"Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal." -- Martin Luther King, Jr.

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As you’ve probably caught wind of, Joe Biden’s border disaster is really putting America through the wringer. It’s not just the border towns feeling the heat anymore. With Biden’s border invasion cranking up, the ripple effects are hitting every corner of the United States, touching more than just the working and middle classes. Now, even the upper crust of American society is starting to squirm as some fresh “gang” creativity shows up at their doorstep.

Trump’s been saying (and getting slammed for it) that we’re not exactly getting the cream of the crop. It’s like some places are just clearing out their jails and psych wards and sending them our way. And the Democrats might as well be holding the door open with welcome baskets as these dregs of humanity flood in.

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A former Air National Guardsman has allegedly defected and joined the Russian army in its fight against Ukraine, according to the Rhode Island attorney general's office.

Wilmer Puello-Mota, 28, a former security forces technical sergeant with the Massachusetts Air National Guard, allegedly fled the country in response to a pending criminal case against him for possession of child pornography. Social media posts claim he volunteered with the Russian military and fought against Ukrainians in a fierce battle for a key eastern city.

"We are aware Mr. Puello-Mota left the country in response to civil criminal charges filed against him," Don Veitch, a spokesperson for the 104th Fighter Wing in Massachusetts, told Military.com in an email.

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An illegal alien who has been deported from the U.S. on eight separate occasions has been charged with murder in Ohio.

Fox News reports that Fermin Garcia-Gutierrez, 46, is facing charges of premeditated murder, using weapons while intoxicated, carrying concealed weapons, possession of drugs, and obstructing official business.

He was arrested this week after a dead body was found on Monday in Hamilton, just north of Cincinnati after officers received a 911 call.

According to Sheriff Richard Jones of Ohio’s Butler County Sheriff’s Office, Garcia-Gutierrez has been active in the U.S. since 2001, when he was first arrested. Until now, he had been charged with 20 separate crimes and was a known gang member.

“That person would be alive today, and if you don’t think that it’s affecting you in Butler County, Ohio, we’re all border states; we’re all border counties,” said Jones. “It’s here, and we could go on and on.”

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Russia has restored at least one An-124 heavy airlifter to service after decades in storage to meet rapidly expanding requirements, as the country reverses its post-Cold War demilitarisation in the face of wartime conditions. The airlifter fleet is one of multiple areas of the country’s air and ground forces which are being expanded significantly as the country faces both a protected war in Ukraine and fast escalating tensions with an expanding NATO alliance and with Western-aligned Japan. Attention was drawn to this expansion when an An-124 transport was brought out of storage at Ulyanovsk-East Airport for extensive refurbishment and modernisation. The An-124 is a highly prized asset for Russia and represents by far the heaviest aircraft in the country’s fleet. It is relied on to serve as a larger complement to the lighter but more widely used Il-76. While the Il-76 is produced domestically in Russia, after factories were moved there from Uzbekistan where they had been built in the Soviet era, the An-124 was produced in Ukraine during the Soviet era which has been a key impediment to further acquisitions. Aside from the An-124, it remains uncertain which other aircraft may be restored and in what quantities.

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There are 11 cargo ships trapped in the Port of Baltimore behind the wreckage of the Francis Scott Key Bridge — including four that are supposed to be able to set sail at a moment’s notice to support the overseas deployment of U.S. military forces.

The four ships, the SS Antares, SS Denebola, Gary I. Gordon and Cape Washington, are part of the U.S. Maritime Administration’s Ready Reserve Force, a fleet established in 1976 to quickly supply American troops around the world. Two of them — the Antares and the Denebola — are capable of sailing from the East Coast to Europe in six days, making them among the fastest cargo ships in the world, according to a 2020 Facebook post by the Maritime Administration.

The blocked ships worry some naval strategy experts.

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A federal appeals court blocked one of Joe Biden’s student loan bailout programs.

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday blocked Biden’s plan to cancel loans for borrowers who claim they were victims of ‘misleading information’ by colleges.

A three-judge panel – one Reagan appointee and two Trump appointees – said Biden’s program was ‘almost certainly unlawful.’

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It is not uncommon for politicians or bureaucrats to lie. What seems to be unique, though, is just how common and consequential the lies were during the COVID pandemic.

On Monday, we got a bombshell. New documents indicate the entire justification for vaccine mandates was based on a falsehood — and that public health officials knew it.

Emails obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request show that CDC Director Rochelle Walensky and former NIH Director Francis Collins were aware of, and discussed, “breakthrough cases” of COVID in January 2021 — right when the vaccines became widely available. In her email, Walensky says that “clearly,” it is an “important area of study,” links to a study raising the issue, and assures the person she is sending it to that Dr. Anthony Fauci is looped into these conversations.

However, in public, Walensky was saying something quite different. Two months after discussing this data, she said vaccinated people “don’t carry the virus” and “don’t get sick.” In a congressional hearing, after it became clear people were able to get infected with COVID even after receiving the vaccine, she defended her original statements by claiming it was true at the time she said it — namely, for the strands we were dealing with in early 2021.

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On Thursday, Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson called for work permits for half a million illegals in Illinois.

Why worry about out-of-work and suffering American citizens when you can make illegals the priority.

Johnson further boasted that his city, in constant chaos from rampant crime and urban decay, could continue to absorb even more illegals and  “conservatively” welcome another 400,000 to 700,000.

During a roundtable with urban business leaders, Johnson said, “We need the president to extend the same economic opportunities long term for our undocumented brothers and sisters, so they can build a better life here in the city of Chicago or wherever else they decide to live.”

