"No man's life, liberty, or property are safe while the legislature is in session." -- Mark Twain (1866)

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The top boss of the BBC said that being “progressive” and “diverse” is something to be proud of in a leaked recording. The comments from the organisation’s director general Tim Davie have sparked a furious backlash from those who say that BBC should be reflective of a broad range of views - not just those who are liberal.

Mr Davie made the remarks during an online question and answer session with employees - with the Telegraph acquiring the footage.

A BBC employee asks Mr Davie how he would respond to accusations that the organisation “haven’t done enough to tackle impartiality, that we need to ‘de-woke.”

Mr Davie said: “We do a reasonably good job of walking along the joyous tightrope of the culture wars where, being progressive, diverse, doing the things we should be proud of, is not woke. But meanwhile, we’ve got to make sure that we are clearly representing views from across the board.”

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Russia’s Permanent Representative at the United Nations Organization Vasily Nebenzya called some Western leaders’ revelations about the Minsk accords ‘a confession of guilt.’

"About a year ago, we all heard revelations by Pyotr Poroshenko [the former Ukrainian president], Francois Hollande [the former French president], Angela Merkel [the former German chancellor] and even Boris Johnson [the former UK prime minister] that neither France nor Germany nor even Great Britain ever perceived these [Minsk] accords seriously or intended to push the Ukrainian authorities towards their fulfillment and they only used them to stretch out time and enable Kiev to prepare for a war with Russia," the envoy said at a meeting of the UN Security Council on Ukraine.

"This was actually ‘a confession of guilt’ by the leaders of these states," he added.

However, this does not prevent representatives of these countries from "lecturing’ other members in the Council and talking about the importance of observing international law" and accusing other countries of failing to fulfil Security Council resolutions," Nebenzya emphasized.

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In a rousing address at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Maryland, New York Congresswoman Elise Stefanik underscored the significance of the forthcoming 2024 US presidential election, describing it as the most crucial in the nation's history.

Stefanik's speech was a clarion call to conservatives, urging them to rally behind former President Donald J. Trump and to resist the policies of President Biden and the Democrats, whom she accused of wreaking havoc on the nation.

Stefanik stated, "We always say that every election is the most important election in our lifetime, but this election truly is. Because in just three short years, Joe Biden and the far-left Democrats have laid waste to our great nation." She painted a grim picture of the current state of the nation, attributing it to the actions of the Biden administration and the Democrats.

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The goals of the Ukrainian army’s offensive in the summer of 2023 and the size of combat groups formed to carry it out are to a certain extent comparable with what the German military fielded for its Operation Citadel in 1943. This gives us the grounds for calling Kiev’s offensive in the summer of 2023 Operation Citadel 2.0.

Considering its military-political consequences, the collapse of Citadel 2.0 meant not simply the Ukrainian army’s military-strategic defeat but also the collapse of the consolidated West’s hybrid blitzkrieg.

We can state boldly that the so-called counteroffensive attempted by the Ukrainian military in the summer of 2023 was an event against whose background all the other developments could hardly attract so much attention. This is not surprising because this counteroffensive was of key significance in the standoff between the West and Russia as its outcome largely shaped not only the situation in the special military operation area, Russia and Ukraine but also trends of the changing global situation.

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It's been clear for weeks that Nikki Haley was going to lose her home state.

Facing that grim reality — and questions over how she could continue her quixotic challenge of former President Donald Trump after that happened — Haley set a lower benchmark for herself in South Carolina, the state where she served as governor for 8 years.

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French President Emmanuel Macron on Saturday was surrounded by groups of farmers who chastised the neo-liberal leader for his green agenda and for prioritising Ukraine over his own people.

At the 60th Agricultural Show held in the Porte de Versailles exhibition centre in Paris on Saturday, agricultural unions and organisations clashed with security and breached the gates in order to air the grievances of farmers to Emmanuel Macron directly. After initially showing hesitancy, the French president acquiesced and held an impromptu debate with several farmers.

“You gave Ukraine colossal sums, but you gave us crumbs,” one farmer said to Macron according to broadcaster BFMTV.

