"No man's life, liberty, or property are safe while the legislature is in session." -- Mark Twain (1866)

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Ukraine's President Zelensky has grown increasingly bold in his criticisms of former US President Donald Trump - a risky move given he's clearly the Republican frontrunner for president going into November. Kiev may soon have to deal with a Trump White House and 'play nicer' in the near future as it tries to survive the Russian onslaught.  "If Trump doesn’t know who he will support, Ukraine or Russia, he will have problems with his society. Supporting Russia means being against the Americans," Zelensky boldly said in a new interview with CNN’s Kaitlan Collins.

Throughout the remarks the Ukrainian leader cast Trump as 'weak' on Russia, explaining that Trump doesn't understand that Putin will "will never stop." The implication is that Putin is waging an expansionist war threatening the rest of Europe and that a potential future Trump presidency might just sit on the sidelines.

"I think Donald Trump doesn’t know Putin," Zelensky said in the Sunday interview, which is now widely circulating. "I know he met him … but he never fought with Putin. [The] American Army never fought with the army of Russia. Never … I have a better understanding."

"I don’t think he understands that Putin will never stop," Zelensky asserted while referencing Trump directly, which comes after fierce criticisms by Trump on the campaign trail which have highlighted the failure of NATO countries in Europe to spend enough on defense.

Claire's Observations:  President Zelinsky, a word, please.  President Trump is being professionally, legally and financially  crucified by his opponents, who are terrified that he may gain another term in office.   He is sacrificing much for the privilege of being this country's President, for the second time in this country's history.

His patriotism should not be questioned here.  

Rather, a very crooked and corrupt Ukrainian government, which has collectively squandered American and European military and financial aid to an almost unprecedented  degree, needs to be brought under the microscope of truth and full disclosure.

As an American citizen whose taxes have paid , in part, for bombs and defense systems your soldiers have used, some of which have very interestingly "vanished" for sale on the "dark web", I want a full accounting of every dime spent, and every bullet expended by the Ukrainian Military and Civilian leadership to date, before another single penny in aid is given to the Ukrainian government.  

This will happen only when pigs become aerodynamic, I know, but I speak for a number of Americans who understand, at this point in the Russian confrontation against Ukraine, that this is a war of attrition, which Russia will inevitably win. 

 The best thing you could possibly do for your people right now, would be sue Russia for peace. Unfortunately, your "delusional reality" prevents you from doing this. 

This will soon translate into your American and European allies finding someone beside you to run the country, who will do just that; it is only a matter of time, President Zelinsky; and attempting to "shift the blame " for your fiscal and military woes to President Trump, is not going to help in the slightest.

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Former President Donald J. Trump has soundly defeated former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley in Michigan’s Feb. 27 Republican presidential primary, notching his sixth-straight primary victory as he marches towards the GOP nomination.

The Associated Press called the race for Trump right after the last polls closed at 9 p.m. ET.

The result is another blow to Ms. Haley, coming days after a double-digit defeat in her home state of South Carolina. Despite this, she has vowed to stay on through Super Tuesday on March 5, when numerous delegate-heavy states will hold their primaries.

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The fact that Google's Gemini AI is a complete woke mess comes as no surprise to anyone who's been paying attention.

Between Google's internal culture, and the fact that large language models (LLMs) are largely a reflection of their creators, Gemini is was the predictable digital poster-child for racist, anti-white, anti-conservative, historical revisionist culture - as opposed to the neutral purveyors of information they claim to be.

Mask-off, as they say.

In fact, we couldn't sum it up better than Mario Juric, director of the DiRAC Institute at the University of Washington, Seattle.

In a lengthy post on X, Juric says that despite known "many good individuals working there," he's "done with @Google".

Claire's Observations:  As someone from a European background, unfortunately, I am someone Google hates with a furious passion; and the programmers who came up with this codswallop, have utterly not a clue as to who I am, or what I stand for, which is unfortunate in the extreme.

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Is this relevant to the next headline...

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One year ago, Iger owned around a million shares, worth over $97.2 million. On last look, he owned less than 187,000 shares, a decline of about 844,00 or so shares. The value of the stake plunged around 80.2% to more than $19.2 million.

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Astronomers have spied a galaxy so large and so old that it should not exist - at least according to our current understanding of how early galaxies formed.

The galaxy, dubbed ZF-UDS-7329, contains more stars than the Milky Way and appears to have formed about 13 billion years ago.

It was spotted with NASA's James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), a tool built to observe these types of ancient galaxies and peer back into the early ages of the universe.

What's remarkable about this is that a galaxy so big should not have been able to form so early in the universe because dark matter did not yet exist, meaning a galaxy this size should not have been supported 800 million years after the Big Bang.

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