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The Bank of England on Thursday hiked its interest rate for a tenth time in a row as global authorities race to combat sky-high inflation.

It also forecast a shallower-than-expected UK recession this year as the country faces a cost-of-living crisis.

The BoE voted at a regular meeting to lift its key interest rate by a half-point to 4.0 percent, the highest level since late 2008.

The pound dipped and the London stock market advanced in early afternoon trade, as investors digested a decision that was in line with expectations.

The European Central Bank also raised eurozone interest rates by the same amount Thursday, after the US Federal Reserve delivered a quarter-point increase Wednesday.

Posted on: Feb 03 07:23

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on Thursday said sending fighter jets to Ukraine would require "months if not years" of training and that he was looking for the most effective way of helping Kyiv secure victory.

In a pre-recorded television interview to mark his first 100 days as leader, Sunak told TalkTV's Piers Morgan Uncensored the UK was "always talking to the Ukrainians about the right support they need".

"The issue is what is the support that we can provide that we think will make the most difference? ...That's why the decision I took as prime minister was to be one of the first countries in the world to provide heavy tanks to Ukraine... We were then followed by other countries."

Fighter jets, he said, were "incredibly sophisticated pieces of equipment that require months if not years for people to be trained on".

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has had a victory in the fight against far-left political propaganda in the state's African American History AP course. After DeSantis' criticism of the course, The College Board was forced to edit the controversial parts of the curriculum.

The course, which was initially designed to teach students about the history and culture of African American people, was found to have included elements of far-left political propaganda. This prompted DeSantis to call for the course to be changed or removed from the state's AP courses.

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A U.S. government watchdog has issued a “deeply disturbing” fraud alert over the widespread use of “questionable” Social Security numbers (SSNs) to get pandemic loans.

The Pandemic Response Accountability Committee (PRAC) found that 69,323 potentially fraudulent SSNs were used to obtain $5.4 billion from the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and the COVID-19 Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) program.

The shocking revelation dropped just days before a hearing by the Republican-led House of Representatives Oversight Committee on fraudulent pandemic spending was set to begin.

“What PRAC has discovered is deeply disturbing,” said Sens. Rand Paul and Joni Ernst, who are demanding an investigation into COVID-19 loan fraud. “The extent of the fraud could be far greater.”

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Four young girls were sexually assaulted by a male teacher while at school in Michigan, authorities said.

Three of the students were blindfolded during the assaults, officials said, and the other girl was assaulted multiple times during her vision tests.

James Adam Baird, 43, of Plymouth, was arraigned in two different courts on Feb. 1 as the alleged assaults occurred in different districts.

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worth said the first assault occurred Jan. 4, 2018 at a Garden City elementary school.

“It is alleged that (Baird) sexually assaulted the then 10-year-old victim multiple times while administering vision tests,” she said.

Webmaster addition: Sick. Just plain sick!

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Every single person in government and the media that pushed these jabs participated in the most despicable crime — the maiming and murder of tens of thousands.

Today a good video by Stone Turner.

Apologies for the repetition, but it is almost impossible to get one’s head around how this “vaccine” hoax was made possible. The ‘safe and effective’ narrative was the biggest LIE ever told. The “science” was a big fat LIE. A lie repeated hourly on television by countless mouthpieces and authorities — paid for by Pharma.

Leaders are not leaders — they are puppets directed by powers above them. TV hosts are not presenters, they are no more than script-reading puppets. It proves once and for all that humanity operates in a hive-mind sheep-like way.

And this madness continues despite the EVIDENCE.

Future humans will look back to these times as the “dark ages” — the dark age of mass mind control, thought-abandonment, and “willful blindness”.

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According to Blinken, Israel has every right to defend itself. The State Department said that all parties must “put an end to the cycle of violence”. The old meaningless mantra is still chanted.

Yesterday, Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) killed nine Palestinians in a deadly daylight attack on Jenin in the occupied West Bank. A tenth Palestinian was shot and killed by the IDF in al-Ram while protesting the attack on Jenin.

The Palestinian health ministry identified three of those killed as housewife Magda Obaid, 61, Saeb Izreiqi, 24, and Izzidin Salahat, 26, while another twenty were wounded. Heavy artillery and explosives were used by the IDF which resulted in substantial property damage to homes and civic buildings.

Overnight, two rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel. The Israeli military responded with airstrikes into Gaza, even though the rockets had been intercepted by the air defense system and no damage had been done.

