"Everyone in history who was used, betrayed, or double-crossed had it done to them by someone they believed they could trust." -- Michael Rivero

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When you look at Joe Biden, you are also getting a visual picture of what is happening to our economy as a whole.  Both have been getting artificially propped up for a long time, both are now sick once again, and both are starting to decline very rapidly at this point.  There is lots of speculation that Joe Biden is not going to be able to make it much longer, and of course the exact same thing could be said about the U.S. economy.  Sadly, the truth is that the clock won’t stop ticking and time is not on the side of either one of them.
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Land movement in Rancho Palos Verdes has been accelerating, causing significant damage to roads and homes. Experts have noted that the land is moving at a rate of about 12 inches per week in some areas. This movement has resulted in large cracks in roads and homes sinking. Additionally, the shifting land has created a new stretch of coastline.
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At the Republican Jewish Coalition's "Salute to Pro-Israel Elected Officials" on the sidelines of the GOP convention, the only thing more palpable than leading officials' support for Israel is their resentment toward Joe Biden and the Democratic Party.

The event, attended by hundreds and including addresses from among the most senior Republican officials in America, was the convention's clearest and firmest argument from the GOP that it is "the only-pro Israel party" amid the Democratic Party's leftward shift amid the Gaza war.

"We have been demonstrating that over and over and over," House Speaker Mike Johnson said, noting the Republican efforts to attack the Biden administration over the delay of a shipment of 2,000 pound heavy-payload weapons.

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At the height of the "QAnon" fervor in 2021 - roughly 23% of Republicans said they believed the theory that Donald Trump is fighting a cabal of satanic, sex-trafficking pedophiles.

On Monday, a Morning Consult poll found that 34% of Democrats think Trump faked his own assassination attempt last Saturday. Such left-wing conspiracy theorists have been referred to as "BlueAnon," and as the Washington Free Beacon reports, this particular notion - that Trump faked the assassination attempt - originated with Democratic powerbroker Dmitri Mehlhorn, who has made at least 10 visits to the Biden White House.

Hours after the shooting on Saturday, Mehlhorn - and adviser to LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman (who joked about assassinating Trump the week before the attempt) - sent a memo to reports suggesting they portray the shooting as a false-flag operation directly from Vladimir Putin's playbook, designed to give Trump an iconic photo-op.

Webmaster addition: Just down the page is an article debunking the claim that the shooting was staged. And I don't think those 1/3 Democrats actually believe this nonsense, but they know what a powerful boost this has given Trump are are desperate to negate it!

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Was this staged? No

  1. Trump was shot in the ear- mere centimeters away from his head. Anyone who thinks this was staged needs to realize that life is not a f%cking video game. Do you know how hard it is to shoot someone in the head from far away? Do you think Trump would pay a guy to shoot him in the ear and trust that this guy was going to hit his ear and not anything else?
  2. The shooter was SEEN by HUNDREDS of witnesses. They saw him set up, crawl across the roof, and begin to open fire. All of the accounts align, there is no indication of falsehood or manipulation.
  3. Yes, Trump did tell his Secret Service to wait so he could hold up his fist. However, the shooter was down and this was reported to Trump already. He knew the threat had likely ceased and chose to show strength.
  4. A bystander was also killed in the shooting. The shooter fired 5 times, hitting Trump and one other person in the crowd who died. Hard to stage a shooting with bullet wounds and a dead victim.

Put simply there is no evidence whatsoever that this was staged. It’s frankly one of the dumbest things I’ve heard in a while and that says something. People are just claiming this as a knee-jerk reaction. Just anger and nonsense.

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The world is currently facing one of its biggest IT meltdowns ever with millions of devices hit by mass outages. The gremlins, which have been caused by an update from cyber security firm CrowdStrike, have sent Windows PCs into meltdown with many now hit by the dreaded Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD). That dreaded error has left users unable to log in and has also forced some PCs into an unstoppable crash loop.

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Mark Halperin is now reporting that Joe Biden is going to drop out of the 2024 presidential race as early as Sunday.

Powerful Democrats such as Barack Obama, Chuck Schumer and Hakeem Jeffries are all doubting Biden’s viability.

Chuck Schumer and Hakeem Jeffries are now working behind the scenes to sabotage Joe Biden.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries quietly convinced the DNC to delay its presidential nomination vote.

Webmaster addition: So the Democratic party just told their primary voters to go to hell. That's not going to help in the general election!

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These are some of the many reactions to New York Magazine’s new cover of Donald Trump and Joe Biden, both standing on weighing scales in nothing but white underwear.
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Donald Trump's former White House press secretary Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders has words of advice for President Biden's top spokesperson as Democrats enter 'total meltdown' mode.

