"The Constitution does not authorize the government to lie to the people. When they are caught lying, as they have been, they become illegitimate. It is that illegitimate government which is a threat to Democracy!" -- Michael Rivero

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White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre falsely stated during a Friday press briefing that Daily Wire host Michael Knowles called for the “eradication of transgender people” during a speech at CPAC.
Posted on: Mar 11 13:25
Boston Democrat Mayor Michelle Wu has been accused of racial discrimination by a group of white restaurant owners who say they were targeted for city fees in part due to their ethnic heritage.
Posted on: Mar 11 13:25

Billionaire investor Bill Ackman says the US government should consider a "highly dilutive" bailout of Silicon Valley Bank amid jitters about its financial position.

The bank's failure "could destroy an important long-term driver of the economy as VC-backed companies rely on SVB for loans and holding their operating cash," Ackman said in a series of tweets on Thursday. "If private capital can't provide a solution, a highly dilutive gov't preferred bailout should be considered," he said.

Webmaster addition: So, the banker to Big Tech wants a bailout? That's a laugh. Big Tech engaged in government censorship of free speech, helped corporations spy on users, deplatformed independent media for daring to question the honesty of elections, the wisdom of endless wars, and the safety and efficacy of the Covid vaccines, cut of off from PayPal. As a result of these abuses, investors saw a repeat of the dotcom bubble burst of the late 1990s and bailed. And now Big Tech, being woke and going broke, wants us all to bail them out?!? I don't think so!

Posted on: Mar 11 13:23

New York court workers must be rehired — and given back pay with interest — if they were fired because they refused to get the COVID-19 vaccine, the state’s Public Employment Relations Board has ruled.

Under terms of the decision issued last month, the Unified Court System must immediately “cease and desist” from enforcing policies that require all non-judicial employees to be vaccinated or undergo regular testing.

In addition, anyone “who lost accrued leave, compensation or employment” will have to be made “whole,” with interest paid “at the maximum legal rate,” according to the Feb. 24 decision obtained by The Post.

The decision affects at least about 25 court officers who were fired, said Dennis Quirk, president of the New York State Court Officers Association, one of 10 unions that challenged the mandate.

Posted on: Mar 11 13:22

The White House issued a public warning on Friday that Russian 'actors' who were tied to Russian intelligence are engaging an effort to 'destabilize' the country of Moldova through a 'manufactured insurrection.'

National security spokesman Adm. John Kirby told reporters the U.S. agreed with the assessment of Moldovan President Maia Sandu, who has issued her own warnings about Moscow-backed efforts to destabilize her country. The former Soviet republic borders Ukraine and is located near the Black Sea port city of Odessa.

'We share those concerns,' Kirby told reporters Friday. He then shared information from from intelligence about the efforts, which come amid the small nations efforts to look westward and seek increased integration with Europe.

Posted on: Mar 11 13:21

In the aftermath of explosive new January 6 footage revealed by Fox News primetime host Tucker Carlson, there have been false claims made by Biden officials that police officers were killed by protesters during the Capitol riots.

Attorney General Merrick Garland in particular misrepresented the incident and implied that five police officers died due to the January 6 incident.

“I think all Americans saw what happened on January 6th, and most of it saw, most of us saw it,,, as it was happening,” Garland said. “It was a violent attack on a fundamental tenant of American democracy. That power is peacefully transferred from one administration to another. Over a hundred officers were assaulted on that day. Five officers died. We have charged more than a thousand people with their crimes on that day. And more than 500 have already been convicted. I think it’s very clear what happened on January 6th.”

Attorney General Garland fundamentally misrepresented the January 6 incident in his statement. No police officers died due to attacks by January 6 protesters.

U.S. Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick died a day after the attack, but his death was determined afterward to be of natural causes: two strokes at the base of his brain stem caused by an artery clot.

Posted on: Mar 11 13:20
Jane Fonda went on “The View” Friday and appeared to suggest that “murder” was an appropriate response to the overturning of Roe v. Wade — and when one of the co-hosts said the actress was “just kidding,” Fonda didn’t give them an answer.
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Posted on: Mar 11 11:59
Gov. Kristi Noem (R-SD) vetoed a bill that would have classified a potential central bank digital currency as money while excluding cryptocurrencies.
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Posted on: Mar 11 11:58
A Mexican cartel suspected of killing two Americans during an armed kidnapping attempt has purportedly turned over the members it says are responsible and written an apology letter.
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Posted on: Mar 11 11:57
Facebook’s parent company, Meta, is considering a decentralized, text-based social media platform comparable to Twitter after some users, many of whom are Left-leaning, are seeking alternatives due to the company’s acquisition by Elon Musk.
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Posted on: Mar 11 11:56
An African delegation bucked the UN by screening The Daily Wire’s “What Is A Woman?” in honor of a women’s conference Friday, even after they were told the hit documentary did not align with the hosting commission’s values.
Posted on: Mar 11 11:55
The showdown over the future of the federal budget is taking shape as President Joe Biden releases his fiscal year 2024 spending proposal and House Republicans prepare to leverage their new majority to block the plan.
Posted on: Mar 11 11:54

