California will now “offer refuge” to minors and their families “if they’re being criminalized in their home states” over transgender treatments.
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Posted on: Jan 02 08:58

It amazes me that so many people still cannot understand what is happening.  2022 was supposedly going to be a year when America entered a new golden age of prosperity, but that didn’t happen.  Instead, it was a complete and utter disaster.  Stock prices fell by the most that we have seen since 2008, the cryptocurrency industry came apart at the seams, inflation soared to absurd heights, and home sales just kept declining all throughout the year.  Without a doubt, 2022 represented a major turning point.  Americans have already collectively lost trillions of dollars, and many experts are telling us that 2023 will be even worse.

We warned over and over again that the party on Wall Street would eventually come to a very bitter end, but most people didn’t want to listen.

Well, the party has now ended, and the stock market losses that we have witnessed over the past 12 months have been absolutely staggering

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A mother has filed a lawsuit against an Ohio school district after the school nurse’s aide allegedly strip-searched her 8th-grade daughter.
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London’s far-left Mayor Sadiq Khan once again used the occasion of the fireworks for New Year’s Eve to pander to the woke agenda, with the colours of the rainbow and Ukrainian flags featuring prominently in the display above the River Thames.

Rather than opting to put on a non-partisan show for the whole country, the leftist Mayor of London chose instead to promote left-wing ideology once again. Directly before a tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II, the New Years fireworks display in London celebrated “50 years of pride”, marking the anniversary of the first gay pride parade in the city in 1972.

Following a rendition of “I’m Coming Out” by American singer Diana Ross, the fireworks turned rainbow coloured and a recorded voice said: “We are here, we are queer, get used to it.”

The fireworks performance is run and conducted by London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who has been a frequent attendee of LGBTQ pride marches in the British capital city during his time in office.

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It seems that we missed a crucial exchange from yesterday's Sore Loser Summit in Moscow

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came to Moscow on Thursday to complain to Putin about big, bad Iran and how tragic it is that Tehran destroyed legions of "moderate" rebels and ISIS fanatics in Syria.

<figcaption>No one cares about your stories about Moses.</figcaption>

No one cares about your stories about Moses.

Here's Netanyahu, tissue in hand, telling Putin some Bible stories:

Thank you for your congratulations on the upcoming Purim holiday. In ancient Persia, an attempt was made to destroy the Jewish people 2,500 years ago, and it failed. This is what this holiday celebrates. Today, ancient Persia’s successor, Iran, continues attempts to destroy the Jewish state.


Putin's  reply:


Putin noted that those events had taken place “in the fifth century BC,” added that “we now live in a different world” and suggested discussing the actual up-to-date problems in the region.

Webmaster addition: Good for you, Vlad!

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Meloni’s government will soon force NGO ships flying flags from countries like France, Germany and Norway to accept the migrants they pick up in the Mediterranean Sea

Italian Premier Giorgia Meloni smile as she attends her year-end press conference in Rome, Thursday, Dec. 29, 2022. (AP Photo/Alessandra Tarantino)

As Olivier Bault reports at Remix News, the threshold of 100,000 illegal migrants who arrived by sea in Italy this year was crossed on Dec. 21, and the number is not only a symbolic milestone but also serving as a call to action for Italy’s conservative government.

The figure of 100,000 can be compared with the 64,055 on the same date a year ago and the 33,867 arrivals by sea in 2020. This year’s number is the highest since 2017, the year when the left-wing government of Matteo Renzi finally decided to clamp down on the NGOs’ business of transferring illegal immigrants to Europe through passive and sometimes active cooperation with people smugglers, introducing stricter rules on how NGO ships were allowed to operate in the Mediterranean Sea.

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An air alert was announced in a half of Ukrainian regions, according to the official warning Internet resource.

The air alert was announced in Dnepropetrovsk, Cherkassy, Nikolayev and Kirovograd regions and on parts of Zaporozhye and Kherson regions controlled by Ukraine. The air alert was also announced on Monday night in Kiev and the Kiev Region.

Explosions were heard in Kiev on Monday, the Strana news outlet said. According to its data, explosions were in the Goloseevsky District and in the left-bank part of the city. Two more explosions were in the north of the Kiev Region, the news outlet added.

Explosions also took place in Dnepr, Strana informed.

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The US Army has sought information on M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) fire control systems for partner nations Ukraine, Taiwan, and Latvia.

The US Army Contracting Command issued a “source sought” notification last month for International Field Artillery Tactical Data System (IFATDS).


The AFATDS is an automated fire-support command, control, and communications system. It uses multiple-source information, such as situational awareness data, intelligence information data, and targeting data, to provide effective targeting decisions.

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Roughly 20,000 troops mobilized in Europe in support of NATO since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine are on track to stay in place going into the new year, training not only with local partners, but with Ukrainian troops outside of their country.

The Pentagon announced Dec. 15 that monthly rotations of 500 Ukrainian troops would travel to U.S. Army ranges in Germany for combined arms maneuver training, an effort to reinforce their formations….

In Lithuania, the U.S. will upgrade its periodic deployments…the U.S. embassy announced Dec. 7. Units will include a field artillery battery and an armored element with several hundred soldiers.

As President Biden has said, we are committed to defending every inch of NATO territory,” U.S. Ambassador Robert Gilchrist said in a release….

Pentagon officials have said there are no current plans to draw down U.S. military presence in Europe, which numbers roughly 100,000 troops since spring 2022.

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Kosovar Prime Minister Albin Kurti is calling for a bolstered presence of NATO peacekeeping forces in his country.

