"Everyone in history who was used, betrayed, or double-crossed had it done to them by someone they believed they could trust." -- Michael Rivero

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A cellphone video began circulating last week showing a North Carolina high school student slapping a teacher in the face at least twice — and the teacher in the clip stayed seated during the physical attack, just taking it in front of shocked students.

“The f***’s wrong with you?" the student asked the Parkland High School teacher after the physical attack. "What you gonna do, still sit in that chair 'cause you a bitch ... ain’t nobody even coming, you got slapped, bitch, go back to teaching ...”

Webmaster addition: When I was in school, back during the last ice age, nobody attacked the teachers, mostly because you would get a trip to the woodshed that would have you eating dinner standing up for a week!

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The Supreme Court on Monday agreed to review a lower court decision that invalidated a rule from the Biden administration that aimed to address the proliferation of crimes involving "ghost guns."

The regulation at issue was implemented by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in April 2022 and imposed a series of requirements on manufacturers and sellers of so-called ghost guns, which are unserialized firearms that can be assembled from kits sold online.

ATF's rule changed the definition of "firearm" under the Gun Control Act to include certain weapon parts kits, and clarified that it includes partially completed parts such as the frame or receiver. As a result of the regulation, covered manufacturers and sellers have to obtain licenses, mark their products with serial numbers, run background checks and keep purchase records, which are all required for firearms made and sold in the U.S.

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The Supreme Court will consider Monday whether banning homeless people from sleeping outside when shelter space is lacking amounts to cruel and unusual punishment.

The case is considered the most significant to come before the high court in decades on homelessness, which is reaching record levels in the United States.

In California and other Western states, courts have ruled that it’s unconstitutional to fine and arrest people sleeping in homeless encampments if shelter space is lacking.

A cross-section of Democratic and Republican officials contend that makes it difficult for them to manage encampments, which can have dangerous and unsanitary living conditions.

But hundreds of advocacy groups argue that allowing cities to punish people who need a place to sleep will criminalize homelessness and ultimately make the crisis worse.

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Not everything was sunny. We had problems that needed attention. That is the nature of human existence after all. But when Ronald Reagan said, “Government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem,” we just thought he was promoting self-reliance and highlighting government inefficiency. As I said, we were naïve. 

Along with that naivete, was a belief that our government would never intentionally harm us. It might be incompetent, but we didn’t think it was malicious. Theories of vast government criminal conspiracies were considered delusional. Going to the police and claiming that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated by the CIA (as Robert Kennedy Jr. is suggesting), would have gotten one labeled a “conspiracy theory” nut; and more likely would trigger a psych evaluation than a criminal investigation. That was the American worldview before Barack Obama. 

Things changed in 2016 when the conspiracies stopped being secret. Government operatives decided they could work with a political party to stop an outsider from playing in their sandbox -- by any means necessary. The FBI, CIA, DNC, and MSM created the Russian collusion hoax to undermine Donald Trump’s campaign -- but he won anyway. 

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TikTok is gearing up for a long legal battle to fight legislation in the US that threatens to ban the app in its largest market if its Chinese owner, ByteDance, refuses to sell the viral video platform.

The US House of Representatives on Saturday passed a package of national security bills that included legislation that would result in TikTok being banned in the country if Chinese parent company ByteDance does not divest the app.

Michael Beckerman, TikTok’s public policy head in the US, told staff in response that if the bill became law, the company would “move to the courts for a legal challenge.”

“This legislation is a clear violation of the First Amendment rights of TikTok’s 170 million American users,” he said in a memo to staff, according to people who viewed it. “We’ll continue to fight.”

The bill was packaged together with funding for Ukraine and Israel and sent to the US Senate, which is expected to pass the measure this week before it is signed by President Joe Biden.

Webmaster addition: The regime won't stop with TikTok!

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Highly respected international geopolitical analyst Pepe Escobar made a startling revelation today via his Telegram account which sent shockwaves throughout the Global Intelligence Community.

But let’s first acknowledge that nothing about the recent alleged counter-attack by Israel against Iran’s Isfahan Air Base makes any sense whatsoever.  In point of fact, everything about all the mainstream media report smacks of a highly coordinated cover-up by all sides.  The stories not only keep changing, but they simply don’t add up, except as a very sloppy whitewash of something a much more destructive operation.

