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The US Department of State lied to Congress when it said Israel was not restricting the flow of aid into Gaza, a former official has claimed after resigning in protest.

Stacy Gilbert served in the State Department’s Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration for 20 years. She left her job as a senior adviser on Tuesday, citing objections in relation to a 46-page memo titled NSM-20, which was provided to US lawmakers on May 10, she told Reuters and The Guardian.

In the memo, the State Department said Israel had not breached a US law that prohibits the provision of arms to nations that restrict American humanitarian aid.

Gilbert was one of the experts consulted for the report and says the conclusion did not correspond to reality.

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In a bold move, Dmitry Suslov, a top figure at the Moscow-based Council for Foreign and Defence Policy, has floated the idea of Russia carrying out a "demonstrative" nuclear detonation.

This alarming suggestion arises as tensions with the West intensify due to Ukraine's use of Western-supplied weaponry against Russian forces.

Suslov, whose think tank occasionally sways Kremlin policy, made this proposal shortly after President Vladimir Putin delivered a stark warning to NATO countries.

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Yemen’s Houthis claim to have launched an attack on a US air carrier in response to earlier British and American strikes on its military bases.

The militant group claimed to have attacked the USS Dwight D Eisenhower ship in the Red Sea following strikes by London and Washington on targets in Yemen.

In a televised address Yahya Saree, the Houthis military spokesman, also claimed that six US and British strikes have killed 16 people and wounded 41, including civilians

On Thursday, British and American forces struck Houthi targets in Yemen as part of an ongoing operation against the group’s targeting of commercial ships in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden.

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Forget the dead for a moment and think about the living. We’re talking about a minuscule, 25-mile strip of land on which, before recent events began, an estimated 2.4 million people lived, went to school, worshiped, farmed, did whatever. When Israel responded to Hamas’s nightmarish October 7th attack by bombing northern Gaza into rubble and sending in its military, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant vowed a “complete siege” of the region with “no electricity, no food, no fuel” for what he called “human animals.” The Israeli military did indeed promptly proceed to destroy most of the homes, schools, and hospitals, you name it in northern Gaza, while encouraging hundreds of thousands of its inhabitants to flee south, many of whom finally ended up in the city of Rafah, where an estimated nearly 1.4 million refugees were lodged, often in crude tent encampments.

Now, jump seven months or so and the Israeli military is, step by step, moving into and destroying parts of Rafah, while once again encouraging its population to flee. In the first weeks after they began doing so, it was estimated that at least one million (yes, 1,000,000!) Gazans did indeed flee that city. As Philippe Lazzarini, head of the chief U.N. agency that aids Palestinians, described it, “Every time they are forced to leave behind the few belongings they have: mattresses, tents, cooking utensils, and basic supplies that they cannot carry or pay to transport.”

And it’s not just the Muslim Gazans who are suffering. The small Christian community there has been brutalized and largely destroyed, too. Talk about a hell on earth! Worse yet, as of now, there’s no end in sight and – imagine this – the Biden administration nonetheless continues to plan to send vast quantities of new weaponry to Israel.

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CNN chief international security correspondent Nick Paton Walsh talks to Ukrainians on the frontlines of the war against Russia, whose use of US-supplied Abrams tanks isn’t going to plan. 

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US news publication The Atlantic has received heavy criticism in recent days over the publication of an article earlier this month that seemed to argue for the legality of killing Palestinian children during wartime.

The article, written by The Atlantic's staff writer and Yale University lecturer Graeme Wood, was published on May 17 and tried to cast doubt on the UN's recent statistics on the Gaza war.

In his criticism of the casualty figures reported by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), the writer was accused of trying to play down Gaza's devastating humanitarian crisis and potentially justifying violence against civilians, particularly children.

Wood's article has since resurfaced online this week which has further elicited backlash by critics.

Here is The New Arab's breakdown of the controversial piece and why some have criticised Wood.

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UK denies medical treatment to critically injured children from Gaza


By Dania Akkad

“We have not asked the UK to take all of them or the majority of them, but just to play its part as a wealthy nation with incredible medical expertise,” said Krish Kandiah, founder of the UK-based Sanctuary Foundation, which supports Ukrainian and Afghan refugees, among others. 

“We just want to play our part.”

British doctors and organisations, including Kandiah’s, who are part of an initiative called Project Pure Hope, told Middle East Eye that they began efforts in January to bring four siblings and their cousin from Gaza as a "test case" to see what would happen.