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During an interview aired on Friday’s “PBS NewsHour,” Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland responded to a question about whether the new set of sanctions on Russia it announced today is an admission that prior sanctions weren’t effective by stating that prior sanctions have worked, but “over the last six months,” Russia has figured out how to evade sanctions and that the newest round of sanctions are in part because “we’ve got to staunch this evasion” of sanctions.

Co-host Geoff Bennett asked, “President Biden today announced more than 500 sanctions on Russia. This is the largest tranche since the conflict started. Is this a tacit admission that the previous sanctions haven’t worked, what with Russia’s military-industrial complex up and running and seemingly drawing on limitless supplies and support from its authoritarian allies?”

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Navalny was a traitor to his nation—recruited by then U.S. Ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul I read just today—who is calling for war against Russia because his spy, Navalny, is dead.

Who killed him? “Putin, of course!,” says his mentor McFaul on Andrea Mitchell’s show.

How do they know that? They don’t, but who needs truth when you have a war to start!

To me, Navalny’s  death seems planned to coincide with their European arms bazaar, as his grieving widow was ready in make-up (in Munich) at the convention, with a prepared speech, just hours later. 

In other words, this looks like the CIA’s work, cleaning up loose ends, with their spy’s Missus dressed to the nines to take up where hubby left off as his replacement ‘opposition’ to Putin.  Coincidence?  Not with this crowd of Global Gangsters.

They are in a hurry to kick off their war and needed the theatre.

But let’s slow down for a minute—Color Revolution—who did write the book on that?

Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Under Biden, Michael Mcfaul Wrote the Book

Alexei Navalny’s Death and Curious Well-Timed Coincidences

The guy who literally wrote the 7-step plan to foment a ‘colour revolution’ in a foreign nation, also recruited Alexei Navalny as a spy in Russia when he was ambassador.

Russia caught Navalny trying to raise “10 to 20 million” from an MI6 operative, Agent Ford.  The money was to be used to overthrow the Russian government on behalf of the CIA and MI6. 

But get this—Putin let Navalny go, perhaps because of this. Why keep a known operative trying to overthrow your country inside it?

So Navalny then moves to England, claims he’s poisoned—by the man who let him leave Russia—but voluntarily returns to Russia where he’s tried as a traitor and jailed.  None of this makes any sense, until you understand who he works for–the CIA and MI6.

This week, Europe is on fire—though you won’t hear that on Lamestream Media—but I’m here watching it and very happy to report that fact! 

From Spain to Czech Republic and everywhere in between, farmers and truckers are shutting things down to force the corrupt EU tyrants and their puppets running member nations to drop the Green Graft that is killing Europe.

We joined the strike today here in Warsaw, Poland and all  border crossings from Ukraine are closed down by the farmers to prevent more EU dumping of grain and corn (under EU mandate!)—-which is destroying prices with inferior quality poisoned grain. 

Claire's Observations:  I am hoping (and praying) that this codswallop idea of a war against Russia being a "good thing", will flame out before it has time to ignite in Europe and beyond.  A shooting war against Russia would be stupidity writ large by Europe and the US; we need to NOT go down this road, but to figure out where cooperation and collaboration can cool the geopolitical temperature, rather than spiking it into a global fever. 

Cool heads, not infected by "Hopium/Changium wishful thinking" must be allowed to prevail here.

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American officials speaking with the Washington Post described the ongoing war in Ukraine as providing Washington with ample information about Russian war-fighting strategies. The report comes as Kiev struggles to field enough forces to prevent Moscow from capturing more territory. 

“The war remains an active and bountiful research opportunity for American military planners as they look to the future, officials say,” the Post reported. A senior defense official explained, “We immersed them in this conflict to make sure they were understanding the implications for warfare.” A second official told the outlet that the Ukraine war will be “an enduring resource.”

While the information gained for the war may benefit Washington, Kiev is losing on the battlefield. According to a soldier who escaped the Avdiivka and spoke with the Associated Press, the Ukrainians were outnumbered five to one. Additionally, hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers were killed or captured as Russian forces conquered the city. 

Additionally, the AP explained that the manpower shortage is precluding military operations. The outlet reports, “[Ukrainian] Commanders say they don’t have enough soldiers to launch offensives, and barely enough to hold positions amid intensifying Russian assaults.”

