"Are we civilized, or merely domesticated?" -- Michael Rivero

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A Chinese fighter jet carried out an ‘aggressive’ maneuver near a US Air Force plane over South China Sea on May 26.
By: orraz
Posted on: May 31 11:00
Texas lawmakers have passed a bill that prohibits “sexualized performances and drag shows in the presence of a minor.”
Posted on: May 31 10:59
It appears righteous conservative fury over McCarthy caving to Joe Biden over the debt ceiling has reached a new boil.
Posted on: May 31 10:59
The revelations about the Jeffrey Epstein trafficking ring as coming hard and fast, but so far, few stories can compare in terms of impact with the revelations around Mila Antonova, who as a young woman was said to be a ‘lover’ of billionaire Microsoft founder Bill Gates.
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Posted on: May 31 10:58
A peer-reviewed study acknowledged a significant spike in excess mortality in Germany during the year 2021 and 2022. According to the paper, 2021 excess deaths were “two empirical standard deviations above the expected number” and “four times the empirical standard deviations in 2022.” The report also draws attention to a spike in stillbirths.
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Posted on: May 31 10:57
California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s obsession with Ron DeSantis completely blew up in his face Monday night after attempting to blame him for a mass shooting in Florida.
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Posted on: May 31 10:56
The Carter Center on Tuesday revealed former First Lady Rosalynn, 95, has dementia.
Posted on: May 31 10:56
House Freedom Caucus Chairman Scott Perry on Tuesday left open the possibility of filing a motion to vacate and get rid of McCarthy if the Speaker pushes through the debt deal.
Posted on: May 31 10:55

The U.S. Department of Justice is attempting to “claw back” donation funds from January 6 defendants and prisoners. According to a review of court records conducted by the Associated Press, prosecutors are increasingly asking judges to impose fines on top of harsh prison sentences in order to offset any donations.

Dozens of defendants have set up legal defense funds or other ventures in order to raise awareness on their cases. Conservatives have commonly referred to the January 6 defendants as “political prisoners” due to comparatively harsh sentences issued to them when compared to left-wing rioters from 2020. More than two years after the Capitol protests in 2021, U.S. prosecutors have brought charges against more than 1,000 January 6 defendants, resulting in more than 300 prison sentences extending up to 18 years.

Posted on: May 31 09:36

Nobody believes in Remdesivir anymore. How can you possibly make a case for it? Remdesivir is so lethal it got nicknamed “Run Death Is Near” after it started killing thousands of Covid patients in the hospital. The experts claimed that Remdesivir would stop Covid; instead, it stopped kidney function, then blasted the liver and other organs.

As word got around, some patients started showing up in the emergency room with signs saying, “NO REMDESIVIR” and refusing to take it. (Not that their refusal helped: many were given it anyway, often without their knowledge.)

When I heard that Remdesivir is still being used, I couldn’t believe it. How could hospitals be so brazen as to push this killer drug, even after the lawsuits started flying? Fourteen California families are now suing three hospitals, claiming their loved ones suffered wrongful deaths from what they call “the Remdesivir protocol.” Expect other lawsuits to follow, because the Remdesivir carnage was nationwide.

Posted on: May 31 09:30

Things have taken a turn for the worse.  In recent months, economic activity has been dropping all over the nation, and that decline appears to be accelerating.  We just learned that gross domestic income has now fallen for two quarters in a row, and the Conference Board’s index of leading economic indicators has now been plummeting for 13 consecutive months.

Unfortunately, when economic conditions deteriorate it is the people at the low end of the economic pyramid that get hit the hardest.

Thanks to our rapidly rising cost of living, we are seeing a dramatic explosion in the number of “working homeless” that are living out of their vehicles on a daily basis even though they are currently employed.

In particular, the RV “communities” that are springing up from coast to coast are starting to get quite a bit of attention

The owner of a party bus company, Rikers Island prison guards and an Amazon worker are just some of the eclectic bunch who have formed a community of ‘working homeless’ people living out of RVs in the Astoria section of Queens, New York.

Similar communities have formed across the US from New England to California where people have chosen a nomadic lifestyle amid a national cost of living crisis.

Most of these people get up and go to work in the morning.

In fact, the Daily Mail spoke to one man that actually “works for a New York City hospital”

Resident Paul Reevers described himself as ‘working homeless.’ He said that he has a job but the rent went up too high and he could not longer to afford a an apartment.

Reevers, who works for a New York City hospital, said that he took out a loan and bought his RV.

If you work at a hospital, you should be able to afford a place to live.

