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by Tyler Durden

While global coverage of the Gaza crisis has focused on the Israeli offensive in the southern city of Raffah of late, fierce battles have erupted in the north of the Strip over the last several days, especially in Jabalia, where the IDF military is in a fierce anti-insurgent style battle set amid narrow alleyways.

The city which lies 2.5 miles north of Gaza City saw a 'return' of Hamas fighters after the IDF months ago conquered it. It has long been deemed among the Strip's permanent refugee camps. There are reports that Israeli armor has smashed deep into the heart of the camp and city.

American ships will be required to be very close just off Gaza's coast as fighting intensifies in both the north & south of the Strip.

Hamas also appears to have stepped-up its attacks on Israeli forces in various locations, and Al Jazeera reports at least 40 Palestinian deaths over the course of the last day.

"Tanks and planes are wiping out residential districts and markets, shops, restaurants, everything. It is all happening before the one-eyed world," a resident of Jabalia identified as Ayman Rajab told a regional outlet.

The same outlet observed that this intensifying fighting is occurring in the same northern region as the US Army-built humanitarian aid pier:

"People are terrified and they’re trying to get away," Jens Laerke, UN humanitarian office spokesperson, said in Geneva, adding that most were following orders to move north toward the coast but that there were no safe routes or destinations.

As the fighting raged, the US military said trucks started moving aid ashore from a temporary pier, the first to reach the besieged enclave by sea in weeks.

The situation is heating up even as famine is said to be present in this northern area. "To stave off the horrors of famine, we must use the fastest and most obvious route to reach the people of Gaza – and for that, we need access by land now," deputy UN spokesperson Farhan Haq announced in a statement, even as initial US aid deliveries via the pier get underway from nearby Cyprus.

This of course creates the potential that expanded fighting could occur close to the vicinity where American troops are overseeing pier operations just off the coast.

The Pentagon previously made it clear that if US troops come under fire, they are authorized to defend themselves and fire back. However, the IDF has also said it is providing security on land, and there are at least two Israeli bases established nearby.

Claire's Observations:  More US troops on the ground in Gaza/Israel?!?  Were I a betting woman, I would not at all bet against this, and potentially, very soon.

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... in economy cooking. I am not saying that we will have Great Depression 2.0, but there is a good chance that shit will get really bad. Now, the way Kent presents things is absolutely wonderful--both historic references and cooking proper. 

Stews, including presented here Hoover Stew, are very economic way of cooking during hard times. I am not, obviously, referring to the level of food desperation such as was in Russia in 1990s, when many people subsisted on such "diet" as pan-fried onions and bread--this was the time of a near famine in some localities in Russia (that's your Chicago and Harvard school of economics in action). But having basic Krakow sausage, beans and some pasta, certainly, helps and those are staples and they work in providing nutrition and calories. 

While I doubt that the US will repeat the horror of Great Depression and the Dust Bowl...

... we still should expect some serious disruption of supply chains which will be more severe than it was during Covid criminal lock-down when such things as milk, bottled water and some meats simply evaporated from very many grocery stores. I will elaborate on the issue of the "Civil War" (I didn't watch the movie yet, because it is a Hollywood neural programming BS), but we should view all that as a steady decline of America's standard of living which is absolutely tangible with the inflation making serious inroads into the grocery prices, especially for people who are in low-paying jobs or unemployed altogether.

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NATO will stand up for the rights of LGBTQ people, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg declared on Friday.

He was among hundreds of Western public officials, institutions and organizations to make a statement affirming the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT).

“NATO exists to defend 32 nations, and our peoples’ right to live freely & in peace,” Stoltenberg posted on X, formerly Twitter. “On the International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia & Transphobia, and every day: all love is equal. LGBTQ+ people deserve respect & dignity, and I am proud to call myself your ally.”

The overwhelming majority of responses to Stoltenberg’s posts were negative, however. 

Webmaster addition: We heterosexuals, for the most part, keep our sex lives private. We don't wave special flags. We don't demand a special month. We don't project our sexuality into the public schools. We don't demand special privileges like using the other bathroom. We just live our lives. NATO is a military alliance, not a social system.

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Russia won’t view Western European countries as partners again for “at least one generation,” Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has predicted.The diplomat remarked that Moscow and the West are already locked in a confrontation that has no end in sight.

Top Russian officials, including President Vladimir Putin, have repeatedly described Moscow’s ongoing military conflict with Kiev as a proxy war waged by NATO against Russia. Evidence of this, the Kremlin says, is the material aid, the training, and the intelligence that the US and many European countries have been providing to defend Ukraine.

