"Americans have the will to resist because they have weapons. If you don't have a gun, freedom of speech has no power." -- Yoshimi Ishikawa, Japanese author, in the LA Times 15 Oct 1992

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A 14-year-old girl in Illinois has recently collapsed on the basketball court and died. People want to know what the heck is causing athletes to drop.

Ivory Hecker asked esteemed cardiologist, Dr. Peter McCullough, if the COVID shots are responsible:

Dr. McCullough answered:

“Whenever there’s a death during sports, the first thing we consider is hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, or a thickness of the heart that tends to develop during puberty. It is genetic, and it’s the leading cause of athlete death.”

However, he mentioned that athletes typically undergo health screenings, including physical exams, EKGs, and cardiac ultrasounds, to detect issues like hypertrophic cardiomyopathy ahead of time.

Dr. McCullough raised concerns about the COVID shots. He says the first presentation of vaccine-induced myocarditis is often sudden death:

“Vaccination causes myocarditis, mainly in boys, less so in girls. But a recent paper by Hulscher and colleagues … found that the COVID vaccine myocarditis is fatal, and most people don’t get a chance to have an MRI or get the diagnosis made ahead of time. The first presentation could be like this: sudden cardiac death on the basketball court.”

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Capitalism has brought us to the brink of environmental collapse on multiple fronts. US empire-building has brought us to the brink of nuclear war on multiple fronts. But if you listen to the mainstream media both these systems are working fine and only lunatics want to change them.

The evidence is in and the case is closed: our dominant status quo systems are not working. They failed as spectacularly as anything can fail, and now present an existential threat to all of us. But this underlying truth is being hidden from view so we’ll keep consenting to them.

Fighting propaganda and shattering the illusion that the sources we’ve been trained to look to for information are telling us the truth about our world has now become a matter of life and death. Fighting the lies so we can start pushing for real change is a matter of survival.

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Volodymyr Zelenskiy asked his most senior military commander, Valerii Zaluzhnyi, to step down on Monday but the popular general refused, triggering speculation that he will be dismissed instead.

Tensions between the two have been simmering for weeks amid the failure of Ukraine’s summer counter-offensive but the suggestion that Zaluzhnyi could be forced out nevertheless came as a shock to many.

Oleksii Goncharenko, a Ukrainian opposition MP and ally of the general, told the Guardian that he understood that “yesterday the president asked Zaluzhnyi to resign but he declined to do so”.

He blamed personality clashes for the conflict. “Personally I think this is a bad idea. There are not fundamental issues between them but Zelenskiy’s office has been concerned that Zaluzhnyi has been making political not military statements,” Goncharenko said.

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Joe Biden has expended a lot of effort to avoid taking Benjamin Netanyahu at his word.

The Israeli prime minister has spent his political life opposing a Palestinian state and acting accordingly. And although Biden has trotted out a rote commitment to the two-state solution when confronted with a crisis in the Middle East, there was barely a murmur from the White House as Netanyahu’s far-right government ramped up creeping colonisation of the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem and hardened its domination of the Palestinians who live there.

So last week’s pronouncement by Netanyahu that there will be no Palestinian state, and that he intends to perpetuate Israel’s brand of apartheid through permanent military control of the West Bank, was no great revelation to Washington. The timing, however, means that this time it cannot be so easily shunted aside.

One effect of the Hamas attack on 7 October has been to push the Palestinian question back into the diplomatic spotlight after the US and its allies all but abandoned any real attempt to resolve the conflict in recent years and consigned it to the shadows.

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After the Biden administration twice bypassed Congress to approve arms transfers to Israel as it wages a genocidal war on Gaza, 19 U.S. lawmakers on Monday asked Secretary of State Antony Blinken to explain the "highly unusual" transactions.

"The Arms Export Control Act (AECA) requires the State Department, on behalf of the president, to provide Congress advance notification of government-to-government foreign military sales of defense equipment. That notification is designed to allow Congress the opportunity to raise questions or objections before a sale is complete," the lawmakers wrote in a letter to Blinken led by Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Jim McGovern, both Massachusetts Democrats.