Kiev is struggling to recruit new soldiers, and Ukrainians are doing what they can to avoid conscription. One Ukrainian speaking with the AP about Kiev’s increasingly aggressive conscription policy lamented, “It’s a feeling that everyone wants to throw you in a meat grinder.”

Washington and its NATO partners have viewed Ukraine as a proxy war to weaken Russia. While the Joe Biden administration has touted this policy as “for Ukraine,” it has severely harmed the country. 

In the early months of the war, Kiev nearly reached an agreement with Moscow to end the conflict and Russian forces would withdraw to the pre-invasion lines. However, Washington and London pressured the Ukrainian leadership to abandon the diplomatic path. 

Claire's Observations:  This is one of he most lunatic reasons for continuing a no-win war I think I have ever heard in my lifetime (And at 74, trust me, I have heard more than a few!!)  That the UK and US collective "pressured" Zelinsky to think that a conquest against Russia on the battlefield was actually achievable, was absolute, sheer madness, and the Ukrainian people are truly the victims of  US/UK"Hopium/Changium" stinking thinking and planning.

The most intelligent and logical thing to do right now, is get Zelinsky (or whoever the US/UK is tapping as his "successor") to sue for peace, and get the most favorable terms from Russia possible.   But Biden is about to send more bombs, with a larger potential range to hit further  inside Russia than Ukraine already has. 

Such a deployment will not sit well with Russian leadership, and Biden (or more rightly, his war-centric handlers) is absolutely courting a nuclear exchange if he does this.

And a word to the US's DOD; this is the polar opposite of a "lab experiment", and the men fighting it are not your lab rats; this is a real war, with real people getting killed and maimed for life on both sides.   Enough!!!

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Even as Israel pounds Gaza into rubble, carrying out what has been described as a genocide in the process, many of its supporters are attempting to change the subject, instead decrying a supposedly new wave of dangerous antisemitism across American universities.

Their evidence for this is a new report from the Network Contagion Research Institute (NCRI). Entitled “The Corruption of the American Mind,” the study alleges that Middle Eastern funding of U.S. universities has helped unleash a torrent of anti-Jewish hatred. Yet, as we shall see, not only does the report contain numerous methodological issues, but the NCRI itself is deeply connected to the Israel lobby, as well as the U.S. national security state, and regularly publishes thinly sourced reports in service of Israeli interests and U.S. imperialism.


The NCRI report claims that American universities have accepted billions of dollars from authoritarian countries and that those institutions that accepted Middle Eastern cash saw 300% more antisemitic incidents than those that did not. U.S. universities, they conclude, are hotbeds of Jew-hatred. The report bemoans a:

[M]assive influx of foreign, concealed donations to American institutions of higher learning, much of it from authoritarian regimes with notable support from Middle Eastern sources, reflects or supports heightened levels of intolerance towards Jews, open inquiry and free expression.”

The study was widely cited in the media, particularly by pro-Israel partisans eager to change the subject from Israel’s bombing of Gaza. Bari Weiss, for example, wrote that “the explosion of antisemitic hate” on campuses had been “fueled by Middle Eastern money.” As she explained:

[F]or several decades a toxic worldview—morally relativist, anti-Israel, and anti-American—has been incubating in ‘area studies’ departments and social theory programs at elite universities. Whole narratives have been constructed to dehumanize Israelis and brand Israel as a ‘white, colonial project’ to be ‘resisted.’”

The clear implication in both the NCRI study and Weiss’ report is that domestic opposition to Israeli (or other Western nations’) actions cannot be organic. Instead, it must be funded by nefarious foreign actors – a notion that, as we shall see – is a central recurring theme in the NCRI’s work.

Claire's Observations: The Israeli government's actions are very much to blame for this uptick in anti Jewish sentiment, if in fact their numbers are to be believed.  The moment Israel conflated "self defense" with genocide against the Palestinian people, it lost its moral argument, and whatever it had left of any " moral high ground." 

 It's policies, allegedly, are in place to "demilitarize and destroy Hamas." But if this is actually true, why are the majority of the IDF's victims women and children?!? 

I am not sorry, and as a Christian Pacifist Activist, I cannot "stay silent" why my government provides the bombs and bullets with which Israel is killing Palestinian women and children.  No one is "paying me" to say this, or threatening me if I don't.  It is simply a matter of basic morality and humanity.  