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In direct opposition to the suspect claims of transgender activists that children who are “gender-confused” must have medical “care” that goes up to and includes surgical body mutilations, a new 15-year study confirms that most of those kids, if left alone, “grow out of it.”

A report from the Daily Mail confirms the study results show that “being trans is usually just a phase for kids.”

The report explained, “Researchers in the Netherlands tracked more than 2,700 children from age 11 to their mid-twenties, asking them every three years of feelings about their gender. Results showed at the start of the research, around one-in-10 children (11 percent) expressed ‘gender non-contentedness’ to varying degrees.”

However, by age 25 only 4% said they “often” or even “sometimes” were discontent with gender.

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Arizona rancher George Alan Kelly’s wife was called to testify on behalf of the prosecution on Wednesday, as the high-stakes murder trial with broad implications about the borderlands continues. 

Wanda Kelly, who has been married to the defendant for nearly 54 years, told the Santa Cruz County courtroom that she had spotted two men armed with rifles and carrying backpacks walking near the couple’s home on their 170-acre cattle ranch near Keno Springs outside Nogales on Jan. 30, 2023. 

Describing how her husband had gone out onto their patio with a rifle while on the phone with the Border Patrol, the woman recalled hearing several shots outside and fearing the worst. 

"When the shots stop, I just stand there. I’m afraid to look," Wanda said. "I walked to the left window. …  I looked and he wasn’t lying on the ground, so I said, ‘Thank you, Lord.’" 

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Special counsel Jack Smith could soon seek to have the judge presiding over former President Donald Trump’s classified documents case recused, prosecutors and defense attorneys warn, describing Smith as being pressed to the “breaking point” over arguments his office said could taint a trial irrevocably. 

Smith faulted Judge Aileen Cannon in a scathing rebuke for seeming to take at face value Trump’s “fundamentally flawed” claim around a president’s official and personal records when she asked both sides to put forth competing versions of instructions for jurors in the case and said her request would “distort” the trial. Smith indicated in that filing that if Cannon ruled against federal prosecutors, this could be a trigger for an appeal to the 11th Circuit that could remove her from the case. 

“He is close to pushing the nuclear button,” said Palm Beach County State Attorney David Aronberg. “It is a high burden to reach, and it is rarely done, but her proposed jury instructions may have pushed him to the breaking point.” 

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Last month, electoral politics got a shake-up when staff changes were announced at the Republican National Committee (RNC). Michael Whatley and Lara Trump took over the top spots, with a cascade of other Trump affiliates being announced for positions throughout the organization.

This news was well received among the president’s supporters, many of whom saw the former RNC as an enforcement arm of the D.C. establishment, solidifying it while undermining his return to power. Reporting on the personnel change-up was quickly followed by an announcement that there would be a shift in focus at the RNC to election integrity. These changes at the RNC and other organizations signal that two broader principles of a more focused MAGA movement are being put into action: Personnel is policy, and election fraud is a real threat.

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu demanded that Washington speed up the delivery of weapons on the same day he was warned by President Joe Biden that future military aid may depend on how he addresses worries about civilian casualties and an escalating humanitarian crisis.

Netanyahu delivered a defiant message in a meeting with visiting Republican members of Congress.

He pushed back firmly on calls for a two-state solution, which is the long-term goal of U.S. policy.

In a meeting in Jerusalem with visiting Republicans, organized by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, he said he had a three-pronged message. 

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President Joe Biden has repeated a lie about travelling 17,000 miles with the Chinese premier in his latest flubbed speech, where he also referred to the 'O'Biden' administration.

The 81-year-old was giving speaking at a White House event Thursday to mark Greek Independence Day when he repeated the false remarks.

He repeated the long-debunked claim that he had covered the extensive ground during visits with the Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Biden re-stated the claim while recounting an anecdote about how President Xi had once asked him to define America.

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Twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was confronted by profanity-slinging pro-Palestinian protesters in New York City on Wednesday, days after she told voters upset about a rematch between former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden to “get over yourself.”

The Post Millennial noted Friday that the incident occurred Wednesday night after a fundraiser, which, according to the New York Post, Clinton was holding for Biden alongside Hamilton actor Lin-Manuel Miranda on Broadway. Those in attendance received a preview of the Clinton-produced play Suffs.

Tensions were palpable outside after the event ended when Clinton was leaving, according to a video shared to X by user @taliaotg that went viral. The moment spotlights fractures on the left surrounding the Biden administration’s response to the Israel-Hamas war.

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Mayo Clinic experts say puberty blockers can lead to withering testicles, fertility problems and even cancer among the trans kids who take them, in the latest study to raise alarm about transgender medicine.

The findings cast doubt on the 'reversibility' of puberty blockers — a key claim of the trans activists who promote the drugs, saying they only 'pause' puberty and buy time for trans kids to make decisions about their gender.

Instead, researchers say puberty blockers hurt the development of testicles and sperm production in ways that are not fully reversible and could affect users' ability to have children when they grow up.

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Russia's Defense Ministry announced on Wednesday it had deployed additional forces in the Syrian-controlled areas of the Golan Heights, where Israel had allegedly struck at an increasing rate over the last few months.

The forces, from Russia's military police, were tasked with de-escalating tensions in the Syrian provinces of Quneitra and Daraa, as well as monitoring the longstanding ceasefire issued as part of the Syrian Civil War.

According to Russia, military posts belonging to the Syrian military are located below the Russian observation posts, set up to monitor "possible provocations."

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