"Nobody gets up one day and decides to be a terrorist for no reason. They don't hate us for our freedoms. They hate us and commit acts of terror because one day, as they are going about their normal lives, there is a horrendous blast and people they have known all their lives are lying in bloody shreds at their feet, mixed in with shrapnel stamped 'Made in the USA.'" -- Michael Rivero

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Suspected Israeli airstrikes kill three Hezbollah in attack on Syria-Lebanon border by Jason Ditz February 25, 2024 at 4:30 pm ET Categories News

Ongoing fighting on the Lebanon-Israel border may well get much worse, according to Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant. Commenting on the ongoing ceasefire talks looking to at least temporarily stop the open-ended offensive against the Gaza Strip, Gallant says that Israel will “increase the fire in the north independently” if there was a pause.

Interestingly, the only thing that was holding up Hezbollah in supporting their own ceasefire with Israel was the ongoing war in Gaza. If somehow that war came to an end, a deal in the north should be much more possible even if Israel sees it as a license to escalate.

Gallant says the fighting will continue until Hezbollah is forced from the border and displaced Israelis are able to return home to the north. He also said Hezbollah isn’t able to replace commanders that Israel has killed.

This comes after an explosion on the Syrian side of the Syria-Lebanon border left at least three Hezbollah members killed, and it is widely expected it was the result of Israeli airstrikes against a pair of trucks in the area.

As is so often the case with daytime strikes, Israel issued no statement on the matter and is yet to take credit for it. Despite this, it is being reported the trucks were targeted on suspicion of smuggling weapons to Hezbollah.

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1932 Secret Agreement: Wall Street Finances Hitler’s Nazi Party 


“On January 4th, 1932, a meeting was held between British financier Montagu Norman (Governor of the Bank of England), Adolf Hitler and Franz Von Papen (who became Chancellor a few months later in May 1932) At this meeting, an agreement on the financing of the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP or Nazi Party) was reached.

This meeting was also attended by US policy-makers and the Dulles brothers, something which their biographers do not like to mention.

A year later, on January 14th, 1933, another meeting was held between Adolph Hitler, Germany’s Financier Baron Kurt von Schroeder, Chancellor Franz von Papen and Hitler’s Economic Advisor Wilhelm Keppler took place, where Hitler’s program was fully approved.” (Y. Rubtsov, text below)

Upon the accession of Adolph Hitler as Chancellor in March 1933, a massive privatization program was initiated which bears the finger-prints of Wall Street.

Dr. Hjalmar Schacht –re-appointed in March 1933 by Adolph Hitler to the position of President of The Reichsbank — was invited to the White House (May 1933) by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Webmaster addition:  All wars are bankers' wars!

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The mephitis of manure, melting tires and malodorous teargas pervaded downtown Brussels this Monday morning as angry farmers encircled the European Union's headquarters. This protest coincides with a meeting of the bloc's agriculture ministers. The farmers are expressing their anger over the EU's disastrous green policies. 

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Musk Warns "Google's Woke Bureaucratic Blob" Won't Allow Its AI To Be Fixed

X owner Elon Musk commented on the dumpster fire that is Google’s Gemini AI Sunday, noting that he has spoken to a senior Google executive who has claimed it is being fixed.

Image removed.

As we previously highlighted, the latest ridiculous thing the AI has come out with is that it would not misgender Caitlyn Jenner in order to prevent a nuclear apocalypse.

Musk chimed in, warned that “Given that the Gemini AI will be at the heart of every Google product and YouTube, this is extremely alarming!”

Musk also revealed that a senior Google executive has told him “it would take a few months to fix,” adding “Previously, he thought it would be faster.”

Claire's Observations:  OUCH, DANG!!!

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"We are here today because California Public Safety is in crisis. Crime is steadily on the rise - and our public safety policy is one of the worst, if not the worst, in the nation," Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco said last week while joining lawmakers in Sacramento in support of several new bills dealing with public safety.

Bianco emphasized: I want to make this clear, and I want there to be no mistake in what I am saying ... this is not by accident ... the driving force in our crisis is a radical Progressive agenda fraudulently called Criminal Justice Reform. This is nothing short of a sick and twisted social experiment where law enforcement is the bad guy and criminals are somehow victims of society and not responsible for their actions."

This radical "agenda began with the passage of AB 109, the so-called Public Safety Realignment Act. The state government failed to take responsibility for prison overcrowding or their failure to build more prisons and instead forced county jails to house state inmates while simultaneously releasing thousands of felons early. This has pushed our county jails to a near collapse and caused the early release of countless criminals thousands

Claire's Observations:  As a native San Franciscan, I weep for what has happened in my City, and my State.  

Both have been overcome and overwhelmed by collective civic insanity, and the good, hard-working people of both need to get their state, and their cities, back under some degree of reasonable control before it is safe to live and work there again, unless you are surrounded by a phalanx of armed guards.


And what really bites is, I remember a time when California....was so different.  I could take a bus from San Mateo to San Francisco, to hit the main central library there, and my Dad and I didn't have to worry about me getting robbed or hurt in any way.  When cities become war zones, between drugs; gangs; and crime, you have to come to the inescapable conclusion that society is falling apart at the seams.   And the bigger questions are, what, and when will get these cities get pulled back together?!?

I would never say I have the entire answer, but stable loving homes, teaching healthy basic morality, and valuing education, is a start.