It's been a hectic three weeks since Biden and Trump's first debate, during which the 81-year-old president had a self-proclaimed 'bad night' filled with gaffes and stumbles.

Over 20 elected Democrats have since turned on Joe, publicly urging him to exit the 2024 race and allow a fresh candidate at the top of the ticket. Even former President Barack Obama reportedly told allies Biden should 'seriously consider' whether he should stay in the race, raising speculation he could drop out in a matter of days.

Meanwhile, a defiant Biden has insisted publicly that he will be the Democratic nominee and only God or a 'medical condition' would push him to pull out. He tested positive for COVID on Thursday and had to cancel a campaign event.

Webmaster addition: Descending into utter chaos!

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Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant announced Wednesday that the Israeli military was setting up a field hospital inside Israel to treat Palestinian children from Gaza, but Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vetoed the plan.

Netanyahu’s office said that it informed Gallant in writing that the prime minister does approve establishing a “temporary hospital” for Gaza’s children, and therefore, it would “not be established.”

An official in the Israeli Defense Ministry told The Times of Israel that Netanyahu blocked the hospital for “political reasons.”

Netanyahu could come under criticism from extremist members of his coalition government for enabling the treatment of Palestinian children, which includes not only kids wounded by Israeli airstrikes but also newborn babies who are dying due to a lack of nutrition since their malnourished mothers cannot breastfeed.

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On Thursday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a surprise trip to visit Israeli troops in the southern Gaza Strip city of Rafah and said Israel must maintain control of the Gaza-Egypt border, known as the Philadelphi Corridor.

Netanyahu has previously said that any deal with Hamas must allow Israel to maintain control of the border, including the Rafah crossing, which has been cut off to aid deliveries since Israel took control of it on May 7. The prime minister’s demand has complicated talks not only with Hamas but also with Egypt, which opposes indefinite Israeli control of the border.

According to Netanyahu’s office, he said in Rafah that the Israeli troops there understand “that our holding the Philadelphi Corridor and the Rafah Crossing are vital for the future.”

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Much has been written about the political earthquakes in Britain and France, the first resulting in the crushing defeat of the Conservative Party and the latter in the overpowering of the far right, by a largely leftist coalition.

But these were not the only important outcomes of the July 4 and July 7 general elections in two of Europe’s most influential countries.

One other important, if not unprecedented outcome, was the centrality of the Palestinian cause to the political discourses in London and Paris which, in truth, are only reflections of greater changes underway on the entire European continent and body politic.

For a long time, we have been told that outward advocacy of Palestinian rights is a lost political cause in Europe, where Israel holds a special status due to the West’s historical role in creating, sustaining and defending Israel.

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There will be few changes to US President Joe Biden's widely unpopular approach to Israel's war on Gaza if he is reelected, a leaked draft of the Democratic Party's platform for 2024 seen by Middle East Eye has revealed.

The 80-page platform, which will be endorsed next month during the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, includes a two-page section on the Middle East, in which it categorically condemns the Hamas-led attacks on southern Israel that took place on 7 October and reiterates that "the United States wants to see Hamas defeated".

The platform lists examples of Biden's unwavering support for Israel's war on Gaza, including the sending of arms shipments and providing a diplomatic shield for Israel at the United Nations during votes for a ceasefire and regarding concerns about human rights violations.

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In Kenya, a law was passed in 2012 that prohibits farmers’ rights to save, share, exchange or sell unregistered seeds. Farmers could face up to two years in prison and a fine of up to 1 million Kenyan shillings (equivalent to nearly four years’ wages for a farmer).

However, in 2022, Kenyan smallholder farmers launched a legal case against the government calling for reform of the 2012 seed law to stop criminalising them for sharing seeds. There is a hearing scheduled for 24 July 2024.

Agroecologist and environmentalist Claire Nasike Akello says that, in legal terms, the sharing and selling of indigenous seeds is a criminal offence in Kenya. In effect, Kenya’s Seed and Plant Varieties Act demolishes self-sufficiency among smallholder farmers who use indigenous seeds to grow food.

Writing on her website, she says that the legislation seeks to create a dependency on multinational companies by smallholder farmers for seeds thus giving an upper hand to these firms that continue to steal biological resources from local communities with a profit-driven mindset.

It is, in effect:

“A move designed to impoverish smallholder farmers and lock them out of farming.”


The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) initiative, funded by the Gates and Rockefeller Foundations, has been intervening directly in the formulation of African governments’ agricultural policies on issues like seeds and land, opening up African markets to US agribusiness.

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Israeli Minister of National Security Itamar Ben Gvir made a provocative visit to the al-Aqsa mosque compound in Israeli-occupied East Jerusalem on Thursday as part of his effort to thwart a hostage deal with Hamas.

