Hundreds of Chicago teachers and school officials sexually groomed and assaulted students last school year, according to a report released this week. 

The Chicago Public Schools Office of the Inspector General released its annual report Sunday, saying it substantiated more than 300 misconduct allegations out of more than 600 complaints for the 2021-22 school year.

An OIG investigation concluded one teacher groomed and sexually assaulted a 17-year-old student three times. That teacher was charged with multiple counts of sexual assault. After a November 2022 trial, the teacher was acquitted on all counts, the report said, despite evidence provided by the student and social media records. 

Another investigation revealed a former JROTC staff member had sex with a high school girl over the course of a year when she was 16 to 17 years old, the report said. The girl was also given alcohol and marijuana and purchased marijuana for him, the OIG said.

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Hillary Clinton has been hired as a professor at ivy league Columbia University.
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After four days of voting on the House floor for the next speaker, tempers flared tonight when Republican Rep.Mike Rogers of Alabama lunged at Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), the congressman who’s been leading the effort to prevent Kevin McCarthy from becoming the next Speaker.
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Police said a male six-year-old student deliberately shot his adult female teacher in school Friday afternoon at Richneck Elementary in Newport News, Virginia. No one else was wounded. The alleged shooter is in custody.
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An Italian General reported this week that an American official bragged about removing Pope Benedict weeks after he was installed. Also, a very dark group surrounding the Pope was working against him and the church.
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On September 26, underwater explosions destroyed three out of four lines of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines off the coast of Denmark. Oddly, no one in the West seems to be interested in investigating the largest environmental disaster in Europe and attack on European energy infrastructure in history.
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The Republican Party will once again be led by a California libtard.

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President Biden unveiled a grand immigration plan on Thursday, ahead of his weekend visit to the southwest border, to stop the illegal-alien invasion he invited. No, he’s not beefing up security. He’s not planning more deportations. He’s not curtailing asylum admissions. Instead, Biden will increase “legal” immigrationHis administration plans to parole tens of thousands of “migrants” from select Latin American countries before they get to the border. The plan exposes the president’s utter treachery. Even his solution to the border crisis involves more immigration. The president refuses to do his job, which leaves just one serious response: The GOP must impeach him.

Biden’s new plan will allow “migrants” from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela to apply for parole—which customarily allows otherwise inadmissible illegals to stay here temporarily—while they are still in their own countries. That will increase “legal” immigration beyond the current caps. Biden’s parole will allow an estimated 30,000 illegals per month to enter the country, or 360,000 migrants from the four countries annually by the end of 2023. Biden also pledges to expedite deportations for nationals from those four countries if they cross the southwest border illegally. “Migrants” who cross into Panama or Mexico before they apply will be rejected [Biden announces new program to curb illegal migration as he prepares for visit to border, by Myah Ward, Politico, January 5, 2023]. 

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I hope Peter Brimelow lives to be at least 98 years of age—that will occur in 2045.

Amazingly, 2045 is also the year Caucasians are predicted to become a minority in the United States.

Caucasians are already a minority globally.  Live with the knowledge that your children and grandchildren will not hold the same status they feel they are accustomed to just by the mere fact of the color of their skin.  Live with the knowledge that one day the castle you own will one day be owned by People of Color. You will probably twist and turn, but one thing you cannot do is change the inevitable. 

It’s a year I look forward to with great anticipation.

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Authorities have confirmed that 70 per cent of those arrested for riots in Berlin on New Year’s Eve, during which firefighters and ambulance workers were attacked, have a migration background.

As part of what has now become virtually an annual occurrence, mobs of migrant youths caused bedlam, throwing fireworks at people and setting fire to hundreds of vehicles in what eyewitnesses described as scenes akin to a war zone.

Authorities recorded 3,943 incidents across the city, with 15 firefighters and 18 police officers suffering injuries.

Bild newspaper reported that the unrest was “particularly bad attacks in the hotspot neighborhoods of Kreuzberg and Neukölln with a high proportion of migrants.”

