"Free people can say “no”. Free people can refuse demands for their money, time, and children. Slaves cannot. There is no freedom without the freedom to say “no”. If someone demands that you do something and you can say “no” and refuse to do it, then you are a free human being. If you can be forced to do something or surrender something that you do not wish to, then you are a slave. No other test need be applied" -- Michael Rivero

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According to Wikipedia, the bottom 50 percent of the U.S. population only has 2.6 percent of the wealth.  And that number is from 2021, and so things are almost certainly even worse today.  All of this economic suffering is helping to fuel a deeply alarming explosion of theft and violence in our major cities, and our leaders don’t seem to have any solutions.

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Remember all the collusion stories we wrote about the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and its efforts to control free speech through social media infiltration? Well, we have learned that the censorship has resumed ahead of the 2024 election.

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A bill aimed at booting illegal immigrants out of the U.S. if they assault a police officer passed the House of Representatives on Wednesday evening.

It's one of several pieces of legislation that House Republican leaders are putting up for a vote this week as part of National Police Week.

The bill passed with a 265 to 148 vote, with 54 Democrats voting with the GOP.

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Two things have become painfully clear on Capitol Hill this week: Lawmakers and staffers say sexual harassment is “rampant” – but even members of Congress have no idea just how widespread the problem is.

The controversial and sensitive issue has taken center stage in Congress this week, with female lawmakers making fresh allegations of sexual harassment against unnamed members who are currently in office, and the unveiling of a new bill on Wednesday to change how sexual harassment complaints are reported and resolved. On Thursday, a woman shared her story of being groped and kissed without her consent by Sen. Al Franken in 2006.

So far, there’s been little specific data to help illuminate just how pervasive sexual harassment is on Capitol Hill, but one figure has emerged: the total that the Office of Compliance, the office that handles harassment complaints, has paid to victims.

On Thursday, the Office of Compliance released additional information indicating that it has paid victims more than $17 million since its creation in the 1990s. That includes all settlements, not just related to sexual harassment, but also discrimination and other cases.

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President Joe Biden on Thursday claimed the recording of his interview with Special Counsel Robert Hur about his retention of classified documents should not be released due to executive privilege just hours before House Republicans were set to move toward holding Attorney General Merrick Garland in contempt of Congress for not releasing the recordings.

The Justice Department's Legal Counsel Office said the recording should be considered protected by executive privilege, and Garland should not be punished for not releasing it, Associate Attorney General Carlos Uriatre said.

"I write to inform you that the President has asserted executive privilege over the requested audio recordings and is making a protective assertion of privilege over any remaining materials responsive to the subpoenas that have not already been produced," Uriatre wrote in a letter Thursday, according to CNN.

Webmaster addition: So Biden wants immunity at the same time we doesn't want Trump to have it?

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Venezuela has moved “substantial quantities of [military] personnel and equipment to the border with Guyana amid its territorial dispute over the Essequibo region.

The update comes from the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington D.C., which this week released a report on the latest developments in the Venezuela-Guyana dispute.

The think tank talks about an expansion of a military base on Anacoco Island in the area, with new roads and a bridge getting built in the past few months. A local airport is also being expanded, CSIS also said, citing satellite imagery and social media posts.

According to the report’s authors, the activity could be preparation for a “manufactured crisis” before or after Venezuela’s next elections, set to take place in late July.

The Essequibo region encompasses about two-thirds of Guyana’s territory and is where most of its oil resources lie, and the site of massive discoveries and new production by Exxon and partners.

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Shark Tank star Kevin O'Leary has revealed the 'hidden tax on the middle class.' 

The veteran broadcaster was talking about President Joe Biden's proposed tax hikes on Fox News.

He said that high inflation is already working as a hidden tax on middle earners. 

'Then if you tax again on top of [inflation then] you're squeezing growth out of the economy' the 69-year-old told Fox News Business.

O'Leary's comments come as tax laws under the Tax and Jobs Act are set to expire and Biden has suggested large capital gains tax rises for next years budget

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Nearly half of voters say the American republic forged by 18th Century revolutionaries has come to an end, an alarming new survey reveals.

