"I can think of no human activity more pointless than to murder each other over myths and legends." -- Michael Rivero

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The solar eclipse's path of totality could shift on Monday - and now experts are urging people to travel to different spots to see the celestial event.

Amateur astronomer John Irwin released a new map of the 115-mile path from Maine through Texas which has revealed its changed by roughly 2,000 feet.

The updated calculation has suggested that people in places like Rome, New York, Effingham, Illinois, and some areas of Fort Worth, Texas will no longer be able to have a perfect view of the eclipse. 

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Despite the damage done in Ukraine and NATO’s now apparent inability to support Ukraine’s defense against Russia strongly enough, one item in the western win column is the claim that NATO is more unified following the damage done by Donald Trump. Even aside from NATO preparing for the possible consequences of a second Trump term, that win may not be so unequivocal.

Vladimir Putin “thought NATO would fracture and divide. Instead, NATO is more united and more unified than everthan ever before,” President Joe Biden said on February 21, 2023 and again in Europe on July 13. “I would argue NATO is stronger than it’s ever been,” he said. “President Putin’s war continues to be a strategic failure,” Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on February 8, 2023. “In fact, that allianceNATOis stronger and more united than it’s ever been.”

But fissures have appeared. The smaller NATO powers are mad at the larger ones, as are the middle powers, and the large NATO powers are mad at each other.

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Former President Donald Trump in an interview on Thursday refused to say he's "standing 100% with Israel" but did say the Jewish state's decision to blow up buildings in Gaza "doesn't make them look tough." 

Trump made the comments in an interview with radio host Hugh Hewitt, who could be seen prominently flying an Israeli flag in his studio.

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Israeli officers, soldiers, and members of the security establishment say those they kill in Gaza are often civilians who pose no threat and do nothing but enter the combat zones, or “extermination areas,” established by Israeli combat units, Haaretz reported on 31 March.

Haaretz noted one incident in which the army spokesman announced the alleged killing of a fighter from Hamas’ armed wing, the Qassam Brigades. After a rocket was fired from the Gaza Strip towards Ashkelon, the spokesman claimed, “The terrorist who launched it was identified, and an Air Force aircraft attacked and eliminated him.”

However, about a week and a half ago, Al-Jazeera broadcast a video taken by an Israeli drone of the killing. The footage showed not one, but four people walking together in civilian clothing on a wide dirt path in the Khan Yunis area.

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This week marks the 75th anniversary of NATO’s founding in April 1949. The organization has become a global danger to peace and security and should have been disbanded more than 30 years ago when the Cold War supposedly ended. That the alliance was not disbanded attests that its real purpose was always to serve as a weapon for U.S.-led Western imperialism.

Barely four years after the end of World War Two – the greatest calamity in world history – and amid the ruins of a devastated Europe and Asia, Western imperialism was once again reinventing its nefarious internal forces.

Nearly 30 million citizens of the Soviet Union had died at the hands of Nazi Germany. And yet despite the horror and evil of war, the Western powers were busy reconfiguring their military forces to confront again the Soviet Union. With the defeat of the Nazi war machine largely by the Soviet Red Army, the Western imperialists innovated a new instrument in the form of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

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The United States has approved providing the Israeli regime with thousands more bombs as Tel Aviv presses ahead with its ongoing genocidal war against the Gaza Strip.

“The State Department approved the transfer of more than 1,000 MK82 500-pound bombs, over 1,000 small-diameter bombs, and fuses for MK80 bombs,” The Washington Post reported on Thursday, citing US officials.

Reports say the Washington has quietly made more than 100 weapons sales to Tel Aviv since October 7, when the latter began the war against Gaza in response to a retaliatory operation by the coastal sliver’s resistance movements.

More than 33,000 Palestinians, mostly women and children, have been killed in the brutal military onslaught so far.

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“European leaders’ biggest concern is Trump’s potential return to the White House in 2025... plans for a ‘dormant NATO’ and advocating a shift from burden-sharing to ‘burden-shifting,’” groaned an essay from the European Council on Foreign Relations, as NATO started to gear up for its 75th anniversary with Brussels painted blue, in reflection of the sanctity of the alliance, which President Biden has called sacred.

One would be forgiven to notice the religious instinct behind something that is supposed to be an amoral alignment based purely on interest. “NATO 's shield against aggression ‘will permit us to get on with the real business of government... of achieving a fuller and happier life for all our citizens,’” says Secretary Blinken. Atlanticist think tanks agreed.

