"A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of the people." -- John F. Kennedy

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We reported earlier on the clear escalation in Ukraine's cross-border strikes on Russia's energy infrastructure, during which time Moscow has in turn ramped up its own major airstrikes on Ukraine's facilities. 

The Russian Defense Ministry (MoD) in a press briefing detailed its retaliatory attacks which it described as a direct response to the shelling of Russian territory. The MoD confirmed that it has hit "energy and military industry facilities, railway junctions and arsenals."

Significantly the country's largest hydroelectric plant at Dnieper has been shut down after what appears a major missile strike impacting its vital operations. Various regions impacted have been left without power, and there are widespread reports of new internet outages in Ukraine. 

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"People go to watch a movie to be entertained. They don't go to get a message." Billionaire Disney investor Nelson Peltz has hit out at the woke media giant after a string of flops.
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A new report from the Global Warming Policy Foundation by physicist Dr. Ralph B. Alexander explodes the myth that 'extreme weather' is getting worse.
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Millions of solar panels are piling up in warehouses across the Continent because of a manufacturing battle in China, where cut-throat competition has driven the world’s biggest panel-makers to expand production far faster than they can be installed.

The supply glut has caused solar panel prices to halve. This sounds like great news for the EU, which recently pledged to triple its solar power capacity to 672 gigawatts by 2030. That’s roughly equivalent to 200 large nuclear power stations.

In reality, though, it has caused a crisis. Under the EU’s “Green Deal Industrial Plan”, 40pc of the panels to be spread across European fields and roofs were meant to be made by European manufacturers.

However, the influx of cheap Chinese alternatives means that instead of tooling up, manufacturers are pulling out of the market or becoming insolvent. Last year 97pc of the solar panels installed across Europe came from China.

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Foundation for Freedom Online Executive Director Mike Benz says former President Donald Trump needs to focus on scoring a large margin win in the 2024 election. “This is essentially what incumbent, talented boxers have to overcome when they challenge the heavyweight champion in front of a hometown crowd...You have to win by knockout because if it goes to points, no matter how badly you beat the guy or knock him down, the judges are going to rig it in favor of the preferred candidate,” says Benz.

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Shareholders for the shell company that controls Truth Social, the social media company founded by former President Donald Trump, have voted to go public, providing the Republican with upwards of a $4 billion windfall during a critical juncture in his ongoing criminal and civil cases.

A vote by owners of the Trump Media & Technology Group to merge with Digital World Acquisition Corp a special purpose acquisition company or SPAC, would see Truth Social listed on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange under the ticket “DJT.”

If valuations for the new entity hold, President Trump could end up with somewhere between $3.5 and $4 billion in new net assets, according to CBS News. Converting the on-paper value into cold hard cash could be tricky, however.

Trump would need to sign a waiver allowing for the liquidation of his stock before a six-month lockup period. Doing so would allow him to post the $454 million bond needed for his New York real estate judgment.

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New York Post's Jennie Taer is on the ground at the southern border wall and was the first to report the shocking invasion footage in El Paso, Texas, one day ago, when migrants attacked US National Guard troops. In response, the federal government has blocked media access to at least one stretch of the wall because the footage is extremely shocking and embarrassing for the White House. 

"Media now being blocked from the scene where we captured a breach by hundreds of migrants in El Paso yesterday, how do we do our jobs now?" Taer posted on X on Friday evening. 

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I have filed an amicus brief in United States v. Trump (S.D. Fla.), one of two prosecutions brought against former-President Trump by Special Counsel Jack Smith. This brief, which is on behalf of Professor Seth Barrett Tillman and the Landmark Legal Foundation, contends that Special Counsel Jack Smith is not an "Officer of the United States." At most, his position is properly characterized as a mere "employee." And as a mere "employee," Smith cannot exercise the broad prosecutorial powers of a United States attorney. If our position is correct, then this prosecution can continue, if at all, only under the normal supervision of the politically accountable United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida. 

After our brief was accepted by the Court, the follow order was issued:

The amicus brief [410-1] is accepted for Court consideration. Should the Special Counsel or Defendants wish to file a separate response to the amicus brief, they may do so on or before April 4, 2024, in accordance with the Local Rules.

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., told reporters on Friday that she filed a motion to vacate House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., accusing him of having "betrayed" the "confidence" of the House GOP Conference by ushering through a bipartisan $1.2 trillion federal funding bill to avoid a partial government shutdown.

Johnson won the gavel in late October after his predecessor was ousted by a motion to vacate resolution earlier that month.

"It's more of a warning and a pink slip," Greene told reporters after filing the motion. "There’s not a time limit on this, it doesn’t have to be forced... But I'm not saying that it won't happen in two weeks, or it won't happen."

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Official studies from ruling class sources such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are proving that the COVID-19 “vaccines” do not work; at least not in the way that the public was told that they do. These studies are raising the alarm of potential harm and injuries that could come from being injected with the mRNA technology. 

The findings of these studies are disturbing at best and suggest that the slave class has been lied to about the shots from the beginning.  Vaccinated individuals may be at higher risk of contracting and spreading the alleged COVID-19 virus, according to three official sources.  They also suggest that the “vaccines” may increase susceptibility to infection.

COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines

These revelations have serious implications for the still ongoing vaccination efforts and call into question the reasoning behind ever mandating the public to take these experimental injections. Once shown as ineffective and unsafe, it’s now clear that these shots were never about health or wellness.

A shocking CDC study has shown that vaccinated individuals are more likely to contract and spread Covid-19 than unvaccinated individuals.

