"All terrorist actions are staged incidents, because acts of terror alienate the very people whose support the people blamed for the terror act need." -- Michael Rivero

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The Times of Israel has deleted a column calling for the obliteration of Palestine on the same day extremist nationalists marched through occupied East Jerusalem chanting "death to Arabs". 

"Palestine must be obliterated," the now deleted column read, "in order to make peace". 

Jeffrey Camras, the author of the piece, is an American writer who reportedly lives in Chicago.

While telling Palestinians to give up their idea of homeland - saying that "if you want rights, you have to give up your nationhood" - he even offered Palestinians descended from Jewish residents of historic Palestine, and willing to reject their Palestinian identity the opportunity, for "their return to our civilisation". 

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"I'm probably more concerned about quantitative tightening with anybody in this room." - Jamie Dimon

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Mount Etna, one of Sicily's landmarks, has frequently become active in recent years. The 2010 eruption disrupted air traffic by sending a cloud of hazardous ash drifting across the Atlantic Ocean.

Flights to and from Catania airport on Sicily have been cancelled after erupting Mount Etna spewed ash across the Italian island.

Authorities announced on Sunday that the airport would be closed until 9 am on Monday morning due to the fall of soot on the runway. The re-opening time was later revised to 6 am.

Showers of volcanic ash can cut visibility, damaged aircraft control surfaces and even cause engine failures. The 2010 eruption sent a huge cloud of ash drifting across the Atlantic, disrupting air traffic.

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A Christian teacher has been blacklisted from the profession for “misgendering” a pupil in a landmark case thought to be the first of its kind in Britain. Former maths teacher Joshua Sutcliffe was found by the Teaching Regulation Authority (TRA) to have failed to have treated a pupil with “dignity and respect”.

The 33-year-old was also found to have failed to protect the pupil’s wellbeing by not using the child’s preferred pronouns.

The teacher admitted that he had said “well done girls” to one of his classes, and therefore did not acknowledge that one of the children identified as a boy.

Mr Sutcliffe, who taught at The Cherwell School in Oxford, said this was unintentional and apologised immediately.

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After two-plus years of “Joe Biden” — well, our country is bypassing the banana republic stage of dissolution and depravity and steaming quickly into a Hieronymus Bosch dystopia of financial, social, psychological and moral ruin. Every official utterance is a lie. Everything’s broken or breaking. And seemingly, on-purpose. The nagging question, of course, is on whose purposes?  And why is Mr. Zelensky flitting from one country to another the past month? Because the game of Let’s You and Him Fight is drawing to a close and Mr. Z may find himself fatally unpopular back on the home-front. He has managed to send upward of a hundred-thousand young Ukrainian men to their deaths in the meat-grinder, and perhaps a million more have hightailed it for other countries. Ukraine will now be a land of mostly women, children, and old folks — with just enough surviving soldiers left looking to hunt down the comedian who turned Ukraine into another one history’s sick jokes.

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In the last decade, 37 traders and brokers have been prosecuted by the US Department of Justice and the UK's Serious Fraud Office for their roles in 'rigging' interest-rates during the Great Financial Crisis (GFC).

However, in extracts from Rigged, a book by Andy Verity on the Libor-rigging scandal (published in The Times), he explains how in 2008, it was central banks and government that pressed banks to bring down key interest rates, but none of this evidence was ever shown to jurors in nine criminal trials which resulted in multiple jail sentences for those involved (19 convicted, 9 jailed).

Backed up and supplemented by published data, The BBC reports that the suppressed evidence indicates that in October 2008, central banks intervened on a large scale in the setting of Libor and Euribor.

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On May 21, Hezbollah held a public military exercise in southern Lebanon, just a few kilometers away from the front with Israel.

The exercise, which was attended by local and international media, was held at a camp near the Tourist Landmark of the Resistance in the town of Mleeta. Hezbollah fighters conducted tactical maneuvers during the small-scale exercise and later showcased heavy weapons, including multiple rocket launchers, anti-aircraft guns and anti-tank rocket-propelled grenades.

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On the night of May 22, new wave of Russian strikes targeted Ukrainian military facilities throughout the country. Explosions again thundered in several regions in southern, eastern and central Ukraine. Kiev is hiding the losses as always.

Last night, explosions thundered in the Kharkiv, Odessa, Zaporozhie, Kherson, Mykolaiv and Dnipropetrovsk region. Russian forces used kamikaze UAVs, cruise and ballistic missiles.