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Multiple Israeli media outlets are reporting on Hezbollah's military capabilities, following a series of top-tier attacks that targeted highly-prized Israeli surveillance and radar systems, while introducing new methods of engagement. 

The Ynet news website said that Israeli officers serving on the northern front have issued a warning regarding the fact that Hezbollah can launch an attack on Israeli soldiers near the Palestinian-Lebanese border 30 seconds after locating them. The capability has been showcased in several videos published by the group's Military Media unit, where Hezbollah utilized either suicide drones, anti-tank guided missiles, or artillery weapons of various types to target Israeli groupings and individual soldiers. 

Moreover, the military correspondent for the Israeli Army Radio said that Hezbollah has carried out a number of "high-quality attacks on more distant targets, using more advanced military weapons."

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Airspace over a swath of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Baja California is being closed for the next 10 days because of the re-entry of a “Russian space launch booster,” two U.S. defense officials told The War Zone.

“It is not for a launch or a military exercise,” the officials said, dispelling concerns circulating on social media that the Russians were about to conduct a military exercise close to the U.S. mainland. 

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As Israel's bombing of Gaza intensifies, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faces a rift in his war cabinet and growing international pressure.

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Overnight protests against the Israeli government, led by PM Benjamin Netanyahu, erupt across Israel. Thousands flood the streets, including Tel Aviv, demanding Netanyahu's resignation amidst deepening frustration over the hostage crisis. Protesters call for early elections and a hostage deal, leading to clashes with police in Tel Aviv. Israeli cops struggle to contain the angry crowds, resorting to force, including water cannons, resulting in injuries to many, including family members of hostages. Staunch anti-Netanyahu voices, including opposition leader Yair Lapid, address the demonstrators.

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About a week ago, the agency issued a statement to U.S. citizens in the Middle East, cautioning them to heed a travel advisory for Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank because of active military operations in the area.

“Terrorist groups, lone-actor terrorists and other violent extremists continue plotting possible attacks in Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza,” it said. “Terrorists and violent extremists may attack with little or no warning, targeting tourist locations, transportation hubs, markets [or] shopping malls, and local government facilities.”

The Israel-Hamas conflict has led to a “complex situation” that could have implications for U.S. citizens’ safety, the department said, adding that the Israel Defense Forces currently has control over the Gaza side of Rafah Crossing.

Israel has said that about 100 hostages are still captive in Gaza, along with the bodies of about 30 more. Military officials and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday said that its forces found the bodies of three Israeli hostages killed by Hamas during its Oct. 7 attack, including German-Israeli Shani Louk.

Mr. Netanyahu called the deaths “heartbreaking,” saying in a statement, “We will return all of our hostages, both the living and the dead.”

Hamas-led terrorists killed about 1,200 people, mainly civilians, and abducted about 250 others in the Oct. 7 attack. About half of those hostages have since been freed, most in swaps for Palestinian prisoners held by Israel during a weeklong cease-fire in November.

FBI and DHS Warning

In a separate bulletin, both the FBI and DHS said that groups such as ISIS, or Islamic State, might “seek to exploit increased gatherings associated” with “Pride”-related events. The terrorist threats could come via the mail, in person, or online, the agencies stated without elaborating or providing specific details

Claire's Observations:  Why would "Pride Related Events" be recipients of a special warning?!?  I am hoping and praying, that we are not looking at some "staged event"/false flag to be blamed the Palestinians as the "excuse" for more US troops "on the ground in Israel (There are already two US bases in Israel:  one finished in 2017, and one currently under construction https://theintercept.com/2023/10/27/secret-military-base-israel-gaza-site-512/

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Authored by Darlene McCormick Sanchez via The Epoch Times 

Republicans on the House Homeland Security subcommittee expressed concern as the surge of illegal Chinese migrants hit an all-time high in April after the Biden administration relaxed vetting rules last year.

Chinese migrants settle at Willow Camp before being processed by Border Patrol agents in Jacumba, Calif., on Dec. 6, 2023. (John Fredricks/The Epoch Times)

House Homeland Security Subcommittee on Oversight, Investigations, and Accountability Chairman Dan Bishop (R-N.C.) held the hearing on May 16 to address the “unprecedented flow of Chinese nationals” illegally crossing the U.S. southern border, which has topped 27,000 since Oct. 1.

The latest CBP numbers show that 3,324 Chinese nationals crossed the southwest border in April alone—more than the total crossings for the entire 2022 fiscal year.