The AECA also contains an exemption to the notification requirement if the secretary of state certifies the existence of an "emergency."

However, the letter asserts that "it is highly unusual for the president to bypass congressional oversight through an emergency declaration."

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In a dramatic turn of events, Texas Governor Greg Abbott declares an ‘invasion,’ invoking the state’s constitutional right to defend and protect its border. Abbott accuses President Biden of abandoning federal immigration laws and neglecting border security duties.
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Earlier this week, Iranian-backed forces launched a drone attack that killed three US soldiers at the Tower 22 outpost in the sovereign nation of Jordan. Fears of a wider regional war breaking out have never been higher.

Tower 22 is a logistical safe zone within walking distance of Syria used to support the al-Tanf airbase, which is illegally situated in US-occupied Syrian territory. The al-Tanf facility, which Jewish foreign policy makers established during Operation Inherent Resolve to prevent Syrian access to the Damascus-Baghdad highway, is a permanent source of regional mischief.

Multiple intelligence services, local Arab tribesmen, and former paramilitary operatives employed by the CIA at al-Tanf have accused the base of being a covert training and provisions center for both ISIS and Al-Qaeda. Fighters are given weapons, then dispatched to wreak havoc against Russian, Syrian and Iranian troops and civilians throughout Homs and Deir ez-Zor, as well as in nearby Iraqi territory.

For this reason, the al-Tanf base and its surrounding 34 mile “deconfliction zone” has for years been targeted by a myriad of actors, including the Russian air force.

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Over the past ten days there have been several interesting developments in the continuing ethnic cleansing of Gaza, as well as increasingly on the West Bank, by the Israeli military supplemented by armed settlers. In one particularly grotesque killing, Israeli commandos disguised as medical staff and Arab civilians burst into a hospital room in Jenin refugee camp on the West Bank and shot dead three Palestinians. The Israeli military said one of the victims belonged to Hamas and was planning an imminent attack “inspired by the events of October 7” but provided no evidence in support of the claim. Palestinian hospital staff reported afterwards how “They raided one of the patients’ rooms and killed him, and the people who were in the room with him, his brother and friend. He was a patient, paralyzed and using a wheelchair.” One might observe that Israel, like the White House, lies about everything.

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The GEOFOR editorial board asked Paul Craig Roberts, Chairman of the Institute for Political Economy (USA), a PhD in Economics and US Undersecretary of Treasury in the Reagan administration, to give his assessment of the prospects for confrontation between Israel and Hamas, the likelihood of war between the United States and Iran, as well as the future of BRICS and the constitutional crisis in the US.

GEOFOR: In your publications you point to the need for a mutual defense treaty between Russia, China and Iran. What practical benefits do you see from such an alliance? The possibility of preventing a U.S. strike on Iran, either directly or with the help of Israel? And how realistic do you see the trilateral alliance in the current environment? Especially since Beijing has for decades avoided making such a commitment.

Paul Craig Roberts: The conflict between Israel and Hamas has already widened to Israel vs. Hamas and Hezbollah, to the US/UK vs. Houthis, and now with the attack on a US base in Jordan to the prospect of a US attack on Iran or on Iranian officials. We will be very lucky to escape a US attack on Iran. Israel, which has extraordinary influence on US policy in the Middle East, has been pushing Washington for many years to attack Iran. Such an attack has the support of the majority of the US Congress and is fervently desired by Israel’s neoconservative allies, such as Victoria Nuland, who hold powerful positions in the US government. It would require a miracle for a US attack on Iran not to start a major war from which Russia and China could not stand aside.

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Wow, our economic problems really are starting to accelerate at a shocking pace.  I know that I have been writing about layoffs a lot lately, but what is happening to the employment market right now is definitely big news.   Day after day, more large companies are announcing mass layoffs.  Why would all of these large companies be doing this if the outlook for the U.S. economy is promising?  That wouldn’t make any sense at all.  But if these companies are convinced that the U.S. economy is heading into a recession (or worse), it would make perfect sense to slash payrolls at this time.
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The ICJ Judgment of January 26, 2024 assigns the Netanyahu government representing the State of Israel –accused by the Republic of South Africa of genocide against the People of Palestine– with a mandate to “take all measures within its power” to “prevent and punish” those responsible for having committed “Genocidal Acts”. (under Article IV of the Genocide Convention)

Sounds contradictory? What the ICJ judgment intimates –from a twisted legal standpoint– is that Netanyahu’s Cabinet “appointed” to implement  the “prevent and punish” mandate cannot be accused of having committed “Genocidal Acts”.