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Reform UK, the rebranded Brexit Party, called for an end to foreign ownership of Britain’s utility firms to prevent the taxpayer from being continuing to be “ripped off”.

Speaking from his newly formed campaign office in Hartlepool, where he will be standing for Parliament in the next general election, businessman Richard Tice said that the promise of Brexit — which he campaigned for alongside former Reform leader Nigel Farage — has been let down by the two major parties, most notably the “con-socialist” Conservatives (Tories), as he terms them.

In addition to failing to reduce mass immigration, both illegal and legal, Tice said that the post-Brexit Tory governments of Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak have failed to take advantage of the economic opportunities that being free from the European Union affords the United Kingdom.

“They haven’t cut taxes, they haven’t cut VAT, they haven’t cut the environmental levies, they haven’t even cut some of the daft EU regulations,” Tice said.

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The European Central Bank chugged ahead with another outsized interest rate hike Thursday and vowed more to come, underlining its drive to subdue inflation even as the European economy slows and the U.S. Federal Reserve eases its pace of increases.

The Frankfurt-based bank raised its key benchmarks by half a percentage point and said it intends to make a similar move in March. Policymakers are moving aggressively to choke off price spikes that have slowed from record highs but are still hurting households in the 20 countries that use the euro currency.

The bank, which also hiked by a half-point in December, “will stay the course in raising interest rates significantly at a steady pace,” ECB President Christine Lagarde said at a news conference.

“Now you will say, ‘Well, yes, but what about after March? Does that mean that you have reached the pinnacle or the peak?’ she later added. “No, no, no, no. We know that we have ground to cover. We know that we are not done.”

The Bank of England also went big Thursday with a half-point hike, but the Fed pulled back a day earlier, slowing to a quarter-point hike as central banks around the world reassess their approach to tackling price spikes that have started to slow.

Posted on: Feb 03 07:03

British Gas has been found to have employed debt-collecting contractors who broke into the homes of vulnerable customers who fell behind on payments to forcibly install prepayment meters during the energy crisis.

An investigation by The Times of London in which a reporter was embedded clandestinely with British Gas contractors from Arvato, a debt-collecting firm tasked with installing prepayment energy meters for those late on their payments, has found that contractors broke into homes to do so.

In one instance, debt agents were seen using a locksmith, during below-freezing temperatures, to break into the home of a single father with three children in order to install a prepayment energy meter, meaning that if the family failed to top up their payments, their heating would be shut off.

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French President Emmanuel Macron and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanuahu met in Paris to discuss measures to deter Iran, the Israeli premier’s office said.

"Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met this evening with French President Emmanuel Macron. The two leaders discussed at length ways to confront the Iranian nuclear threat. PM Netanyahu stressed that deterrence with Iran and its proxies in the Middle East needs to be strengthened," the statement says. "Prime Minister Netanyahu also called for imposing significant sanctions on the Iranian regime and for the Revolutionary Guards to be included on the EU terrorism list."

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Director of the Central Intelligence Agency William Burns believes that China will be the most serious geopolitical threat to his country in the coming decades, CBS journalist Olivia Gazis said in a series of Twitter posts.

The journalist quoted Burns as saying while addressing an event at the Georgetown University that "China remains the biggest geopolitical challenge the US faces in the decades ahead, and the biggest priority for CIA."

According to her, Burns also said new technologies were the "main arena" for competition with China, and the "main determinant of our future as an intelligence service.".

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The old caucasus spa town of Kislovodsk was in terminal decline, much like the Soviet Union itself. It was late April 1991, and Secretary of State James Baker and those of us in his bone-tired delegation had just arrived from Damascus. We stumbled around in the evening gloom to find our rooms in the official guesthouse, long past its glory days as a haven for the Communist Party elite. My room was lit by a single overhead bulb. The handle on the toilet came off when I tried to flush it, and what trickled out of the faucet had the same sulfurous smell and reddish tint as the mineral waters for which the town was famous.

I walked down to Baker’s suite to deliver a briefing memo for his meeting the next day with the Soviet foreign minister. The suite was bigger and better lit, with similarly understated decor. Baker smiled wearily and glanced at the paper I handed him. It was covered with notes on all the issues before us: Germany’s peaceful reunification in the fall of 1990, the military triumph over Saddam Hussein little more than a month earlier, the increasingly precarious future of the Soviet Union.

