"I do not recognize the authority of anyone to control my life and my body, especially if their sole claim to such authority is great wealth accumulated by questionable means." -- Michael Rivero

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L.A. County District Attorney George Gascon improperly — and for political reasons — dismissed the criminal charges against the CEO of election software services company Konnech, a governmental tort complaint filed Wednesday by the lead prosecutor on the case claims. That eight-page complaint against Gascon with the county Board of Supervisors further alleges the DA retaliated against his lead prosecutor for opposing the dismissal of the charges — and reveals many more previously unknown and troubling details about the entire case.

On Oct. 4, 2022, the L.A. County district attorney’s office announced Eugene Yu, the CEO of the Michigan-based Konnech, had been arrested in conjunction with criminal charges pending in California. In announcing Yu’s arrest, the DA’s office stated that “under its $2.9 million, five-year contract with the county, Konnech was supposed to securely maintain the data and that only United States citizens and permanent residents have access to it.” However, in violation of the contract, “information was stored on servers in the People’s Republic of China,” according to the press release.

Yu was later arrested and extradited to California, where the far-left Gascon eventually dismissed the criminal charges against Yu. L.A. County later also approved a $5 million payout to Yu to settle a civil lawsuit the Konnech CEO had filed against the government.

From a legal perspective, the dismissal of the criminal charges was baffling, as the criminal complaint filed against Yu stated that during the execution of a search warrant at Konnech, the government recovered evidence that employees had “sent personal identifying information of Los Angeles County election workers to third-party software developers who assisted with the creating and fixing [of] Konnech’s internal ‘PollChief’ software.” The criminal complaint further stated that a project manager for Konnech’s contract with L.A. County “confirmed via the messaging app DingTalk that any employee for Chinese contractors working on PollChief software had ‘superadministrative’ privileges for all PollChief clients.”

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“He got shot down in New Guinea and they never found the body because there used to be — there were a lot of cannibals, for real, in that part of New Guinea,” Biden told United Steelworkers union members.

The Pentagon’s Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency says that Finnegan’s plane actually was lost over the open ocean on May 14, 1944.

“For unknown reasons, this plane was forced to ditch in the ocean off the north coast of New Guinea. Both engines failed at low altitude, and the aircraft’s nose hit the water hard,” the military’s account says.

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In a recent undercover video released by James O’Keefe's O’Keefe Media Group, Tyler Robinson, Special Advisor to the Administrator of the US Small Business Administration, made startling claims about political influence within the Biden administration.

Robinson referred to former Facebook Board Member and White House Chief of Staff Jeff Zients as the “second most powerful person in Washington,” explaining that Zients has a large amount of control over what President Joe Biden does. 

“Whatever [Zients] says, it’s what the President says,” Robinson claimed.

When asked if Zients has more power and influence than Vice President Kamala Harris, Robinson confirmed “Yeah.”

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Former President Donald Trump is cutting deeper into President Joe Biden’s lead among young voters, according to a new poll.

Biden leads Trump, 45 percent to 37 percent, among people ages 18 to 29 in a Harvard Youth Poll released Thursday, with 16 percent undecided. That 8 percentage point margin is much smaller than at this point in the 2020 election. At that time, Biden was leading Trump by 23 percentage points among young people.

Biden’s margins widen when the pool is restricted to registered and likely voters. But, still, his 19-point lead over Trump among the voters under 30 who are considered likely to turn out is significantly smaller than his 30-point advantage this time four years ago.

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Lawyers for Moderna have appeared before the Coroners Court of Victoria for a hearing into the death of Natalie Boyce, a 21-year-old law and commerce student who died from myocarditis after taking the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.

The Coroners Court is currently investigating whether Ms. Boyce’s death was caused by the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.

On April 17, the court was told that Ms. Boyce received her third vaccine, which was the Moderna vaccine, on Feb. 18, 2022.

Around one week later, she went to a general practitioner (GP) after experiencing vomiting for five days, along with aching pain and fainting at one point.

In the ensuing weeks, Ms. Boyce went to a hospital and a medical centre as her symptoms persisted.

Then, on March 5, she attended Mulgrave Private Hospital after suffering from chest pain and shortness of breath. She was then transferred to The Alfred, where she was diagnosed with fulminant myocarditis, a severe cardiac inflammation disease that is often fatal.

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Two major banks have closed the accounts of conservative attorney John Eastman in retaliation for his advocacy against Democratic election fraud.

The Daily Caller reports that Eastman, who was recently disbarred by a left-wing judge in California over his efforts to expose massive fraud that marred the 2020 presidential election, had bank accounts with Bank of America and USAA closed without warning.

Eastman confirmed that he had already moved most of his money from Bank of America to USAA over concerns that the former was involved in leftist advocacy. Both of these accounts are federally insured and received massive taxpayer bailouts during the 2008 financial crisis.

Yet despite their links to the federal government, Eastman revealed that both of his accounts were closed within the space of two months.

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From the beginning it has been completely clear that the criminal and civil indictments of Trump have the purposes of using up his energy, money, and time so that he cannot campaign and of discrediting him with the insouciant part of the population that is stupid enough to have faith in the “justice system.”

The trials themselves and the words of the prosecutors and judges prove it.

