"Those who stand for nothing, fall for anything." -- Alexander Hamilton

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As you peruse this collection, you'll see the breadth of support and the unity that Trump's candidacy has inspired within the party. Whether you're a devoted Trump supporter, a keen observer, or someone who wants to stay informed about the evolving political landscape, we invite you to explore the profiles of these elected officials who have made their voices heard.

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Many banks are kept afloat by borrowing from a special short term rescue fund at the Fed. To date over $ 100 billion has been borrowed to keep the banks solvent. The banks are sitting on a keg of financial dynamite with over $ 650 billion in unrealized losses on Treasury securities in addition to dealing with their silent bank run problem. The Banks are having a bunch of massive problems related to their lending business as well.

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 The shift to the political right in Europe is having an impact on the US, fueled by unabated mass migration and recent protests

Firebrand politician Geert Wilders' surprise election victory in the Netherlands in late November has prompted a political sea change that could transform the European political landscape.

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Our phones are an important part of our everyday lives. Since they store more of our personal information than ever before, it is important to keep them safe from cyber threats.

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Financial expert Chriss Street says that California is in an existential financial crisis.  The state is losing billions by the month, and prospects for the future are even worse. 

Chriss Street knows California’s financial status.  He has written articles on California’s financial woes for more than a decade.  He was one of a handful of individuals selected to figure out how to get California out of its financial mess after the Great Recession of 2009, and he knows the financials of the state.

He has been warning for some time that the state is in serious financial trouble, much more than is being reported.  This is one of many reasons Street is behind the split and formation of the new state of New California.

In an exclusive report supplied overnight, Street says the following about the financial situation of the state of California.

The non-partisan California Legislative Analyst Office just acknowledged the State of California business model has collapsed. After projecting $14 billion in deficits for the next two years in May, the LAO now projects the State of California faces $100 billion deficit over the next 18 months and $187 billion over the next four and a half years.

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The Biden administration can keep cutting razor wire at the Texas-Mexico border to stop migrants crossing, a judge rules on Thursday. 

The White House scored a victory in the immigration battle with the Republican state, which has now vowed to appeal.

Texas put up the concertina fence in Eagles Pass, one of the busiest sections for crossings along the Mexican border.

But border guards then started to cut the wires to help migrants up the embankment of the Rio Grande and into the U.S.

U.S. District Judge Alia Moses rejected a bid by Texas to block federal immigration authorities from destroying the barrier with Mexico.

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A little-known lawyer has the power to handle all of President Joe Biden’s financial and business affairs – and is linked to Hunter Biden’s shady Chinese business dealings, documents obtained by DailyMail.com reveal. 

Mel Monzack, 83, a close friend of the President, has held Joe’s ‘power of attorney’ since 1987, allowing him to control POTUS’s bank accounts and sign financial documents on Joe’s behalf.

And DailyMail.com can now reveal that Monzack may also be also linked to Hunter Biden’s suspect dealings with Chinese oil giant CEFC - dealings that are now part of a new criminal indictment filed on Thursday.

Monzack was not named in the indictment filed Thursday, nor were any other Hunter associates.

Corporate records show Monzack’s law firm is the registered agent for a company belonging to Hunter’s business partner that received $3 million from State Energy HK, a CEFC affiliate, in an alleged plot to buy influence with the President.

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President Joe Biden denied 'interacting' with Hunter Biden's business partners and called allegations a 'bunch of lies' when asked about the Republican impeachment probe.

He insisted there weren't any communications with scandal-hit son's associates, despite the GOP sharing evidence of at least 22 phone calls the then-vice president sat in on, dinners with Hunter's associates at Washington, D.C., restaurants and participation in coffee meetings.

Biden's denial came just days after Congressional investigators revealed he received $1,380 monthly payments from Hunter's company.

The president took a question on the topic at the end of a brief statement where he called on Republicans to move billions in military and other aid for Ukraine, while signaling a willingness to deal on border issues. 

'I did not - it's just a bunch of lies,' Biden said. 

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A group of smartly-dressed Chinese migrants with pristine luggage were photographed being apprehended in California after illegally crossing the southern border.

The migrants, reported to be mostly Chinese nationals fleeing authoritarian leader Xi Jinping, were lined up neatly dressed and with proper luggage as they were processed following their illegal crossing, in video shot by NewsNation's national correspondent, Jorge Ventura. 

They were lined up near the San Diego County town of Jacumba Hot Springs as the county debates approving millions more in emergency funding to help shelter them. 

While previously many of the migrants causing the US border crisis had come from central and South America, now thousands have come from China. 

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This appears to be one of those times when everyone knows what’s going on – massive and total censorship campaigns across America against anything that disagrees with the government’s ideology – but no one actually says it out loud.

Until Al Gore.

He’s now on record confessing that he wants only his messaging allowed.

He claims that allowing people to have access to information that is in conflict with mainstream ideologies is a threat to democracy.

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Ukrainian intelligence today revealed chilling images from the scene of the assassination of Ilya Kyva, a 'traitor' and former Kyiv MP turned Putin puppet. 

Kyva, 46, was gunned down last week as he went for a walk in a supposedly safe location at a country club near Moscow - the latest of several collaborators to have been assassinated in recent months. 

Images from the scene show his body lying in the snow - and the weapons supposedly used to 'liquidate' him were discovered hanging on a tree nearby. Video was also released apparently showing the assassin lying in wait in the snow and watching passers-by.

The SBU secret service made clear the images and footage were deliberately released as a warning to other Ukrainians collaborating with Vladimir Putin's invading forces.

'This is a signal to all traitors and war criminals who have gone over to the enemy's side,' a Ukrainian source told media. 

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