The first Russian strikes hit targets in the Kharkiv region. According to preliminary reports, the headquarters of the Ukrainian Nazi battalion “Kraken” was destroyed. Several militants were killed. The total number of casualties is yet to be revealed.

The Russian aerospace forces attacked the targets of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) in the Kherson region. At least one guided bomb hit Ukrainian military base near the village of Kizomys.

On the morning of May 22, pro-Russian authorities in the Russian-controlled part of the Zaporozhie region confirmed that Russian aircraft hit Ukrainian warehouses with military equipment and ammunition in the Zaporozhie region. In particular, explosions were reported in the area of Orekhov.

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A report confirms that United States Senators have been issued emergency satellite phones.

CBS News reported these devices are part of a series of new security measures being offered to senators by Karen Gibson, Senate Sergeant at Arms.

The official line of reasoning behind offering the satellite phones was “to ensure a redundant and secure means of communication during a disruptive event.

CBS News also notes that the satellite phones were offered partially in response to the January 6, 2021 protests at the U.S. Capitol.

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Here we go.

The Los Angeles Dodgers apologized to and re-invited anti-Catholic ‘Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence’ trans nuns to pride night.

The Dodgers previously removed the vulgar, anti-Christian, Marxist group from their honoree list.

After backlash from the group, the Dodgers decided to re-invite them back on the field June 16 for pride night.

“After much thoughtful feedback from our diverse communities, honest conversations within the Los Angeles Dodgers organization and generous discussions with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, the Los Angeles Dodgers would like to offer our sincerest apologies to the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, members of the LGBTQ+ community and their friends and families,” the Dodgers said Monday night.

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A suspected AI-generated image claiming to show an explosion near the Pentagon went viral on Twitter Monday, sending markets crashing. Dozens of verified accounts - including national news organizations - reshared what shows black smoke billowing up from the ground next to a white building. The image appears so realistic that people became frantic as it circulated the platform around 10 am ET, which caused the S&P 500 to drop 10 points in five minutes as the image went viral. The Arlington Fire Department swiftly debunked the event, stating that 'there is no explosion or incident taking place at or near the Pentagon reservation.'
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It could be viewed as a noble attempt to reduce energy use. Alternatively, there may be some who view a council's proposed training session for staff as a lesson in the bloomin' obvious.
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House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) announced on Sunday that the committee would closely examine individuals mentioned in the recently released Durham report.

Jordan emphasized that “nothing is off the table” when it comes to potential investigations, even going as far as threatening to cut FBI funding and reopen investigations related to Hillary Clinton and others.

“The Durham Report comes out and tells us that the FBI had no probable cause, no predicate, no evidence whatsoever, and yet they launch into an investigation of President Trump and his campaign,” Jordan told Fox News host Maria Bartiromo.

“I think the Durham Report’s best line was, “failed in their fundamental mission of fidelity to the law.” They didn’t follow the law.”

“What we’re going to have to do is say, hey, FBI, you can’t use federal tax dollars. You can’t use the American tax dollars for this kind of activity. We got to limit how they spend the money, maybe even limit them,” said Jordan when asked how to fix the FBI’s abuse of authority.

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As we recently noted, the allies of Chicago’s new mayor Brandon Johnson have released an economic plan titled ‘First We Get the Money.’

The plan involves the implementation of new taxes, some of which will directly apply to the financial industry.

That has the Chicago Mercantile Exchange very concerned, and they are prepared to leave the city if they feel it’s necessary.

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The University of Minnesota is offering a summer research program through their Office of Undergraduate Studies but if you are white, don’t bother applying.

According to the position description, the Multicultural Summer Research Opportunities Program (MSROP) is, “an intensive 10-week summer program in which undergraduate students of color work full-time with a faculty mentor on a research project.”

The eligibility requirements include that the applicant must, “Identify as a Student of Color or Native American” with a specified goal “to prepare students of color and Native Americans for graduate school.”

The MSROP shares, “Each participant will receive a $6,000 stipend for personal and research expenses. An additional research stipend is assigned to the faculty mentor for use by the student.”

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You don't get credit for, shouldn't be proud of, and have no right to demand others celebrate something you
had nothing to do with. 

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Former President Donald Trump has the unique ability to launch a lawfare offensive against the media that could be so effective it would force a media transformation, an essential step to turning the country around.   

Trump can prove the media knowingly engaged in spreading lies about collusion between Russia and his 2016 presidential compaign and so much more. It seems malice would be awfully easy to prove as the evidence is in clear view. It would also be easy to show that all of the slander and libel caused material damage to Trump companies. 

