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by Tyler Durden

A sudden surge in Ukrainian drone strikes targeting Russia's vast energy industry materialized early last week (read here) and continued into the weekend (read here). To combat drone strikes on refineries and crude and or crude product storage tanks, "cope cages" have been installed to fortify at least one refinery against potential aerial threats. 

The proliferation of drones on the modern battlefield in Eastern Europe, more specifically in Ukraine, has been absolutely stunning to spectate over the last two years. From suicide drones taking out infantry troops on the first and second lines to Ukraine launching drone swarm attacks on Russia's energy complex, warfare is forever changing. 

With that being said, military forces and even countries must adapt to this changing environment where drones and AI dominate the battlefield. And that's why Russia is now installing anti-drone cages, known as "cope cages," to protect these critical facilities that help fund Moscow's "special military operation" in Ukraine. 

According to EurAsian Times

The latest development involves the installation of what is commonly referred to as a “cope cage” on a Russian oil facility, likely to fortify it against potential aerial threats. 

An image circulating on the internet on April 27 depicted Russian oil depots equipped with these anti-drone cages. 

Although specific details regarding the location of the fortified depot remain undisclosed, speculations suggest it might be under the ownership of the Slavyansk ECO Group, based on the logo painted on the oil depot.

X user Special Kherson Cat has posted an image of a Russian oil tank farm with anti-drone cages. 

The X user also posted several other images of Russian military machines with anti-drone cages.

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The leader of the anti-Taliban resistance in Afghanistan has issued a chilling warning that a new terrorist attack on America is a matter of 'when not if'.

Ahmad Massoud said terrorism is 'breeding' in the vacuum left by the U.S. pulling out in August 2021 and it is 'very possible ' extremists will now try to strike America or Europe. 

Massoud is the son of Ahmad Shah Massoud, the legendary resistance leader known as the 'Lion of Panjshir,' who was assassinated by Al Qaeda two days before 9/11.

As he continues his father's cause the Biden administration's withdrawal from his country was the final nail in the coffin. 

The chaotic evacuation and bloodshed resulted in a moment he has spent years trying to stop: The return to power of the evil, radical Islamists who are sending his country back in time.

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Police moved in to clear dozens of protesters who had set up tents in a courtyard at the Sorbonne University in Paris on Monday to protest against the war in Gaza

Video captured the moment police dragged protestors away from a courtyard in the university, which was founded in 1257. 

French cops were seen dragging protestors out of tents, and were also seen cutting up the tents as a crowd behind them booed and jeered. 

The demonstration took place three days after protests at the capital's elite Sciences Po university and came in the wake of rallies in campuses across the United States against the conflict.

'We set up tents... like in several US universities,' Sorbonne student Louis Maziere said. 'We're doing all we can to raise awareness about what is happening in Palestine, about the ongoing genocide in Gaza.'

'Police then came running in, brought down tents, grabbed students by the collar and dragged them on the ground, that's not OK... We're quite shocked,' he said.

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Authored by Stephen Katte via The Epoch Times 

Over 1,000 peaceful protesters gathered in Hamburg, Germany, over the weekend, with the leader of the group demanding the establishment of am Islamic caliphate in the European country.

Pro-Palestinian protesters demonstrate during the launch event rally for the SPD European elections campaign in Hamburg, Germany, on April 27, 2024. (Morris MacMatzen/Getty Images)

A caliphate is a political-religious form of government under the leadership of an Islamic steward with the title of the caliph or “successor of the prophet of God,” who is considered a high-ranking leader in the Muslim world.

According to local German media reports and German authorities, the protest was organized by a young man who leads a populist extremist group, Muslim Interaktiv. In several videos of the protest posted online, a speaker addressing a crowd can be heard describing the caliphate as a “system that provides security” that has been “demonized” by politicians and media in Germany. The crowd responded with cheer, and some with chants of “Allahu Akbar (God is the greatest).”

A social media account connected to the group shared multiple photos and posts of the protest, which it says was aimed at standing against the “demonization of all Islamic life in Germany.”

The organizers claim the rally was to protest against alleged Islamophobic policies of the German government and alleged media disinformation campaigns against Muslims in Germany while reporting on the unfolding Israel-Hamas war.

“We will raise our voices together, inshallah (if God wills it),” a post on X said. “Together against Islamophobic reporting, both in recent weeks and in recent months.”

