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"Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less." -- Marie Curie

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A massive power outage in North Carolina is being investigated as a “criminal occurrence,” according to the Moore County Sheriff’s Office.
By: orraz
Posted on: Dec 05 08:45

During their discussion Rep. Comer, who will chair the House Oversight Committee in the new congress, spoke about Joe Biden’s connections to Hunter Biden’s multi-million dollar pay-for-play schemes.

By: orraz
Posted on: Dec 05 08:45
A New York City teacher has filed a $2 million lawsuit against the Department of Education after she was allegedly beaten up by a second grader.
Posted on: Dec 05 08:44
McCarthy told Maria Bartiromo that House Republicans need to vote for him for Speaker or they will squander the majority.
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Posted on: Dec 05 08:43
Good neighbors with guns detained a man accused of breaking into a home with children inside until police arrived.
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Posted on: Dec 05 08:42
Twitter owner Elon Musk has blasted the corporate media for ignoring the Twitter Files, which exposed how the Hunter Biden laptop story was censored on the platform.
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Posted on: Dec 05 08:41

A large explosion was reported to have taken place during the morning of December 5, 2022, at Engels-2, an air base used by Russia for deploying strategic bombers to perform cruise missile attacks on Ukraine. Around the same time, an explosion happened at Dyagilevo, another strategic bomber base in Ryazan region.

Reports published to Russian social media channels claim the explosion at Engels was a drone attack and at least two aircraft were damaged. 

Telegram channel “Mobilizatsiya. Volgogradskaya Oblast,” which reports local news, posted a short video which appears to have been filmed by a CCTV camera. A large explosion can be seen in the footage. 

Posted on: Dec 05 07:34

Recent comments by former German Chancellor Angela Merkel shed light on the duplicitous game played by Germany, France, Ukraine and the United States in the lead-up to the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February.

While the so-called “collective west” (the U.S., NATO, the E.U. and the G7) continue to claim that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was an act of “unprovoked aggression,” the reality is far different: Russia had been duped into believing there was a diplomatic solution to the violence that had broken out in the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine in the aftermath of the 2014 U.S.-backed Maidan coup in Kiev.

Instead, Ukraine and its Western partners were simply buying time until NATO could build a Ukrainian military capable of capturing the Donbass in its entirety, as well as evicting Russia from Crimea.

In an interview last week with Der Spiegel, Merkel alluded to the 1938 Munich compromise. She compared the choices former British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain had to make regarding Nazi Germany with her decision to oppose Ukrainian membership in NATO, when the issue was raised at the 2008 NATO summit in Bucharest.

Posted on: Dec 05 07:32

A Canadian government-funded booklet for school children classifies Canada’s Red Ensign flag, which was used until 1965, as a “hate symbol.” The booklet was approved by the cabinet on June 30.

The booklet also asks kids to be wary of classmates who use the “free speech” argument as it was among the “common defenses of hate propaganda.”

Chair of CAHN Bernie Farber said the booklet would spearhead a campaign to educate children and “fight and win against hate.”

“The point of this free toolkit is to help parents, educators and the community identify and intervene when a young person is being groomed and recruited by a white supremacist movement before it is too late,” said Farber. “It’s not just a free toolkit. The Canadian Anti-Hate Network is launching a whole education program.”

Posted on: Dec 05 07:19

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has reversed his stance on Disney, quietly capitulating and working behind the scenes to give them back their tax breaks as the woke megacorp exploits and sexualizes children.

Staunchly America First Florida state representative Anthony Sabatini made a post on Twitter highlighting the betrayal:

Posted on: Dec 05 07:14

Earlier Friday, journalist Matt Taibbi released internal Twitter communications that showed Twitter employees took down tweets at the behest of the Biden campaign and the Trump White House. Taibbi noted that because the Twitter staff was overwhelmingly liberal, there were “more channels” to censor speech available to the left.

As Nehls promised an investigation, others noted that the liberal media was ignoring the release of the “Twitter Files.”

But a new bombshell was revealed from the “Twitter Files.”
Email leaks reveal Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs was in regular communication with Twitter telling them who to censor.

Posted on: Dec 05 07:13

An important intervention was made by a Russian expert analyst on public Russian television, revealing the country's strategy after the complete dissolution of Ukraine.

For the first time, there is public talk of creating a new hegemonic state of 200 million Russian speakers in Eastern Europe that will act as a counterweight and conflict with the EU, Germany and Poland, breaking up globalization so far.

Nikolai Vavilov, a sinologist by profession with very good connections within the Chinese Communist Party and the Kremlin, said on Russian television:

“Russia is fighting triumphantly against more than 1 billion people of the Western world.

During the whole of this year, the Western world has not been able to face Russia.

All average Russian citizens will agree with me. There is hot water, there is food, there are jobs, our transport works, our subways work, our salaries are paid and we are already developing, our economy is being restructured.

