mostly in reproductive systems of men and women, as well as several types of cancers of the blood, of the eyes causing blindness… liver and kidney diseases… and much more.

In addition, these injections, called vaccines, also cause massive infertility. In some countries life-childbirth was down by up to 40% in 2022.

Dr. Yeadon warned that the diseases will be very difficult to trace back to the vaxxes, but that’s where the origin is.

A clear eugenics agenda, mass depopulation, unprecedented.

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A Canadian doctor who's personally euthanized more than 400 people said she helped kill a man who was previously deemed unsuitable for assisted suicide. 

Ellen Wiebe, a doctor who works with Dying With Dignity Canada, boasted in a seminar for physicians working in assisted suicide about the time she treated a patient who did not qualify for the end of life service. 

A Medical Assistance In Dying (MAID) assessor had rejected the unnamed man because he did not have a serious illness or 'the capacity to make informed decisions about his own personal health.'

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As The Gateway Pundit previously reported back in February 2021 — Twitter permanently suspended top conservative investigative reporter Paul Sperry.

Sperry was the first reporter to identify Eric Ciaramella as the CIA “whistleblower” behind the first junk impeachment trial of President Trump.
Paul Sperry also reported on Ciaramella’s plot to remove President Trump from office.

Sperry’s Twitter suspension came after Project Veritas was banned the week before and The Gateway Pundit was banned from Twitter two weeks before that.

We reached out to Paul Sperry at the time and here is what he told us about his suspension.

Paul Sperry: There were no warnings. No rules were broken They just don’t like my content because of their politics. They’re trying to claim I’m a “robot” when of course they know better. Tyrants. This is the second time I’ve been harassed since Trump was banned. They are trying to push me off their platform and silence my voice through harassment. If they can harass and silence a professional journalist, they can silence anybody.

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South Dakota Govenor Kristi Noem is demanding answers on how federal agencies allowed her personal information to become public in the aftermath of record releases from the Jan. 6 committee, as well as how these agencies plan to combat the potential results of this leak.

"My lawyers have asked the @WhiteHouse, the @USNatArchives, and @BennieGThompson which of them is responsible for leaking the Social Security Numbers of me, my husband, my 3 kids, and my son-in-law." Noem tweeted on Friday evening following the leak of her and her loved ones private information. "What specific measures and remedies will be taken to protect our identities?"

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One of the greatest triumphs of Zionism is to have neutralized reaction to its genocidal expulsion of the Palestinians in 1948, the Nakba. Even after Israel’s own “New Historians” exposed the irrefutable facts, in the 1980s, the Western world’s fixation on “Israel’s right to exist” scarcely budged. Backed by such mantras, Zionists only had to ease back on their beloved version of Israel’s “War of Independence” (David versus Goliath, etc.) and make a few concessions to the grim realities of war. They correctly calculated that peoples’ hearts were still with the Holocaust survivors, struggling in the fog and fear of a hard-fought war to create a safe haven for the Jewish people. Sensitive souls might shed a few tears over the tragic excesses (“on both sides”) but they could cling to Israel’s basic goodness and necessity – and still trust it to find a solution to the “plight of the Palestinians.”

A good example of this neutralization is Ari Shavit’s 2013 book, My Promised Land: The Triumph and the Tragedy of Israel, in which he “courageously” confronts painful facts, such as the war crime expressly ordered by Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion and executed by future prime minister Yitzhak Rabin to expel the inhabitants of Lydda (now Lod) in 1948. Shavit admits to himself the truth: “If Zionism was to be, Lydda could not be.” In a final cri de coeur he declares, “I’ll stand by the damned. Because I know that if it wasn’t for them, the State of Israel would not have been born.” The book received awards, and rapturous reviews as proof of Israeli sensitivity and moral courage.

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