The parents of slain Georgia high school football star Elijah DeWitt are suing the mall where he was killed, claiming its owners ignored serious safety risks to their son’s ultimate detriment.

DeWitt, 18, was fatally shot on Oct. 5 outside a Dave & Buster’s in an attempted robbery outside the Sugarloaf Mills Malls in Lawrenceville, Georgia. 

With full knowledge of the “dangerous and hazardous conditions,” the mall
“negligently represented to its invitees that the [premises] were properly maintained and reasonably safe,” lawyers for DeWitt’s parents, Craig and Dawn, said in their suit filed in the State Court of Gwinnett County.

The suit names Simon Property Group, Sugarloaf Mills Limited Partnership, Universal Protection Service, the mall’s security director Jason Choy, Dave & Buster’s of Georgia and five John Does as defendants. 


Posted on: Mar 11 11:49

West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin is going after his party again. During an interview on MSNBC, left-wing host Stephanie Ruhle tried pushing Manchin on why he won’t support radical proposals.

Ruhle kicked the segment off by asking Manchin: “When is the last time you spoke to Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Progressive members of the Senate to work on this?”

After saying he speaks to them every Monday on a conference call, Manchin said: “I am not a liberal by any stretch of the imagination, and not a conservative, ultra-conservative. I tell people, I am fiscally responsible and socially compassionate. Put me anywhere you want in the political spectrum, I am centrist in the middle where most are, pragmatic enough to figure I understand, you identified the need on this side. We have already spent how many trillions of dollars attending to many of the needs. How much more can we afford? You want more debt. I looked this morning, we’re at $28.5 trillion of debt. How much more can we add on and pass on to your children, the next generation? We’ve always said, we’re writing checks our kids can’t cash and it is a shame to put on the burden. Let’s consider that.”

Posted on: Mar 11 11:42

Kari Lake is still contesting the result of the Arizona governor race she lost. But she is now turning her attention to the state’s 2024 Senate contest, setting the stage for a political bounceback while worrying some Republicans who feel she is too extreme to win a general election.  

Ms. Lake, an ally of former President Donald Trump, has said she is focused on her election lawsuits, but aides say she is considering entering the race for Senate. Her entrance would add further unpredictability to what could be a three-way contest for the seat currently held by independent Sen. Kyrsten Sinema. Republicans see the seat as a prime pickup opportunity as they try to win back the Senate.

Posted on: Mar 11 11:37
Stanford University’s law school is deemed the second-best in the nation in the latest U.S. News and World Report, which means its current enrollees likely include future senators, judges, and possibly even Supreme Court justices who will help shape American law over the next half-century.
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Posted on: Mar 11 11:21
Police officers in New York City are resigning at a record-breaking pace this year, according to new data analyzed by the New York Post.
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Posted on: Mar 11 11:18
Michigan’s highest court is considering a rule change that would require judges to refer to attorneys and litigants by their preferred pronouns.
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Posted on: Mar 11 11:17
Last week, Columbia University became the first Ivy League school to permanently scrap its standardized test requirement, allowing hopeful applicants to skip the dreaded SAT and ACT.
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Posted on: Mar 11 11:16

Metropolitan Police Chief Robert Contee gave a simple but straightforward solution for what to do to work on bringing crime rates down.

Fox News reports that he stated that we are all out to keep violent people in jail for longer simply.

Contee was speaking with Mayor Muriel Bowser at Mayoral Public Safety Media Availability when he gave this simple but true recommendation about what to do. He then responded to a reporter’s question about how to address rising homicide rates in the city. Contee said: “What we got to do, if we really want to see homicides go down, is keep bad guys with guns in jail. Because when they're in jail, they can’t be in communities shooting people. So when people talk about what we gonna do different, or what we should do differently, what we need to do different, that’s the thing that we need to do different.”

Posted on: Mar 11 11:16
A newly-elected city commissioner in Miami could not say the Pledge of Allegiance and had to be helped by the public.
Posted on: Mar 11 11:16

Silicon Valley Bank has failed following a run on deposits, after its parent company’s share price crashed a record 60% on Thursday.

