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There’s a huge problem in space and no one is talking about it, space junk is filling our atmosphere and if we aren’t careful, it could literally trap us on Earth.
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by Tyler Durden

Sunday, Jun 02, 2024 - 03:55 PM

If you weren't already infuriated by Joe Biden's exploitation of the federal student loan program as a means of buying votes and redistributing wealth, this should do the trick. 

On Wednesday, Minneapolis Mayor Melvin Carter -- who earns makes takes $140,814 a year before benefits -- rushed to Twitter to thank President Biden for erasing his remaining student debt, sharing a screen shot showing his outstanding balance had turned to zero. 


The latest drip in the fiscal Chinese water torture that's being inflicted on responsible, productive Americans came earlier that day, with Biden announcing he was cancelling another $7.7 billion of debt. With that, the total such debt wiped away by his administration has reached $167 billion.  

After emphasizing that the average beneficiary of Biden's self-serving abuse of taxpayers has had $35,000 in debt forgiven, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre fielded a challenging question from, of all sources, NBC News. Correspondent Peter Alexander asked, "Why don’t those individuals who didn’t receive $35,000 in debt cancellation deserve a $35,000 check from other Americans for what other means they would want to use it?" 

Jean-Pierre's struggle to rationalize the debt-forgiveness fiesta resulted in a comical, leftist word-salad

Claire's Observations:  This drags every US taxpayer to be on the hook for these loans, which they never OK'd or took out.  AND with a $34 TRILLION dollar deficit (that we know of) , the only place out of which these "forgiven" loans can come...are from taxpayers, already in a mess, between higher taxes, and overwhelming credit card debt.

Is the inability to think an issue through to its logical conclusion, now become the "mental hallmark" for Federal Government Employment?!?  Because, right now, looking at the By-di-Bidenistas, this absolutely appears to be the case!!

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By Eric Peters, CIO of One River Asset Management

“Still nosebleed long,” grunted Bulldog, selling a few S&P puts for sport. “Bought more stocks, and now I’m buying bonds. Not as a hedge, they’re both going up,” growled Dawg.

“The Baby Boomers are still too nervous about this market, Gaza, Russia, China, Iran. They got trillions sitting in money market funds. But at some point, as stocks rally, these Boomers are going to get FOMO.” That’s when the last leg higher takes off. “It’ll be parabolic. The talking heads will go nuts. VIX will hit 10.”

And Dawg dropped to the ground with a thud, as if all four legs lost power simultaneously, due to some malfunction.

“But after the blow off top, this market will crash, bigger than anything we’ve seen. Gold is telling you what’s coming.”

* * *

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Former President Donald Trump has broken his silence on the prospect of his being sent to jail by Judge Juan Merchan, who is handling his sentencing.

Speaking to Fox News, the former president said that if he received a prison sentence, he believes it would be a “breaking point” for his supporters.

“The legal maze that you’re still facing, and they could, a judge could decide to say, hey, house arrest or even jail. It could be faced,” Fox News host Pete Hegseth said to the former president.

“I saw one of my lawyers the other day on television saying, oh, no, you don’t want to do that to the press. I said don’t, you don’t beg for anything,” he said.

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Attorney General Merrick Garland has reportedly classified at the highest level the audio tapes of Joe Biden’s embarassing interview with Special Counsel Hur. The tapes have been locked away in a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF), according to investigative journalist Paul Sperry.

Earlier this year, Washington Post reporter Matt Viser revealed that Special Counsel Robert Hur concluded that Joe Biden recklessly mishandled sensitive materials discovered at his home and former office.

Disturbingly, the investigation also uncovered that Biden shared government secrets with his ghostwriter, further underscoring his blatant disregard for national security.

Adding to this damning report, it was revealed that during interviews with the Special Counsel, Biden struggled to answer even basic questions, such as when he served as Vice President or the year his son Beau passed away from brain cancer.

However, the DOJ opted not to bring charges against Biden, citing concerns that a jury would deem him too mentally incompetent to stand trial.