One of the siblings, whose parents were killed, had suffered traumatic amputations and required further medical treatment, which pediatric hospitals across Britain were prepared to provide. 

Over £500,000 ($636,000) was raised, enough to cover their treatment, and arrangements were made for the children’s aunt and grandmother to accompany them, according to those involved.

The issue was visas.

“We made many, many attempts to try to get a visa for these children and, sadly, despite many good-hearted civil servants, when it got to the highest level, we just heard nothing back,” Kandiah told MEE.

Five months later, with British hospitals and medical professionals still at the ready, Kandiah and others say they are unaware of any legal pathways available to bring these children to the UK, nor have they heard of any Palestinian children seeking medical treatment being admitted.

Claire's Observations:  It is obvious that the UK has received it's "marching orders" from Tel Aviv; "These children must die where they are, to prevent the world from seeing the real, horrific extent of our genocide in Gaza, particularly in the case of Palestinian children."

I remember that during World War II, Hitler was great about showing films in Germany which demonstrated, in his mind "American decadence."  But the one film he would NOT allow seen by his people was "Gone with the Wind", because it demonstrated the cruel and horrific outcomes of the civil war, when infected  and broken bones were sawed off patients with no anaesthesia.  In the film, you saw the saws, and heard the screams.

I would suggest that thinking Israelis either find a TV station which might run this, subtitled in Hebrew, or buy a copy; this is what children in Gaza are experiencing right now, when they have to have broken or infected bones cut off, because there is no anaesthesia for them anymore, courtesy of the Israeli blockade of medical supplies.

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White House national security spokesman John Kirby defended Israel airstriking displaced Palestinians in a tent city in Rafah by throwing the US military under the bus and stating that "we" Americans "did the same thing."

From Common Dreams:

Asked by a reporter [on Tuesday] what the consequences would be "if there were an American strike on a legitimate terrorist target that ended resulting with 45 civilian deaths and some 200 others injured," Kirby replied, "I can't answer a hypothetical like that."

"But we have conducted airstrikes in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, where tragically we caused civilian casualties," he continued. "We did the same thing. We owned up to it. We investigated it. And we tried to make changes... We tried to learn from it to make changes so that those set of mistakes wouldn't happen again."

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We saw two big symbols of American decline this week, first the U.S. military's $320 million floating pier break apart off the coast of Gaza, 

And then, of course, Trump's conviction on 34 felony counts for... recording payments made to his attorney as legal expenses? Even left-leaning legal analysts, such as Richard Hasen, thought this prosecution was a stretch, to put it mildly. 

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The corrupt U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), a component of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), has started the process to approve fraudulent U Non-Immigrant Visas (NIV) for the illegal aliens who got a free trip to Martha’s Vineyard, but were summarily deported from the ritzy resort town to a Massachusetts National Guard base on the Massachusetts mainland. This expands the Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty into an open Visa Fraud Amnesty.

At the same time, other illegal aliens, instead of lying about being the victim of a crime, are creating fake crimes in order to get the same U NIVs. U NIVs are visas that give work permits, and eventual Lawful Permanent Residence (LPR) green cards, to aliens who claim to be the victims of crime who claim to also be victims of mental and physical abuse, as well as are actively cooperating with a law enforcement agency and prosecutorial agency actively pursuing an investigation and prosecution.

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Yeah, I mean, seriously.

I mean, bro.

Isn’t threatening the family of ICC officials like, way more serious than the original war crimes? Legally?

I mean, dude. Yeah, I get it, murdering tens of thousands of kids is a bigger moral problem than threatening to kill the families of the authorities investigating your mass murders.

But, bro, I’m saying: legally.

Isn’t threatening the courts like, one of the most serious things you can do?

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Jury Finds Trump Guilty on All 34 Felony Charges in New York Trial

Keep in mind that these are 34 made-up felonies based on how an expense was recorded by accountants and attorneys. Trump did not record the expense.The expense was recorded according to accounting standards.

Keep in mind that this is a civil case somehow turned into a felony case. Keep in mind that it is a civil case without complainants, without harmed parties !!

It is a case brought by a prosecutor who can show no party harmed.

What is frightening is that legally this is a case for which there are no legal grounds for bringing it. Yet, the bar associations, the law schools, the media said nothing. Getting Trump was so important that law was sacrificed for the purpose.

This means the future of America is tyranny.

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While visiting Israel this week, Nikki Haley crouched down with a purple pen in her hand and wrote “Finish Them!” on an artillery shell.