Incidentally, at the same time, NATO is planning to move executive decision making out of American political chaos, to Europe. Politico reported that officials hope to move the Ukraine Defense Contact Group “into the alliance’s control, according to three European officials and a U.S. official with knowledge of the internal deliberations.” The hope is “to finalize the move at the NATO leaders’ summit in Washington in July,” Politico wrote, adding that it would be better to institutionalize the process, in case Trump wins again. “With NATO’s supreme allied commander, General Chris Cavoli, in charge, such a step could protect the structure from any political change that may result after the November elections,” reported Bloomberg.

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The former bodyguard of Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs’ claims the music mogul had blackmail tapes of politicians, princes and other prominent individuals who were involved in his sex parties.

Combs, who has been hit with a barrage of physical abuse, rape and sexual trafficking allegations, had his homes in Miami and Los Angeles raided by the Department of Homeland Security last month, during which federal agents seized computers and other electronic devices.

Gene Deal, who was present the night when Notorious B.I.G. was fatally shot in 1997, made the sensational comments during an interview with ‘The Art of Dialogue’ YouTube channel.

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If you’re getting the feeling like the globalists are really pushing hard for WWIII these days, you’re not alone.

In the past few months there has been multiple instances of European and US officials hinting at the possibility of a new military draft, the EU has talked openly about boots on the ground in Ukraine, NATO officials have stated unequivocally that they WILL NOT accept a loss in Ukraine to the Russians and the Kremlin has warned once again that nuclear weapons are on the table if western troops enter the war. The US government has recently asserted that Ukraine will be joining NATO, a red line in the sand for Russia.

Then there’s Israel and Gaza. I warned months ago in my article ‘It’s A Trap! The Wave Of Repercussions As The Middle East Fights “The Last War”’ that the war in Gaza would expand into a multi-front conflict that would probably include Iran. I also warned that it would be to Israel’s benefit if Iran entered the war because this would force the US to become directly involved. To be sure, Iran has already been engaging in proxy attacks on Israel through Lebanon, but Israel’s attack on the Iranian “embassy” or diplomatic station in Syria basically ensures that Iran will now directly commit to strikes on Israeli targets.

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As the de facto North Atlantic Terror Organization celebrates its 75th birthday, taking Lord Ismay’s motto to ever soaring heights (“keep the Americans in, the Russians out, and the Germans down”), that thick slab of Norwegian wood posing as Secretary-General came up with a merry “initiative” to create a 100 billion euro fund to weaponize Ukraine for the next five years.

Translation, regarding the crucial money front in the NATO-Russia clash: partial exit of the Hegemon – already obsessing with The Next Forever War, against China; enter the motley crew of ragged, de-industrialized European chihuahuas, all in deep debt and most mired in recession.

A few IQs over average room temperature at NATO’s HQ in Haren, in Brussels, had the temerity to wonder how to come up with such a fortune, as NATO has zero leverage to raise money among member states.

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You know that the Administration of President Joe Biden has reached a new low when it takes the initiative to lie for Israel even when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is accepting some blame for the targeted killing of six foreign national aid workers and a Palestinian translator belonging to Chef Jose Andres’ World Central Kitchen humanitarian “feed the hungry” charitable organization. Bear in mind that that the Israeli army has killed without any regrets expressed at least 196 aid and relief workers in its onslaught on all living creatures located in Gaza, as well as nearly every journalist that crosses its path and doctors and medical staff in hospitals attempting to save lives and treat the injured and dying. On this rare occasion, however, Netanyahu realized that the calculated way in which the predominantly foreign victims had been killed with three separate drone strikes directed against three well-marked and easily identifiable World Central Kitchen vehicles following a route pre-approved and declared to be safe by the Israeli army itself would heighten the already legitimate extreme loathing of the Jewish state and all its works worldwide. Make no mistake these seven workers were deliberately targeted, hunted down and murdered. And it was no accident or a case of poor communications as this was all carried out by an Israeli military unit under the direct control of senior officers in a bid to hasten the starvation of the Palestinian population by driving away relief organizations.

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According to recent polling, Gen Z women are the first generation to outnumber men in abandoning organized religion in the US. 

According to an April 4 article published by American Storylines, a new study has found that “the gender divide in religiosity has flipped,” after decades of polling which consistently showed men as more likely to drop faith related habits. 

While men constituted 57% of those among the Baby Boom generation who left their faiths, and women only 43%, the trend has since flipped. Now, 54% of Gen Z adults who left their faiths are women, while 46% are men. 

“Even as rates of religious disaffiliation have risen, conservative churches have been able to hold on to their members,” the article stated: “but they are facing more of an uphill battle keeping this current generation of young women in the pews.”