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The thing that people tend to forget about John McCain is that while he was alive, he might have acted on the surface like he was acting in the interest of patriotic Americans, but he was as crooked as any three Democrats.

Tyler Bower has been a icon in Arizona conservative circles for over a decade, he is currently COO of Turning Point USA and a Republican National Committeeman for Arizona. January 3rd Tyler decided he could no longer be quiet about his experiences with the late Senator John McCain. Bower’s revelation was shocking… unless you knew Senator McCain.

Bowyer wrote,

“When I was elected GOP chair of Maricopa county I met with senator McCain out of respect for his office and service in the first short meeting in his senate office he tried to buy me off by offering local chamber money he said he controlled. He wasn’t shy about it. It didn’t work.

I was very young I believe he and then senator flake thought they could influence me senator flake called me regularly after until I decided to host trump for what became the first trump rally in July of 2015.

Then they attacked me. Fervently. It’s everything that was wrong with the GOP. I always wonder how many people through the years got bought off or scared off by this kind of stuff.

If the GOP decides to leave this kind of behavior behind it will unite a movement that is totally unbeatable I think that’s the most misunderstood battle from the Trump era.”

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Fulton County, Georgia, encompassing the Atlanta metropolitan area, has earned a notorious reputation for having one of the most mismanaged election systems in the nation. Beyond the well-documented election integrity issues—ranging from ballot scanning errors to allegations of counterfeit ballots—county election officials consistently struggle with basic logistical tasks, such as counting ballots in a timely manner. This chronic mismanagement has led to prolonged wait times for election results, undermining public confidence in the electoral process.

The irony of the situation is that Fulton County outsources its election administration to a so-called 'professional' elections group, The Elections Group LLC, based in Illinois. This raises a critical question: why is Fulton County outsourcing its elections in the first place, especially to a company that seems unable to meet the task?

The Elections Group LLC markets itself as a specialist in election administration, claiming to provide expert advice and support to ensure smooth and secure elections. However, the persistent problems in Fulton County make me wonder if their primary goal is actually 'secure' elections.

The problems with elections run by The Elections Group LLC in Fulton County are well documented; here are a few:

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Outflows from IT funds keep trending up over the last four weeks. Don't be left holding the bag.

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South African officials have threatened the US and other Western nations with prosecution by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for supporting Israel against the designated terrorist organizations Hamas and Hezbollah. South Africa’s International Relations and Cooperation Minister, Naledi Pandor, made this declaration during a talk about the situation in Rafah, standing in front of a Palestinian flag. It is unusual for a government official to stand in front of the flag of another entity, which is not a recognized country while giving an address. This act alone dispels any pretense of neutrality.

The ICC threat from South Africa is nearly laughable, given that the ICC already has an arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin. However, South Africa not only continues to maintain close ties with Russia as a BRICS partner but has also sidestepped international sanctions by holding joint military exercises with the heavily sanctioned Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

Signatories to the Rome Statute obligate themselves to enforce ICC arrest warrants. Evidence of South Africa’s lack of commitment to the ICC is that in 2017, South Africa was censured by the ICC for failing to enforce an arrest warrant against Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, who is wanted on multiple counts of crimes against humanity, war crimes, and genocide. Recently, Pretoria asked the ICC to exempt it from arresting Putin to avoid a war. The country even tried to withdraw from the ICC last spring but is suddenly all-in on deploying the ICC against the United States.

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According to wallstreetonparade.com– It took eight years of research to compile a data set of annual balance sheets of more than 11,000 commercial banks dating back to 1870 in 17 advanced economies. And in every country, the study arrived at the same finding: concentrating the banking system in the hands of five or less giant banks leads to financial instability and more severe financial crises. The bank balance sheets of the following countries were examined: Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

The 150-year banking study is titled: “Survival of the Biggest: Large Banks and Financial Crises.” Its authors are Matthew Baron of Cornell University; Moritz Schularick of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy and Sciences; and Kaspar Zimmermann of the Leibniz Institute for Financial Research SAFE.

Webmaster addition: See MORTGAGE-BACKED SECURITIES FRAUD 4 DUMMIES! (aka the Cliff Notes version)

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