"Enemies are necessary for the wheels of the U.S. military machine to turn." -- John Stockwell, former CIA official and author

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The Geneva International Peace Research Institute, GIPRI, submitted a communication to the International Criminal Court (ICC), signed by two Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research (TFF) Associates, Professor Richard Falk and TFF director Jan Oberg, urging the Court to investigate the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen for complicity in war crimes in the occupied Palestine territories including Gaza. 

On May 22, GIPRI sent a communication to the Office of the Prosecutor of the ICC saying that reasonable grounds exist to believe that "the unconditional support of the President of the European Commission to Israel – military, economic, diplomatic and political – has enabled war crimes" and the ongoing genocide in Gaza.

They said that the various human rights and prominent academics and experts in international criminal law endorsed the communication and urged the prosecutor to launch investigations based on the information they provided against Von der Leyen. 

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The Islamic Health Committee on Saturday reported that 16 children were injured in an Israeli air strike on the south Lebanon town of Siddiqine.

The wounded children, aged between four and 14, were transported to hospitals in the region for treatment, a source in the Islamic Health Committee told AFP.

Lebanon's state-run National News Agency reported that the strike on the town, located inland from the coastal city of Tyre, was among several conducted by "Israel" on Saturday, resulting in seven people being wounded.

The Israeli military claimed that its fighter jets targeted "significant Hezbollah assets" in various areas of southern Lebanon, yet all of those who were affected by the strike were children. 

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Saudi Arabia will not attend the Swiss-hosted peace conference on Ukraine in June because Russia will not be represented, German news agency DPA reported on Sunday, citing Saudi diplomatic sources.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky's visit to Saudi Arabia, scheduled for past Saturday, may now take place after the "peace conference" in Switzerland, the report read. Riyadh has not yet officially announced its decision not to attend the conference.

Switzerland will host the summit on Ukraine not far off from the city of Lucerne from June 15-16. In April, the spokesman for the Russian Embassy in Bern, Vladimir Khokhlov, told Sputnik that Russia was not invitied to the summit, adding that Moscow had no plans to participate in the event even if invited.

China and Brazil have also refused to take part in the conference. Even Washington, despite being its main proponent, cannot say who will represent the US. President Joe Biden is due to attend a Hollywood fundraising gala for his re-election campaign instead.

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The State Department under Antony Blinken falsified a report to "absolve Israel of responsibility for blocking humanitarian aid flows into Gaza," the Guardian reports.

Blinken had his underlings overrule the advice of the State Department's own experts on the issue to ensure that US weapons kept flowing to Israel to aid in their ethnic cleansing campaign. 

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This week may go down as the week that saw the collective Western leadership being self-indicted as criminally insane.

First of all, we see United States President Joe Biden declaring that the massacre of civilians in Gaza does not “cross any red lines” that might bar further crucial American support for the Israeli regime.

Then we have Biden and other Western political figures declaring their permission for the Ukrainian regime to strike Russian territory with long-range NATO weapons. This is the same regime that glorifies the Nazi Third Reich and collaborators in World War Two genocide, and whose president canceled elections, now becoming a dictator.

It is entirely fitting – and heinous – that accomplices to genocide in Gaza are also recklessly pushing for global nuclear conflagration.

The abhorrent public position of Biden and other Western leaders should be a shocking wake-up call for citizens all around the world as to the criminal nature of these powers. It is all the more sickening given the arrogant claims of the US to be the “leader of the free world” and narcissistic notions about “Western, American, European values”.

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RUSSIA plans to destroy Britain and France’s nuclear powers in just one day if WW3 unfolds, a pro-Kremlin propagandist has warned.

Dr Yuri Baranchik has ranted about “Operation Unthinkable”, a plan to be used if Putin’s war in Ukraine descends into global conflict.

Baranchik, who works for the pro-Putin Moscow RUSSTRAT Institute, said Russian forces would “eliminate the nuclear potentials of Britain and France“.