Unfortunately, the litigation cannot be about Trump the man, as New York Times v. Sullivan continues to grant the media open season on political opponents. But his companies were caused possibly billions in losses because of the attacks, and that may well be excluded from Sullivan

I tweeted about this last week as one of my most fervent dreams. And to my delight, a few days later, Trump Media and Technology Group, which owns Truth Social, filed a $3.78 billion lawsuit against the Washington Post in a Florida state court in Sarasota County, where Truth Social is based. 

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Donald Trump is on a roll. Based on the RealClearPolitics polling average, he currently has the support of 56 percent of likely voters in the Republican primaries. That puts Trump about 37 points ahead of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, the only challenger who makes it into the double digits.

Of course, none of this guarantees Trump will be the nominee, but it certainly makes it likely. Ergo, it behooves Republicans and conservatives to consider the upsides and the downsides of renominating Trump.

Making Trump the GOP’s standard-bearer in 2024 would convey many advantages to the party. First, Trump has a well-developed rapport with Republican voters, who admire and trust him. No one can duplicate this visceral connection between Trump and Trumpers.

Second, Trump has a record of victory and, shall we say, near victory, against weak Democratic opponents. He shocked the world by beating Hillary Clinton in 2016, and he outperformed most polls and the expectations of pundits in 2020, very narrowly losing in three key states that, had he won them, would have pushed him over the top in the Electoral College. 

Leaving aside justified qualms that Republicans and conservatives have about the fairness of the 2020 election, the fact is that Donald Trump almost prevailed in it, and he helped Republicans to narrow the Democrats’ majority in the House, setting them up to retake control of the chamber in January 2023.

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The federal Department of Education concluded an investigation into a Georgia school district Friday, arguing that the removal of several books containing pornographic material “created a hostile environment” for LGBTQ and nonwhite authors and readers, according to a letter.

The DOE’s Office of Civil Rights launched an investigation into the Forsyth County School District after a complaint was made by an individual, whose identity has not been released, that the district had purposefully gotten rid of books about the LGBTQ community in January 2022, according to The Washington Post.

The department sent a letter to the school district’s superintendent, Dr. Jeff Bearden, on Friday that its investigation had concluded the district was attempting to remove books with “diverse authors and characters, including people who are LGBTQI+ and authors who are not white.”

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Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned on Monday that the U.S. government is "highly likely" to run out of money as early as June 1.

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Uber diversity chief Bo Young Lee has been suspended from her job for hosting a "Don't Call Me Karen" event for the company's White female employees to discuss the "American white woman's experience" in dealing with the anti-white "Karen" slur.

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Parents of high school athletes forced to compete against a trans runner have told DailyMail.com that they are ‘too terrified’ to speak out for fear of their children being disqualified. California senior Adeline Johnson, 18, placed fourth in the varsity girls' 1,600-meter finals of the CIF-North Coast Section Meet of Champions after being beaten by transgender runner Athena Ryan. The fourth-place spot meant that she missed out on the state championship and was seen gesturing a thumbs down after the race that took place on Saturday. Her school has since denied that the motion was at her transgender counterpart, telling DailyMail.com that it was a response to her mother regarding Adeline's individual performance and it 'should not be construed as a statement about her competitors.'
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So what is the next target for the wrecking crew? Could it be the military?

I don’t think it could. Why not? Because our nation’s armed forces have in fact already been comprehensively wrecked.

The demolition work was well under way fourteen years ago when, after a Muslim army officer murdered thirteen of his colleagues at Fort Hood in Texas, U.S. Army Chief of Staff George Casey famously whimpered that ”As horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse.”

That same title, U.S. Army Chief of Staff, was held a few years later by General Mark Milley, who has since then ascended even further to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the highest position not merely in the Army but in the entire armed forces of our country.

It seems to have been Milley who approved the inclusion of Critical Race Theory in the study curriculum at West Point because, he told the House Armed Services Committee, ”I want to understand white rage—and I’m white.”

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Officer Nichols was asked to turn over his gun and badge and was placed on leave. Meanwhile, officials went through every single piece of evidence about Nichols’s behavior while he was on duty to see if he showed any sort of “racism” in his day-to-day police work. It was a mammoth undertaking that included watching 132 hours of body-camera footage, going through 12 years of reports, a decade of traffic stops, and reading over 2,000 chat messages.

Something very interesting happened at the conclusion of that review. It turns out that the “mountain of material” ended up revealing that the racist boogeyman’s conduct was within the bounds of professional standards. In other words, he didn’t treat anybody differently because of the color of their skin. their religion or sexual preference while he was on the clock.