But this is our country now.

Posted on: May 31 09:24

Multiple drones attacked the Russian capital of Moscow on Tuesday morning, damaging several buildings, Mayor Sergey Sobyanin has said. The attack prompted Sobyanin to order evacuations.

Evacuees were from two apartment blocks that were hit, according to messages posted on Telegram. The mayor, citing data from the city medical services, said that no residents of the buildings hit by the aircraft were seriously hurt. He added that two people requested medical assistance at the scene, but no one had to be taken to the hospital, according to a report by RT.

Telegram channel SHOT posted an unverified video of what it said was the destruction of a drone mid-air. The attack comes after two Ukrainian drones unsuccessfully attempted to strike the Kremlin earlier this month. Moscow accused Kyiv of attempting to assassinate Putin and vowed retaliation.

Posted on: May 31 09:22

Your bogus economic dogma of “growth via the wealth effect” created the demographic karma that will bring down the status quo.

What happens when you bleed your workforce while enriching those who already own assets with one bubble after another, all in the name of “fostering growth”? To answer this, let’s modify a felicitous phrase: Sorry Our Demographic Karma Ran Over Your Economic Dogma.

The Demographic Karma is young people can no longer afford houses, healthcare or children and so the birthrate plummets and the workforce shrinks to the point that the bloated, heavily indebted status quo collapses under its own weight.

Demographic-economic chartist CH summed it up very succinctly in a recent Tweet:

@Econimica: Asset/RE bubbles (of assets primarily held by elderly/institutions) must be maintained to avoid a banking/economic crash…but the price will be the ongoing collapse of families/births…saving the present at the expense of the future (again).

Posted on: May 31 09:22

In yet another alarming example of the perils associated with dialing 911 for help, an unarmed 11-year-old boy found himself in the midst of a tragically aggressive law enforcement response for doing what he was taught by the system to do. His courageous act to protect his mother during a domestic disturbance ended with a taxpayer-funded round in his torso.

The boy, Aderrien Murry, did exactly what he was instructed to do in such situations — he called 911 to report a domestic disturbance involving his mother and the father of his sibling. Rather than the assistance he sought, Aderrien was met with a violently disproportionate response. Officer Greg Capers, according to the family’s attorney Carlos Moore, arrived on the scene with weapon drawn, preparing for battle rather than de-escalation.

Posted on: May 31 09:21

NATO forces have attacked a group of demonstrators in the majority-Serb town of Zvecan in Kosovo, RT Balkan reported on Monday. Stun grenades and tear gas were deployed, and around 50 people were injured.

Serb demonstrators staged a sit-down protest outside municipal buildings in Zvecan, Zubin Potok and Leposavic on Monday morning, preventing ethnic Albanian officials from taking office following elections boycotted by the Serb population as illegitimate. 

Kosovo police officers arrived on the scene in Zvecan, backed up by members of NATO’s Kosovo Force (KFOR). The heavily-armored NATO troops surrounded the demonstrators, who refused to disperse, RT Balkan’s journalist on the scene reported.

Posted on: May 31 09:20

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, was fined a record-shattering €1.2 billion ($1.3 billion) on Monday by Ireland’s Data Protection Commission and subsequently ordered to stop transferring data collected from Facebook users in Europe to the United States in breach of European data protection laws. 

According to the body’s decision, the company failed to adhere to a 2020 decision by the European Union’s highest court that Facebook data sent to the US from the EU, as the New York Times (NYT) reports, “was not sufficiently protected from American spy agencies.” Meta is now set to begin a lengthy appeal process.

It should be noted that this EU decision is on top of an ongoing $725 million class-action lawsuit impacting hundreds of millions of users who were active in the United States from May 2007 to December 2022. Facebook stands accused of making users' data available to third parties without their permission.

Posted on: May 31 09:11

The status of the US dollar as the kingpin currency could be challenged with time and under certain circumstances by the BRICS group of emerging countries, according to Jim O’Neill, the former Chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management.

O’Neill coined the term BRIC – later expanded to include South Africa – and at the time predicted that the four emerging countries (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) were on their way to reshaping the world economy.

“The idea that the dollar will remain king forever, I think, is probably unlikely,” the economist said in an interview with TV show Going Underground. “This is not the first time that people have talked about the end of the dollar, it happens every other year if not with the same intensity” he said, adding that the US currency would probably at some point lose its position.

“I do think if China and India could ever strongly agree on things as the two biggest countries in the emerging world… then that would probably hasten the end of the dollar’s dominance,” he stated.