Posted on: Dec 05 07:12

The fix was in. We thought we knew …. we knew nothing.

Email leaks reveal Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs was in regular communication with Twitter telling them who to censor.

Posted on: Dec 05 07:11

Wisconsin GOP Senator Ron Johnson claimed on Sunday that Elon Musk's Twitter exposé of the platform's handling of Hunter Biden's laptop is 'part of a much larger story' on censorship.

Johnson along with Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley had been investigating foreign business deals made by President Joe Biden's son that had been brought to light by a New York Post story published in October 2020. 

The story's reach was quickly limited on Twitter and Facebook over fears that it could have been the product of hacking or a Russian disinformation attempt.

Posted on: Dec 05 07:11

Was an attack last April on an electric power station near San Jose, Calif., the work of vandals or something far more dangerous — domestic terrorism or a trial run by an individual or organization bent on damaging the nation's electric grid?

The Wall Street Journal, picking up from an earlier report by Foreign Policy magazine, explores that question Wednesday in a long account about what happened at PG&E Corp.'s Metcalf transmission substation — an event that has received relatively little attention until now.

Posted on: Dec 05 07:10

Ordinarily, a fancy White House state dinner menu would not be controversial.

However, the Biden Administration has been, if nothing else, creative in the controversies that it has created for itself. Just the News explains how the inclusion of 200 Maine lobsters is causing both sides of the aisle to erupt in anger.

Posted on: Dec 05 07:09

The pose of wokeness is a costume that the left liberal elite puts on to virtue signal that they care about social justice and to hide their greed and corruption, said the former executive of a major brand-name apparel manufacturer.

Jennifer Sey, former Levi Strauss and Co. chief marketing officer and brand president, as well as author of “Levi's Unbuttoned: The Woke Mob Took My Job but Gave Me My Voice," in Denver on Nov. 20, 2022. (Jack Wang/The Epoch Times)

Jennifer Sey, former chief marketing officer and brand president of Levi Strauss & Co., told EpochTV’s “American Thought Leaders” program that she had “pushed back” on the public school closures due to COVID-19 for two years, and in the end, she was pushed out of the company for her advocacy.

Sey, who was sending her children to public schools, believed that prolonged school lockdowns were harmful to children and started speaking out against them at the beginning of the pandemic.

Sey said she and her husband were reading the data that was coming out of Italy at the start of the pandemic, a country heavily hit by the disease, and the data showed that the median age of death due to the disease was over 80.

Posted on: Dec 05 07:00

A rally organized to out activism that encourages children to question their gender identity and sexual orientation has inspired fury.

Florida Fathers for Freedom members and others gather on Jan. 23, 2022, in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., at a "Defeat the Mandate" rally to protest forced masking. (Courtesy of Florida Fathers for Freedom)

Now, threats of a rage-filled counter-protest have rally organizers requesting law enforcement officers to attend their planned gathering on Dec. 3 at a beach in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Conflict bubbled up after three very different groups organized the Protect the Children rally to display solidarity against policies aimed at sexualizing children, alienating them from their parents, and helping them pursue gender-transition treatment. They plan to gather at Fort Lauderdale Beach on the corner of Las Olas Boulevard at 11 a.m.

Local chapters of Moms for Liberty, Fathers for Freedom, and Gays Against Groomers wanted to come together to peacefully speak against “radicalized sexual curriculum, gender ideology, child grooming, parental alienation, and ‘gender-affirming care,'” said Eulalia Jimenez, president of the Moms for Liberty Miami chapter.

But when Antifa members heard of the gathering, they urged their peers in Twitter posts to “confront this hatred” and “protest against hate.” They referred to Protect the Children rally organizers as “fascists” proliferating “stochastic terrorism,” and spread fliers that read, “We can’t allow this kind of bigotry to go unchecked.”

Posted on: Dec 05 06:59

As protests continue to rage throughout China over the regime’s harsh COVID-19 policies, and the police respond with notable force, a bipartisan group of U.S. senators has sent a sharply worded letter to Beijing’s ambassador to Washington, Qin Gang, warning of “grave consequences for the U.S.-China relationship” if the communist regime carries out a crackdown reminiscent of the Tiananmen Square massacre of 1989.

A man is arrested while protesters gathered on a street in Shanghai on Nov. 27, 2022. Protests against China's 'zero-COVID' policy took place the night before following a deadly fire in Urumqi, the capital of the Xinjiang region. (Hector Retamal/AFP via Getty Images)

One of the lead signers, Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska), said in a statement accompanying the letter’s publication on Dec. 1 that the world’s response to Beijing’s efforts to quell the protests has been “tepid at best.” Hence Sullivan and the other signers saw a need to speak out and warn Beijing about what would happen if it failed to respect the right of citizens to signal their opposition to the severe COVID policies that have deprived millions of Chinese of freedom of movement.