This year’s total tops 27,000 encounters, surpassing the 24,000 illegal southwest border crossings during the entire 2023 fiscal year.

That’s a massive jump from recent years. In 2022, the number of Chinese migrant encounters was slightly more than  2,000 at the U.S. southern border. In 2021, that number was 450.

Nationwide encounters of Chinese migrants entering unlawfully are even higher.

When looking at encounters across the country this fiscal year, CBP data shows more than 48,000 encounters so far with illegal Chinese migrants, which includes migrants coming through ports of entry.

Mr. Bishop said during the hearing he is concerned that the vetting process, which has been decreased from 40 to five questions for Chinese migrants, does little to protect America’s national security. 

“As the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) continues its quest for geopolitical dominance and threatens our sovereignty, we must examine the risks presented by releasing ever-increasing numbers of minimally vetted Chinese nationals into our communities,” Mr. Bishop said in a statement.

The Democrats’ Homeland Security website dismissed those concerns, characterizing it as “another Republican Border ‘hearing’ with invasion rhetoric and fear-mongering.”

Mr. Bishop said Chinese migrants crossing illegally into the U.S. could have “nefarious motives,” noting federal indictments in North Carolina last month showed partnerships between Mexican drug cartels and Chinese transnational criminal organizations engaged in money laundering operations throughout the United States. 

Experts invited to testify indicated that the vetting process was unlikely to find any criminal background information on Chinese nationals who have never been in the United States because China does not readily share that information with American authorities. Border Patrol officers must rely on foreign nationals to answer questions truthfully.

Simon Hankinson, senior research fellow with the Heritage Foundation’s Border Security and Immigration Center, told the committee that the vetting process was insufficient.

At best, this is a mockery of U.S. immigration law and sovereignty, and at worst, it is a huge national security and community safety risk. In addition to many Chinese with connections to the Communist Party, People’s Liberation Army, and other state entities, it is statistically probable that [Department of Homeland Security] DHS is releasing people with criminal records,” he said.

Migrants line up for immigration processing in Lajas Blancas as merchants offer services in both Spanish and Chinese in Panama on Feb. 17, 2024. (Bobby Sanchez for The Epoch Times)

Todd Bensman, a national security fellow with the Center for Immigration Studies, brought along passports and identification cards he found near the border. The stamps inside the passports prove their holders traveled through safe countries that would have granted protection, therefore disqualifying them for U.S. asylum, he said.

While most Chinese nationals were likely coming to work, Mr. Bensman said there was little doubt that “Beijing spymasters” also noticed a new opportunity at the wide open U.S. southern border.

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Authored by Tom Ozimek via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours),

Dr. Robert Redfield, former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said Thursday that many officials who tried to warn the public about potential problems with COVID-19 vaccines were pressured into silence and that it’s high time to admit that there were “significant” side effects that made people sick.

Then director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Dr. Robert Redfield, holds up a document while testifying in Washington, DC, on Sept. 16, 2020 in (Andrew Harnik-Pool/Getty Images)

Dr. Redfield made the remarks in a May 16 interview with Chris Cuomo on NewsNation, during which he lamented the loss of public confidence in public health agencies because of a lack of transparency around the vaccines, which he said “saved a lot of lives” but also made some people “quite ill.”

Those of us that tried to suggest there may be significant side effects from vaccines ... we kind of got canceled because no one wanted to talk about the potential that there was a problem from the vaccines, because they were afraid that that would cause people not to want to get vaccinated,” Dr. Redfield said.

In his role as head of the CDC, Dr. Redfield was part of the Trump administration’s Operation Warp Speed, a project to surge COVID-19 vaccine development at a time during the pandemic when little was known about the virus and rapid vaccine rollout was widely seen as key to getting the outbreak under control and lockdowns lifted.

In September 2020, a few months before the first COVID-19 vaccines were given in the United States, Dr. Redfield testified before the Senate that COVID-19 represented the “most significant public health challenge to face our nation in more than a century,” and that the prevailing view among scientists at the time was that the overall case fatality rate of the disease was somewhere between 0.4 and 0.6 percent in the United States.

If you were to look right now, individuals under the age of 18, it’s about 0.01 percent, 19 to say 69, it’s more like 0.3 percent. And if you’re over the age of 70, it’s about 5 percent now,” he testified at the time.

