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"When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own house, his possessions are safe." -- Luke 11:21

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Crypto firm BlockFi filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in a New Jersey bankruptcy court following the collapse of crypto giant FTX, CNBC reported Monday.
By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 29 11:12
Republican politicians have begun criticizing former President Donald Trump’s recent dinner with Kanye West and prominent anti-Semite Nick Fuentes.
By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 29 11:11
BBC journalist Ed Lawrence was arrested Sunday night while covering anti-lockdown protests in Shanghai, China, according to the BBC.
Posted on: Nov 29 11:11

By criticizing Russian legislation banning LGBTQ, pedophilia, and sex-change propaganda, US officials are interfering in the nation’s internal affairs, Moscow’s embassy in Washington said on Friday. It also urged the US to respect the views of the Russian people.

In a statement, the embassy said it had noted “the statements of numerous of US officials” criticizing the bill, which was approved by Russia’s parliament on Thursday.

“We consider such statements as gross interference in our internal affairs,” the diplomatic mission said, adding that “Russia consistently stands for the protection of traditional family values” and rejects “attempts by Western states, led by the United States, to impose pseudo-liberal and perverted ideas about human rights on other countries.”

The embassy asked the US to respect the decision of Russian citizens “to adhere to moral guidelines” that have been embraced by many generations and are “the basis of Russian civic identity.”

Posted on: Nov 29 10:48

Former White House Press Secretary-turned-MSNBC host Jen Psaki had a movement to withdraw a subpoena against her stricken down by U.S. Magistrate Judge Ivan Davis in a hearing Friday in Virginia.

The states of Louisiana and Missouri are pursuing a lawsuit that alleges President Joe Biden and his administration are in violation of the First Amendment through their efforts to urge social media and big tech giants to restrict access to posts and throttle the reach of users creating content around COVID-19 the Hunter Biden laptop scandal and election fraud.

According to the lawsuit as cited by RadarOnline, the Biden White House worked alongside “social media giants such as Meta, Twitter, and YouTube to censor and suppress free speech, including truthful information, related to COVID-19, election integrity, and other topics, under the guise of combating ‘misinformation.’”

Psaki had filed a motion in the federal court of Judge Davis to quash the subpoena calling her to be deposed in the case by suggesting that she had no “relevant information to provide” according to The Daily Mail. Judge Davis was unmoved and apparently “Unimpressed” with the former Press Secretary’s legal argument and ordered the issue be sent back to Louisiana to be handled by the judge directly overseeing the case.

The Louisiana judge had already ruled that Psaki among other Biden administration officials could be deposed.

Posted on: Nov 29 10:40

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (D) indicated that she will sue officials in one county if they choose to count ballots by hand, a process that’s “time intensive and prone to human error.”

“Any election director in Arizona—the official responsible for overseeing tabulation of ballots—can attest that it’s impossible to complete an accurate hand count of an election with dozens of races on the ballot in time to comply with applicable statutory deadlines, including the county canvass deadline,” her elections director Kori Lorick wrote in a three-page letter to the Cochise County Board of Supervisors.

Posted on: Nov 29 10:40

President Biden's rented Secret Service vehicles burst into flames in a parking lot Monday, just one day after he left his Nantucket vacation.

Biden spent Thanksgiving on the ritzy Massachusetts island with his family last week. The Secret Service rented five vehicles from Hertz to carry the president and his family, and all five of them caught fire in the parking lot, according to footage first obtained by the Nantucket Current.

Footage shows firefighters spraying down the smoldering remains of one vehicle's engine block. The five vehicles included a Chevy Suburban, Ford Explorer, Infiniti QX80, Ford Expedition, and a Jeep Gladiator.

Posted on: Nov 29 10:39
President Joe Biden called on Congress Monday to pass a law mandating that railroad workers and companies accept an administration-brokered deal in a bid to prevent a devastating strike before a Dec. 9 deadline.
By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 29 10:34
A county in Arizona is refusing to certify the results of its elections following Democratic statewide candidates winning in the state, which could flip a House seat won by a Republican to a Democratic win, according to the Associated Press.
By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 29 10:33
Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy sparred with White House Coordinator for Strategic Communications at the National Security Council John Kirby on Monday over the lack of encouragement for U.S. oil companies to drill domestically.
By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 29 10:32
United States Men’s National Team (USMNT) captain Tyler Adams was speaking to the media during a Nov. 28 press conference and after mispronouncing the name of Iran — saying “EYE-RAN” rather than “ee-RON” — an Iranian reporter standoffishly called him out for it.
By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 29 10:31

Twitter CEO Elon Musk signaled Monday that he might be preparing to “go to war” with Apple after the company has largely stopped advertising on Twitter and has reportedly threatened to boot the social media platform from its App Store.

Musk specifically called out Apple CEO Tim Cook in a series of tweets where he also raised the issue of censorship.