While we cannot get into her head, we’re sure by “them,” she meant Hamas, which is understandable given that group’s terrorist attack on Israel on October 7. She said as much during a subsequent interview: “We know as long as Hamas exists, it can happen again, and that’s why I’ve said from the very beginning, you need to finish them — once and for all,” she said.

But Israel’s weapons (most of the them supplied by the United States) used against “them” have also killed thousands of innocent civilians, indiscriminately, in the Gaza Strip. Uncounted more are still under the rubble, caused by nearly constant airstrikes and drone attacks throughout the 141 square mile territory, over the span of six months. Some 62 percent of homes have been completely destroyed and 84 percent of hospitals and health facilities, as of early April. Haley’s dark autograph came just days after Israel was roundly condemned internationally for striking a tent camp for displaced Palestinians, killing 45 people and wounding 249.

Amnesty International posted on X in response to Haley, “Conflict is no place for stunts. Conflict has rules. Civilians must be protected.”


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Mayor Eric Adams was right.

Mayor Eric Adams appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe show in 2022 and told the host that he felt the current bail system was a catch-and-release failure.

He stated, ” This catch, repeat, release system is just destroying the foundation of our country.” he then goes even deeper to say that the current system is why Democrats are losing black and brown voters in mass.

We cannot talk our way out of this. We have to be real about what people are facing in the streets.”

When we look at the state of New York just a little over two years later, nothing has changed, and I would confidently say that things have gotten worse.

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Magdy al-Zaanen is often woken up at night by the cries of his two children.

Sleeping in a makeshift tent on the pavement of Gaza’s Deir al-Balah, they regularly get bitten by mosquitoes, leaving them in great pain. 

“My wife and I pretend to put medicine on the bites to trick them to go back to sleep,” says al-Zaanen. 

Mosquito bites are just one symptom of the growing environmental and health crisis that he and nearly two million internally displaced Palestinians in Gaza are facing since Israel began its war on the strip in October.  

Nearly eight months of relentless Israeli bombardment and siege has all but destroyed infrastructure, waste management facilities, and the Palestinian civil defence.

Claire's Observations;  you have to understand; the spread of opportunistic diseases, particularly among kids, is precisely the outcome Israel wishes to see here, as their destruction of both Gazan medical facilities and waste management facilities attests.

After all, you don't have to murder a kid with a bullet or bomb, if an opportunistic disease will do it for you!!!

And BTW, folks, this relentless bombing in Gaza, with US weapons,  is your tax dollars at work; doesn't it make you feel proud to be an American, right now?!?

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A NYC court found former president Donald Trump guilty of 34 criminal counts and the Republicans immediately urged an appeal and donations to the campaign ramp up.

Many of Trump’s Republican allies responded to the guilty verdict with a resounding need for an appeal as fast as possible. Remarks from lawmakers included words like “travesty” and “injustice” to describe the sham trial in NYC.

House Speaker Mike Johnson called the verdict today a “shameful day in American history.” Meanwhile, “Democrats cheered as they convicted the leader of the opposing party on ridiculous charges. This was a purely political exercise, not a legal one.”

The House Majority Leader Steve Scalise issued a statement calling the decision in NYC a “banana republic” and Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Jim Jordan characterized the entire trial as a “kangaroo court,” claiming “the verdict is a travesty of justice.”

According to a former GOP presidential primary opponent, Vivek Ramaswamy, the guilty verdict in NYC “will backfire” on the Democrats and only further expose the ill intent to use lawfare as a way of winning elections.

However, many other Trump supporters viewed the verdict as a win.  Podcaster Jack Posobiec stated “Trump just won the election.”

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Alexander Smith was given the choice to resign or be dismissed

A contractor for the US Agency for International Development (USAID) was forced out of his job over a disagreement on a presentation he prepared on maternal and child mortality among Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, The Guardian reported on Thursday.

Alexander Smith worked for USAID as a senior advisor on gender, maternal health, child health, and nutrition. He was scheduled to present the paper on mortality at an internal USAID conference, and it was initially cleared. But it caught the attention of officials in the USAID’s Middle East department, who asked for redactions to be made.

Smith told The Guardian that the edits they requested involved removing a slide describing the applicable international law and removing any language that implied the recognition of a Palestinian state, including names of UN agencies that include the word “Palestine.”

USAID leadership ended up canceling the presentation altogether and claims it was outside of Smith’s area of responsibility, but he said his expertise on maternal and child health is relevant to all humanitarian crises. Two days after his presentation was canceled, Smith was told by his direct employer, the Highbury Defense Group, which has government contracts with USAID, that his contract would be terminated early.