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Colleges and universities have been implementing controversial new diversity reforms, including dropping standardized test scores, that eliminate objective criteria in academic admissions or advancement.

Now, HR&A Advisors, the TriBeCa-based real estate consultancy, has drawn attention to its LinkedIn posting asking applicants to remove “all undergraduate and graduate school name references” from their résumés. In order to achieve diversity goals, the company wants applicants to only list the degree and not where it came from. It is equity through obscurity. It is as irrational to eliminate any consideration of an academic institution as it is to rely exclusively on the academic institution.

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A new California gun law allowing private citizens to sue manufacturers and retailers for selling banned firearms went into effect this year.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom speaks to reporters at Del Mar Fairgrounds in Del Mar, Calif., on Feb. 18, 2022. (Nelvin C. Cepeda/The San Diego Union-Tribune via AP)

California’s new regulations give private citizens the ability to sue anyone who imports, distributes, manufactures, or sells assault firearms, homemade weapons, ghost guns, or .50 BMP rifles.

The law, Senate Bill (SB) 1327, also restricts the sale of firearms to anyone under 21 years old.


These restrictions are already enforced by California; however, this new law allows citizens to sue violators for at least $10,000.

This is modeled after the Texas Heartbeat Act which allows private citizens to sue anyone involved in providing abortions after a doctor has detected a fetal heartbeat. In that law, citizens can file lawsuits against doctors, clinics, or anyone involved in the abortion.

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Black Lives Matter terrorists caused $2 billion in damage during 2020, in more than 574 violent protests. Despite this unprecedented violence, turns out the black guy who was head of the D.C. National Guard on January 6, 2021 thought the crowd would have been fired upon if it had been majority black, and also said deadly force should have been used on the largely white crowd simply trying to enter the US Capitol and calmly stroll through august building. [Jan. 6 response would have been ‘vastly different’ if rioters were Black, House sergeant at arms told investigators: William J. Walker, who was the head of the D.C. National Guard during the insurrection, also indicated he thought more people in the crowd would have died if the mob had been largely Black instead of overwhelmingly white.,, December 28, 2022]:

The House sergeant at arms, who was the head of the D.C. National Guard during the attack on the Capitol, told the Jan. 6 committee that the law enforcement response would have looked much different had the rioters been Black Americans.

“I’m African American. Child of the sixties. I think it would have been a vastly different response if those were African Americans trying to breach the Capitol,” William J. Walker told congressional investigators, in an interview transcript released Tuesday. “As a career law enforcement officer, part-time soldier, last five years full but, but a law enforcement officer my entire career, the law enforcement response would have been different.”

His testimony echoed the observations of many Americans, including President Joe Biden, who noted the stark difference in the law enforcement response to protests in Washington following the May 2020 murder of George Floyd and the lax security at the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

William J. Walker, the head of the D.C. National Guard during the insurrection, also indicated he thought more people in the crowd would have died if the mob had been largely Black instead of overwhelmingly white.

“You know, as a law enforcement officer, there were — I saw enough to where I would have probably been using deadly force,” he said. “I think it would have been more bloodshed if the composition would have been different.”

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The Biden administration is reportedly debating on how harsh its response should be to the Taliban’s recent acts against women and protesters in Afghanistan.
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The House January 6 Committee, now disbanded, released Social Security numbers belonging to hundreds of Americans, including former Trump staffers and other top Republican officials.
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Police said a male six-year-old student deliberately shot his adult female teacher in school Friday afternoon at Richneck Elementary in Newport News, Virginia. No one else was wounded. The alleged shooter is in custody. The teacher is hospitalized with a life-threatening wound but had shown signs of improvement.
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Karine Jean-Pierre on Friday absurdly claimed Joe Biden “inherited a mess” at the southern border.
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In the world today, evil is good, and lies become the truth.
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Full credit to this disgrace goes to the spineless Republicans who caved to Democrats led by Massachusetts Senator and Fake Indian Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren (D-MA) in the wake of the George Floyd riots. Now the Regime will begin the process of erasing all references to Confederate heroes, undoubtedly replacing with them with figures sure to garner plaudits from the radical left.
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The corrupt Deep State fears President Trump. The Biden, Obama, Clinton and Bush regimes hate him. China fears him. The American people love him. Many are now supporting the idea of a Trump Speakership.
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Mosquitos as bioweapon delivery platforms: The imminent danger posed by China’s fused military-civilian research program
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A homeless woman has gone viral on Twitter for her rant about the root of the homelessness problem plaguing leftist-run cities across the country.