“Apple has mostly stopped advertising on Twitter. Do they hate free speech in America?” Musk asked. “What’s going on here @tim_cook?”

Posted on: Nov 29 10:30
The Energy Department’s chief of nuclear waste disposal Sam Brinton, who identifies as genderfluid, has been charged with felony theft after allegedly stealing a female victim’s luggage at Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP) Airport in September, court documents show.
By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 29 10:30

CNN Host Don Lemon, fresh off his demotion from primetime, pressed a Jewish former State Department official for ten minutes to condemn Donald Trump over his meeting with Kanye West and renowned anti-Semite Nick Fuentes in Mar-a-Lago.

Lemon’s exchange got increasingly desperate and painful to watch.

“As a grandchild of Holocaust survivors. I’m concerned with the mainstreaming of antisemitism wherever it comes from,” Len Khodorkovsky said. “And I condemn Kanye’s antisemitism and I condemn…”

“Do you condemn the former president for meeting with anti-Semites?” Lemon asked.

Posted on: Nov 29 10:30
During his time as West Virginia State Treasurer, Moore prioritized combating environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) standards used by large asset managers and banks that diverted capital away from fossil fuels. Now as a candidate for Congress in 2024, Moore plans to push back against these investing strategies through national legislation if he is elected.
Posted on: Nov 29 10:29

It was easy to predict that there would be an all-out war from Western power centers if Musk sought to mildly reduce censorship on Twitter. Still, the media outdid itself...

It is hard to overstate how manic, primal and unhinged is the reaction of corporate media employees to the mere prospect that new Twitter owner Elon Musk may restore a modicum of greater free speech to that platform. It was easy to predict — back when Musk was merely toying with the idea of buying Twitter and loosening some of its censorship restrictions — that there would be an all-out attack from Western power centers if he tried. Online censorship has become one of the most potent propaganda weapons they possess, and there is no way they will allow anyone to dilute it even mildly without attempting to destroy them. Even with that expectation in place of what was to come, the liberal sector of the corporate media (by far the most dominant media sector) really outdid itself when it came to group-think panic, rhetorical excess, and reckless and shrill accusations.

In unison, these media outlets decreed that not only would greater free speech on Twitter usher in the usual parade of horribles they trot out when demanding censorship — disinformation, hate speech, attacks on the “marginalized,” etc. etc. — but this time they severely escalated their rhetorical hysteria by claiming that Musk would literally cause mass murder by permitting a broader range of political opinion to be aired. The Washington Post's Taylor Lorenz even warned of supernatural demons that would be unleashed by these new free speech policies, as she talked to a handful of obviously neurotic pro-censorship “experts” and then wrote about these thinly disguised therapy sessions with those neurotics under this headline: “‘Opening the gates of hell’: Musk says he will revive banned accounts.”

Posted on: Nov 29 10:28

You might think that an official rebuke of Pfizer’s CEO for misleading the public on the benefits of its COVID vaccine would be big news, especially given the fill court press by vaccine absolutists to compel people to receive the shots.

6 months ago, Dr. Bourla appeared with Klaus Schwab at the Wiorld Economic Forum (YouTube screengrab)

But even with a Google search, I have not yet seen any US media coverage of a starling rebuke delivered to Pfizer CEO Dr. Albert Bourla by a panel convened by the UK Prescription Medicines Code of Practice Authority (PMCPA). The criticism followed remarks he made in a December 2021 interview with the BBC. The following account is derived from an article in the Melbourne, Australia Herald-Sun by Frank Chung.

In early December 2021, Dr Bourla used an interview with BBC Breakfast to claim that the virus was “thriving” in schools and “there is no doubt in my mind that the benefits, completely, are in favour of” giving five-year-olds the vaccine.

“This is disturbing, significantly, the educational system, and there are kids that will have severe symptoms,” he said. (snip)

By March 2022, some data were showing the effectiveness of the children’s vaccine plummeted to just 12 per cent within weeks of inoculation.

Dr Bourla said in the BBC interview that the main benefit of immunising children was “the indirect protection of adults”.

Posted on: Nov 29 10:09

Elon Musk’s Twitter has suspended several accounts belonging to extreme leftist Antifa groups following years of incitement to violence culminating in threats to commit arson against Tesla facilities.

Posted on: Nov 29 10:09

A Canadian company is hoping to get approval and federal funding for a new lithium mine in northern Nevada, but former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Republican lawmakers are raising concerns about the mining company’s largest shareholder, a Chinese firm. The mining company is going through with an effort to dilute this Chinese ownership, but concerns remain about China’s potential influence over the critical mineral mine at a time when China is seeking to overtake the U.S. as a dominant global power.

Posted on: Nov 29 10:08

According to Just the News, the Beyond Meat factory is reportedly experiencing food safety issues.

At one time, Beyond Meat was the superstar of meat replacement, but lately, reports are forthcoming about food safety at the company’s Pennsylvania production plant.