Highbury said that Smith’s contract would be terminated over “personality differences” and that USAID was unhappy with him despite his years of performance on the job and years of positive reviews of his work. Smith was given the option to resign and wrote a scathing resignation letter.

“USAID has always prided itself on our programs supporting democracy, human rights, and rule of law. In Ukraine, we call for legal redress when people are victimized and name perpetrators of violence … We boldly state ‘Slava Ukraini’ in peppy promotional videos,” he wrote.

“When it comes to the Palestinians, however, we avoid saying anything about their right to statehood, the abuses they’re currently suffering, or which powers have been violating their basic rights to freedom, self-determination, livelihoods, and clean water,” he added.

The news of Smith’s resignation makes him the ninth US official to publicly step down over President Biden’s full-throated support for Israel’s slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza. Josh Paul, who resigned from the State Department in October, said dozens more have stepped down quietly and that he expects more resignations to come.

Claire's Observations:  The By-di-Byedenista's "Our way or the Highway" on Gaza, seems to be working remarkably well, in terms of throwing out, or causing to resign,  anyone in this Admin who has the least bit of difference of opinion with that of this administration on this issue.  

So, Congrats, folks, well done;  now that some of the best and brightest have been resigned, or forced out, the rest will probably be most compliant, post a mass-conscience-ectomy, courtesy of this Regime. 

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Surveying the latest transgressions against decency, morality, and humanity itself by artificial intelligence and its biological architects.

The dairy techno-cows of the future will emit pharmaceutical-grade insulin from their udders in a remarkable achievement for The Science™. RelatedAnti-Meat Propaganda Roundup: Drinking Milk Is ‘Unsettling’ and Racist

Via HealthDay News (emphasis added):

“There may be an unexpected fix for ongoing shortages of insulin: A brown bovine in Brazil recently made history as the first transgenic cow able to produce human insulin in her milk.

Mother Nature designed the mammary gland as a factory to make protein* really, really efficiently,’ explained study leader Matt Wheeler, a professor of animal sciences at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. ‘We can take advantage of that system to produce a protein that can help hundreds of millions of people worldwide.’

His team, which included scientists from the University of São Paolo, described how they developed the insulin-making cow in a report published March 12 in Biotechnology Journal.”

*This is exactly how technocrats view all lifeforms, including humans: as “factories” to produce biologics for some pharmaceutical or industrial purpose — at least until AI figures out how to achieve the same production capacity without them. Then they become utterly useless.

The Public Health™ authorities, of course, could simply advise the serfs on their techno-fiefdom to not consume 500 grams of refined carbohydrates per day to solve the diabetes epidemic, but where’s the profit in that? Where’s the fun? Where’s the gleeful, satanic destruction of the planet’s genome in that?

Via Biotechnology Journal (emphasis added):

Using transgenic animals as bioreactors to produce proteins of pharmaceutical interest has been proposed as an efficient alternative to increase protein production while decreasing costs. The mammary gland is a tissue where posttranslational modifications are possible for large-scale recombinant protein production. The first step in this process is to produce transgenic animals containing a transgene that drives recombinant protein expression in a tissue-specific manner in the mammary gland. The vector constructed in this study was evaluated for gene expression of hINS by induction of transduced and nontransduced MAC-T cells cultured on polystyrene using lactogenic hormones. Mammary epithelial cells have been used as a model for mammary gland function studies and can produce milk proteins…

The combination of gene transfer mediated by lentivirus and SCNT methodologies used in this work successfully generated a transgenic calf that contains the gene to produce human proinsulin in milk.”

Claire's Observations:  Hey, "Frankenmilk"; what could POSSIBLY go wrong?!?

When science tinkers in this way with the building blocks of life, a lot could go wrong, and the consequences could  well be long in manifesting.

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Authored by Pete McGinnis via RealClearPolicy,

In June 2023, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management proposed a rule that would require stricter financial assurance standards for oil companies operating in the Outer Continental Shelf. This costly rule became final on April 15, 2024, but in the 10 months since its initial proposal, BOEM did nothing to alleviate concerns for smaller companies that comprise of 76 percent of oil and gas operators in the Gulf. As a result, many of these companies could be forced out of business by extreme and unnecessary costs from this rule. The situation threatens an estimated 36,000 jobs, more than $570 million in federal government royalties, and $9.9 billion from our GDP.