Yet, after poring over body-camera video, analyzing traffic stops and scanning messages, Phillips and his partner found no indication that Nichols had displayed evidence of his abhorrent beliefs or bias while on duty. His interactions with people of all backgrounds appeared calm and courteous. Apart from some far-right newsletters in his work inbox, Nichols the police officer and Nichols the neo-Nazi lived in separate worlds.

“He put on a good face,” Phillips said, shaking his head. “It was amazing that he could look somebody in the eye and talk to them like that and then be writing this stuff about them when he gets home.”

The left and the black community which has been so wound up by the media finally found their perfect neo-Nazi racist cop supervillain, and it turns out he never even harmed a fly.

The left and the black community were totally gobsmacked that this police officer, despite strong personal biases, was able to perform his job proficiently and professionally.

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An activist organization widely cited by leftist media outlets to support the claim that criticism of George Soros is anti-Semitic was exposed to have been funded by Soros himself.

The Institute for Strategic Dialogue is currently receiving funds from the Open Society Foundation, Soros’s political activism slush fund, Twitchy reported.

The ISG recently issued talking points in the form of a policy paper that attacked billionaire Elon Musk for observing similarities between Soros and Magneto, the arch-enemy of the X-Men in the Marvel Comics universe.

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The despicable and corrupt Benjamin Crump suddenly deleted his tweet today smearing the New York City nurse who was victimized by a group of black men trying to steal a bicycle she’d just rented.

Crump left the tweet and video up for days but then suddenly deletes after this nurse’s lawyer shows up on Fox News.

Why? Because he made clear they were going to sue for defamation:

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Interest on the UK's debt mountain hit a record high last month as the government racked up another £25.6billion of borrowing. Borrowing came in higher than expected as inflation pushed up charges on the £2.5trillion debt, while energy bills support and hikes in benefits added to the burden. The figure for April has only been higher amid Covid in 2020, and it was up £11.9billion compared to last year. Debt interest was £9.8billion, the highest April figure since monthly records began in 1997, according to the Office for National Statistics.
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Efforts to promote adoption of the environmental, social and governance framework in investing, commonly termed ESG, have gained traction in recent years and have become the subject of pro- and anti-ESG legislation, yet the general public is no more familiar with ESG today than two years ago.

Thirty-seven percent of Americans currently report being “very” or “somewhat familiar” with ESG, unchanged from 36% in 2021. Another 22% today are “not too familiar,” while 40% are “not familiar at all.”

These findings are from a Gallup poll conducted April 3-25, in which respondents were told that ESG “includes factors like the record of a business on human rights, the environment, diversity or other social values” and that some people take these factors “into account when making decisions about buying products and services or investing.”

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Well, if you thought the American Civil War ended back in 1865, you are apparently wrong. No less an authority than President Joe Biden, in a May 13th commencement speech to historically black Howard University’s graduates, told the overwhelmingly black students and their families that “The most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland is white supremacy. And I’m not saying this because I’m at a Black HBCU, I say it wherever I go.” Indeed, both Biden and his inert Attorney General Merrick Garland nee Garfinkel have delivered that same message on a number of occasions, but this was the first time it was employed in such a racially charged environment. It was clearly a pre-electoral call to arms against white people in America, placing government sanctioned targets on the backs of whites who are generally peacefully struggling to retain their communities, identities, religion, heritage and culture, all of which are being engulfed by the White House’s tidal wave of self-serving and politically motivated “woke” promotions.

Five days later, on the 18th, the Republican-led House Judiciary Committee and the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government released an 80 page report revealing that the FBI had deliberately miscategorized its investigations into the events surrounding the January 6th Capitol Hill violent demonstration to substantially inflate the numbers suggesting a dramatic increase in domestic terrorism in the United States. The GOP report, based largely on whistleblower testimony, stated that “whistleblowers assert that the FBI pressured agents to reclassify cases as domestic violent extremism (DVE), and even manufactured DVE cases where they may not otherwise exist, while manipulating its case categorization system to feign a national problem.” The FBI’s Washington Field Office deliberately categorized its Capitol disturbance cases to make the rise in DVE cases look more like a national problem than a one-time post-electoral incident.

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Parkrun's gender self-ID was enabling men to 'smash' women's records, a former Olympic runner has claimed. Mara Yamauchi, former Olympian and British elite marathon runner, said this would result in the exclusion of women and their achievements in the name of being 'inclusive', The Telegraph reports. She claimed that a Parkrun female group course record was 'smashed to smithereens by a trans-identifying male' and believes the record may now be 'out of female hands forever'.
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