The letter emphasizes the nonviolent character of the protests going on in China, implying that any abusive and violent conduct on the part of the regime’s forces will be illegal and unethical.

We are following the current peaceful protests in China over your government’s policies very carefully. We are also closely watching the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) reaction to them,” the letter states.

Webmaster addition: Does the name Kent State ring a bell?

Posted on: Dec 05 06:57

After Elon Musk's buyout and the ongoing release of the the "Twitter files", the cat is out of the bag, as it were, when it comes to Twitter's extreme leftist political agenda and their collusion with the federal government and the DNC.  And, it appears that some of the people deeply involved in the platform's censorship model are willing to discuss their tactics and motives.  One might expect them to take a more apologetic position in light of their exposed lies and trespasses against their customers and site users, but this is definitely not the case.

Former Twitter employees, most especially former moderators and Trust and Safety employees, are unrepentant for their censorship efforts tainted with political bias and seem to loath Elon Musk for opening the door to fair debate on the social media site.

One Twitter executive, Yoel Roth, was recently in the headlines for admitting that Twitter's aggressive censorship of the Hunter Biden Laptop story was a "mistake."  Roth is the former Global Head of Trust And Safety and played a direct role (along with other executives) in the suppression of the news, leading to the banning of the New York Post account merely for relaying accurate reporting.

Presenting the event as a "mistake" rooted in the company's concerns about "misinformation", however, seems disingenuous.  As we now know, Twitter and the DNC were in regular contact with each other and requests were made by DNC officials to block any mention of such damaging stories.  There was round-table debate at Twitter, but it was not about whether it was morally right to censor the information.  Rather, Twitter execs debated whether or not they could get away with it.

Posted on: Dec 05 06:55

As thousands of Twitter documents are released on the company’s infamous censorship program, much has been confirmed about the use of back channels by Biden and Democratic officials to silence critics on the social media platform. However, one familiar name immediately popped out in the first batch of documents released through journalist Matt Taibbi: James Baker. For many, James Baker is fast becoming the Kevin Bacon of the Russian collusion scandals.

Baker has been featured repeatedly in the Russian investigations launched by the Justice Department, including the hoax involving the Russian Alfa Bank. When Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann wanted to plant the bizarre false claim of a secret communications channel between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin, Baker was his go-to, speed-dial contact. (Baker would later testify at Sussmann’s trial). Baker’s name also appeared prominently in controversies related to the other Russian-related FBI allegations against Trump. He was effectively forced out due to his role and reportedly found himself under criminal investigation. He became a defender of the Russian investigations despite findings of biased and even criminal conduct. He was also a frequent target of Donald Trump on social media, including Twitter. Baker responded with public criticism of Trump for his “false narratives.”

After leaving the FBI, Twitter seemed eager to hire Baker as deputy general counsel. Ironically, Baker soon became involved in another alleged back channel with a presidential campaign. This time it was Twitter that maintained the non-public channels with the Biden campaign (and later the White House). Baker soon weighed in with the same signature bias that characterized the Russian investigations.

Posted on: Dec 05 06:54

On November 30, the European Commission, the executive of the European Union, proposed "options to Member States to make sure that Russia is held accountable for the atrocities and crimes committed during the war in Ukraine."

Ursula von der Leyen, president of the EU Commission, in selective condemnation, tweeted "Russia must pay for its horrific crimes." The hypocrisy displayed by von der Leyen and the EU is nothing short of remarkable.

It would seem the EU collective of unelected bureaucrats suffers from amnesia. Twenty-four years ago, Bill Clinton and NATO mercilessly bombed Yugoslavia, targeting civilian infrastructureRick Rozoff enumerates the war crimes:

A passenger train, a religious procession, a refugee column, Radio Television of Serbia headquarters, a vacuum cleaner factory, bridges, marketplaces, apartment courtyards, the Swiss embassy in Belgrade and the Chinese embassy as well, with three journalists killed and 27 other Chinese injured. Cluster bombs, graphite bombs and depleted uranium ordnance were used widely. No one, not a single individual, has been held accountable for those war crimes. Nor for what should be a war crime and one of the most grave at that: intentionally fabricating and exaggerating atrocity stories to agitate for and escalate a war. Few Western politicians and journalists would have escaped that charge over their roles in 1999.
Posted on: Dec 05 06:53

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Haar Støre have called on NATO to protect underwater pipelines and communication cables by creating a special coordination structure, according to Deutsche Welle.

“Pipelines, telephone and internet cables are vital communications for our states; their safety should be given top priority,” Scholz said following his meeting with Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre on the eve of the Berlin Security Conference.

He added that the recent attacks on the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 pipelines have shown how high the risks are in this area.