Well, now it appears that there’s a very good reason why all the involved parties would want to keep such a daffy attempted EMP attack by Israel concealed.  There’s no question that Netanyahu’s war cabinet was set on delivering a serious blow to Iran since their penchant for revenge always demands ten times the damage they receive from any enemy.  Hence, the following account of the actual thwarted Israeli “EMP operation” does make a lot of sense.

Webmaster addition: At this time, this story is unconfirmed. But Pepe Escobar does have a sterling reputation and so I am posting this. However, I have one issue with this claim of a mutual cover-up. Israel, having been thwarted in using a nuclear weapon on Iran, will inevitably try again unless some steps are taken to prevent it. Will Russia threaten to nuke Israel if it nukes Iran, and will the US nuke Russia for nuking Israel?

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John Legend goes scorched earth on Trump and reveals why he thinks the former president is a 'tried and true, dyed-in-the-wool racist'

  • Legend and his wife, model and author Chrissy Teigen , have long professed their disdain for Trump 
  • The 'All of You' singer continued his claims that Trump holds racial prejudices 
  • 'I don't want to hear what he says to say about what he's done for black people,' Legend said. 'He is truly, truly a racist' 

By Stephen M. Lepore For Dailymail.Com




Singer and activist John Legend continued his long-running feud with former President Donald Trump, calling him a 'tried and true, dyed-in-the-wool racist' in an interview Sunday.

Legend, 45 and his wife, model and author Chrissy Teigen, have long professed their disdain for Trump, with the ex-Commander-in-Chief even sniping back once.

Speaking with former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, the 'All of You' singer continued his oft-repeated claims that Trump holds racial prejudices when asked about Trump's complaints about the US justice system.

'He's made it clear throughout his life that Black people are inferior, he believes that to his core, in his bones... but also when you hear some of the stray comments he makes, he clearly believes in a genetic hierarchy of humanity and is racially determined, so he is a tried and true, dyed-in-the-wool racist,' Legend said. 

Legend believes this cancels out any benefit the black community may have had under Trump's rule

Claire's Observations: Mr, Legend, a word please.

First, as a Dean's Scholar Graduate of my college, with a dual degree in Music and Theatre, I consider you one of the finest musicians of your generation.  I have also watched you improve the performances of contestants on the TV show "The Voice" giving them self-confidence  through astute encouragement, and inspiring them to do things differently, to create a better performance.

That being said, sir, a google search revealed the following statement by your wife, in 2022:

"Everything Chrissy Teigen Has Said About Her Sobriety Journey: 'I Feel Clearheaded' Putting in the work. Chrissy Teigen has been vocal about her ups and downs while dealing with her sobriety, beginning in 2017 when she first cut out alcohol — and again in 2020 when she recommitted to being sober.......

But one has to ask;  where was she in in her sobriety journey in 2019, when she tweeted responding to a statement made by President Trump  about her husband "not having  been helpful" following legislation being passed,  referring to him as a  a p**** a** b****' ??!?!?

Yes, this is ultimately a "free speech" issue, as scatological  as the language may be. But hatred always hurts the hater more than it ever hurts the accused.  Hatred is a poison which can destroy and kill, and is a "turbo-cancer of the mind."  I am (literally) praying that her sobriety will prevent her from doing things like this in the future.

And Mr. Legend, lastly,  "thinking" something and "knowing" something are entirely two different things.  As a Christian married to Born-Again atheist for over the last 30 years, I have learned this;  the need for bullet- proof evidence when an accusation is made.

Do you have a compendium of these moments?!?  How and when, please, were they recorded, if stated either in video or audio format?!?  I would like please, to see them, or hear them, as should the rest of America, before we vote in November.

Mr. Legend, please,  I implore you: if you are making these accusations, show us the proof; because NO THINKING AMERICAN in their right mind would want to vote for a downright racist!!!


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  • Commercial Real Estate Collateralized Loan Obligations (CRE CLO) issuance surged from $19 billion in 2019 to $45 billion in 2021.
  • 72% of collateral is linked to multifamily properties.
  • Delinquent loans or those in special servicing rose to 8.6% in January but decreased to 7.4% in February.
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