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After the Americans looked at the military warehouses, they gave up on the attack on Iran. Weapons and ammunition in barely a month.
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The EU successfully pressured Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban to approve a 50 billion euro ($54 billion) aid package to Ukraine, and EU leaders agreed to push through the spending on Thursday.

Ahead of the summit, Financial Times reported that the EU was threatening to sabotage Hungary’s economy if Orban vetoed the spending package. A European diplomat acknowledged to FT that the strategy was “blackmail.”

Orban also held one-on-one meetings with some other European leaders who convinced him to approve the aid.

The 50 billion euros is economic aid meant to be disbursed to Ukraine from 2024 to 2027. As part of the negotiations, Orban wanted a chance to veto payments to Ukraine each year. But EU officials refused that condition and settled on allowing regular reviews of the spending.

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We’re now apparently on the verge of war with Iran.
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The mobile phones of more than 30 people in Jordan, including journalists, lawyers and activists, were hacked with the Israeli-made Pegasus spyware over several years, a new investigation has found.

The joint investigation, conducted by the Access Now internet advocacy group, the Citizen Lab rights group and other partners, highlighted on Thursday at least 35 cases of people who were targeted with the software, which is made by Israel’s NSO Group. Most of the cases dated from 2020 to late 2023.

“We believe this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the use of Pegasus spyware in Jordan, and that the true number of victims is likely much higher,” Access Now said.

While its report refrained from accusing Jordan’s government of deploying the spyware, it signalled that its use coincided with a dialling up of repression of “citizens’ rights to freedom of expression, association and peaceful assembly”.

The Jordanian government had no immediate comment on the report.

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Illegal Israeli Jewish settlers today uprooted 450 olive and almond saplings in the village of Deir Sharaf, west of Nablus.

In west Bethlehem, Israeli soldiers and settlers also uprooted about 300 vine trees in the village of Israeli occupation forces and colonists Thursday uprooted about 300 vine trees in the village of Battir, west of Bethlehem. 

Olive and Almond Trees 

Ghazi Antri, the landowner in Deir Sharaf, said that he entered his land, located in proximity to the illegal settlement bloc of Shafi Shomron, but he was completely shocked to find out that Jewish settlers had uprooted about 450 olive and almond saplings from his ten-dunum of land.

Antri explained to the official news agency WAFA that he had been working on his land since the beginning of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, where he planted approximately 250 trees, in addition to 200 that were previously planted in the same location. 

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To the great shock of many Democrats, Donald Trump is in a very good position to become president. He is dominating in the GOP primaries. And even some general election polls have him beating Joe Biden.

The progressive left does not seem as if they are taking this news very well. Panic is setting in among those who believe Trump is a dictator, set on destroying our democracy.

A group of far-left protestors descended on a conservative think tank in Washington. While protesting the possible return of a President Trump, they announced what their plans were to intimidate conservatives. And it looks like they are coming for your churches.

From Breitbart:
Radical leftists plotting to stop former President Donald Trump from winning re-election in 2024 recently came to Washington, DC, to stage a rally and intimidate staffers for a conservative think tank working on plans to join his prospective administration should Trump win.

One of the activists speaking at the rally on Saturday was captured on video threatening to harass staffers at their homes and churches.

“We need to go find out where they live, where they go to church, who they hang around with, and bird dog they asses.” Cheering and a reply of “Hell yeah!” could be heard in the video.

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It should come as no surprise to many readers to learn that blue states are in trouble. Progressive policies, passed by their Democrat governors, have led to disasters in many states.

Blue states are no longer prosecuting crimes like shoplifting. They are not enforcing the border. And they appear to be doing nothing about the homelessness epidemic.

