"Enemies are necessary for the wheels of the U.S. military machine to turn." -- John Stockwell, former CIA official and author

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The Biden administration is seeking to delay until at least 2026 the release of COVID-19 vaccine safety data that has been kept outside the government’s normal adverse events reporting system.

The Departments of Justice and Health and Human Services asked U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton this week to issue an 18-month stay that keeps them from having to release the Food and Drug  Administration’s data to Just the News under the Freedom of Information Act.

The federal agencies alleged that “exceptional circumstances” exist to necessitate the delay in compliance with the open records law because the FDA is stretched thin by numerous other requests for public information related to the pandemic.

The agency “has been dealing with an unprecedented workload requiring FOIA productions involving approximately 5.7 million pages of COVID-19 vaccine records in a compressed timeframe,” the government argued in the motion filed Tuesday night.

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As Donald Trump gears up for his Saturday night rally in Philadelphia, Republicans on the ground are preparing to welcome him with open arms — and hoping he’ll keep his message laser-focused.

“I’m a strong supporter of President Trump,” said Bill Allen, president of the Pennsylvania Integrity Network. “I’ll be right up front!”

Trump’s visit to the Liacouras Center — the 10,200-seat North Philly arena home to Temple University basketball and various other events — comes as polls show him opening up a narrow lead over President Biden in Pennsylvania. A Marist College poll released last week found voters in Biden’s birth state prefer the former prez to the incumbent by 2 percentage points (47% to 45%).

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The Hinduja family, owners of the multinational conglomerate Hinduja Group, have topped the 2024 Sunday Times Rich List, becoming recognized as the richest family in the UK.

Originally from India, the Hinduja relocated their businesses to London back in 1979, steadily expanding its global presence until they became worth an estimated £37bn ($47bn).

Their business operations span 48 countries across various sectors: oil, chemicals, IT, cyber security, automotive, healthcare, trading, infrastructure, media, property, and power.

So it’s a bit surprising to find some senior members of the family involved in a scandal of alleged exploitation and human trafficking.

Four members of Hinduja family are on trial in Switzerland, amid allegations ‘they spent more money caring for their dog than their servants’.

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In other words, over 500,000 jobs that were supposedly added to the economy in the last quarter of 2023 never even existed. Even more troubling, the previous two quarterly reports from the Philadelphia Fed also pointed to overestimation of payroll growth by the monthly job reports.

This all adds up to a labor market that is less healthy than what is reported in the news headlines.

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The number of migrants flocking to the US-Mexico border from a country known as a hotbed of ISIS recruitment has skyrocketed under President Biden.

More than 1,500 migrants from Tajikistan are known to have crossed the border between October 2020 and May 2024, according to leaked border dated obtained by The Post.

At least 500 Tajiks have been caught so far this year.

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Mark Twain was said to have written: “History does not repeat itself, but it rhymes.”  Today, we look back a half-century to see what precedents exist for how Democrat power brokers just might address the problem of keeping their party in power, without relying on either a mentally challenged President or an intellectually challenged Vice President. 

            Make no mistake about it.  There are powerful Democrat forces lurking behind Joe Biden’s throne who even now are plotting ways to shove him to the side.  His performance at the G7 conference in Italy, where Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni had to take him by the arm after he wandered off from his colleagues, might have been the final straw.  The problem they face is how to avoid elevating to the Presidency the nation’s first female and first non-white Vice President without losing support from the Democrats’ most reliable constituencies.  With these people, no strategy is off the table in order to retain political power.  Let’s consider one approach that could be hatched in a smoke-filled room in the coming weeks that could turn the 2024 Presidential election on its head. 

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Passengers on a flight reacted in horror when the plane's engine caught fire, forcing an emergency landing in India.

The Boeing 737 plane, operated by Malaysia Airlines, caught fire shortly after taking off from Hyderabad, India, just after midnight on Thursday. The aircraft made an emergency landing minutes later with 138 passengers aboard, according to Viral Press.

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As the general election season nears, White House officials are dismissing as "cheap fakes" a series of viral videos circulating on social media that purport to show President Biden in declining mental acuity. But a conservative tech expert counters that the videos are genuinely troubling and that the Biden shop's pushback is part of an "election buzzword" effort aimed at pressuring social media platforms to "take action" against it.