Records obtained via the Freedom of Information Act show private meetings between Interior officials and representatives of the major oil companies as they cooperated on this rule. If you think that’s strange, you’re not alone. President Biden made clear in his campaign that he wanted to end oil and gas production on public lands. It’s baffling that Big Oil – among the administration’s most, if not the most, maligned businesses – would stand on the same side with environmental groups such as the Sierra Club who praised the rule. But needless government intervention makes strange bedfellows. Big Oil must think it won’t miss the small competitors the rule will drive from the market.

The conditions for obtaining an oil and gas lease include meeting obligations for decommissioning. Leaseholders must provide “financial assurance” that they can bear the costs to cap wells and restore the site. If the financial strength of the company is insufficient, costly surety bonds can be purchased to satisfy the requirements. However, a quiet omission is the larger threat for smaller operators.

Historically, joint and several liability protected these small businesses from the financial demands of surety bonds. Most small businesses operating in the OCS have assumed a lease started by a bigger oil company. Typically, a large company drills the well and harvests a large amount of oil (and profits), and then sells the lease. Under this system, all companies who have ever held the lease are liable for decommissioning. Accordingly, if any company who could be liable for decommissioning can prove capable of paying for decommissioning, no company is required to buy surety bonds.

The new rule is largely silent on joint and several liability, causing some uncertainty.

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by Tyler Durden

Boston's 39-year-old Mayor, Michelle Wu, wants to follow in the footsteps of San Francisco, Philadelphia, Seattle, Denver, New York, and other liberal strongholds - where property crimes, including grand larceny and motor vehicle theft, have seen a sharp increase in recent years.

Boston's progressive Mayor Michelle Wu wants to decriminalize certain offenses

As the Daily Mail reports, Wu wants to make crimes including shoplifting and disorderly conduct off-limits to prosecution. She also wants to include certain categories of breaking and entering, wanton and malicious property destruction, larceny under $250, and trespassing as non-prosecutable crimes. She did toss in drug possession - which is fine as long as crimes like disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace are enforced.

Those who commit such wanton crimes would receive little more than a slap on the wrist.

The offenses are all on a 'do-not-prosecute' list that was created by former Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins.

Rollins, who later joined the Biden administration but resigned amid ethical violations, had advocated for the non-prosecution of more 'low-level' offenses. 

During her 2021 campaign, Wu was asked by left-wing nonprofit Progressive Massachusetts whether she supports Rollins' list, to which she responded "Yes." When asked if she supported closing the Boston Police gang database, she also said yes. She also supports firing any Boston PD employees involved in the January 6th protest in Washington DC

Claire's Observations:  So, "et tu,  Mayor Wu", when it comes to decriminalization?!?!? (Apologies to the memory Shakespeare on that!)

Forgive me, but where, please, are the statistics that show this process works successfully in any major city, like Boston?!?  Do they actually exist in real life, or are they still just a hopium/changium construct of the liberal mind-set?!?

And Mayor Wu, I understand that the reasons people become criminals can be many, and varied.  But let's talk about some bedrock, fundamental things which keep kids away from crime.

First, let's start with functional families, however those families shake out. 

Good parents are lovingly in control, and teach kids good moral values.  Sometimes, participation in spiritual communities which align with those family values, doesn't hurt.  

These are the people who will take the time, if possible, to meet their kids' teachers, and make sure they know that if the teachers want to talk to them, that they are more than open to communication.

I remember a Black army chaplain, with a lovely wife and two great sons, who were leaving our community on Oahu, because he had been re-assigned to another location.  And he mentioned that when he dropped his sons off on the first day in their new school, that he would make it a point to introduce himself to their teachers, so they would know how to find him, if there were any issues, and I thought to myself; " these kids are very lucky to have a father like that!!" In single parent households, we need parents like this also, and teachers who will make the time to meet them, if their work schedules are crazy.

Now, Mayor Wu, let's talk about education in Boston.  Yes, there has been a massive improvement in the quality of public education over the last 20 yearshttps://www.bostonpublicschools.org/domain/238, but how literate; numerate; and logical are those kids who do graduate from your public schools?

How ready are they to either go to college and graduate, or find a job?!?  And is the city working with local corporations, to "mentor" kids in what work, in the 21st century , will look like, and the skills they will need to be successfully functional in their jobs?!?

And Mayor Wu, these ideas "don't come from the mountain":  they are based on some very successful and very dear families we love, who have given us 3 wonderful grand-nephews, and one wonderful grand niece, who are just doing brilliantly in both school, and with  their social development.  

In 21st century America, THAT ... is saying something!! :-)

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