While there’s lingering controversy about the severity of COVID-19, a recent study estimates that the global case fatality rate was 8.5 percent in February 2020 but had plunged to 0.27 percent in August 2022, meaning that the estimated relative risk reduction over that time was a whopping 96.8 percent.

In his interview on NewsNation, Dr. Redfield said that the vaccines that were developed as part of Operation Warp Speed were “important” and saved “a lot of lives.” However, despite their benefits, the drawbacks of the vaccines must be a matter of open discussion, he said.

Claire's Observations:  I think Dr. Redfield's numbers here are purposely low, and that far more people than he claims were sickened by the vaccine.

And in terms of the  "...saved a lot of lives" statement, how in the name of heaven can he defend the jab, when it neither prevented a person from getting the bug, or prevented transmitting it?!?. Forgive me, but that ... is one hell of a leap.   He's saying this  now, because he does NOT want to get his own backside "in the ringer", as an early advocate  of these injections, even when he started to understand that there were massive problems with the MRNA" vaccine"

 And what about the massive leap in myocarditis in young people, who previously hadn't been ill at all?!?

I have a friend, locally, who dutifully took the original shot and all the boosters, and their immune system has gone to absolute hell.  Frequent infections out of nowhere; thyroid issues with which they never dealt before getting these injections; it's a mess.  

Mike and I decided early on that we were NOT going to be" human guinea pigs" for a pharmaceutical company, and adopted a very intense supplement regimen, and we did not get Covid.  I had one lousy head cold right around Christmas, but that was it, and I recovered quickly.

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By Brian McGlinchey at Stark Realities 

As war rages in Gaza, the intensifying debate over the US-Israel relationship spotlights a political paradox: Those Americans who view George Washington with deepest reverence — that is, would-be “conservatives” — are often the ones who most zealously violate the central tenet of his foreign policy philosophy.

Specifically, their fierce devotion to the State of Israel defies Washington’s admonition against “passionate attachments” to other countries — attachments that, he said, inevitably lead America “astray from its duty and its interest.”

That’s not to say that excessive advocacy for Israel is confined to the American right: As demonstrated by President Biden’s backing of Israel’s destruction of Gaza, the championing of policies that serve Israel to America’s detriment also runs rampant among establishment Democrats.

Regardless of your position on the political spectrum, Washington’s foreign policy advice merits your attention, and the US-Israel relationship serves as a case study that validates his warnings about the many evils that spring from “habitual fondness” for a foreign nation...including one that didn’t exist when his warnings were issued.

After deciding not to pursue a third term as America’s first president, Washington gave the country a parting gift: a farewell address delivered not from a podium, but from the front page of Philadelphia’s Daily American Advertiser.

Washington’s 7,641-word address reads like an owner’s manual for the young republic. He asked Americans to give “solemn contemplation” and “frequent review” to his guidance, which was “the result of much reflection, and no inconsiderable observation.”

Let’s review some key excerpts of Washington’s foreign policy guidance, starting with the principle he put above all others:

“Nothing is more essential than that permanent, inveterate antipathies against particular nations, and passionate attachments for others, should be excluded; and that, in place of them, just and amicable feelings towards all should be cultivated.”

With this guidance, Washington echoed the wisdom of other American founders. Thomas Jefferson urged “peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none.” John Quincy Adams approvingly said, “[America] has abstained from interference in the concerns of others, even when conflict has been for principles to which she clings…She is the well-wisher to the freedom and independence of all. She is the champion and vindicator only of her own.”

In addition to “passionate attachments,” Washington denounced habitual hostility toward other countries. As we’ll discuss later, the US government’s passionate attachment to Israel is itself the font of hostilities equally unrooted in American interest.

“The nation which indulges towards another an habitual hatred or an habitual fondness is in some degree a slave. It is a slave to its animosity or to its affection, either of which is sufficient to lead it astray from its duty and its interest.

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Authored by Ann Wright via CommonDreams.org,

Instead of U.S. President Joe Biden marking a red line in the sand demanding that Israel allow aid into Gaza via ground transportation, his inept diplomatic team sent out a plea for help to the U.S. military.

While in the U.S. Army and Army Reserves for 29 years, I thought I had seen some pretty stupid things the military was told by politicians to do. It always begins with politicians deciding the easiest, most sensible solution to a problem would have too much political baggage and cost them votes in the next election. So, they look for a politically expedient solution, one that is invariably very expensive and convoluted.

Attempting a Military Solution for a Political or Diplomat Problem—AGAIN!!!