“A massive bolstering of NATO troops and military equipment in our country would improve security and peace in Kosovo and the entire West-Balkan region,” Kurti said in an interview with German newspaper WELT.

Following recent tensions between Kosovo and neighboring Serbia, the Western Balkan nation wants to increase the number of NATO troops on the ground from the current deployment of almost 3,800 troops. The Kosovo Force (KFOR) has been present in Kosovo since 1999.

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Inventor of mRNA vaccines Dr. Robert Malone, having worked with the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) for many years, warns that a war is being waged by the government for control of people’s minds, and that social media platforms are being weaponized in this war and are “actively employed” by the intelligence community to influence what people think and feel.

Dr. Robert Malone, author of "Lies My Gov't Told Me," in Washington on Dec. 19, 2022. (Jack Wang/The Epoch Times)

This new battleground, in which your mind and your thoughts, your very emotions are the battleground. It is not about territory,” Malone said during a recent interview for EpochTV’s “American Thought Leaders” program. “Twitter, it’s clear now, has become the premium platform for shaping emerging global consensus about the topics of the day.”

During his work with the DOD, Malone became aware of companies researching multilingual programs that assess the emotional content of the language used on social media, which those companies then use to “map relationship clouds,” including what topics people are discussing, who the influencers are, and who is at the fringe of that cloud, said Malone.

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Will Americans wake up to the reality that they’ve been walking on the wrong side of history for too long or has the point of no-return been crossed?

Bipartisan insanity was on display again this week as the U.S. congress responded to Biden’s requested $37 billion in additional aid to Ukraine by giving him $45 billion bringing the total U.S. support to its Davos-managed disposable ward up to $111 billion.

The aid was part of an overall omnibus spending bill passed by both houses of Congress was a gargantuan $1.7 trillion and included $858 billion in defense spending which far exceeds any sum ever spent by a U.S. government in history.

Of that $858 billion, $817 billion is allocated directly to the U.S. Department of Defense while the remaining $29 billion will be allocated to national security programs within the department of energy.

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Croatia on Sunday switched to the euro and entered Europe's borderless zone - two steps Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic called a "historic moment" for his country that joined the European Union nearly a decade ago.

At midnight, the Balkan nation bid farewell to its kuna currency and became the 20th member of the eurozone.

It is also now the 27th nation in the passport-free Schengen zone, the world's largest, which enables more than 400 million people to move freely around its members.

"It is the season of new beginnings. And there is no place in Europe where this is more true than here in Croatia," tweeted EU chief Ursula von der Leyen, as she arrived in the country to mark the occasion.

She first met Plenkovic and Slovenian President Natasa Pirc Musar at a border crossing with EU member Slovenia.

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It's been just over a year since NASA's $10 billion (£7.4 billion) James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) blasted off into space — and it's since beamed back astonishing images of the cosmos with unprecedented detail. 

Webb was launched from Guiana Space Centre on Christmas Day 2021 with the aim of looking back in time to the dawn of the universe so it can capture what happened a couple of hundred million years after the Big Bang. 

It will spend more than a decade at an area of balanced gravity between the sun and Earth called L2 exploring the universe in the infrared spectrum, allowing it to gaze through clouds of gas and dust where stars are being born

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Xaviar and Alice Steavenson wanted to find out what it's like to drive a Tesla, so they rented one from Hertz for a road trip from Orlando, Florida to Wichita, Kansas.

They knew that the electric car would need charging en route, but what the siblings did not expect was just how often they'd need to plug it in.

They realized it would take longer to charge the car after the weather turned so cold in late December.

However, it got to the point that the "battery would drain faster than it would charge," Xaviar told Insider.

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The Illinois Supreme Court put a controversial law that would eliminate cash bail for some crimes on hold.
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A disease that U.S. health officials declared as eliminated at the turn of the century has surged back in recent weeks, sending dozens of children to hospitals.
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Hershey Co. is facing a major lawsuit from a consumer who claims that the dark chocolate the company is selling is replete with harmful potentially levels of heavy metals cadmium and lead.
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The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) this week promoted a tool meant to encourage schools across the U.S. to embrace gender ideology to increase “inclusivity.”
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In 2022, national average gas prices in the United States reached their highest point since GasBuddy began keeping track, and they could remain elevated relative to earlier levels next year.
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Two thirds of children in the Swedish city of Malmö are from immigrant backgrounds, with researchers suggesting that Swedish should not be used in schools to aid in their education.

According to a new report from the city, as part of their integration “Growth Commission,” over two-thirds of children aged between 5 and 19 are from an immigrant background, either being born abroad, or born domestically with at least one parent from another country. Almost half of all residents (48%) are younger than 35.

Statistics on the city’s website show that for Malmö residents born outside of Sweden, the most common country of birth is Iraq, with over 11,675 living in the city. Other common countries of birth include Syria (8,669), Denmark (7,485), Poland (6,619), and Bosnia-Herzegovina (6,374). Around 4000-5000 people each are from Afghanistan, Lebanon, and Iran.

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Police in New York praised a man who broke into a school to shelter travelers stranded during last week’s winter storm that left dozens dead.
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The “Twitter Files” released by Elon Musk revealed that FBI agent Elvis Chan frequently pressed the social media company to take down posts that he thought violated the site’s terms of service. But there is even more evidence that the federal law enforcement agency appeared to transition from enforcing laws to serving as a volunteer content moderator for private companies.
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As 2022 comes to a close, it’s worth taking a look back and revisiting some of the worst political predictions that were made this year.
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