"The discredited right-wing critics of President Biden who spread other debunked lies, including that the 2020 election was stolen, are clearly threatened by the wide range of nonpartisan fact-checkers that have pulled back the curtain on the cheap fake smears they’re forced to rely on – since the last thing they want to discuss is Joe Biden’s agenda to cut taxes for working families and keep bringing violent crime to historic lows," White House spokesperson Andrew Bates told Fox News Digital.

"Their panicked reaction to mainstream reporters, including at The Washington Post, NBC News, and PolitiFact, citing misinformation experts taking anti-Biden cheap fakes apart says more than we ever could," Bates added.

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This year, retailers and restaurant chains have closed or will close hundreds of stores.

Some companies are closing underperforming stores. Others, like Rite Aid, Express and Red Lobster, are in the midst of Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

And other chains have closed for good.

Below you’ll find our list of 17 chains that plan to close hundreds of stores in 2024:

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he Congressional Budget Office (CBO) announced Tuesday that the United States’ projected deficit for the 2024 fiscal year has surged to $1.9 trillion, a $400 billion increase from the February projection. This sharp rise is primarily due to recent legislative actions and policy decisions by the Biden administration.

Significant contributors to the increased deficit include a substantial foreign aid package and initiatives to forgive student loan debt. In April, President Joe Biden signed a $95 billion aid package targeting Ukraine, Israel, and countries in the Indo-Pacific region. The CBO incorporated this expenditure into its latest projections, substantially impacting the deficit forecast.

Additionally, the Biden administration’s efforts to reduce student loan balances have added $66 billion to the deficit. The CBO accounted for half of the estimated $132 billion cost of Biden’s student loan forgiveness proposal, anticipating the possibility that the rule may not be finalized. If the program is fully implemented, the CBO’s projection could increase by another $66 billion.

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Senators grilled a scientist involved in efforts to discredit the Covid-19 lab-leak theory for receiving millions in National Institutes of Health (NIH) grants during a Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing this week.

Robert Garry, Professor of Microbiology and Immunology and Associate Dean for Biomedical Sciences at Tulane Medical School, co-authored an article in 2020 that was cited thousands of times in research articles and news outlets to shut down and censor proponents of the so-called lab-leak theory. 

“There is no lab leak scenario that can accommodate all the available scientific evidence,” Garry stated in the article published in Nature Medicine. Co-author Kristian Andersen, professor in the Department of Immunology and Microbiology at Scripps Research, wrote in a February 2020 email that they were “focused on disproving any type of lab theory.”

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., pressed Garry, asking, “How much have you received from government grants in your career?” Garry claimed he did not know. “I have information that between you and Dr. Kristian Andersen between 2020 and 2022 you received $25.2 million in grants from the NIH,” Johnson continued. Garry admitted “that’s possible.”

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Bogus Russian dossier peddler and Democrat Party problem fixer Marc Elias has again injected himself into a key election integrity case to “defend the broken status quo.” 

Swing-state Nevada’s dirty voter rolls include hundreds of suspect addresses, at bars, strip clubs, empty parking lots, and other commercial addresses, according to an investigation by the Public Interest Legal Foundation. Doing so is clearly against the law. 

“In Nevada, by the state law, you are required to be registered where you actually live, where you sleep. Not where you work, not at a P.O. Box. So we’re trying to get elections officials to enforce the law,” Lauren Bis, PILF’s director of communication and engagement, says in a video tracking bad addresses in the Las Vegas area. 

To that end, the foundation has filed a petition in Washoe County, Nevada’s second-most populous county, to force elections officials to investigate and fix commercial addresses on the voter roll. PILF investigators found addresses on the rolls reported as liquor stores, empty lots, and even the Nevada Gaming Control Board, among others. 

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A cyberattack on a major American hospital system has caused dangerous medication mix ups including patients administered narcotics by mistake, leading to an admission to intensive care for life-threatening breathing difficulties.

In another case, a female patient suffered a cardiac arrest and died after data mishaps delayed test results that would determine her life-saving treatment. 

Elsewhere, a nurse working for the Kansas branch of the major medical group recalled a 'near miss,' which involved him almost administering a potentially life-threatening dose of narcotic to a baby — because of false paperwork. 

Employees at Ascension, a Catholic healthcare system with more than 140 facilities across the country, said these patients are just some of those suffering from the continued fallout of a cyberattack last month. 