On Saturday, Kevin Dahlgren, who runs the Seattle-based charity We Heart Seattle, posted a video on Twitter of his interaction with a homeless woman named Wendy, who berated the leftists running the city for the way that they've handled homelessness.

According to her, the reason that the homelessness problem is not being solved by the left -- and is only getting worse -- is that the leftists are making it very easy to be homeless.

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A new poll found that most CNN viewers who are watching the network less than they used to cite "its liberal/left-wing bias" as one reason why, The Washington Times reports.

Forbes reported last month that CNN's average prime-time audience dropped by 33% over the last year, down to 730,000 viewers on average for the network's lowest-rated year ever.

The survey, which was conducted by McLaughlin & Associates on behalf of the conservative Media Research Center, found just over half of those who watch CNN agreed with the statement: "One of the reasons I find myself watching CNN less often is because of its liberal/left-wing bias."

  • 54% of CNN viewers watch the network less than they used to.
  • 61% of those viewers said "liberal/left-wing bias" is one of the reasons why they watch CNN less.
  • 80% of conservatives agreed.
  • 52% of moderates agreed.
  • 52% of liberals agreed.
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Cancer rates have increased since the introduction of the COVID shots and is one of the top three leading causes of premature death among younger adults — a trend that in turn is driving down U.S. life expectancy.

In 2019, the average life span of Americans of all ethnicities was nearly 78.8 years.1 By the end of 2021, life expectancy had dropped to 76.42 — a loss of nearly three years, which is an astounding decline. The leading causes of death in 2021 were heart disease, cancer and COVID-19, all three of which were higher in 2021 than in 2020,3 and both heart disease and cancer are potential side effects of the COVID jabs.

COVID Boosters Are Triggering Metastatic Cancer

November 26, 2022, The Daily Sceptic published a letter4,5 to the editor of The BMJ, written by Dr. Angus Dalgleish, professor of oncology at St. George’s University of London, warning that COVID boosters may be causing aggressive metastatic cancers:

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If our country had an honest and competent ‘mainstream’ media staffed with professionals who took to heart our founders’ intent of a free press to hold those in power to account, there would be an outcry for one of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies to be held responsible for the damage it did to countless millions of people via faulty COVID-19 vaccines.

As reported by Conservative Review‘s Daniel Horowitz, “Tolerance is a good thing in most aspects of life. But when it comes to the immune system, artificially juicing up the body to create antibodies with long-term tolerance to a pathogen is a recipe for disaster.”

He noted further:

Amid thousands of papers on COVID and the vaccines, a new German paper published in Science Immunology should be the headline story this week. Although the subject matter is very dense, the implication of it is that the Pfizer shots (and possibly other mRNA spike protein shots) caused the immune system to misfire, thereby creating an endless feedback loop of viral immune escape, perpetuating the pandemic in the macro, and creating immune suppression for the individuals who received them.

He went on to write that it is “vexing” as to why, today, the virus remains with us, questioning the fact that whereas so many countries in the Pacific Rim did well against COVID in 2020 and 2021 but now have a much bigger problem in 2022 with a less virulent strain. He asks further why it appears as though this pandemic won’t end and so many people continue to contract it more than once.

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On September 26, underwater explosions destroyed three out of four lines of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines off the coast of Denmark. Oddly, no one in the West seems to be interested in investigating the largest environmental disaster in Europe and attack on European energy infrastructure in history.