Muslim Interaktiv Linked to Designated Terrorist Group

Germany’s Federal Criminal Intelligence Service, or BKA, and Hamburg’s security services claim Muslim Interaktiv is part of Hizb ut-Tahrir (‘Party of Liberation’), a global Salafi Islamist movement with the goal of uniting the world under an Islamic caliphate and implementing Sharia law.

Hizb ut-Tahrir, which was founded in Jerusalem in 1953, has been banned from operating in Germany since 2003. It is also banned in many Muslim-majority countries and faces resistance from the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank, where it advocates for the re-establishment of a caliphate through non-military means, according to the European Council on Foreign Relations

Claire's Observations:  Whoever thought that advocating for a "German Caliphate" in this manner was a "great idea", is a card-carrying stupid idiot.  And in the immortal words of the American comic Ron White, "You can't fix stupid!!"

What they should have been their focus, would have been the genocide perpetrated by Israel on the Palestinians in Gaza; that, with visuals and a good, honest, narrative, would have at least garnered some German sympathy for the victims and outrage against the evils Israel is inflicting.  

But would anyone in their right mind, understanding Germany's complex past, and the vile "ethnic cleansing" perpetrated upon groups considered as "undesirables" during World War II, called for a "German Caliphate"?!?

The short answer is. "HELL, NO!!"

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Wealthy white Baton Rouge residents have won a decade-long court battle to split from poorer neighborhoods and form their own city with plans for better schools and less crime. 

The Louisiana Supreme Court ruled on Friday that the new City of St George could move forward with incorporation, splitting off from the rest of Baton Rouge. 

St George will have 86,000 residents across a 60-square-mile area in the southeast of East Baton Rouge Parish and will have its own Mayor and city council.

Supporters of the new city say that the existing city-parish government is poorly run, with high crime rates and bad schools. 

Webmaster addition: This is a repeat of Reagan's 

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By Tyler Durden.

Tucked away in the $95 billion military aid package for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan is a $3.5 billion slush fund to open new processing centers for Muslim migrants, in what Sen. Eric Schmitt described as a bid to "supercharge mass migration from the Middle East."

Claire's Observations:  It gets worse.  Thanks to a VERY sharp-eyed Netizen by the user name of "@stillgray"  (Alan Miles Cheong), we get the following on X:


"Open borders? No problem. The Biden administration is setting up two new international field offices in Qatar and Turkey to facilitate the mass migration of refugees and economic migrants from the Middle East and the near-Middle East to resettle them throughout American cities." (via@Dalia4Congress)

Folks, the question which I think needs to be asked, is why this sudden push to include such immigrants?!?  Many of them hold the US's religious tolerance in utter contempt, and Islamic protestors in Germany recently advocated  for Germany to become a Caliphate https://nypost.com/2024/04/29/world-news/protesters-call-for-islamic-state-in-germany-caliphate-is-the-solution/

And BTW, the Congressional Representatives who voted for, and attached this rider to the Ukraine Aid Bill, must hate this country beyond belief.  So, in the next 50 years, will we still have a USA, or will it have morphed into "Ameristan" by that point?!?  I don't have an answer, but the people who thought this was a "good idea" were profoundly mistaken.

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Wealthy white Baton Rouge residents have won a decade-long court battle to split from poorer neighborhoods and form their own city with plans for better schools and less crime. 

The Louisiana Supreme Court ruled on Friday that the new City of St George could move forward with incorporation, splitting off from the rest of Baton Rouge. 

St George will have 86,000 residents across a 60-square-mile area in the southeast of East Baton Rouge Parish and will have its own Mayor and city council.

Supporters of the new city say that the existing city-parish government is poorly run, with high crime rates and bad schools. 

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Walt Disney World in Florida appears to have cast a man to play the evil queen from Snow White in drag at its Wilderness Lodge resort, according to a viral video showing the performer.

In addition, That Park Place — a site devoted to Disney theme parks — reported that a family who dined at the Wilderness Lodge also encountered the performer, with the father telling the site “that the Evil Queen without a doubt had a man’s voice.”

Disney’s Wilderness Lodge in Orlando is a resort that offers visitors several dining experiences, one of which features a Snow White character meet-and-greet.

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky revealed that Ukraine and the U.S. government are “working on a bilateral security agreement” that would force Washington to provide Ukraine with military, economic, and political support for the next decade. 

In a statement issued on Sunday, Zelensky said that he and President Joe Biden are in talks to secure a deal that would give Ukraine U.S. taxpayer funds for the next ten years as its long-winded war with Russia continues. 

He claimed the money is needed to equip Ukraine with the “efficiency in assistance” it needs to tackle the recent war advances by Russian forces. 

