“Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.” -- Mark Twain

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Although we haven’t heard much about it lately, Republicans continue to hold impeachment hearings against President Biden. Republican investigators have conducted many interviews to get to the bottom of their suspicions.

They’ve questioned several of Hunter Biden’s former business associates. One who has provided plenty of information is Tony Bobulinski.

He recently sat down with investigators again. And he made a bombshell allegation about what Chinese entities tried to do to get influence over Joe Biden. This was going on long before he became president.

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Recently, Donald Trump appealed to the Supreme Court over the Democrat-led trials against him. Many have weighed in on the charges the Biden-appointed liberal has thrown at the former president.

Some seem to think that Jack Smith’s cases against Trump hold no water. Others believe there is not enough evidence—yet the DOJ went ahead with them anyway over politics.

Trump believes he is immune to prosecution because he was a sitting president. A lower court rejected the claim on dubious grounds. So, he took it to the highest court. Now, the Supreme Court is considering his request and is giving Jack Smith a very narrow deadline.

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Republican National Committee leader Ronna McDaniel has faced intense criticism in recent years. Members have called for her to be removed from her position after reports have come out questioning how she’s spent the party’s money.

Some blame her for the party’s failure to produce a red wave in recent elections. Most recently, reports have come out stating she plans to step down.

Trump quickly endorsed several people to take over party leadership. One of those people happens to be his daughter-in-law, Lara Trump. The potential future co-chair of the party spoke about what she’d do if elected to this position. And she’s not going to be buying flowers!

From Washington Examiner:
Former President Donald Trump‘s pick for Republican National Committee co-chairwoman has vowed to use “every single penny” from the committee to do what she claims is its “only job,” getting Trump elected in November…

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As you probably know, over 6 million migrants have illegally entered the country under President Biden. Republican governors have called this an unsustainable situation and are acting.

Some, like Govs. Noem and DeSantis, have sent ample support to the Texas border. Now, a state in which a prosecutor has indicted Trump is getting involved in the crisis. And their governor is doing something that could flip the entire situation.

From The Post Millennial:
On Tuesday, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp announced that he would be sending additional troops to help Texas secure the southern border…

“…in addition to the Georgia guardsmen already stationed at the border, we will send reinforcements to Texas this spring who will assist with the construction of a forward command post on the border with Mexico.”

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Federal prosecutors in Manhattan charged 70 current and former employees of the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA). The charges revolved around accepting cash bribes from contractors in exchange for Housing Authority contracts.

The amount of money involved was staggering. Those charged are accused of accepting more than $2 million in bribes from contractors seeking work on nearly 100 of the Housing Authority’s buildings in all five boroughs. Prosecutors allege more than $13 million in work was awarded, with the suspects typically getting 10% or 20% kickbacks, sometimes more.

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Recently, President Biden hurt his reputation during a disastrous press conference. While trying to defend his memory, he ended up giving critics more reason to question his cognitive ability.

Even liberal news outlets called the conference a mess.

But perhaps the New York Times decided to pivot and look for another opportunity to help Biden. They interviewed several independent voters, asking them about the president. Maybe, this was to polish his image. But it didn’t end up that way.

From Fox News:
Independent voters from around the country had scathing remarks to describe President Biden in a focus group published Tuesday, with most admitting they are leaning toward former President Trump in 2024 despite their own derisive assessments of him…

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The American middle class, once a symbol of the American dream, is facing
unprecedented challenges today. In this eye-opening video, we delve into the harsh
reality of how the middle class is being wiped out, struggling to make ends meet amidst
soaring costs and stagnant wages. From skyrocketing housing prices to mounting debt
and diminishing savings, the middle class is feeling the squeeze like never before.

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This is now a major talking point in all media. Everyone seems to agree that those two are the only possible replacements, and many are saying, matter of factly, that he will be replaced.

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At least 10 people were shot near the Kansas City Chief’s Super Bowl parade route following the festivities on Wednesday afternoon, reports said.

Panicked crowds raced for cover as gunfire erupted west of Union Station towards the end of the parade.