Have Jewish people suffered because of their faith and practices down through history?!? The short answer is, yes, absolutely.  But to use this as an excuse to kill, torture, and starve a "new other"?!? One has to wonder what the best, Rabbinical sages would have commented about this. 

I am reminded of the great sage and cleric, Rambam, (Maimonides) who was asked by a Yeshiva student, to summarize the essence of the Torah while standing on one foot.  Rambam thought about it for awhile, stood on one foot, and said, "Never do anything to anyone else what you would not want done to you!"  What a beautiful rebuttal to a full-of-himself kid, and also a great statement for all of humankind to remember!!


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The Money Machine Behind Progressive Election Efforts

Image removed.

by Tyler Durden

Saturday, Feb 24, 2024 - 01:00 PM

Authored by Austin Alonzo via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours),

Arabella Advisors is the biggest name in politics you’ve never heard.

Image removed.CEO of Koch Industries Charles Koch (3rd-R) and Fontainebleau officials take part in a ribbon cutting in Las Vegas on Dec. 13, 2023. (Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Fontainebleau Las Vegas)

The firm is deeply involved with some of the most prominent financiers of progressive policies and Democratic Party candidates. It manages a complex network of tax-exempt, nonprofit organizations that quietly funnels money to progressive organizations, political action committees, and the campaigns of Democratic Party candidates.

In 2020 and 2022, according to federal election finance filings and nonprofit tax forms, groups linked to Arabella were active in financing Democrats and left-leaning get-out-the-vote efforts. A leader of one of the funds connected to Arabella has already promised to keep up their efforts in 2024.

Arabella Advisors is a private, Washington-based for-profit corporation. In its 2020 report, it says it provides “administrative services to nonprofits working to build a better world and [help] philanthropists on their journeys from idea to impact.”

Arabella didn’t respond to requests for comment by The Epoch Times.

Its website says its clients include families and individuals, foundations, nonprofits, and corporations. It doesn’t disclose financial records or details of its activities outside of so-called annual impact reports.

The latest such report, reflecting its activities in 2021 and 2022, said it worked to “deploy more than half a billion dollars in grants to more than 2,800 grantees working in more than 100 countries and almost every state in the United States.”

The report also shows evidence of Arabella’s political leanings. It lists defending democracy and elevating equity as part of “how it helps.”

In a December 2023 hearing before the U.S. House Committee on Ways and Means Oversight Subcommittee, Rep. Jason Smith (R-Mo.) described Arabella as “a key part of the Democrat Party’s political infrastructure in recent years.”

Mr. Smith asked about the amount of money allegedly flowing into Arabella from foreign sources. In his testimony, Capital Research Center President Scott Walter said one donor in particular, Swiss medical device billionaire Hansjorg Wyss, is sending millions of dollars to Arabella-linked groups through his nonprofit organizations the Wyss Foundation and the Berger Action Fund.

Our country is increasingly polarized in many ways, but we possess near-universal agreement that foreigners and foreign money should not meddle in our politics,” Mr. Walter said.

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In recent developments,

…  it will be revealed whether Julian Assange’s appeal in the British courts against being extradited to the US succeeds or not during a two-day hearing, which is scheduled to take place in London on Tuesday and Wednesday [February 20, 21, 2024], The Guardian reported.

In a meeting organized by the Foreign Press Association, his wife, Stella, warned that he could be put on a plane to the US within days if the appeal fails, fearing his death if he is extradited. This is the final chance for Assange to challenge then-former Home Secretary Priti Patel’s decision in June 2022 for an extradition.” (Al Mayadeen)

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) have confirmed that “the prosecution of Assange represents a global threat to media freedom.”

“The ongoing prosecution of Julian Assange jeopardizes media freedom everywhere in the world,” the IFJ and EFJ said in a joint statement

Claire's Observations:  Should Assange be extradited, tried, and convicted in the US, say "Goodbye" to free speech everywhere on this planet.

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People around the world enjoy significantly greater travel freedom than they did just a couple decades ago.

In 2006, people could travel visa-free to 58 countries on average, while today that number has jumped to 111 destinations. Even in the last year, French, German, Spanish, and Italian citizens can now travel visa-free to three new countries.