“We are working to commit to paper concrete levels of support for this year and the next ten years,” Zelensky said. “It will include military, financial, and political support, as well as what concerns joint production of weapons.”

The Ukrainian president thanked House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) for “him and all the congressmen for their support” after Congress approved a $61 billion aid package for the country after more than six months of partisan feuding. 

He insisted that the reason he needs a long-term contract with the United States is so that the Ukrainian government can be the strongest opponent against Russian President Vladimir Putin. The president has already made bilateral security arrangements with several NATO members, including the UK, Germany, and France. However, those agreements are not binding. This means that the countries can terminate the deals at any moment’s notice. 

Webmaster addition: So, that last $61 billion isn't the end of it. Not to worry; this war won't last a year, let alone ten. But the whole point of this deal is to make sure that the next President cannot shut of the money. I am not sure if that's even legal.

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A leaked audio that went viral on social media is causing major headaches for President Joe Biden’s administration and a Democrat governor.

New Mexico Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham criticized Joe Biden’s administration and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas in the leaked audio recording over his failure to protect the border.

“For the love of god, put [Border Patrol agents] at the border in Sunland Park where I don’t have a single Border Patrol agent — not one. And people pour over. And so I’m cranky with the Secretary,” Grisham is heard saying to an unidentified official in the audio, first posted by an anonymous account on X.

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Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) sparked some backlash this week due to her attempt to defend the anti-Israel protests held across college campuses like Columbia University. The Missouri lawmaker tried to justify the protesters with her personal experience while she protested in Missouri’s Ferguson, claiming that she had seen protests get “infiltrated” by people to make them appear violent.

In a post to X, she wrote, “As a Ferguson activist, I know what it’s like to have agitators infiltrate our movement, manipulate the press, & fuel the suppression of dissent by public officials & law enforcement. We must reject these tactics to silence anti-war activists demanding divestment from genocide.”

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According to an article on Yahoo! today, the top banana in finance, J. Powell, has already decided to go full bananatard. It is the financial hallmark of banana republics to print money in order to finance their debts. The Federal Reserve has never been allowed by law under its charter to do that because politicians were, long ago, smart enough to notice that all nations that take that path to financing their ambitious government programs turn to ash in the flames of hyperinflation.

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A lawmaker in California has introduced a bill that would limit the amount of homework teachers can assign students. AB 2999, dubbed “The Healthy Homework Act” would prohibit teachers from assigning students an excessive amount of homework.

Under the bill, educational agencies, school administration officials and local school board officials would be required to “develop, adopt, and update” homework policies “at least once every five years.” In doing that, they would have to look into research available regarding how homework impacts students’ physical and mental health.

Educational agencies, school administration officials and local school board officials would also be required to consider the reasonable amount of time students should spend on homework. They will also take into account that some students might have learning disabilities and that some might not have access to “the internet, computers, and learning tools.”

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The US faces a fiscal dilemma as record spending, deficits, and debt levels clash with inflationary green energy policies, potentially sparking a conflict between the Federal Reserve and government.

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In 2021, we were flooded with visuals showing us how effective the mRNA vaccines were against death from Covid. We saw, for example, that the Covid mortality graph of those who completed the two-dose protocol was substantially lower than that of the unvaccinated. To strengthen the point, we were shown a consistent pattern across age groups or after age adjustment.

Much of this was an illusion. Back then, they did not display comparable graphs for non-Covid deaths. If they did, we would have seen that the vaccinated also fared better on non-Covid mortality. Of course, no one expects these vaccines to prevent death from cancer, heart disease, stroke and so on.

The pseudo-effectiveness of Covid vaccines against death from unrelated causes is not a new observation. The same kind of pseudo-effectiveness was discovered long ago for the flu vaccines. It is called the ‘healthy vaccinee effect’. For various reasons unrelated to the vaccines, people who are vaccinated have better background health on average than people who are not, and therefore they are less likely to die from ‘anything’, including flu and Covid. Vaccinated or not, they would have had lower Covid mortality than their unvaccinated counterparts.

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George Alan Kelly, the Arizona rancher charged with murder in the shooting of a Mexican national on his border property, will not be retried, prosecutors with the Santa Cruz County Attorney's office said.

The state charged Kelly, 75, with second degree murder after he allegedly shot and killed a migrant, Gabriel Cuen-Buitimea, on his land in January 2023.

The decision not to retry Kelly comes a week after a mistrial was declared following a deadlocked jury. 