1 Million COVID Vaccinated Have Died in England Compared to Just 61k Unvaccinated in 2 years

Out of 469 cases studied among Massachusetts residents who attended public gatherings, a staggering 346 were among vaccinated individuals, with 74% of them experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and 1.2% being hospitalized. In contrast, the remaining 123 cases were among the unvaccinated population, with only 1 person being hospitalized (0.8%), and no deaths occurring in either group.

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A leading Democratic strategist has hit out at President Biden's poll numbers saying looking at them was equivalent to 'walking in on your grandma naked.'

James Carville, who rose to prominence for helping Bill Clinton to the White House in 1992, spoke of his overall disapproval of the current state of the Democratic Party

Speaking to The New York Times, Carville spoke about ratings, how he believes there to be 'too many preachy females' who are turning-off black male voters, while also complaining that 'woke stuff' was killing his party. 

Carville described Biden's ratings, which according to polls is at a low of 37.4 percent, as, 'It’s like walking in on your grandma naked. You can’t get the image out of your mind.'

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Former President Donald Trump provided supporters with a major update on his progress to secure enough funds to pay his excessive $454 million civil fraud bond ahead of the Monday deadline.

Trump on Friday said he had raised nearly half-a-billion dollars and appeared to be in a good position to pay the bond as New York Attorney General Letitia James moved to begin confiscating some of his properties in the state.

On February 16, Manhattan Judge Arthur Engoron ordered Trump to pay $454 million in penalties. The judge found Trump guilty of fraudulently inflating his assets to boost his net worth in September, though Trump has frequently disputed the ruling and, during the hearing phase, argued that none of the financial institutions he worked with lost money. Officials from those banks confirmed as much during testimony.

The fee, which was determined without a jury, included about $355 million in disgorgement and over $98 million in prejudgment interest at a 9% annual rate.

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The top federal transportation official visited New England on Tuesday to tour a bridge that is so badly deteriorated it must now be replaced.

Located less than 3 miles from the Massachusetts state line, the busy Washington Bridge in Rhode Island is a key entry point into Providence along Interstate 195. It is one of several hundred bridges across the two states given a poor rating in a federal database.

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A former election official in Wisconsin was found guilty of voter fraud charges after she generated ballots for non-existent members of the military during the 2022 election.

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Integrity is vital to accurate elections in the United States. Any attempts to manipulate elections can create exceptional problems with the free democracy that is foundational to the American way of life.

The number of people who can legally vote in an election is an important factor in maintaining the integrity of the election process. Election officials are mandated by law to maintain accurate voter rolls.

One of the key states in the upcoming 2024 presidential election is facing a crisis regarding its voter rolls. Republicans have challenged how state officials have managed the rolls and demanded that corrections be made.

From the Daily Caller:
The Republican National Committee (RNC) slapped Nevada Secretary of State Cisco Aguliar with a lawsuit on Friday, alleging that the state has “impossibly high” voter registration rolls.

The lawsuit alleges that the state of Nevada is failing to maintain the requirements of the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) which mandates that voter rolls must keep “clean and accurate voter registration records.” The RNC is alleging that according to their analysis, five of Nevada’s 17 counties have inflated voter rolls which they say indicates a violation of the NVRA, the lawsuit claims.

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One of the darlings of the Democrat party was hit with allegations and a lawsuit about his behavior from decades ago. The sordid details fell out of this politician’s closet and sent shockwaves through the ranks of liberals.

Former President Donald Trump was politically crucified over allegations of his past personal conduct. Anything said accusing him was largely treated by the liberal media as truth and he was guilty in the eyes of mainstream media no matter what truth was revealed.

Now the shoe is on the other foot for liberals as New York City Mayor Eric Adams was hammered by an allegation of sexual assault by an unidentified woman. Questions are swirling if he will receive the same treatment as the former president.

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Ben & Jerry’s built the company and a public reputation alongside a left-leaning advocacy since its founding in 1978. Company leaders finagled a sweet deal to maintain an independent board of directors after it was sold to Unilever in 2000. This allowed leadership to continue progressive activism that included attacking former President Donald Trump.

That unique freedom to promote leftist ideals allowed Ben & Jerry’s to champion controversial issues without boundaries from the parent company. This deal structure pulled Unilever into the swamp of controversy.

Ben & Jerry’s set off a political storm in July 2021 when the company announced it would stop selling products to Israelis in the West Bank. The company referred to the area as “Occupied Palestinian Territory.”

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Another of Biden’s selections appeared before the U.S. Senate on Wednesday. United States District Judge Nancy Maldonado of the Northern District of Illinois couldn’t even remember the definition of an item in one of the most controversial bans she had supported.

Her nomination for a seat on the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit was challenged by Republican Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana with direct questions. The exchange between the two was mind-numbing in her level of ignorance.

From the Daily Caller:
“You said, ‘assault weapons may be banned because they’re extraordinarily dangerous and are not appropriate for legitimate self-defense purposes,’” Kennedy said. “Tell me what you meant by assault weapons.”

“Just to clarify there, I was local counsel,” Maldonado said.

“Tell me what you meant by assault weapons,” Kennedy repeated.

“I am not a gun expert,” Maldonado responded.

“So you submitted a brief, an appellate brief, you signed it, and you don’t know and… you said abolish assault weapons, and you don’t know what you wanted them to abolish?” Kennedy asked.

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In the wake of allegations that Planet Fitness allowed biological men into women's facilities, the gym chain is experiencing a significant backlash.

The controversy began when a social media influencer known as 'Libs of TikTok' reported an incident where an Alaskan woman had her membership revoked for taking a photo of a transgender individual in a women's bathroom.

According to 'Libs of TikTok' creator Chaya Raichik, a Planet Fitness insider disclosed that there is internal turmoil within the company and a surge in membership cancellations. In response, Planet Fitness emphasized its commitment to being a "judgement-free zone" and creating an inclusive environment.

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