In this vein, all too often, politicians turn to the U.S. military for a solution to a non-military problem. Then some A-type personality in the military presents a hair-brained idea to the politicians, probably never thinking that the idea would be accepted. Then it is accepted to get the politicians out of a jam, and the next thing you know is that the Rube Goldberg, crazy idea is being funded.

This unbelievable scenario is what has happened with getting humanitarian aid into Gaza for the starving survivors of the Israeli genocide of Gaza. Instead of U.S. President Joe Biden marking a red line in the Israel/Gaza/Egypt sand demanding that Israel allow into Gaza the miles of tractor-trailer loads of food and medicine that have been stalled for months at the Rafah border crossing, Biden's inept diplomatic team sent out a plea for help to the U.S. military.

Palestinians in Gaza and citizens around the world will not forget that miles of supplies are just feet away from Gaza at the Rafah crossing and the U.S. will not use its pressure on Israel to open the gates at Rafah.

And the U.S. military, always looking for validation of its immense "capabilities," seized the opportunity to use one of its little-known assets—the Army's Joint Logistics Over the Shore, or JLOTS, system that provides bridging and water access capabilities—to help out the failed U.S. diplomatic efforts to get the U.S.'s "strongest ally in the Middle East" to end the starvation of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in Gaza by letting the massive truck convoys filled with food and medicines into Gaza

Claire's Observations:  The logistics here are miserably obtuse, and trying to get the ships unloaded, with cargo allegedly getting to Gaza, will be an absolute, ongoing nightmare.  Will Israelis be allowed (again) to block food and medicine from actually reaching starving Palestinians?!?  God only knows right now, but this looks like another very expensive form of "virtue signaling" on the part of By-di-Bye's minions.

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There was another stunning revelation of the McLaughlin survey. Only 24 percent believe the United States is on the “right track” while 68.2 percent believe the country is on the “wrong track.” Likewise, a May 13 Rasmussen poll said only 28 percent of likely voters think the country “is heading in the right direction” while 67 percent “believe the nation is headed down the wrong track.” -- The pollsters are evidently on to something, and it will likely play out Nov. 5.

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But the stock market broke 40,000!

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President Joe Biden’s attempt to assert executive privilege over the tapes of his interview with federal investigators in his own classified documents case could run into the history of Democratic tactics to obtain information from former President Trump.

For example, recent court decisions surrounding Trump’s efforts to invoke executive privilege over subpoenaed documents by the Jan. 6 Select Committee confirmed a legitimate congressional investigation is often a strong basis for requesting documents or information from the executive. Though, Biden’s current control of the executive branch may allow him to stonewall successfully.

On Thursday, President Biden invoked executive privilege to prevent his Department of Justice from turning over tapes of his recorded interviews with special counsel Robert Hur to the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees. The decision came after Attorney General Merrick Garland recommended that course of action to prevent damage to future law enforcement efforts.

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Nearly 20,000 businesses have warned they’re at risk of closing if President Joe Biden is elected to a second term.

In a new report from RedBalloon and PublicSquare, nearly half of the 80,000 small businesses surveyed said they “definitely” or “probably” will not survive another four years with Biden.

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In April, even before President Biden moved to formally block its release, the Heritage Foundation's Oversight Project sued the Department of Justice for the audio recording of Biden's interview with Special Counsel Robert Hur during the DOJ's probe of the president's mishandling of classified documents. After President Biden announced Thursday morning that he would invoke executive privilege to prevent the audio's release, the legal efforts by Heritage to obtain the tapes have become even more critical. 

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Since President Joe Biden took office more than four years ago, the United States has become a dangerous place for Americans compared to former President Donald Trump’s term. 

With Biden’s southern border remaining wide open, millions of illegal immigrants have poured into the country— with many being criminals and posing safety risks to American communities. 

According to recent data released by Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the number of suspected terrorists who have illegally entered the U.S. is up over 2,500 percent since the Trump Administration. 

During the first seven months of the fiscal year 2024, there were 80 Border Patrol encounters of suspected terrorists. In comparison, there were only eleven suspected terrorists apprehended at the southern border during Trump’s term from fiscal years 2017 to 2020. 

Border Patrol agents apprehended 367 individuals who appeared on the terrorist watch list between fiscal years 2021 and 2024— all under Biden’s watch. 

These numbers do not take into account the more than seven million illegal aliens that have unlawfully entered the United States in less than four years. The southwest border saw more than 269,735 illegal immigrant encounters in September alone. 

The Department of Homeland Security claimed this week that the "privacy interests" of illegal immigrants outweigh American citizens' right to know. 

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