Kelly’s defense confirmed to Fox News Digital that there was "one, lone holdout" juror who wanted to convict, while the remaining jurors sought an acquittal.

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The Christian bishop brutally stabbed in Sydney earlier this month by an Islamic terrorist defiantly returned to church Sunday, sporting an eye patch and picking up where he left off. Assyrian Orthodox Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel thanked his well-wishers, forgave his attacker, criticized censorship, and emphasized that discussions of human rights fall flat without an understanding of human purpose, which he underscored is anchored in God.

The livestream of the Sunday service at Christ the Good Shepherd Church — which the Australian government has not yet attempted to censor as it has the video of Emmanuel's stabbing on April 15 — the bishop can be seen receiving an enthusiastic welcome upon entering the sanctuary.

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Males as old as 18 may be allowed to share a cabin with preteen girls at an Oregon outdoor school, and the girls' parents will almost certainly be kept in the dark about it, according to reports.

Oregon outdoor schools are an opportunity for elementary and middle-school students to learn by immersing themselves in the great outdoors for a few days. The Nugget, an outlet covering Sisters, Oregon, referred to outdoor schools as "a beloved tradition for Oregon sixth-graders." Outdoor schools appear to be governed by education service districts, which in turn work with local school districts, offering additional resources and special programs, including outdoor schools.

The Northwest Outdoor Science School — reportedly the largest outdoor school in the state, serving 10,000 students annually — offers fifth- and sixth-grade students "an immersive, hands-on experience ... in an incredible outdoor environment," according to its website. The Northwest Outdoor Science School program lasts for four days and three nights.

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State-controlled Russian TV today broadcast a direct announcement of Russia's intent to fire nuclear weapons at NATO Decision-making centers if NATO troops enter Ukraine to battle Russia. The words aired were so blunt as to be undeniable..

Here is the segment of Russia state-controlled TV broadcast today as a warning to the entire West:

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A birthday celebration turned tragic when a vehicle crashed into a building in Berlin Township Michigan on Saturday afternoon killing two young siblings and injuring several others. The incident occurred at the Swan Creek Boat Club where a group had gathered to celebrate a child’s birthday.

According to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office the driver a 66-year-old woman suspected of operating under the influence of alcohol plowed through the north wall of the building traveling approximately 25 feet inside. First responders found an 8-year-old girl and her 5-year-old brother dead at the scene while three other children and six adults suffered serious injuries.

Webmaster addition: BAN ALL CARS!!!!!!! :)

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A transgender male identifying as a female menaced a man with a shoe, then punched him in face on a New York City subway platform over the weekend, leaving the victim's forehead bloody, police said.

What are the details?

Police told WPIX-TV the incident occurred around 6:30 a.m. Saturday at Grand Central station in Manhattan. Officers and emergency medical services were recorded on video attending to the 39-year-old victim, who was seen holding a cloth to his forehead as blood dripped down his hand.

The victim was loaded into an ambulance and taken to NYU Langone in stable condition, the station said.

Police said the attacker fled the scene, no one was arrested, and it remains unclear what led to the attack, WPIX said.

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Authored by Mustafa Ekin Turan via The Mises Institute,

If you have been using the internet for longer than a couple of years, you might have noticed that it used to be much “freer.”

What freer means in this context is that there was less censorship and less stringent rules regarding copyright violations on social media websites such as YouTube and Facebook (and consequently a wider array of content), search engines used to often show results from smaller websites, there were less “fact-checkers,” and there were (for better or for worse) less stringent guidelines for acceptable conduct. In the last ten years, the internet’s structure and environment have undergone radical changes. This has happened in many areas of the internet; however, this article will specifically focus on the changes in social media websites and search engines.

This article will argue that changes in European Union regulations regarding online platforms played an important role in shaping the structure of the internet to the way it is today and that further changes in EU policy that will be even more detrimental to freedom on the internet may be on the horizon.

Now that readers have an idea of what “change” is referring to, we should explain in detail which EU regulations played a part in bringing it about. The first important piece of regulation we will deal with is the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market that came out in 2019. Article 17 of this directive states that online content-sharing service platforms are liable for the copyrighted content that is posted on their websites if they do not have a license for said content. To be exempt from liability, the websites must show that they exerted their best efforts to ensure that copyrighted content does not get posted on their sites, cooperated expeditiously to take the content down if posted, and took measures to make sure the content does not get uploaded again. If these websites were ever in a place to be liable for even a significant minority of the content uploaded to them, the financial ramifications would be immense

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