This week's report from Bloomberg noted that “a former employee concerned about conditions at the plant” shared photos showing “apparent mold, Listeria, and other food safety issues,” which indicated equipment was being used improperly.

The photos viewed by Bloomberg showed “what appear to be spills, unsafe use of equipment, and mold on walls and ingredient containers,” and “spreadsheets, photos and internally prepared reports reveal that foreign materials such as string, metal, wood, and plastic have been found in food from the plant at least as recently as last December."

Posted on: Nov 29 10:07

Five major news outlets, including the New York Times, have called on the Biden administration to drop charges against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Obtaining and publishing “sensitive information,” they wrote, “is a core part of the daily work of journalists.”

The New York Times, The Guardian, Le Monde, Der Spiegel, and El Pais all published details from diplomatic cables obtained by WikiLeaks in 2010. These documents revealed that the US spied on its allies, undercounted civilian casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan, and waged a secret war in Yemen.

Assange has been detained in the UK since 2019, and is currently held in a maximum-security prison awaiting extradition to the US, where he is facing charges of espionage related to the publication of these cables, as well as a trove of documents alleging US war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Posted on: Nov 29 10:07
That’s how Charles Burton of the Ottawa-based Macdonald-Laurier Institute, described the U.N.’s “loss and damage”— “reparation”— fund for the climate.
By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 29 10:03
California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) says that he wants President Joe Biden to run for reelection in 2024. "He not only beat Trump once, I think he can beat him again," Newsom said, according to Politico. "I hope he runs, I'll enthusiastically support him." But even if Biden does not run, the Democratic governor indicated that he will not pursue the presidency during the 2024 election cycle. "The answer is no," the governor said.
By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 29 10:02
Iranian authorities reportedly threatened torture and death against the families of soccer players if they misbehaved by protesting at the World Cup games.
By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 29 10:01
The World Health Organization is suggesting use of the term "mpox" rather than "monkeypox," citing "racist and stigmatizing language" as the rationale for recommending the language shift. "Following a series of consultations with global experts, WHO will begin using a new preferred term 'mpox' as a synonym for monkeypox.
By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 29 10:00
A recent report by found that 58 of the top 100 medical schools in the United States force mandatory student training or assignments related to critical race theory, Fox News Digital reported.
By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 29 09:59
If, as CNN fears, Elon Musk kills “Black Twitter,” I’m going to start calling the world’s richest man Pale Rider.
Posted on: Nov 29 09:58

Pedophiles are getting less than a year prison time after a range of horrific acts, including raping kids under 14, a investigation reveals.

Analysis of a California database of sex offenders shows thousands of child molesters are being let out after just a few months, despite sentencing guidelines.

Current and former sex crime prosecutors said the figures are 'terrifying' and 'shameful'.

Webmaster addition:

Posted on: Nov 29 09:57

On August 24, President Biden's Fact Sheet announced a student debt forgiveness plan that will cost in the neighborhood of $420 billion.

That is fiscal authority the President just does not have. 

Biden's plan went unchallenged for weeks, presumably because no one had the standing to sue. 

The plan must adversely impact someone who claims to have been injured. Taxpayers do not count.


Three Standing Requirements

  • First, there must be a concrete injury in fact that is not conjectural or hypothetical.

  • Second, there must be causation, a fairly traceable connection between a plaintiff’s injury and the conduct of the defendant.

  • Third, there must be redressability, a likelihood that the requested relief will redress the alleged injury.

The struggle to find standing hinged on finding someone who was monetarily damaged by Biden's free money handout other than taxpayers.  

Enter Myra Brown and Alexander Taylor who both have student loans. They claim to have been harmed because they were ineligible to obtain the full benefit of debt forgiveness under the Program flows due to the program’s eligibility requirements.

Posted on: Nov 29 09:57

Miguel Almaguer, the NBC News reporter whose reporting on last month’s Paul Pelosi hammer attack incident offered curious details which challenged the mainstream narrative at the time, has not been seen on air or tweeted since the media giant expunged his report and suspended him over unspecified “inaccurate information” in his report.

Almaguer, 45, reported on air on November 4 that Mr. Pelosi calmly opened the door to police officers responding to the 911 emergency call he placed after 2 am on October 28, but that he did not “declare an emergency” or try to leave the domicile, instead walking several feet into the foyer of his home toward the suspect, 42-year-old David DePape, who was armed with a hammer.

The report sparked questions about what 82-year-old Pelosi and DePape were doing before police showed up.

Almaguer’s reporting, which NBC has attempted to scrub from the internet, also challenged claims made by media that the attack was an act of “right-wing political violence” by an enraged Trump supporter “enflamed by right-wing conspiracy theories” and anti-Pelosi sentiment ahead of the November 8 midterm elections.

Posted on: Nov 29 09:55