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It has gone from so-called ‘gay rights’ to Gay Rites, a ‘neocracy’ of globohomo-mania as a new object of reverence, rapture, and worship. While the West is becoming irreligious(in the waning of traditional faith), there’s a neo-theocracy or ‘neocracy’ of satanism with Sodomania and Tranny-scendence as the highest value, along with Magic Negro Cult and Holy Jew Worship. Idolatry is the new faith, with its adherents foaming at the mouth in their faddish fanaticism.

From its inception to around the new millennium, the ‘gay’ agenda was marketed as a secular and ‘rational’ movement in favor of individual rights, i.e. some individuals are homo, and they have rights as individuals to practice homo-fecal-penetration and be what nature made them to be.

But then, the ‘gay’ agenda(or globohomo or queertianity) became the official policy of statism: Government and politicians must either observe, celebrate, and praise homosexuality OR keep their mouths shut if deficient in requisite enthusiasm. At the very least, they must NOT oppose the agenda as it would displease the Jews who control both political parties, big media, and the deep state. Finally, we now see globo-homo nuttery being pushed into houses of worship. We’ve reached the point where the hope of American ‘conservatives’, Donald Trump, proudly hosted a ‘gay wedding’ at his estate Mar-a-Lago with almost no pushback from the weeny MAGA base.

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The United Nations has selected a new ‘youth adviser’ named Ayisha Siddaqa. She is openly socialist and Marxist and blames climate change on capitalism and white men.

In other words, she is a perfect fit for the UN.

Siddaqa is from Pakistan. Has she ever examined the pollution created by her neighboring nation of India?

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Our justice system is a goner. The writing was on the wall the moment Douglass Mackey got a federal prison slot for posting an anti-Hillary meme. Then, seeing J6 patriots branded as domestic terrorists and political prisoners sealed the deal. And when they threw a parade of sham indictments at President Trump, also known as “election interference,” well, that was the cherry on top. However, if anyone’s still thinking our system might have a shred of fairness left, this latest saga ought to flip that switch for you and prove once and for all that the US Government is the most corrupt organization in the world and it’s not even close…

What has the Biden regime been up to now? The woman affectionately dubbed the “J6 Grandma,” Rebecca Lavrenz, found herself in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Captured on video praying outside the Capitol on January 6th, she ventured inside for about ten minutes, where she was recorded having a peaceful exchange with a police officer. Yet, astonishingly, in what’s supposed to be the “land of the free,” she was put on trial, found guilty, and now stares down the barrel of federal prison time and up to a quarter-million dollars in fines. At 72, this Christian grandmother from Colorado embodies the harsh truth: The United States, for all its lofty claims of moral superiority, operates with a level of tyranny that rivals the most oppressive regimes, all while convincing much of the world it’s the bastion of “freedom,” brimming with liberty and justice. At least with tyrants in North Korea and similar regimes, the situation is pretty clear-cut; you know exactly what you’re dealing with. But the US government plays the game with a more cunning and evil twist. It’s not just that dissent is crushed and voices silenced; it’s how it’s done—with a wide smile and draped in layers of propaganda so thick, you’d need a shovel to find your way out. This approach makes the US government’s tactics not just oppressive but insidiously deceptive. We’re the most dangerous kind of villain: the kind that masquerades as a hero.

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Lately, the aviation industry has been in the spotlight for “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” hiring, where they appear to be choosing charity hires over excellence, and it’s starting to show in the most dangerous ways. But let’s not kid ourselves—DEI has infiltrated everywhere, even our nation’s police forces, particularly in the aftermath of the left’s disastrous “Defund the Police” campaign. It’s as though the priority has shifted to filling quotas based on checking off boxes rather than focusing on the qualifications that truly matter. Many are wondering that today, especially after a chilling video surfaced.

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Squatters turned a Texas woman’s home into a “drug den” and sold her possessions at a yard sale — but police told her they couldn’t do anything about it.

Terri Boyette was in Florida caring for her sick mother when a friend called to tell her someone had squatted her Dallas-area home.

She had previously hired workers to renovate her house, but after she left a painter had broken in and wrecked the place, leaving crack pipes in her oven and needles in a drawer, Boyette told The Post.

It took six months for Boyette to get her home back and now she says her belongings have been either damaged beyond repair or sold, with her bed now situated in the backyard, a bike and scooter in her shower and trash and dirty dishes all over the home.

“All my stuff has been sold through the yard sale and online,” Boyett said, adding: “Apparently he was letting people rent from him.”

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