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I repeat--you cannot explain to 99.99% of people within the Beltway what real war is, how military strategy is subordinated to the strategy of the state (meaning geopolitics in a larger sense). Lastly, you cannot explain it to the average US MSM journo or "analysts" (or "expert") which is a euphemism for the general lack of culture and ignorance.  


The war in Ukraine is reaching a new phase, and US strategy is undergoing an important shift. Fears of Russian nuclear escalation are receding as fears of a long war featuring unrelenting attrition are increasing. So President Joe Biden’s administration is ramping up support for Ukraine now in hopes of producing an eventual diplomatic resolution — an “escalate to de-escalate” strategy that may prove very difficult to execute. Nearly a year into the war, uncertainty about its course is greater than ever. For the first six months, Russia had the initiative: The major questions were when, where and with what success it would attack. Over the following five months, Ukraine had the initiative, and analysts tried to divine the location and prospects of its counteroffensives.

Hal Brands, read my lips--the United States can not do "strategy", it never could after WW II. It took SMO to expose utter incompetence of the US "elites" with all their military, diplomatic and academic institutions. It is a parade of the ambitious amateurs who are no good for any serious task of statesmanship, despite all their hefty fraudulent degrees. US "diplomacy" is a butt of jokes among the rest of the world, US military cannot fight a serious combined arms conflict with peer, without sustaining catastrophic losses, and now even NYT--this propaganda sewer is forced to admit:

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The United States and Israel have been both blamed for a series of attacks that targeted Iran and Syria late in January, igniting tensions in the Middle East.

Escalation began late on January 28 with a drone attack that targeted a military industrial complex in the central Iranian city of Isfahan. The Iranian Ministry of Defense said that the complex was attacked with “small drones”, but its air defenses successfully repelled the attack. One of the drones was downed by the complex’s air defense fire, while the other two were caught in its defensive traps and exploded.

The ministry said that the attack did not cause any loss of life and only led to minor damage to the roof of a workshop. The complex, it added, continues its ordinary operations following the attack.

Suicide quadcopter drones were used in the attack. The drones were reportedly launched from within Iran territory.

On January 29, the Saudi-owned Al-Arabiya TV reported that the U.S. and “one other country” were behind the attack on the Isfahan military industrial complex. Citing American sources, the news channel said the attack, which took place late on January 28, targeted a depot of ballistic missiles.

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Sirotek is the victim of ongoing harassment. She’s received pictures of her children posed in slaughterhouses and hanging from a noose, drive-by photos of her house, and letters with white powder that exploded upon opening.

The Nevada State Board of Nursing was inundated with calls for Sirotek’s professional demise and flooded with anonymous complaints.

These complaints trace back to Team Halo, a social media influencer campaign formed as part of the United Nations Verified initiative and the Vaccine Confidence Project.

In response, Sirotek filed a police report. Her lawyer sent a cease-and-desist letter. The Epoch Times reviewed the documents.

The reply from the cease-and-desist letter? The client was acting within his First Amendment rights.

Posted on: Feb 03 06:54

Statistics released by the French interior ministry have revealed that nearly all serious crimes increased in number last year, including murder, sexual violence, and theft.

France’s Interior Ministry released the 2022 statistics on crime on Tuesday, noting that sexual violence, domestic violence, drug use, and intentional assault and battery had all increased by over 10 per cent compared to 2021.

According to the statistics, domestic violence increased by 16.9 per cent, intentional assault increased by 15.3 per cent, and sexual violence increased by 11.4 per cent, newspaper Le Parisien reports.

Posted on: Feb 03 06:52

A new wave of activity is expected for the Russian special military operation during February. The recent changes in the command of the operation appear to have been carefully planned in order to elevate the combat to a new level and several of Moscow’s strategic objectives may soon be achieved, radically changing the course of the conflict.

According to information provided by Russian military, a major offensive is being prepared for the period between February and early March. The informants say that the objectives will be:

  1. Reaching the borders of the regions recently reintegrated into the Russian Federation, pacifying the new oblasts;
  2. capturing Nikolaev, Odessa, as well as the entire Black Sea coast, reaching Transnistria;
  3. seizing Kiev, forcing a political capitulation of the neo-Nazi regime until early March.

The territory of Belarus will become the main springboard for the upcoming strike. Mobilized Russian servicemen are being trained in training camps in Belarus, where heavy military equipment and combat aircraft are concentrated. A large bombardment force is in readiness for action. Also, Russian forces in Belarus have been collecting strategic information on the location of Ukrainian units, mainly about Kiev’s air defense, gathering intelligence data that will be used to plan the attacks.