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Did COVID-19 originate in a lab? To answer this question, let's revisit the early days of the pandemic and examine what some of Anthony Fauci's inner circle said privately about the origins of the virus—discussions that were only revealed through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) litigation.

Evolutionary biologist Kristian Andersen wrote, "The lab escape version of this is so friggin' likely to have happened because they were already doing this type of work and the molecular data is fully consistent with that scenario."

Epidemiologist Ian Lipkin stressed the "nightmare of circumstantial evidence to assess" regarding the possibility of inadvertent release given the scale of bat coronavirus research pursued in Wuhan, China.

Virologist Bob Garry said at the time, "I really can't think of a plausible natural scenario when you get from the bat virus, or one very similar to it, COVID–19 where you insert exactly four amino acids, 12 nucleotides, and all have to be added at the exact same time to gain this function. I just can't figure out how this gets accomplished in nature." According to Garry, "it's not crackpot to suggest this could have happened, given the gain of function research we know was happening in Wuhan."

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At the annual meeting for Tesla shareholders, CEO Elon Musk said “two homicidal maniacs” have attempted to assassinate him over the last seven months without a clear intention.

A shareholder had asked him if he has increased safety precautions due to his immense levels of fame.

“In the context of being a shareholder, unlocking these values of optimists, we need you, and just, with all the global uncertainty, you’re so high-profile that I just want to make sure you’re doing everything to take care of yourself,” the investor asked.

“It is getting a little crazy these days. You know, like, to first approximation, the probability that a homicidal maniac will try to kill you is proportional to how many homicidal maniacs hear your name,” Musk began, laughing. “They hear my name a lot, and I’m like, ok, I’m on the list.”

He continued: “We actually did have two homicidal maniacs in the last roughly seven months aspirationally try to kill me and a bunch of other people, so it’s not just me. And there wasn’t like an actual issue they articulated, they’re just, y’know in the homicidal maniac career, and, um, so I do think you need to be kinda careful. Which is not great, because it forces me to a bit more standoffish … which I don’t want to be, but it seems wise”

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Video streaming platform Rumble published a video this week of former Google vice president of search products Marissa Mayer admitting that Google Search provides rigged search results.

Google, which owns Rumble competitor YouTube, "arranges" the results on its search page in such a way as to prioritize the official narrative on a given issue or topic, Mayer said. And in all cases, Google's products are shown at the very top of any search so they will receive the most hits.

Rumble's legal team is credited with unearthing the video, which you can watch below. In short, Mayer is presenting the things she says in the below video to a room full of Google recruits, meaning the next generation of Google employees:

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In the wake of a debilitating cyberattack against one of the nation’s largest health care systems, Marvin Ruckle, a nurse at an Ascension hospital in Wichita, Kansas, said he had a frightening experience: He nearly gave a baby “the wrong dose of narcotic” because of confusing paperwork.

Ruckle, who has worked in the neonatal intensive care unit at Ascension Via Christi St. Joseph for two decades, said it was “hard to decipher which was the correct dose” on the medication record. He’d “never seen that happen,” he said, “when we were on the computer system” before the cyberattack.

A May 8 ransomware attack against Ascension, a Catholic health system with 140 hospitals in at least 10 states, locked providers out of systems that track and coordinate nearly every aspect of patient care. They include its systems for electronic health records, some phones, and ones “utilized to order certain tests, procedures and medications,” the company said in a May 9 statement.

Webmaster addition: Hackers need to be charged with murder for the patients they kill!

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Dramatic footage has surfaced on X showing a Juneteenth celebration in Oakland, California, which was transformed into a warzone in the overnight hours. What appears to be gang-on-gang violence sparked an insane shootout on city streets. In a state governed by radical leftist Gavin Newsom, where common sense law and order are seemingly absent, such scenes are becoming more frequent. This incident further exemplifies why people and businesses continue to flee to safer, red states. 

Local media outlet SFGate reported that as many as 5,000 people attended the Juneteenth celebration in Oakland's Lake Merritt area.

Around 2015 local time, a fight broke out at a sideshow involving "motorbikes and vehicles" at Grand and Bellevue avenues—and that was the moment when all hell erupted. 

"During that fight, multiple shots rang out," said Paul Chambers, the OPD's strategic communications manager

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Tyson Foods, the U.S.-based meat supplier that’s grown to be one of the world’s largest companies, offered shirts to employees for its annual Juneteenth celebrations that literally cross out “July 4” as the nation’s Independence Day.