Ben Gvir, leader of the Jewish Power party, said in a video he recorded in front of the Dome of the Rock that Netanyahu shouldn’t make a deal with Hamas despite the increasing domestic pressure.

“I am praying and am also working hard so that the prime minister will have the strength not to fold and to go on to victory: to add military pressure, to stop their fuel [from entering Gaza] — to win,” he said.

Under the status quo at al-Aqsa, known as the Temple Mount to the Israelis, non-Muslims can visit the site but cannot pray. Ben Gvir and other extremist settlers frequently defy the ban, raising fears among Palestinians that Israel might try to take over the mosque, the third holiest site in Islam.

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Footage released on social media appears to show an Israeli strike targetting a donkey cart pulling civilians in Rafah in southern Gaza, sparking outrage online.

The footage shows an aerial view of the attack that strikes the passengers but appears to leave the donkey unharmed.

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Eilat is situated on Israel’s southern coast on the Red Sea, linking the country to Asia and the Indian Ocean without the need to transit the Suez Canal, but its volumes had been in decline since a Q4 2022 spike saw the facility handle 124,000 tonnes, doubling its Q1 levels that year.

However, in a meeting with the Knesset’s Economic Affairs Committee on 7 July, CEO Gideon Golbert said there had been no activity at the port for eight months and no revenues coming in.

The port mainly handles bulk cargoes, potash and car imports as well as some containers is considerably smaller than the country’s Mediterranean ports of Ashdod and Haifa, but the effects of the Houthi attacks have clearly affected the Israeli trade.

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A widespread Microsoft outage disrupted flights, hospitals, banks, media outlets and other companies around the world today, triggering chaos for millions of businesses and institutions reliant on the widely used software. 

Major US carriers American Airlines, United and Delta grounded all flights as hospitals and banks also reported systems outages amid what appears to be a global tech outage that affected Windows PCs.

Customers travelling with the carriers said on social media their pilots had told them all systems were down and that all aircraft must remain grounded until they are brought back online.

Many complained they had been left stranded in planes sitting on the tarmac before take-off or after landing at their destination - though the FAA's website showed American Airlines cancelled its ground stop this morning. 

Social media was also awash with reports from medical staff that electronic medical record (EMR) systems had crashed, taking hospitals nationwide offline.

And images shared to social media from around the world showed self-checkout tills, ATM machines, television channels and a host of other tech displaying error messages. 

Webmaster addition: Reports are this was not a cyber attack but a breakdown in the Microsoft system. 

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Authored by Andrew Korybko via Substack,

Zelensky insulted Indian Prime Minister Modi during his trip to Moscow last week by tweeting that “It is disheartening to see the leader of the world's largest democracy embrace the world's most notorious criminal in Moscow”, thus prompting India to summon the Ukrainian Ambassador on Monday.

It’s unclear what he was told, but his hosts predictably made it clear that such rhetoric isn’t welcome, especially after Modi lamented the loss of life in all conflicts during his meeting with Putin.

While some might imagine that Zelensky simply tweeted whatever his Western patrons told him to, the reality is that he probably did so on his own prerogative, though therein lies the problem. In his mind, the latest phase of the Ukrainian Conflict sparked by Russia’s special operation is an epic battle between democracies and dictatorships, not anything having to do with security dilemmas and national interests. This false perception was impressed upon him by the West over two years ago.

While his embrace of it might have been opportunistic to begin with, namely to rally the Collective West around the cause of Ukraine reconquering its lost territories per Kiev’s envisaged maximalist goal, he’s since become a sincere believer in this paradigm as evidenced by what he tweeted about Modi. The reason why this is troubling isn’t just because it’s an inaccurate way of assessing everything, but also because it led to Ukraine stirring trouble with the Voice of the Global South, India.

The past nearly two and a half years have seen Ukraine belatedly realized that it must obtain some support from this diverse collection of non-Western countries if it’s to have any hope of pressuring Russia to compromise on its own envisaged maximalist goals in this conflict. This explains the recent outreaches to that part of the world during last month’s Swiss talks, which were over-hyped ahead of time and thus became a disappointment after they failed to meet the public’s lofty expectations.

India is the world’s most populous country, the Voice of the Global South, and a major power that’s pivotal to the global balance between all key players so getting on its bad side like Zelensky just did will capsize Ukraine’s plans to generate wider support for its cause. 

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Whoopi Goldberg didn't hold back when sharing her thoughts about Kai Trump's Republican National Convention (RNC) speech, urging voters 'not to fall for it.'

Donald Trump's 17-year-old granddaughter took to the stage on Wednesday night, telling viewers he was 'just a normal grandpa.'