This graphic, via Visual Capitalist's Niccolo Conte, shows the most powerful passports in 2024, with data from the annual Henley & Partners Passport Index

Claire's Observations:  having a second or third passport is costly, but if and when things go increasingly "lactating glands vertical" in this country, they can be a very solid investment, if one does one's due diligence.

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In one of four motions, attorneys for the former president contend that neither the U.S. Constitution nor Congress had officially established the special counsel’s office, rendering Mr. Smith’s appointment invalid.

Furthermore, they argue that the special counsel’s office is being funded “off the books” by the Biden administration.

The motion, which cites the Appointments Clause, argues that Attorney General Merrick Garland did not have the authority to appoint a “like-minded political ally” as special counsel “without Senate confirmation.”

“As such, Jack Smith lacks the authority to prosecute this action,” the motion reads.

President Trump’s lawyers argue that the only remedy is to dismiss the superseding indictment.

The Appointments Clause stipulates that all federal offices, except for the president’s, must be established by Congress and appointed with the advice and consent of the Senate. This is with the exception of federal offices created through the Necessary and Proper Clause, which empowers Congress to make laws necessary and proper for carrying into execution the powers vested in the government.

“There is, however, no statute establishing the Office of Special Counsel,” the motion reads.

“As a result, because neither the Constitution nor Congress have created the office of the ‘Special Counsel,’ Smith’s appointment is invalid and any prosecutorial power he seeks to wield is ultra vires,” meaning beyond his authority

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Event organizer Joni Bryan told The Epoch Times she is happy that the program supporting her Constitution-awareness group, the 917 Society, is getting more exposure. The group is named after Constitution Day, Sept. 17.

But—spoiler alert—Ms. Bryan asserts: the former Hawaii congresswoman’s March 7 appearance at the ritzy resort in Palm Beach, Florida, is unrelated to President Trump’s big announcement involving Ms. Gabbard and others.

On Feb. 20, President Trump, the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination, revealed at a Fox News town hall in Greenville, S.C., that Ms. Gabbard, a former Democrat, had made his “short list” of possible running mates.

Long before that revelation, Ms. Bryan had been in contact with Ms. Gabbard about serving as a guest speaker for the group’s annual gala.

Online, some people have suggested that, by appearing at Mar-a-Lago, Ms. Gabbard was becoming more directly aligned with President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) movement.

That may or may not be the case, Ms. Bryan said, adding, “We want every American to be proud of the Constitution. That’s not a MAGA thing. That’s an American thing.”

Personal Meeting With 45

Ms. Gabbard made an unsuccessful run for president in 2020 as a Democrat, when former Vice President Joe Biden became her party’s nominee. He went on to be declared the victor of the matchup with President Trump, an outcome that many dispute to this day.

In 2022, Ms. Gabbard quit the Democratic Party because she was fed up with its increasingly radical, “woke” ideology. In recent months, Ms. Gabbard has been critical of Democrats’ various attempts to keep President Trump off the 2024 general election ballot.

Adding fuel to the VP speculation, Ms. Gabbard spoke of her admiration for the former president during a Feb. 22 speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference near Washington, D.C.

She said President Trump’s sole remaining GOP challenger, former United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley, has cast President Trump in a false light.

“She claims that President Trump only cares about himself and that he’s doing all that he’s doing only for himself,” Ms. Gabbard said. “If that were the case, wouldn’t he just walk away from all this? Walk away from the headaches and the attacks, and all the stress that he’s enduring right now?”

Ms. Gabbard said she has met with the 45th president and has spoken with him “at length.” She also said she has witnessed “his heartfelt interactions” with her military friends

Claire's Observations:  One thing this article fails to mention, is Gabbard's Service in the Hawaii National Guard.  As reported at Google.com:  "Gabbard served in a field medical unit of the Hawaii Army National Guard while deployed to Iraq from 2004 to 2005 and was stationed in Kuwait from 2008 to 2009 as an Army Military Police platoon leader."

This lady  is very bright, and has seen war - and its results - up close, and personal. This is why her choice as Trump's VP, would be an excellent choice, not only for the ticket, but also for this country.

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Nvidia is technically an “American company”, but the CEO is Chinese, and all the factories are in China.

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