Posted on: May 31 09:10

During the 2020 electin, Kari Lake was pitted against a formidable “cheat machine” and her odds of prevailing were slim. Nevertheless, credit must be given to her dogmatic determination and relentless fight… and speaking of that fight, this latest clip regarding the 2022 AZ governor election from Team Kari is a doozy and has already amassed over 8 million views.

Team Kari says there were concerning events that occurred in Maricopa County regarding the testing of tabulators for the election. Specifically, on October 14th, 17th, and 18th, secret testing took place on these tabulators after the legally required Logic & Accuracy test had already been conducted. According to Team Kari, out of a total of 446 tabulators, a significant number of 260 failed during this secret testing phase. Despite these failures, these same tabulators were still used on election day, where an alarming 59% of them failed. Team Kari believes this is the smoking gun that proves sabotage.

Posted on: May 31 09:09

Chris Evans, the actor who portrays Captain America in Disney’s The Avenger movies, decided to interject himself into the debate surrounding the events of January 6, 2021 in Washington D.C., and the decision by patriots to storm the Capitol. He Tweeted, “Just think of the carnage had they not been white.”

Well, we do know of an event that happened in late May of 2020, when tens of thousands of Black Lives Matter supporters tried to rush into the White House (for who knows what purpose) and overwhelm Secret Service agents, all in the name of honoring a career criminal named George Floyd.

Remember Mr. Floyd? He once engaged in a home invasion in 2009, pointing a gun at a pregnant woman during this robbery.

So what happened that fateful night in Washington D.C. back on May 31? A full-blown insurrection in the name of a black career criminal…

Posted on: May 31 09:08

The bloc is reportedly unwilling to pursue the hawkish stance on trade with Beijing and Moscow being promoted by Washington

The European Union does not intend to condemn Russia and China for "economic coercion" in its joint trade strategy with the US, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday citing a draft document.

According to the outlet, the US has been advocating a more confrontational stance on China, while members of the EU have been reluctant to adopt a hawkish approach despite embracing the concept of "de-risking" regarding outbound investment, which is endorsed by both Washington and Brussels.

The EU reportedly seeks to reduce its economic exposure to the Asian powerhouse by signing on to the US-led policy of curbing Beijing's access to advanced technologies. At the same time, the bloc is struggling to maintain a balance in relations with Washington and China, which remains an important trading partner for the EU.

France and Italy objected to references to China as a non-market economy during internal meetings, Bloomberg reported citing sources familiar with the document.

Posted on: May 31 09:07

You won’t be able to buy anything without permission from the government. Every dollar you earn, spend, or save will be monitored by autocrats who, with the click of a button, can turn off your earning, spending, or saving potential at any time. You’ll be forced to buy food, clothing, shelter — and everything else you need or want — according to tyrannical dictate. Or you will be prevented from purchasing by the same oligarchs, who control not only what you buy, but when and from whom you buy it.

This might seem like dystopian science fiction. But thanks to central bank digital currency (CBDC), it is unfortunately already reality in some countries.

China has been using its own CBDC, the digital yuan, since April 2021 to help impose the surveillance and control of financial transactions that is already common practice in that country.

There, the government ranks its subjects using a social credit score, which labels a person as a good or bad citizen. Living in China, you earn high scores for things such as paying off debt, praising government initiatives on social media, and observing speed limits. High scores translate into perks for public services. 

Posted on: May 31 09:06

Based upon information which came to me discreetly via postal mail, I have concluded that World War 3 can kick-off in less than two weeks, between the dates of June 12 thru 24.   The largest NATO air 'exercise" - Air Defender 23 - takes place in that time period; may cover Ukraine "Counter-Offensive."

As described during my Memorial Day radio show last night, my wife and son came up to the house here in Pennsylvania, from our regular home in New Jersey, this past Saturday evening.  They brought with them, postal mail from my P.O. Box which has accumulated for about 3 weeks.

In that postal mail was a discreet, but large, envelope, containing what can be described as intelligence material about certain NATO planning.

I perused the material and then set about trying to verify it.   But with the entire US being on Memorial Day Weekend holiday, it was very difficult reaching my contacts from my years working with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF), during which I handled National Security Intelligence, Terrorism, and Foreign Counter-Intelligence.

As of early this morning, Tuesday, May 30, I am able to reach several contacts  from my FBI years, and am further verifying the material.

Here's what I can confirm:

NATO will commence its largest air exercise in history, called "Air Defender 2023" on June 12.

Air Defender 23 will be the most significant military exercise ever carried out in European skies. The event will involve the air forces of 25 nations.

Posted on: May 31 08:55

The EU has called on Russia not to escalate its conflict with Ukraine despite Tuesday’s drone attack on Moscow. The bloc’s foreign affairs spokesman, Peter Stano, claimed he did not know all the details of the incident.  

“We took note of the reports claiming allegedly that there were some drones flying over the region of Moscow. This is not really for us to comment on, we don’t know anything about the origins or about the details of it,” Stano said during a briefing in Brussels. 

“The only thing I can recall and repeat is the strong call by the EU to Russia not to use such incidents as a pretext for further escalation of its illegal aggression against Ukraine,” the official added. 

The comments came after Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin announced on Tuesday morning that the city had come under attack from multiple drones. The incident was confirmed by the Russian Defense Ministry, which accused Kiev of conducting a terrorist attack. 

Posted on: May 31 08:53

Moscow will remain the principal threat to London until the end of the decade, UK Defence Intelligence chief Adrian Bird said on Tuesday, in a rare public appearance at a Royal United Services Institute event.

“The UK’s non-discretionary security priority must be our home region of the Euro-Atlantic, and here we assess that Russia will remain the greatest threat to the UK mainland out to 2030,” Bird said.

He did not elaborate why the spies thought Russia would stop being a threat after that point. From 2030 onward, Bird argued, “China will present the greatest challenge to the UK’s overseas interests and economic security.”

Posted on: May 31 08:53

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has left a terribly bad taste in my mouth.

The fit, 62-year-old former police officer held a ceremony Friday to sign a law banning discrimination based on height and weight in employment, housing, or public accommodations.

Now that's something nearly everyone can agree on.

People should not be denied jobs, apartments, services or otherwise based on their size. And if the mayor stopped there, I wouldn't have had any objections.

But he didn't.

When asked to respond to critics who see this new law as a step back in the fight against obesity - a condition that is literally killing Americans every day - Adams got it all miserably wrong.

Posted on: May 31 08:49

Several progressive lawmakers, including Representative Cori Bush (D-MO), have called for the United States to pay reparations to black people amounting to $14 trillion in their Reparations NOW resolution.

This call has been echoed by several cities, including Los Angeles, St. Louis, and Asheville, North Carolina, which have commissioned reparations pilot programs. However, these efforts have been met with criticism from conservatives who view them as a "bait and switch" and an attempt to "dig into the history."

Princeton professor Dr. Carol Swain has cautioned Black Americans against believing that the Democrats will come up with a policy that will solve all their problems. She has advised them to look at the people making these promises and their track record of delivering on such promises.

According to Swain, the Democrats see reparations as a way to get Black Americans excited about the 2024 election, believing that electing a Democrat president will push it through Congress. However, Swain believes that the Democrats promise the moon but deliver nothing, and it's more of the same.

Posted on: May 31 08:48

The city of Olympia, Washington, is set to give two of its crosswalks a new paint job in honor of Pride month.

However, the crosswalks will not be covered in rainbow stripes this time. Instead, residents will soon be able to cross the street on pink, blue, and white paint as the city transforms two of its crosswalks into the colors of the Transgender Flag.

In a press release, the City of Olympia announced the move, stating, "In honor of Pride month, the City of Olympia has painted two crosswalks at 5th Avenue and Washington Street with the colors of the Transgender Flag. The crosswalk painting is timed to be completed for the month-long recognition of Pride in June."

Posted on: May 31 08:48

The Russian military continues its effective massive precision strikes on the military facilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU). In the last days of May, Moscow officials revealed the interim results of the ongoing military operations and explained the true reason behind the recent Kiev’s attempts to launch attacks on the Russian territory which have no military goals but aimed at hiding Ukrainian losses from the public.

Commenting on today’s attack by Ukrainian UAVs in Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin revealed that two days ago Russian forces struck at the headquarters of the military intelligence of Ukraine (GUR). In response, Kiev targeted Russian civilians in Moscow.

Posted on: May 31 08:47

That’s my recommendation. And no, I’m not kidding. I am deadly serious. If you are an American and living in California, turn around and run like someone is chasing you with a big syringe full of poison.

A California panel has called for billions in reparations for black residents

About 1.2 million dollars in reparations are now approved by a California task force (still to be voted on by the state legislature) to each black person in the state.

This will not only bankrupt the state but will force homeowners to sell their property to pay the huge tax increases that unquestionably will be coming. It’s a good thing California doesn’t already have THE highest taxes of any state. Oh, wait…

Posted on: May 31 08:44