This would weaken Europe significantly within just 24 hours of a nuclear WW3 – targeting Britain and France‘s nuke submarines and warheads.

Designed to “pull out the nuclear teeth of Britain and France”, Baranchik says it would seriously damage Nato‘s nuclear power.

He boasted on Telegram: “Instead of a protracted war of attrition, in one day we deprive France and Britain of their nuclear weapons and destroy the whole of Europe.

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Boeing’s largest factory is in “panic mode”, according to workers and union officials, with managers accused of hounding staff to keep quiet over quality concerns.

The US plane maker has been grappling with a safety crisis sparked by a cabin panel blowout during a flight in January, and intense scrutiny of its production line as regulators launched a string of investigations.

Its site at Everett, Washington – hailed as the world’s biggest manufacturing building – is at the heart of Boeing’s operation, responsible for building planes like the 747 and 767, and fixing the 787 Dreamliner.

One mechanic at the complex, who has worked for Boeing for more than three decades, has claimed it is “full of” faulty 787 jets that need fixing.

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China’s defense minister has warned the US over the deployment of ballistic missiles in the Asia-Pacific region, stressing that there are “limits” to Beijing’s restraint in dealing with such acts of provocation in the South China Sea.

Dong Jun raised the alarm at an international security forum in Singapore on Sunday in a clear reference to the United States and the Philippines, which have been boosting their military ties to contain what they claim to be China’s growing military might and influence in the strategic body of water.

“China has maintained sufficient restraint in the face of rights infringements and provocation, but there are limits to this,” Dong told the Shangri-La Dialogue, which is attended by defense officials from around the world.

The two longstanding treaty allies, the United States and the Philippines have been working to consolidate their alliance and partnership in the Asia-Pacific region, which has enraged Beijing.

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Bombshell testimony from Dr. Anthony Fauci reveals he made up the six foot social distancing rule and other measures to ‘protect’ Americans from covid.

Republicans put out the full transcript of their sit down interview with Fauci from January just days before his highly-anticipated public testimony on Monday.

They plan to grill him about covid restrictions he put in place, that he admitted didn’t do much to ‘slow the spread’ of the virus.

Kids’ learning loss and social setbacks have been well documented, with one National Institute of Health (NIH) study calling the impact of mask use on students’ literacy and learning ‘very negative.’

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Saturday that Hamas's destruction was part of an Israeli plan presented by US President Joe Biden to end the war on Gaza.

Netanyahu’s statement came a day after Biden said Israel had proposed a new roadmap towards a full ceasefire in Gaza in exchange for Hamas releasing Israeli captives.

"Israel's conditions for ending the war have not changed: The destruction of Hamas military and governing capabilities, the freeing of all hostages and ensuring that Gaza no longer poses a threat to Israel," Netanyahu said.

"Israel will continue to insist these conditions are met before a permanent ceasefire is put in place. The notion that Israel will agree to a permanent ceasefire before these conditions are fulfilled is a non-starter.”

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Earlier this week, I sat down to write a piece about a campus safety officer at a public college in New York who told pro-Palestinian protesters that he supported genocide. “Yes I do, I support genocide,” the officer said, after a protester accused him of this at a graduation event at the College of Staten Island, part of the public City University of New York (Cuny) system, last Thursday. “I support killing all you guys, how about that?”

It’s possible that you didn’t hear about this incident: while it was covered by a few outlets, including the Associated Press, it didn’t get a huge amount of press. It certainly wasn’t splashed all over the front page of the New York Post the way it would have been if that guard had made the same comment about Israelis. The New York Times, which has written a lot about safety on college campuses – and published a piece on anti-Israel speeches at Cuny just a couple of days before this incident – didn’t seem to deem it newsworthy. And the White House didn’t chime in with a horrified statement about anti-Palestinian bias on campuses. After all, this wasn’t a big deal, right? It was just a security guard saying he supports genocide. Which, it should be clear now, is essentially the same position as the US government.

So, yes, that was what I was going to write about. But a couple of paragraphs in, I stopped writing. I’d had a quick look at Twitter/X, you see, and it was full of the horrors of the tent massacre in Rafah, where an Israeli airstrike killed at least 45 people in an area where displaced Palestinians were sheltering. That, of course, is already old news: more killing has followed the slaughter on Sunday night – and Israel has said it plans many more months of this.

The images out of Gaza have been unrelentingly traumatic, but the slaughter in Rafah was just unbearably upsetting. Reports of decapitated babies. Charred children. People burned alive. All just days after the International court of justice (ICJ) ordered Israel to halt its military offensive in Rafah. All while the US government makes excuse after excuse for Israel’s flagrant breaches of international law, which Israel said was just a “tragic mistake”.

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The Israeli army withdrew from the northern Gaza Strip on 31 May, with scores of Palestinians returning to find their homes and neighborhoods destroyed. 

“The occupation forces withdrew from the Jabalia camp, Tal al-Zaatar, the Beit Lahia project, Beit Hanoun, and all areas of the northern Gaza Strip after an operation that lasted 20 days,” Al Jazeera’s correspondent reported on Friday. 

Israel’s Broadcasting Authority also confirmed the withdrawals. 

Eyewitnesses told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the withdrawals are “limited,” as some forces remain on the northern and eastern edges of Jabalia camp and that artillery bombardment could still be heard. 

The army announced on Friday that it completed its military operation in the northern city of Jabalia, where intense battles with the resistance have been raging over the past weeks. 

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The D.C. Bar’s disciplinary board on Friday recommended disbarring Rudy Giuliani for his involvement in “frivolous” legal efforts to challenge the 2020 election results in Pennsylvania.

The decision, which would see him lose his license to practice law in the District of Columbia, marks another legal blow for the former New York City mayor and attorney for former President Donald Trump, who alleged election fraud following the 2020 election.

In the 63-page report and recommendation, which will require approval from the D.C. Court of Appeals at a forthcoming hearing, the D.C. Bar’s Board on Professional Responsibility severely criticizes Mr. Giuliani’s actions in the report, accusing him of attempting to disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvania voters.

The panel found “clear and convincing evidence” that Mr. Giuliani violated two Pennsylvania Rules of Professional Conduct by making “baseless” claims of voter fraud in a federal lawsuit filed in November 2020. The lawsuit claimed that barriers for poll-watchers and “illegal” mail-in ballots were proof of “nationwide voter fraud.”

The report acknowledges that disbarment “has not been imposed in other frivolous litigation cases.” However, it claims that Mr. Giuliani’s efforts can’t be compared and that the “aggravating factors” involved here warrant severe disciplinary action.

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As Russia’s military operation in Ukraine enters its 28th month, the conflict can be said to have gone through several distinct phases, all but one (the opening gambit) of which prioritized attritional warfare as the principal guiding military philosophy. For Western military observers, schooled as we are on what we deem the ‘modern’ military philosophies of maneuver warfare, the Russian approach to fighting appears primitive, a throwback to the trench warfare of conflicts past, where human life was a commodity readily traded in exchange for a few hundred meters of shell-pocked landscape.

Upon closer scrutiny, and with the benefit of 27 months of accumulated data, the Russian approach to warfare emerges as a progressive application of military art that considers the totality of the spectrum of warfare – small-unit tactics, weapons capability, intelligence, communications, logistics, the defense economy and, perhaps most importantly of all, political reality. It is critical to keep in mind that while Russia may have entered the conflict facing a single adversary (Ukraine), within months it became clear that Moscow was confronting the cumulative military capability of the collective West, where NATO’s financial, material, logistical, command and control, and intelligence support was married to Ukrainian manpower resources to create a military capacity designed by intent to wear Russia down physically and mentally, to strategically defeat Russia by promoting the conditions for its economic and political collapse.

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The upcoming Swiss-hosted Ukraine ‘peace summit’ will feature mandatory registration of smartphones and other digital gadgets for those in attendance, TASS reported on Saturday, citing several sources who had been invited to the event.

Those invited to the conference have already received a special form to list their gadgets, according to the report. The measure is presumably designed primarily to prevent potential leaks to the media.

Reached for comment by TASS, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said the measure was hardly surprising.

“Liberal democracies always result in a digital concentration camp – everything described by [George] Orwell,” Zakharova stated.

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The US has “betrayed” Ukraine and will destroy the country by selling off its land and “flooding” it with third-world immigrants, American journalist Tucker Carlson has predicted in an interview with former President Donald Trump’s son, Donald Jr.

In a video interview published on Friday, Carlson and Trump Jr. both agreed that US President Joe Biden has brought the world to the brink of World War III, and that the US is essentially “at war with Russia.”

“No-one’s articulated what victory in Ukraine looks like,” Trump Jr. said. “I don’t know what it means. Is it just like perpetual death of Ukrainians and Russians until they’re all wiped out and Blackrock comes in there and takes over all the farmland? That’s what it feels like to me.”

Blackrock is the world’s biggest investment company, and controls an estimated $10 trillion in assets. The firm is one of Ukraine’s largest foreign bondholders, and in 2022 signed a memorandum of understanding with Kiev stating that it would manage Ukraine’s post-conflict reconstruction. 

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A new study conducted by the Tel Hai Academic College in Israel states that about 40 percent of the evacuees from the northern settlements are considering not returning to their homes after the end of the war.

Since 8 October, the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah has launched thousands of rockets, anti-tank missiles, and drones from Lebanon towards the settlements and military outposts in the Upper Galilee and occupied Golan Heights regions.

The daily attacks have damaged not only homes, buildings, and infrastructure but also the security of many settlers of Galilee. The Israeli government evacuated many settlers from their homes shortly after the start of the war, temporarily housing them in hotels for over seven months so far.

Some settlers chose not to evacuate and still live in settlements near the combat zones and under a real threat of rocket fire or a ground invasion by Hezbollah forces.

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South Africans angry at joblessness, inequality and power shortages slashed support for the African National Congress (ANC) to 40% in this week's election, ending three decades of dominance by the party that freed the country from apartheid.

A dramatically weakened mandate for the legacy party of Nelson Mandela, down from the 57.5% it garnered in the 2019 parliamentary election, means the ANC must share power with a rival in order to keep it - an unprecedented prospect.

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A Chinese defense spokesperson on Thursday denounced the deployment of a mid-range missile system by the United States in the Philippines, saying the moves of the two countries have put the whole Asia-Pacific region under the threat of U.S. weaponry.

"The Chinese side is highly vigilant against and firmly opposed to this," said spokesperson Wu Qian in response to a media query regarding the deployment of the U.S. Typhon Mid-Range Capability missile system in the Philippines under the excuse of military exercises.

Wu noted that it is the first time the U.S. has deployed a mid-range missile system overseas and in the Asia-Pacific since the end of the Cold War.

What the U.S. and the Philippines did has caused a great risk of war and will seriously impact the security architecture and undermine peace and stability in the region, said Wu.

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Yemen's military spokesman says the country's armed forces have targeted US aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower in the Red Sea in response to deadly overnight attacks by America on the Arab country.

“The missile force and the naval force of the Yemeni Armed Forces carried out a joint military operation targeting the American aircraft carrier ‘Eisenhower’ in the Red Sea,” said Yahya Saree in a televised statement.

“The operation was carried out with a number of winged and ballistic missiles, the hit was accurate and direct, thanks to Allah,” he added.

Saree said this was a response to aerial strikes by the US and UK on several targets across the Arab country, which he said targeted civilians in a “blatant violation of all international laws and a full-fledged war crime." 

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Russia may take extra steps in the area of nuclear deterrence if the United States deploys intermediate and short-range missiles in Europe and Asia, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told the state RIA news agency in an interview.

RIA referred to U.S. plans, announced in April, to deploy missiles in the Indo-Pacific region in response to what Washington sees as growing Chinese militarisation.