Posted on: Feb 03 06:52

While Washington has promised to send almost $30 billion in military aid to Ukraine, as well as to replenish its own reserves, so far the Pentagon has signed contracts for less than $10 billion, the Wall Street Journal estimates.

At the same time, new large contracts have not yet led to a boom among Pentagon military contractors who are facing failures in the supply chain, a tough labor market and the arms procurement process, which can stretch for years.

Lockheed Martin Corp., one the world’s largest defense companies, who produces Javelin anti-tank missiles and HIMARS rocket launchers, claimed that it expects annual sales to decline for the second year in a row. Lockheed’s partner, Raytheon Technologies Corp., does not expect a sharp increase in sales until 2024 as well.

The US defense sector is down around 6% so far this year, underperforming the broader stock market by 12 percentage points.

A big problem for American arms manufacturers is the gap between the Pentagon’s statements about the amount of military assistance to Ukraine and how much it actually spends on buying new weapons from defense companies.

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The Qatargate corruption scandal that has sent shockwaves through Brussels has also revealed that the key suspect, a “socialist” politician, enjoyed the “lifestyle of a movie star,” according to Hungarian newspaper Origo.

In this photo provided by the European Parliament, Greek politician and European Parliament Vice-President Eva Kaili, right, speaks during the European Book Prize award ceremony in Brussels, Dec. 7, 2022. (European Parliament via AP)

Caribbean holidays, glamorous parties in the clubs of Athens with supermodels, and luxury apartments. MEP Eva Kaili, the current star of the Brussels corruption scandal, appeared to have it all. Kaili turned out to not just be a socialist, but also a socialite who enjoyed a level of luxury quite out of place with the working-class principles that were once typically associated with the left.

Kaili bought a 169-square-meter luxury apartment in Psychiko, near Athens, Greece, in 2019 for €260,000, Alpha newspaper reported. Regarding the property, real estate consultant Paris Rigopoulos said that its objective value is estimated at €659,000 euros, while its market value is between €850,000 and €900,000.

As reported by Rena Kouvelioti, a journalist for Alpha, the MP’s apartment is located on the third and fourth floors and its price is estimated at €4,000 per square meter. According to press reports, the fourth floor of the apartment is used as an office and is connected to the floor below by an internal staircase.

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Project Veritas on Thursday released a new segment of undercover footage of Pfizer director Jordon Walker in which the Director of R&D within the company's mRNA operation expressed concern over how the COVID-19 vaccine may be affecting women's reproductive health.

"There is something irregular about the menstrual cycles. So, people will have to investigate that down the line," Walker told an undercover journalist he thought he was on a date with.

"The [COVID] vaccine shouldn’t be interfering with that [menstrual cycles]. So, we don’t really know," he added.

Walker also hopes we don't discover that "somehow this mRNA lingers in the body and like -- because it has to be affecting something hormonal to impact menstrual cycles," adding "I hope we don’t discover something really bad down the line…If something were to happen downstream and it was, like, really bad? I mean, the scale of that scandal would be enormous."

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Sometime in March, the three AUKUS signatories — Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States — are supposed to have reached agreement on, in the White House’s words, “the optimal pathway for an Australian conventionally-armed, nuclear-powered submarine capability.” How that is to be done is a major issue, however. For the United States, in particular, the question of how to provide Australia with such a capability could conflict with its need to provide sufficient submarines to bolster its own deterrent against actual and potential adversaries.

Speaking at a conference in November 2021, Rear Adm. Doug Perry told his audience that “we are currently forecast to sustain a force of 50 SSNs throughout this decade, and that’s almost a 20 percent improvement over previous assessments.” Perhaps his statement was intended to relieve concerns that the submarine force would not decline below 50 boats, and thereby allay concerns about the credibility of a strong American deterrent. It is questionable whether he achieved his objective, however.

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Texas GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw confronted the Biden administration and environmentalists on Wednesday, saying that they are putting the nation at risk because of their hostility to mining.
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The top police union leader of New York City accused NYPD officials of refusing to acknowledge the department’s recruitment and retention crisis after losing more staff members last year than in the previous two decades.
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Posted on: Feb 02 19:42
Rep. Wesley Hunt (R-TX) made it clear that he had no patience left for anyone who attempted to make every issue into a divide along racial lines.
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