Several suspected shooters were taken into custody by police, according to KSHB.

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War spurs medical innovation. Ambulances to swiftly deliver the casualties of Napoleon’s armies to field surgeons were the brainchild of Jean-Dominique Larrey. Florence Nightingale established professional nursing in the Crimea. The Kaiser’s War brought the Thomas Splint, reducing mortality and amputation following limb fracture; 1939-45 spurred Florey and Chain’s development of penicillin and McIndoe’s reconstructive plastic surgery.  All are now integral to civilian healthcare.

mRNA vaccines are offspring of George Bush’s ‘War on Terror’.   

The idea of mRNA vaccines goes back to Robert Malone’s discoveries of the late 1980s, but he was unable to pursue them and the patents passed to Merck, who spent the end of the old century expensively failing to develop a product. The idea might have remained in abeyance had it not been for 9/11 and the curious episode, immediately afterwards, when letters laced with anthrax spores were posted – allegedly by a disaffected U.S. Army scientist – to Senators and media outlets, killing five people and infecting 17 more.

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Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report, which revealed a serious decline in President Joe Biden’s mental acuity, also details how Biden’s mishandling of the nation’s highest level of classified information appears to predate the investigation by years, Biden having seemingly misplaced a highly sensitive top secret (TS-SCI) classified briefing book while on vacation in the Hamptons as early as 2010, with his counsel forced to review with him how to handle classified material. The Special Counsel shockingly concluded he was “unable to determine” if the materials were ever recovered.

Special Counsel Hur’s investigation revealed that Biden had a history of mishandling classified documents, dating back to at least 2010, when he misplaced a highly sensitive briefing book in the Hamptons, demonstrating a pattern of carelessness with classified materials contrary to his public stance on responsible document handling.

While highlighting evidence of America’s oldest-ever president’s “willfully” mishandling classified documents, Hur’s report details Biden’s significant cognitive decline — perhaps more politically damning than his handling of classified materials. 

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Several people have been shot after gunfire erupted during the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl victory parade Wednesday, according to police scanner traffic.

The gunfire occurred on the west side of Union Station and there were reports of multiple people with gunshot wounds.

“Shots have been fired around Union Station. Please leave the area,” the Kansas City Police Department said on Twitter.

Earlier, two people were shot near 27th and McGee streets, according to Officer Alayna Gonzalez. The victims were said to have non-life-threatening injuries.

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The Bumblebee malware loader seemingly vanished from the internet last October, but it's back and - oddly - relying on a vintage vector to try and gain access.

First spotted in 2022 by researchers at Proofpoint – who identified it as an apparent replacement for BazarLoader – Bumblebee was originally used by high-profile ransomware groups including Russia-linked Conti.

Now it has been spotted buzzing back to life. But it's using a "significantly different" attack chain this time – relying on malicious VBA macros, of all things, which suggests it might not be in the hands of the same skilled operators who created it.

This latest Bumblebee campaign has been targeting organizations in the US with emails using the subject line "Voicemail February" and sent from info@quarlesaa.com.

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A single packet can exhaust the processing capacity of a vulnerable DNS server, effectively disabling the machine, by exploiting a 20-plus-year-old design flaw in the DNSSEC specification.

That would make it trivial to take down a DNSSEC-validating DNS resolver that has yet to be patched, upsetting all the clients relying on that service and make it seem as though websites and apps were offline.

The academics who found this flaw – associated with the German National Research Center for Applied Cybersecurity (ATHENE) in Darmstadt – claimed DNS server software makers briefed about the vulnerability described it as "the worst attack on DNS ever discovered."

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In the Poconos of northeastern Pennsylvania, Mount Pocono received 12.5 inches of snow. Farther to the northeast, Dingmans Ferry, Pennsylvania, accumulated about a foot of snow.

A quickly-attacking but powerful nor'easter is making its presence felt across the Northeast and New England as the winter storm continues to lash the region with heavy, wet snow, causing severe travel disruptions on major highways, including Interstate 95 and some major highways. Is affecting the form. One of the busiest airports in the country, while power cuts have started increasing.

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