Such deployments would have previously been outlawed under the landmark 1987 Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty with Russia which the United States formally withdrew from in 2019 after saying that Moscow was violating the accord, an accusation the Kremlin denied.

Moscow has long warned it would scrap a moratorium it proposed after the treaty lapsed on the deployment of short and medium range missiles if Washington went ahead with plans to deploy such missiles in Asia and Europe.

Lavrov told RIA that Russia might have to take other steps too.

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The Biden administration made a sharp U-turn on sanctioning the International Criminal Court of Justice, amid warnings from lawmakers and human rights groups against the move.

“They (the Biden administration) realised that sanctions won’t change the outcome and it will begin to make the US look like a pariah state,” Adam Weinstein, deputy director of the Middle East programme at the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, told Middle East Eye.

“It is the kind of move you’d expect from an illiberal dictatorship,” he added. 

At a Senate hearing last week, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham told Secretary of State Antony Blinken that he wanted a bipartisan effort to sanction the ICC, in response to its prosecutor's call for arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defence Minister Yoav Gallant.

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Elon Musk criticized the verdict that made Donald Trump the first former American president to be criminally convicted Thursday, with the Tesla boss claiming that the trial had been politically motivated.

After Trump was found guilty on 34 felony counts of falsifying business records in relation to a scheme to silence a porn star and unlawfully influence the 2016 election, Musk moaned that the history-making outcome of the trial is bad news for all Americans. “Indeed, great damage was done today to the public’s faith in the American legal system,” he wrote in a post on X.

Webmaster addition: Okay, Elon. Let's see you clean up the liberal bias and bots on X!

Top 10 Companies That Step on First Amendment Freedoms
And X is at the top of the list! 

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 by Dave DeCamp 

On Saturday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he accepted an invitation from congressional leaders to address a joint session of Congress in Washington.

Netanyahu wrote on X that he was “thrilled” to have the opportunity to address the House and the Senate and said he would present the “truth” about Israel’s onslaught in Gaza.

Claire's Observations:  Mr. Prime Minister, there is only one word for what your military is doing in Gaza;  it's called genocide, sir, and there is no weasel-wording around it.

And if, as your regime claims, you are want to "...destroy Hamas", why, please, are most of the victims of this carnage women and children?!?  I've seen - and linked to - the images, and they are pretty horrific.  

Oh, and there is also the issue of tearing up sewage systems, in refugee camps, so people are more vulnerable to opportunistic diseases (saves the IDF on bullets, doesn't it?!?)

Also, why  are  you destroying hospitals, and killing/torturing/maiming medical professionals attempting to care for the wounded?!?

And lastly, Mr. Prime Minister, I would like to politely remind you that collective punishment.... is a war crime, as is intentional starvation;and your regime has been miserably culpable in both areas.

The day you address Congress will most likely be the day when we will see many protests against this genocide, around the country.

I pray (literally) that they will be peaceful, and not subject to "outside agitators" trying to make the demonstrators appear to be violently nuts.

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If Democrats needed further confirmation that prosecuting Donald Trump on an obscure misdemeanor elevated to a felony just for him... (while the same DA reduced 60% of felonies to misdemeanors last year), the Trump campaign has raised over $200 million since Thursday's verdict in the former president's New York 'hush money' trial.

Of that, $70 million was from small donors, and 30% of the total were first-time donors to a political campaign, Eric Trump told Fox News' Maria Bartiromo on Sunday.

"I mean, these are Americans who are p*ssed off, said the younger Trump. "They're coming out of the woodwork and they want to support a guy that they just believe is getting bamboozled by a system.

"We saw it with Impeachment one, we saw it with Impeachment two, we see it where they weaponize every liberal DA and AG across the country with one intent: To take him down, to slander him, to ruin his reputation, to try and divide his family, to try and bankrupt him, to throw him in jail, to do whatever the hell they can do," he added.

"America sees through it. They know exactly what's going on."

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