Trading of SVB Financial Group’s SIVB, -60.41% stock was halted early Friday, after the shares plunged again in premarket trading. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said SVB was one of a few banks she was “monitoring very carefully.” Reaction poured in from several analysts who discussed the bank’s liquidity risk.

California regulators closed Silicon Valley Bank and handed the wreckage over to the Federal Deposit Insurance Administration later on Friday.

Below is the same list of 10 banks we highlighted on Thursday that showed similar red flags to those shown by SVB Financial through the fourth quarter. This time, we will show how much they reported in unrealized losses on securities — an item that played an important role in SVB’s crisis.

Posted on: Mar 11 11:15
Silicon Valley Bank was shut down by California regulators on Friday and seized all its assets. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation was named as the receiver.
Posted on: Mar 11 11:15

Beijing has the upper hand in the Western Pacific, a former US Army vice chief of staff has warned

The US would be at a disadvantage if it engaged in a direct military confrontation with China over Taiwan, former Vice Chief of Staff of the US Army Jack Keane has suggested.

China possesses “more ships, more airplanes, [and] more offensive and defensive missiles than the United States” in the Western Pacific, Keane claimed on Friday in comments to Fox News, where he works as a senior strategic analyst.

The retired general predicted, however, that Beijing would likely opt for a different strategy whereby it would attempt to bring Taiwan under control by imposing a total blockade.

The retired general argued that China could prevail “without firing a shot,” rather than getting involved in a costly confrontation. To ensure that outcome, the leadership in Beijing would need to establish control over Taiwan’s airspace as well as sea lanes, Keane suggested.

The US would be well advised to beef up its “deterrence capability” in the region to “prevent a war,” the retired general added. To this end, Keane stated that Washington should increase weapons production as well as double down on arming Taipei.

Posted on: Mar 11 11:14

Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) collapsed and was put into receivership by the FDIC late this week. SVB was the 16th largest bank in the United States. This means that the collapse is not only horrible for SVB but is perhaps more importantly a huge problem for its customers.

For instance, internet content provider Roku was impacted according the ABC News:

…’Internet TV provider Roku was among casualties of the bank collapse. It said in a regulatory filing Friday that about 26% of its cash — $487 million — was deposited at Silicon Valley Bank. …Roku said its deposits with SVB were largely uninsured and it didn’t know “to what extent” it would be able to recover them.’…(ABC News)

Of a potentially much larger concern is the contagion in banking and its connection to cryptocurrencies. Earlier in the week Silvergate bank collapsed. Silvergate was a darling of the crypto community. Starting in earnest with the collapse of Sam Bankman-Frieds’ cataclysmic destruction of FTX in late 2022, the cratering of the crypto market and confidence in it has proved to be valid.

Webmaster addition: This is one problem I have with cryptocurrencies. Without a commodity base, there is nothing to stop them falling all the way into worthlessness!

Posted on: Mar 11 11:13

Russia's Radiological, Chemical and Biological Defense (RCB) Troops began exposing the extent of the US bioweapons program in Ukraine last spring, using information obtained in the course of Moscow's special military operation in that country, launched on February 24, 2022.

US-funded biolabs pose a risk for the entire population of the planet associated with the potential spread of newly developed pathogens, Anna Popova, head of Russia's Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing (Rospotrebnadzor) agency, has stated.

“Of course there are risks of the spread of new, unknown, advanced pathogens out there. It is also remarkable that there are publications in which they openly state that they are studying pathogens and enhancing their properties. In my opinion, this is a clear violation of the convention (on biological weapons – ed.),” Anna Popova said.

Posted on: Mar 11 11:13

A major cryptocurrency operated by Circle Internet Financial Ltd. meant to mimic the value of the U.S. dollar dropped sharply after the company said it had $3.3 billion tied up in the collapsed Silicon Valley Bank.

USD Coin fell below 87 cents on Saturday morning, according to data from CoinDesk. The virtual currency, known as a stablecoin, is designed to trade exactly at $1. It is backed by real U.S. dollars and short-term government debt, and sits at the heart of cryptocurrency trading.

Posted on: Mar 11 11:12

In 2022, the world came closer to Great Power War than at any point since the end of the Cold War.

Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, an attack that almost immediately resulted in a combination of sanctions and direct military support for Kyiv.

By early spring, the United States and its allies were pursuing policies that would result in the death of Russian soldiers, the destruction of Russian military equipment, and the long-term degradation of the Russian economy. The war has had a ripple effect on the world stage, dramatically increasing the stakes of disputes that have quietly smoldered for decades.

Webmaster addition: