"Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle. The real extent of this state of misinformation is known only to those who are in situations to confront facts within their knowledge with the lies of the day. I really look with commiseration over the great body of my fellow citizens, who, reading newspapers, live and die in the belief that they have known something of what has been passing in the world." -- Thomas Jefferson

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During the last few days, the European Union went through a real militaristic revolution. A special “legal task force” is working on allowing the use of EU funds for war.

The so-called European Peace Facility (EPF), officially stewarded by Josep Borrell, will get its money from the EU funds (and not individual states) after reporting the transfer of thousands of weapons systems to Kiev. EPF also reported having trained more than 40,000 Ukrainian military to use them.

The Financial Times chose a somewhat routinely sounding lead for its story on the EU’s decision to legally stop being an “oasis of peace”: “Brussels proposes ‘legal task force’ to explore ways to use the common budget for defense.”

The headline, however, was more disturbing: “EU looks to bypass treaty ban on buying arms to support Ukraine.”

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The Burj Khalifa skyscraper in Dubai was lit up in Russian flag colors as a tribute to victims of the terrorist attack in the Crocus City Hall, TASS reports.

The inscription of "the United Arab Emirates supports Russia" in Arabic and English appeared on the facade of the world’s tallest building. The action organized by Dubai authorities and the development company Emaar lasted for several minutes.

Buildings of the Khalifa University, the oil company ADNOC, the exhibition company ADNEC, and certain other ones were also lit up in colors of the Russian flag, the WAM news agency said.

"This initiative of solidarity confirms categoric opposition of the UAE to all forms of violence and terrorism, which are aimed at destabilization and are incompatible with international law. It also evidences that UAE leaders and population support Russia and its people in struggle against terrorist attacks," WAM informed.

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Amaq news agency of ISIS published new video filmed by the terrorists during the terrorist attack in the crocus City Hall in Moscow. The footage was provided with the following comment:

“Exclusive footage for Amaq Agency shows moments from the bloody attack on Christians yesterday in the city of Krasnogorsk in Moscow.”

The release of the video by ISIS source corresponds to the ongoing informational campaign aimed to hide those responsible for the horrific terrorist attack; but the more evidence is revealed, the more they point to the perpetrators in Kiev and in the West.

The terrorists, who later will not be able to respond a single question during their interrogation, literally posed in front of the camera. Before their detention, the militants managed to share the footage with their customers while driving to the Ukrainian border to receive an award.

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A Russian man who came to the concert in the Crocus City Hall attacked one of the terrorists and disarmed the militant with his bare hands. The brave Mikhail saved lives of hundreds of civilians during the terrorist attack.

Mikhail came to the concert with his wife. When the panic started, the crowd tried to escape from the hall from the exits behind the scene. When being near the scene, Mikhail saw the armed terrorist “shooting people in cold blood”, moving towards him and his wife.

Mikhail “saw horror in the eyes of his wife” and decided to take action.

“At the moment when he caught up with us, he began to reload his weapon, I had a second to think, <…> I pushed my wife away, and I ran around to his left, grabbed the machine gun with my left hand and pulled down, and with my right hand I began to hit him on the head. He began to descend, I grabbed him by the neck with my left hand and also continued to hit him,” the man said.

Then another man ran up to help him and heavily hit the terrorist several time. The militant lost consciousness. The brave men reportedly look his gun away.

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On the evening of March 24, the largest missile attack targeted the city of Sevastopol in Crimea. Dozens of NATO missiles targeted the city center and its outskirts. At the same time, Ukrainian Nazis launched the second attack on the Russian city of Belgorod with NATO MLRS over the past day. The massive strikes began after Zelensky released his another appeal to Ukrainians, blaming Putin for the terrorist attack in Moscow. All the actions, claims and informational campaigns confirm that Kiev’s terrorists and NATO warmongers are behind the bloody terrorist attack in Moscow and are set to inflict as much damage to the Russian civilians as possible.

The most massive attack of Storm-Shadow missiles targeted the Russian city of Sevastopol in western Crimea. The UAVs was also reportedly used for the attack. Air alarm sounded in Sevastopol for about two hours.

According to preliminary reports, about 10 missiles were destroyed by the Russian air defense forces. The exact number of destroyed targets is yet to be officially revealed.

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The investigation into the horrific attack at a Concert Hall in the Moscow, Russia region, has been positively identified as Rustam Azhiyev, a former UKRAINIAN SOLDIER (Image above) who served in 2022, as a shooter.

The man shown atop this story is the captured suspect and Russian law enforcement identified him and pulled up some of his history in the Ukraine Army:

In earlier stories about the Moscow Attack, it was reported that a White Renault automobile was caught on a dashcam, with men exiting carrying rifles, outside the concert hall which was attacked (HERE).

It was also reported earlier that the White Renault vehicle was captured and the men inside, who fled to nearby woods, were also captured (HERE).

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Israel on Friday declared the appropriation of some 8,000 dunams, or 1,976 acres, of land in the Jordan Valley and declared it state land, meaning it can now be used for development projects.

The declaration of the land as Israeli-owned will allow for the construction of hundreds of settlement housing units, as well as an area designated for industry and commerce.

Activists called the move the largest action of its kind in decades.

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Foreign Minister Israel Katz on Friday ordered the Foreign Ministry to summon Turkey’s envoy to Israel for a “serious reprimand” after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan vowed to “send [Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu] to Allah.”

“I instructed officials to summon the Turkish deputy ambassador to Israel for a serious reprimand, following Erdogan’s serious attack on Prime Minister Netanyahu and his threats to send PM Netanyahu to Allah and to convey a clear message to Erdogan,” Katz posted on X.

“You who support the burning of babies, murderers, rapists and the mutilation of corpses by Hamas criminals, [are] the last one who can speak about God. There is no God who will listen to those who support the atrocities and crimes against humanity committed by your barbaric Hamas friends,” Katz said. “Be quiet and shame on you!”

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Israeli occupation forces will eventually invade the Palestinian city of Rafah in southern Gaza and defeat Hamas, “even if the whole world is against Israel, including the United States”, Minister of Strategic Affairs, Ron Dermer, has said.

Dermer was quoted by Bloomberg as saying on a US online podcast yesterday:  “We are going to go in and finish this job, and anybody who doesn’t understand that doesn’t understand that the existential nerve of the Jews was touched” by the events of 7 October.

Dermer, who is close to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is expected to head to Washington early next week to discuss the Biden administration’s concerns that such an invasion could lead to more civilian casualties at a time when famine and disease are spreading in Gaza.

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Pollster Frank Luntz has issued a stark warning to New York Attorney General Letitia James, cautioning that her actions may inadvertently boost former President Donald Trump's chances of re-election.

James, a Democrat who vowed to pursue legal action against Trump, recently filed a civil fraud case resulting in Trump facing substantial financial penalties. Luntz expressed concern that James' pursuit of Trump's properties could have unintended consequences, stating, "You are going to elect Donald Trump."

In a recent CNN panel discussion, Luntz highlighted the potential repercussions of James' legal actions, emphasizing that they could potentially backfire on the Democratic party. Luntz's warning was underscored by his gesture towards the camera, symbolizing the gravity of the situation.

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In a recent development, Payton McNabb, a former North Carolina high school volleyball player, criticized Democratic lawmakers for their stance on transgender athletes' participation in women's sports.

McNabb, who sustained severe physical and mental injuries after a transgender athlete struck a ball into her face during a 2022 volleyball tournament, challenged the assertion made by Democratic Representative Pramila Jayapal that transgender individuals pose no threat to female athletes.

Jayapal, who has a transgender child, stated during a House Judiciary Committee meeting, "It is a tiny portion of people across the country that identify as trans, and not a single one of them is doing anything to harm you or your family." McNabb, however, disagreed with this statement, saying, "Just getting back from my second doctor appointment this week, a year and a half later, I’m definitely going to have to disagree. My life is forever changed because of an injury by a boy."

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In a shocking turn of events, the death toll from the terror attack that took place at a concert in Moscow on Friday has risen to at least 133, according to Russia's leading state investigative agency.

The agency revealed this information on Saturday, adding that 11 suspects have been apprehended in connection with the attack, four of whom were directly involved in the horrific incident.

In a televised address to the nation on Saturday, President Putin condemned the massacre, describing it as "a bloody, barbaric terrorist act." He declared Sunday, March 24, a day of mourning in response to the tragedy. The President also announced that additional security measures have been implemented across the country in the aftermath of the attack, which is the deadliest Russia has experienced in over two decades.

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Fraud has cost the Ministry of Defence more than £900million since 2010 – enough to pay for 170 tanks. The scale of the losses have been described as “staggering” and “a tragedy”. The Government’s admission that fraud totalling £927.55million has been detected comes as concern mounts about the readiness of Britain’s armed forces to fight a major war. The loss would be enough to pay for 170 new Challenger 3 tanks or three new frigates for the Royal Navy “with hundreds of millions to spare,” according to a Labour analysis.
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Corona Committee Lawyer, Dr Reiner Fuellmich remains detained in a a Göttingen jail in Germany and has now attended 8 days of a court trial accused of embezzling funds from the Corona committee. The treatment of Dr Fuellmich in jail is extreme for a man who is accused of what has been deemed a civil matter. According to his lawyer, he is led into the hall handcuffed, during transportation from the prison to the court, his hands are handcuffed to his stomach with a waist belt so that he cannot run away even though there are no unguarded paths, at all, and he is driven out of the inner courtyards, which is cordoned off, in a van and driven under the courthouse where he is only taken out in a secure area.
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New York’s shoplifting epidemic is now so severe that a shadow “resale economy” has formed across online marketplaces. According to a report from The New York Post, some of the city’s most notorious thieves are hawking products at a discount prices on services such as Facebook and eBay. Organized gangs are even providing their underlings “shopping lists” of the specific items they want stolen.
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