However the 68-year-old host of The View called out the teen's stirring speech; arguing it was a trick to 'humanize' Trump - particularly after Saturday's assassination attempt.

'I know his grandchild was up on the thing and they're trying to humanize [Trump] and change your idea about who this guy is,' Whoopi said on Thursday's episode of the ABC talk show.

Webmaster addition: Whoopi. We already know who and what Trump is. Only hard liberals are still delusional that Trump is evil. But what did he do in his first term in office that was evil?

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A series of overlapping warnings to Joe Biden that he faces defeat if he keeps up his reelection bid are finally resonating with the president as he ponders what's next for himself and his Party at his Delaware beach house.

The latest Democrat to urge Biden to call it quits was Montana's Jon Tester, who on Thursday became the second Senator from the president's party to explicitly call for the 81-year-old to step down. 

'Montanans have put their trust in me to do what is right, and it is a responsibility I take seriously,' Tester said in a statement. 

'I have worked with President Biden when it has made Montana stronger, and I’ve never been afraid to stand up to him when he is wrong.

'And while I appreciate his commitment to public service and our country, I believe President Biden should not seek re-election to another term.'

Webmaster addition: Biden wiping out more student debt suggests he is staying in the race.

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Authored by Aatisha Mahajanvia Rystad Energy,

  • Global oil and gas exploration is increasingly concentrated in "core" areas like Guyana and Namibia, where recent discoveries have been made.
  • While this concentration brings economic benefits, it also raises concerns about unexplored potential in other regions and the environmental impact of deepwater drilling.
  • Namibia, with its recent discoveries and influx of major oil companies, is poised to become a significant player in the global oil and gas market, but must navigate the challenges of the "resource curse."

The skewed activity is highlighted by explorers demarcating assets within their portfolios as ‘core’ areas of operations, with the majority of guided exploration spending being directed towards exploring these areas. Secondly, the acceleration of development of proven basins amid the rise of renewable sources of energy has been demonstrated by the recent flurry of activity within the Guyana Basin and Namibia’s sector of the Orange Basin.

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The FBI is seeking to get access to three encrypted accounts based overseas allegedly belonging to Donald Trump's attempted assassin as they look to understand a motive for the July 13 shooting, a Republican congressman suggested.

Rep. Michael Waltz said he has been speaking with agents as the FBI continues to probe the attack, learning the bureau believes Thomas Crooks may have been linked to foreign accounts amid sensational rumors of an 'Iranian plot'.

'The shooter had three encrypted accounts overseas. At the same time we're having an Iranian plot,' Waltz said on Jesse Watters Primetime late Thursday. 

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One person has been killed in a 'Houthi rebel' drone strike on Tel Aviv after the Israeli military detected the aerial weapon but didn't shoot it down 'due to human error'.  

Yemen's Houthi group claimed responsibility for the attack that caused an explosion at a building near the US embassy, which along with one dead, left at least a further 10 injured, according to reports.

An Israeli military official told a briefing that 'a very big drone that can travel long distances crashed into an apartment building' at 03.12am local time.

The official, who remained anonymous, said the aim was 'terrorism', with the rebel group's 'main goal to kill civilians in Israel'.  

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The dismal contrast between Joe Biden and Donald Trump was laid bare for CNN viewers by Van Jones after he tasted the mood at the RNC ahead of their nominee's speech this evening.

The progressive commentator grimly summed up the gulf between the candidates' standing as Trump prepared for a rapturous reception and Biden holed up in Delaware to nurse his Covid.

'A bullet couldn't stop Trump. A virus just stopped Biden,' the former Barack Obama adviser noted.

'You've got the nominees of this party getting their butts kissed, Biden is getting his butt kicked by his own party.

'The Democrats are coming apart. The Republicans are coming together.'

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Multiples sources outline the apparent state of play on Biden at this time:

  • Plans to announce withdrawal from nomination as early as this weekend, with Sunday most likely
  • Jon Meacham polishing up remarks
  • Biden with NOT resign the presidency
  • Biden will NOT endorse Harris
  • Open convention with Harris and about 3 others
  • Super delegates will not be allowed to vote on 1st ballot
  • Harris is vetting at least four possible running mates, including Andy Beshear and possibly Shapiro

Biden's odds of getting the party nomination have now utterly collapsed, barely above those of Newsom as Kamala is the lead...

Update (1130ET): It appears the situation is escalating fast in Democratic Party central this morning.

Axios reports that President Biden may decide to drop out of the presidential race as soon as this weekend, according to several top Democrats who believe the rising pressure will persuade the incumbent.

The 81-year-old president, now self-isolating with COVID, remains publicly dug in.

But privately he's resigned to mounting pressure, bad polls, and untenable scrutiny making it impossible to continue his campaign, the Democrats tell us.

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