There is still no full-scale investigation of the Nord Stream explosions, Russian President Vladimir Putin remarked over the holidays: “Nobody is investigating. We had an opportunity once to look at these sites of explosions; all that was in the press, no need to repeat. Surprisingly, the fact is that there is no full-scale investigation, nobody is performing it,” Putin said.

Swedish seismologists said that two explosions were recorded along the Nord Stream pipelines on September 26. On Oct. 5, Spiegel magazine reported German Federal Police acknowledged the Nord Stream attack was an act of “targeted sabotage” which could presumably not have been carried out without the involvement of “state players.” The German investigators admitted they did not know “who is behind the sabotage of the pipelines.”

On Nov. 18, the Swedish Prosecutor’s Office also acknowledged that the explosions were an act of sabotage. Remarkably, however, no one in the West seems remotely interested in finding out who is behind it.

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Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) has threatened to resign if the Republican party will negotiate with Democrats in voting to elect Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) as speaker.

Matt Gaetz announced his intentions to resign from Congress in an interview on Fox News Channel’s “The Ingraham Angle” Thursday night if he and other GOP patriots continued to refuse to back Kevin McCarthy’s speakership campaign.

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Regardless of whether you support Ukraine or not, most honest observers concede that Ukraine is rife with corruption and political figures eager to feed at the public trough. Ukraine commonly is described as the most corrupt nation in Europe.

Well, I have bad news for President Zelensky and his fellow Ukrainians — you can’t hold a candle to the political brothel that is Washington. When I moved to the Washington, DC area in 1979 (I started off in a small townhouse in Chevy Chase, Maryland) there were no Lamborghini, Ferrari, or Bentley car dealerships. The ironically named Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, Maryland was lily-white and made a practice of excluding blacks and Jews. Luxury stores like Saks Fifth Avenue were rare. That was then.

Today, the Washington, DC metropolitan area, which includes Montgomery and Prince Georges counties in Maryland and Alexandria and Arlington in Virginia, is populated with luxurious automobile dealerships and the kind of high-end retail stores normally seen on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California or 5th Avenue in New York City. What changed?

The business of selling influence in Washington, DC went nuclear. I am not suggesting that DC was a temple of morality and frugality prior to the 1980s. There always have been lobbyists lurking around the halls of Congress passing out money and buying favors. But it started growing like a cancer during the Clinton Administration and exploded when George W. Bush came to office. The wealthy discovered they could set up 501 c3 “charitable” corporations as a great tax dodge. “Think Tanks” began to pop up, again funded by corporate interests keen on having studies published that would advance their interests.

The revolving door twirled at light speed. What is the “revolving door?” It is a term describing how Congressional staffers get jobs in a new Presidential administration or at a prominent think tank like the Brookings Institute and then move on to jobs in the media or with lobbying firms. Then there are the “Beltway Bandits,” a term coined to describe the private and public companies that clamor for U.S. Government contracts and grants. A huge portion of these are defense contractors, but there are also firms catering to the pharmaceutical, tobacco, liquor, food and health industries.

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At least 29 people, including 10 soldiers, have been killed in an operation to arrest the son of jailed Mexican drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, Mexico’s government says after a shootout with cartel members.

Ovidio Guzman, nicknamed “El Raton”, or “The Mouse”, was rounded up early on Thursday in the northern state of Sinaloa and flown to Mexico City on a military plane.

“Ten members of the military … unfortunately lost their lives in the line of duty,” Defence Secretary Luis Cresencio Sandoval told reporters on Friday, adding 19 “lawbreakers” were also killed in the operation. Another 35 soldiers sustained gunshot wounds.

Members of the Sinaloa Cartel and their associates went on a rampage after Ovidio Guzman’s arrest, fighting security forces, setting vehicles on fire and blocking roads across the Pacific coastal state.

The violence was concentrated in and around Culiacan, the capital of Sinaloa, home of the powerful drug cartel, which “El Chapo” headed before his capture in 2016 and extradition to the United States in 2017.

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