Emails obtained by The Daily Wire show the poultry industry giant selling shirts for its annual Juneteenth celebration that say the holiday, marking the day in 1865 that African Americans in Texas learned that slavery had been abolished in the United States, is the nation’s true independence day.

“Juneteenth is my Independence Day,” reads one shirt offered, while another, under a crossed out July 4 date, states, “Juneteenth 1865 because my ancestors weren’t free in 1776.” Many of the shirts also incorporate the black power fist.

After The Daily Wire inquired about the shirts offered for the celebration, a source inside Tyson Foods says their Virginia office was ordered to cancel the sale and refund any employee who purchased a shirt. Days later, a spokesman for Tyson said it was “unaware of the t-shirt designs.”

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Another possible route for this to occur would be through a "gain-of-function" experiment, in which researchers employ gene-editing to tweak the rabies virus, making it evade current vaccines and endowing it with the ability to spread through the air like measles or influenza. Gain-of-function research has earned increased public scrutiny of late as there's a small, outside chance it may have produced SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19.

Paul Offit, a professor of pediatrics at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and co-inventor of a rotavirus vaccine, commented on the potential to augment rabies through gain-of-function in a recent Substack post.

"In the absence of an effective vaccine, it could eliminate humans from the face of the earth. The good news is that no one has tried to make rabies virus more contagious. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not possible or that no one would be willing to try."

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California has become a test case of the suicide of the West. Never before has such a state, so rich in natural resources and endowed with such a bountiful human inheritance, self-destructed so rapidly.

How and why did California so utterly consume its unmatched natural and ancestral inheritance and end up as a warning to Western civilization of what might be in store for anyone who followed its nihilism?

The symptoms of the state’s suicide are indisputable.

Governor Gavin Newsom enjoyed a recent $98 billion budget surplus—gifted from multibillion-dollar federal COVID-19 subsidies, the highest income and gas taxes in the nation, and among the country’s steepest sales and property taxes.

Yet in a year, he turned it into a growing $45 billion budget deficit.

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Marc Elias was Hillary’s attorney in her failed attempt to win the Presidential election in 2016. He later became famous for his work for the Democrat Party, ensuring that American elections are questionable and untrustworthy.

Elias traveled the nation and engaged in numerous actions and lawsuits in an effort to establish mail-in ballots and ballot drop boxes. These efforts allowed the Democrat Party to drop off ballots in the election that were not validated on where they came from (i.e., millions of ballots lacked chain of custody documentation) or from who they came from (i.e., signature checks were not performed).

This open election strategy helped Joe Biden and the Democrats steal the 2020 Election.


Marc Elias has been involved in dozens of lawsuits to make it easier for Democrats to steal elections.

Then in 2022, Marc Elias told MSNBC that the results in the midterm elections would not be known for days.  This is the line they use when you know Democrats are going for another steal.

In May, the Nevada Supreme Court ruled 7-0 in favor of a voter ID ballot initiative.

Now, Marc Elias is hoping to overturn a Nevada election law that forces election administrators to clean up the voter rolls.

Why would Marc Elias and the Democrats be against this?

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On Wednesday’s “Newsroom,” CNN commentator Adam Kinzinger stated that former President Donald Trump’s brain was “broken.”

Host Jim Acosta began: “We’re hearing about so-called cheap fakes. It’s playing out on right-wing media, Fox, the New York Post, and so on. And all of this is to try to make the case that Biden is slipping, he’s confused, and so on. Of course, Trump is no spring chicken, and every time Trump lately seems to be talking about Biden’s mental acuity, Trump has a glitch or a slip-up himself.”

“One of the things there that he did yesterday, and it was a little bit in that clip, he was Trump was calling, cheap fakes, clean fakes. And so he’s just botching the language there. The other day he was referring to Doctor Ronny Jackson. But he said, Doctor Ronny Johnson,” he added.

Webmaster addition: The Democratic spin is getting desperate!

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The US is trying to bully China into invading Taiwan by claiming they are planning to invade Taiwan.

What purpose would China have in invading Taiwan?

Taiwan claiming to be an independent country and stockpiling weapons is a reason to invade Taiwan.

The issue here is: people don’t even think like that. It’s not a natural thought to have, that you would try to provoke an invasion by claiming you’re trying to prevent an invasion. That exact thing is undeniably happening, but people just really have a hard time processing it.

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