But one blue state has gone beyond all the others. It passed a law in 2020 that decriminalizes all drug use. Yes, all drug use. Now, the governor has been forced to declare a state of emergency.

From Daily Wire:
The Democrat governor of Oregon — the first state in the nation to decriminalize drug use in 2020—  has declared a 90-day state of emergency in Portland because of the magnitude of the fentanyl problem there…

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Third-Worlders killed three Americans in Jordan over the weekend, and our political establishment is ready to start World War III. Which is more of a national security threat: terrorists 6,000 miles away, or our wide-open border?

People have different ways of evaluating threats, but the most basic test is: Which one kills more U.S. citizens?

Americans killed by Islamic terrorists in Islamic lands so far this year: 3.

Americans killed by Third-Worlders who entered our country illegally so far this year: 150.

I’m not even counting the 100,000 Americans who die annually of fentanyl and meth delivered by Mexican drug cartels. That’s 270 deaths a day right there.

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Governor Ron DeSantis has voiced that he wants to send military troops to Texas in order to protect the southern border. The Republican governor also claimed that President Joe Biden and his administration are downplaying the chaos while not stepping up.

The Florida Legislature appeared willing to comply.

A bill that would allow the governor to dispatch the Florida State Guard to whatever location he chooses is now in the works.

“The states being able to step up, ensure the sovereignty of their territory and the sovereignty of our country,” DeSantis (R-Fla.) said last week. “It’s something that’s appropriate. It’s something the founders envisioned if you had a derelict executive in the federal government.”

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The US used last year’s largest-ever joint drills with Australia to create new stockpiles of equipment in the country, in preparation for a potential conflict with China over Taiwan, Reuters reported on Wednesday, citing sources.

According to US officials interviewed by the agency, the war materiel was stashed during the Talisman Sabre exercises last July and August. The drills, which were held in and around Australia, involved more than 34,000 troops from 13 nations and focused on boosting combat readiness and logistical capabilities.

The equipment from the exercises included 330 vehicles and trailers and 130 containers stored in the southeastern part of Australia, Reuters reported. It added that in the event of a conflict, this would be enough to supply about three logistics companies with a combined strength of 500 or more soldiers. Alternatively, the equipment could be used during future drills or to deal with a potential natural disaster.

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A senior Ukrainian Air Force official rejected a donation of Australian fighter-bombers, calling them “flying trash,” the Australian Financial Review (AFR) reported on Tuesday. Kiev later changed its mind and asked for the planes months later, but the aircraft had already been scrapped.

The idea of handing over 41 of the Royal Australian Air Force’s retired F/A-18 Hornet jets was first floated last March. Two months later at the G7 summit in Japan, US President Joe Biden gave the green light to his Western allies to send American-made fourth-generation jets to Ukraine.

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Israel has agreed to a ceasefire proposal that would halt its war with Hamas, Al Jazeera reported on Thursday, citing the Qatari Foreign Ministry. Hamas has reportedly responded to the plan in a “positive atmosphere.” 

The ceasefire plan was hashed out in Paris over the weekend, with Qatari and Egyptian diplomats mediating between Israel and the Palestinian militant group. Delegations from West Jerusalem and Gaza had left the French capital promising to study the proposal and negotiate further, and by Thursday evening, a deal was apparently within reach.

“Israel agreed to the ceasefire proposal and we have initial positive confirmation from Hamas,” a spokesman for the Qatari Foreign Ministry said on Thursday evening, according to Al Jazeera. “We are awaiting their response,” the spokesman added.

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The United States is poised to launch strikes in Iraq and Syria against targets that include Iranian personnel and facilities, according to senior U.S. officials.

President Joe Biden said Tuesday he had made up his mind on how to respond to the drone strike in northeastern Jordan near the Syrian border that killed three American soldiers and wounded more than 40. 

The U.S. blamed the drone attack on Iran-backed militants.

On Thursday, CBS News reported that plans for days of strikes had been approved. 

Biden's top diplomat, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, said on Monday the U.S. response 'could be multi-leveled, come in stages, and be sustained over time.'

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