For any society to compete on the world stage, their kids need to be literate, numerate; and have the ability to think logically. Unless children have this foundation, they cannot succeed in anything.  

And unfortunately, in far too many of our inner city schools, children don't get the "building blocks" of these skills, and can literally graduate illiterate; innumerate; and illogical.

And in fact, one has to wonder if this is a "desired outcome" by many in power, so that there is always a very manipulatable segment of the US's population, which will always follow and slavishly obey the dictates of those in power; otherwise, they won't eat, as they are dependent on government largesse  to keep them alive.

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The World Economic Forum has instructed electors in the U.S. to not certify the upcoming presidential election if Trump wins.

According to the WEF-funded publication The Atlantic, Democrats must prepare to refuse to certifiy the 2024 election in November.

The WEF mouthpiece put out an article Friday titled, “How Democrats Could Disqualify Trump If the Supreme Court Doesn’t“, outlining a strategy for Democrats to defy the election results if they don’t get their way.

Infowars.com reports: The editorial lamented the Supreme Court’s recent hearing on the 14th Amendment over Colorado’s unprecedented ruling to remove Trump from the 2024 ballot, and claimed Democrats may have to find another way to stop Trump outside the democratic process.

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A young mother’s life has been turned upside down in the wake of receiving her Moderna COVID-19 booster shot, which has left her paralyzed from the neck down, The Canadian Independent reported.

Kayla Pollock, a 37-year-old from Mount Albert, Ontario, has had her vibrant life of motherhood and community involvement brought to a sudden halt due to what doctors have diagnosed as a severe vaccine-related reaction.

Kayla, who suffered an abusive childhood, had overcome her past to find joy in her work as a behavioral trainer for exotic animals and later as an educational assistant. The single mother, known for her active lifestyle, was compelled to get vaccinated to ensure she could continue visiting her father in his long-term care facility.

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Google’s public apology after its Gemini artificial intelligence (AI) produced historically inaccurate images and refused to show pictures of White people has led to questions about potential racial bias in other big tech chatbots.

Gemini, formerly known as Google Bard, is one of many multimodal large language models (LLMs) currently available to the public. The human-like responses offered by these LLMs can change from user to user.

Based on contextual information, the language and tone of the prompter, and training data used to create the AI responses, each answer can be different even if the question is the same.

Fox News Digital tested the AI chatbots Gemini, OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Microsoft’s Copilot and the Meta AI to determine potential shortcomings in their ability to generate images and written responses.

Below are the prompts used on the chatbots and the responses received from the AIs of the world’s largest and most influential tech companies.

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Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis gave her “Special Prosecutor” Nathan Wade more authority behind-the-scenes in the run-up and during the Trump case in Georgia than previously known, a new report indicates.

According to multiple people who spoke exclusively to Breitbart News, after Fulton County prosecutor Fani Willis was elected in November 2020, Nathan Wade “made the decisions to hire or fire” staff in the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office.

“Wade is a prosecutor on the Trump case and he selected the office employees,” one source said.

The inside sources, who were familiar with the “corrupt” district attorney’s office, said that Wade oversaw a transition team of ten to twelve individuals who conducted interviews and evaluations of employees to vet them for loyalty and reliability after Willis’ election in November 2020.

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Lord Jacob Rothschild has died at the age of 87, the powerful globalist billionaire’s family announced today.

The British financier, who was also well-known in the arts and heritage world, was a member of the notorious Rothschild banking family.

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What happens to a society when the number of crazy people surpasses the number of normal people?  Unfortunately, I think that we aren’t too far away from finding out.  A survey that was conducted late last year discovered that 90 percent of Americans believe that we are experiencing a mental health crisis right now.  Tens of millions of Americans are currently taking pills for their mental or emotional health, and the number of Americans that are killing themselves just keeps going higher and higher with each passing year.  But numbers certainly aren’t necessary to prove that the level of crazy in our society has reached heights never seen before.  All you have to do to prove that our society is descending into an abyss of insanity is to go out into the streets.

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Moscow will respond in kind if the West goes through with threats to confiscate Russian assets blocked abroad, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov warned in an interview with RIA Novosti published on Monday. He noted that Western states themselves still have assets in Russia that could be jeopardized if the frozen funds are tapped.

“This is not a question for us, we are following the decisions of Western countries,” Siluanov stated. “We have frozen no less [of Western funds]. Any actions with our assets will receive a symmetrical response.”

Western countries have blocked an estimated $300 billion in assets belonging to the Russian central bank since the start of the Ukraine conflict in February 2022.

The UK and US have recently demanded an outright seizure of those funds in order to aid the government in Kiev, whereas the EU has been more cautious, opting instead for a plan to seize the interest earned from the assets held at the clearinghouse Euroclear. Many European countries have warned that an outright confiscation of the funds would reflect badly on the Western financial system and erode trust in the euro.

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President Joe Biden’s appearance before the nation’s governors at a black tie event on Sunday was an unmitigated disaster from start to finish.

At the National Governors Association Winter Meeting, Biden humiliated himself — and by extension, the office the presidency — by constantly botching historical quotes and being unable to correctly identify some of the most powerful world leaders.

One of the most embarrassing moments came when the hyper-partisan Biden complained about “bitter” politics and then invoked Lincoln’s “better angels of our nature” quote.

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