Posted on: Dec 05 06:52

As Sam Bankman-Fried enters day six of his whirlwind media tour in which he makes one or more daily appearances - against the advice of his lawyers - in hopes of convincing someone that he was too dumb to be a criminal mastermind with billions in crypto in cold storage and in bank accounts in Dubai and Singapore (luckily all his wire transfers can be traced), also known as the Simple Jack defense...

... the weakest link in SBF's defense was just spotted in a New York coffee shop, amid speculation she is preparing to blow up SBF's entire defense strategy.

According to Autism Capital, the former CEO of Alameda Capital (which as a reminder was ground zero of the FTX implosion after it blew up $8 billion in FTX client funds on trades gone horribly wrong), Caroline Ellison, was spotted at 8:15am this morning at the Ground Support Coffee on West Broad in SoHo Manhattan. This, as AC notes, "would mean she is not in Hong Kong and is in NY not in custody."

Posted on: Dec 05 06:51

 Pope Francis requested prayers Friday, or at least “good vibes” from those who do not know how to pray or do not believe in God.

“I ask you not to forget to pray for me,” the pontiff urged members of the French organization Leaders pour la Paix. “And if someone does not pray because he does not know how or cannot, at least send me ‘good vibes.’ I need them for this work!”

In Saturday’s address, the pope focused on overcoming war and working for peace, insisting that trying to resolve conflicts with weapons is “a sign of weakness and fragility,” whereas negotiation, mediation, and conciliation all “take courage.”

The pope also had sharp words for the usual “collateral damage” of war, calling its effects on the population “international crimes.”

Posted on: Dec 05 06:50

Twitter owner Elon Musk blasted a New York Times report claiming problematic content and hate speech was on an “unprecedented” rise on the platform following his takeover, countering earlier claims by the billionaire.

According to findings by the Center for Countering Digital Hate, the Anti-Defamation League, and other groups, the NY Times reported that slurs against black Americans increased from 1,282 times a day to 3,876 times. Posts against gay men and Jews went from 2,506 times to 3,964, and 61 percent, respectively during the two weeks after Musk bought Twitter.

Musk replied in a tweet that the report was “Utterly false.”

The NY Times report has, till now, gotten over 44,000 likes, while the Musk response garnered 346,000 likes, and nearly 21,000 retweets.

“Elon Musk sent up the Bat Signal to every kind of racist, misogynist and homophobe that Twitter was open for business,” said Imran Ahmed, the chief executive of the Center for Countering Digital Hate, in the report. “They have reacted accordingly.”

Posted on: Dec 05 06:49

Over the past weeks a coordinated all-out assault on our agriculture—the ability to produce food for human existence—has begun. The recent G20 governmental meeting in Bali, the UN Agenda 2030 Cop27 meeting in Egypt, the Davos World Economic Forum and Bill Gates are all complicit. Typically, they are using dystopian linguistic framing to give the illusion they are up to good when they are actually advancing an agenda that will lead to famine and death for hundreds of millions not billions if allowed to proceed. It’s driven by a coalition of money


On November 13 the G20--representatives of the 20 most influential nations including the USA, the UK, the European Union (though it’s no nation), Germany, Italy, France, Japan, South Korea, and several developing countries including China, India, Indonesia and Brazil,-- agreed on a final declaration.

The first major item is a “call for an accelerated transformation towards sustainable and resilient agriculture and food systems and supply chains.” Further, “working together to sustainably produce and distribute food, ensure that food systems better contribute to adaptation and mitigation to climate change, and halting and reversing biodiversity loss, diversify food sources…” In addition they called for “inclusive, predictable, and non-discriminatory, rules-based agricultural trade based on WTO rules.” As well, “We are committed to supporting the adoption of innovative practices and technologies, including digital innovation in agriculture and food systems to enhance productivity and sustainability in harmony with nature…” Then comes the revealing statement: “We reiterate our commitment to achieve global net zero greenhouse gas emissions/carbon neutrality by or around mid-century.” 

Posted on: Dec 05 06:49

As the war in Ukraine grinds on, cracks are forming in unexpected places. The US is mad at Ukraine, Europe is mad at the US and Europeans are mad at each other.

The cracks are neither wide nor structural. But they are there, and they are unexpected. The first crack in the US relationship with Ukraine formed around frustration and concern over unrelenting demands for arms from Ukraine.

As the war devours weapons and artillery, the hunger for them continues and the demand for more advanced weapons grows. Western nations committed to arming Ukraine are struggling to keep up as their own arsenals become depleted. The New York Times reports that there is a "mad scramble to supply Ukraine with what it needs while also replenishing NATO stockpiles."

And yet, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba complained on November 28 that "We also have to face one fact: There are countries in the world who have what Ukraine needs but who are not going to sell it in sufficient quantities for political reasons." He criticized western nations "who have stuff in stocks but who are not willing to share it."

Posted on: Dec 05 06:48