The black Democrat New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg, put into office by anti-Trump billionaire George Soros, who Elon Musk says hates humanity (which means gentiles), has concocted a criminal case against President Trump for “falsifying business documents” that legal scholars dispute. Apparently, Bragg cares not a whit about his reputation, only about preventing Trump from campaigning. Bragg contends that Trump should have reported his $130,000 payment to porn star Stormy Daniels as a campaign contribution to himself and not as legal fees. But, of course, it would have been one of Trump’s lawyers or CPA who filled in the form. A person of Trump’s wealth leaves such decisions to professionals and does not himself navigate complicated and risky forms. Regardless, there is nothing illegal whatsoever in making extortion or bribery payments to a porn star so that she doesn’t make harmful accusations. It is a much cheaper solution than suing for slander.

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Last month the Justice Department published a press release announcing that seven Chinese nationals have been charged with “conspiracy to commit computer intrusions and conspiracy to commit wire fraud.”

This announcement came on the heels of warnings from Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Director Jen Easterly and National Cyber Director Harry Coker that Chinese hackers are making a strategic shift to target critical infrastructure, are likely able to launch cyberattacks that could cripple that infrastructure, and are increasingly exploiting Americans’ private information.

It’s apparent then that a conflict between China and the United States would include disruptive, dangerous cyberwarfare. Indeed, as U.S.-China military-to-military communications restart, cyber needs to become a key part of these conversations to develop bilateral crisis management mechanisms.

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Conditions have been getting so bad for the approximately 1,100 U.S. military stationed in Niger right now that one member of the Air Force decided to write Congress.

In a letter reported by the Washington Post Wednesday night, a whistleblower penned a private letter to Congress complaining that the U.S. Embassy in Niger, particularly Ambassador Kathleen FitzGibbon and Air Force Col. Nora J. Nelson-Richter, the defense attaché posted there, was putting troops at risk by ignoring the military junta's March demands that the military leave and insisting that a diplomatic resolution was "being worked."

The junta overthrew the president Mohamed Barzoum in July 2023 in a coup and by all accounts is still holding him and his family in the basement of the presidential palace. After a reportedly disastrous meeting between U.S. officials and Niger last month the junta said it wanted the U.S. military footprint gone from Niger, drone base and all. Since that base is so important to the military, especially at a time when things in the Middle East are rupturing and Great and Middle Power Politics is swirling around the Sahel and North African region, Washington is doing whatever to takes to stay put.

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The legal team representing high-powered insurers Lloyd’s and Arch says that since the Nord Stream explosions were “more likely than not to have been inflicted by… a government,” they have no responsibility to pay for damages to the pipelines. To succeed with that defense, the companies will presumably be compelled to prove, in court, who carried out those attacks. 

British insurers are arguing that they have no obligation to honor their coverage of the Nord Stream pipelines, which were blown up in September 2022, because the unprecedented act of industrial sabotage was likely carried out by a national government.

The insurers’ filing contradicts reports the Washington Post and other legacy media publications asserting that a private Ukrainian team was responsible for the massive act of industrial sabotage.

A legal brief filed on behalf of UK-based firms Lloyd’s Insurance Company and Arch Insurance states that the “defendants will rely on, inter alia, the fact that the explosion Damage could only have (or, at least, was more likely than not to have) been inflicted by or under the order of a government.”

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In July 2020, the Israeli army stormed Birzeit University in the occupied West Bank and arrested Nada* while she was attending a cultural event.

She was accused of plotting “acts of terrorism” against Israeli forces and sentenced to 20 months in prison.

But Nada says she neither committed a crime nor engaged in acts of ‘‘resistance” that would provoke her arrest.

“If you are Palestinian then you are always living in danger,” Nada, 24, told Al Jazeera.

“You don’t have to do any acts of resistance. As a Palestinian, I’m always thinking that the occupation forces see us all as terrorists.”

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The US has approved a potential Israeli Rafah operation in exchange for the Jewish state not conducting counterstrikes on Iran, according to a Thursday report from the Qatari newspaper The New Arab.

A senior official told The New Arab that "Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu managed to obtain American approval for a military operation in Rafah, in exchange for [Israel] refraining from carrying out a wide military operation against Iran in response to its recent attack."

He claimed that "discourse of an Israeli response to Iran contradicts  the desires of the American administration, and is not realistic, given the Israeli claims that the United States played the major role in repelling the Iranian attack and preventing its success."

Webmaster addition: Israel successfully blackmailed Biden with the choice between WW3 and accepting the Genocide of the Palestinians!

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Iran’s dramatic attack on Israel on April 13 was no bolt from the blue. It had been building for years, in response to Israel’s increasingly brazen attacks on Iranian targets across the region — from weapons depots used by Iran’s regional allies to the Islamic Republic’s own nuclear scientists and senior military officials. After October 7, these attacks accelerated further, culminating in Israel’s April 1 bombing of the Iranian Embassy compound in Damascus that killed several senior Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) officers.  

While Israel’s leaders patted themselves on the back for another successful operation, the world looked on in bewilderment, knowing that this time Israel has crossed all red lines. Under countless international agreements, embassies have an inviolable right to protection. When this right is violated, conflicts and wars quickly escalate.

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Israel’s allowed to bomb an Iranian consulate, but Iran’s not allowed to strike back. The US is allowed to surround China with war machinery, but it would be World War Three if China ever tried to militarily encircle the US. NATO is allowed to expand to Russia’s doorstep and amass proxy forces on its border, but the last time Moscow placed a credible military threat anywhere near the United States, the US responded so aggressively that the world almost ended

The “rules-based international order” that the US-centralized power structure purports to uphold just means an order in which the US makes up the rules and nations had better obey them. It means rules for thee but not for me.

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