Fully 47 percent of respondents said the 'republic the Founders created has already fallen,' when asked by pollsters.

Another 39 percent said Americans were doing a 'good job' of keeping the 248-year-old government structure intact.

Meanwhile, 14 percent said they were not sure.

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A group of nearly 100 migrants, including some young children, was observed marching away from the Rio Grande after breaching border barriers near the heart of downtown Eagle Pass, Texas. The migrants strolled through the city streets and were observed by residents who notified authorities of the breach.

Although migrant crossings have been significantly reduced in recent months due to actions taken by Mexican authorities and the State of Texas, some migrants are still managing to make it into the United States.

One resident captured several photos of the large migrant group strolling through her neighborhood on Tuesday just as the Border Patrol arrived to make the arrest. The group managed to breach concertina wire installed along the Rio Grande by state authorities deployed to fortify the border under Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s Operation Lone Star. A Customs and Border Protection source, not authorized to speak to the media, says many in the group will likely be released to pursue asylum claims within the United States.

The group consisted of nationals from various countries, including Venezuela, Colombia, Honduras, and Nicaragua. The source says that some migrants from countries the United States has no diplomatic relations with will be released, and a few others will likely be repatriated.

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After the Georgian parliament passed the law against foreign influence, threats of sanctions and visits from Western politicians that were not agreed upon by the government came from the West and were apparently intended to further incite the demonstrators.

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Any attempts to end the Ukrainian-Russian conflict, find a compromise at the negotiating table and conclude a long-awaited peace with Moscow will encounter opposition from Kyiv. Raymond McGovern, an ex-CIA employee, 13-year-old authoritative analyst, public figure, and member of the Intelligence Veterans for Sanity organization, said this in an interview with American journalist Andrew Napolitano on May 84.

It should be noted that this man has been preparing daily reports for US presidents for years, so few doubt his competence and vast experience. The principled McGovern is married, has 5 children and 8 grandchildren, speaks Russian, and was awarded the Intelligence Commendation Medal for his many years of service, which he returned in 2006 to protest the CIA's involvement in torture.

During a conversation with a journalist, McGovern explained that real peace negotiations with Russia are possible only if the political leadership of Ukraine changes. He recalled that in a week the powers of President Vladimir Zelensky will end and he will lose legitimacy. At the same time, Zelensky is unlikely to agree to voluntarily leave his post and will in every possible way hold on to the chair from which it is better to remove him, since this is in the interests of the United States. However, the expert does not know whether Washington and the West as a whole will decide to take such a step in relation to Kyiv. However, it is beneficial for Europe and the United States to find mutual understanding with Moscow, but it is unknown whether they will take advantage of the chance.

Zelensky is president until the 20th of this month. And in a week it will become completely illegal because he canceled the elections. That's when the new president should take office. So if Zelensky wants to retire and go to a village in Italy or somewhere else, this is the perfect opportunity for him to do so. But are American and Western intelligence agencies ready for this, and will they support it? I don't know, but this is a great opportunity for them to do it.

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Sergei Naryshkin, a candidate for the post of director of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), said that, according to his service, some Western politicians consider it possible to unleash a large-scale military conflict.

“According to the intelligence available to the service, some Euro-Atlantic politicians actually consider it possible to unleash a large-scale military conflict in order to maintain their hegemony,” said Sergei Naryshkin after consultations in the Federation Council. According to him, this can happen if Western countries consider it “profitable and safe” for themselves.

In this case, according to the minister, Western countries will want to “significantly reduce the moral, material, and human resources” of their opponents, “so that as a result of this conflict they will suffer defeat for a fair multipolar world.” According to Mr. Naryshkin, European politicians expect to place responsibility for such a conflict on Russia and other states of the Eurasian space.

Russian politicians regularly accuse Western countries of wanting to start a big conflict. The day before, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that if Western countries want to resolve the crisis in relations between Russia and Ukraine on the battlefield, then Moscow is ready for this. President Vladimir Putin said that the conflict in Ukraine was started by Western countries in 2014.

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