"Any ruler who decides to start a war has made the conscious decision to send a million of his own people to their deaths, for his own profit." -- Michael Rivero

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A 'controversial' theatre production about race, identity and sexuality in twenty-first century America will put on two nights for black audiences to watch the play 'free from the white gaze'.

Slave Play, starring Kit Harington who is best known for his role as Jon Snow in the HBO series Game of Thrones, is coming to the Noël Coward theatre in London's West End from 29 June to 21 September. 

But on the evenings of 17 July and 17 September, the theatre will be open to an 'all-Black identifying audience'.  

One senior Tory MP, who did not want to be named, raised questions over the decision to bar white people from the show, telling MailOnline: 'I understand the subject matter of the show may have particular resonance for some but would simply question the legality of this?

'In other circles it would be illegal and racial discrimination. I don't understand why this isn't.' 

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Some people just cannot fathom that the fake news spear-headed by Victoria Nuland’s sister-in-law at the Institute for the Study of War never peace; they demonize Putin as they routinely do to anyone they oppose. My father taught me a lesson that you MUST always listen to your opponent because it is a window into his thinking process. I have read Marx not because I believed in what he was saying but to comprehend his thinking process and what led him to the conclusion that he killed more than 200 million people and still counting.

When you listen to Putin’s speech, he focuses on what many perceive as American culture. When we look deeper into American politics, the stats are revealing. They explain why many view the United States as out of control because of these extremely progressive ideas of attributing even pronouns, etc. Indeed, 93% of college professors gave to Biden. Just 7% gave to former President Donald Trump. That explains why we all know that a college education today may not be so desirable. The goal seems to indoctrinate our children to accept the political philosophies being taught in schools even though they have a proven track record of failure – consistently.

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Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY), the top Democrat in the House, has suggested that Democrats would protect House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) from being ousted if he brought the $95 billion foreign military aid bill to the floor for a vote.

Some Republicans have threatened to oust Johnson as speaker if he holds a vote on the bill, and it would only take one GOP member to file a motion to vacate the speakership, which would bring about a vote to oust him.

When Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) was ousted, every single Democrat and eight Republicans voted against him. But Jeffries said some Democrats may be willing to promise to vote to keep Johnson as speaker if he moves forward the $95 billion bill, which includes aid for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan.

“It does seem to me based on informal conversations, that were Speaker Johnson to do the right thing relative to meeting the significant national security needs of the American people by putting it on the floor for an up-or-down vote, there will be a reasonable number of people in the House Democratic caucus who will take the position that he should not fall as a result,” Jeffries said.

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As office tower vacancies continue to rise nationwide, many of these buildings are becoming economically nonviable workspaces, raising the question of what can be done with millions of square feet of underutilized space. Simultaneously, the US housing market faces a severe shortage, leaving investors and lawmakers to ponder whether underutilized office space can be transformed into multifamily buildings. 

Goldman analyst Jan Hatzius uses a discounted cash flow model to show that the current acquisition costs of office towers are still too high for conversion to multifamily buildings, indicating that offices will likely remain underutilized in the medium term. 

Hatzius pointed out that the viable point where office tower conversions would make financial sense would be a further price decline of 50%. 

About 4% of the nation's office buildings could be slated for conversion projects into housing, with the share expected to jump as the office vacancy rate is forecasted to reach 18% in 2033 from about 14% this year. 

Many of these nonviable towers are still overvalued and not cheap enough for conversion because of financing costs. Even with San Francisco's office industry in a meltdown and prices having already tumbled 35% since 2019, these levels are still too high.

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US GDP "Grew" $334 Billion In Q4.... That Growth Cost $834 Billion In Debt

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Feb 28, 2024 - 08:45 PM

Moments ago, two things happened: Biden's Bureau of Economic Analysis released the first revision of Q4 2023 GDP, a number which is completely irrelevant as it looks at the state of the US economy more than 2 months ago as the calendar is now just weeks away from the start of Q2 2024... and bitcoin soared above $60,000, now less than $10k away from a record high. While it may not be immediately obvious, the two events are linked. Let us explain.

First, according to the Biden admin, in Q4 GDP rose 3.2%, a modest drop from the 3.3% reported in the first estimate one month ago, and below the 3.3% consensus estimate.

While we already know this, the BEA reported that the increase in the fourth quarter primarily reflected increases in consumer spending, exports, and state and local government spending. Imports, which are a subtraction in the calculation of GDP, increased.

  • The increase in consumer spending reflected increases in both services and goods. Within services, the leading contributors were health care, food services and accommodations, and other services (led by international travel). Within goods, the leading contributors to the increase were other nondurable goods (led by pharmaceutical products) as well as recreational goods and vehicles.
  • The increase in exports reflected increases in both goods (led by petroleum) and services (led by financial services).
  • The increase in state and local government spending reflected increases in both investment (led by structures) and consumption expenditures (led by compensation of employees).

Comparing the first estimate with the second, we find several notable items, the first being that Personal Consumption actually rose more than expected, growing a 3.0% QoQ annualized (vs 2.8% in the first estimate), and contributing 2.0% to the bottom line GDP of 3.21%, up from 1.91% in the original estimate. Another increase was seen in fixed investment which contributed 0.43% to the bottom line, up from the 0.31% originally estimated; finally government also saw its contribution boosted, rising to 0.73%, or about a quarter, of the final GDP. These improvement were offset by a notable drop in the change in private inventories which declined from an addition of 0.07% to a subtraction of -0.27%.

Ok, none of this matters: the numbers will be revised again next month but by then all markets will care about will be not so much Q1 GDP but rather Q2 and onward. So very stale.

But what does that have to do with the bitcoin spike?

Well, a closer look at the data revealed something stunning: a quick look at the increase in nominal GDP, which rose from $27.61 trillion in Q3 to $27.94 trillion in Q4, shows that the US economy increased some $334.5 billion in absolute nominal dollar terms.

But where did this growth come from? Why debt of course, and a lot of it

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From Trucker-Boycotts To Grid-Down – There's Only One Way To Survive A Food Crisis

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by Tyler Durden

Wednesday, Feb 28, 2024 - 10:00 PM

Authored by Brandon Smith via Alt-Market.us,

If there is one reality that Americans need to accept, it’s that every system has a breaking point and there are no exceptions. Human beings are built to adapt and this has given us incredible resilience, but it also means we have a tendency to wait too long to fix the parts of our society that are broken. Instead, we let the problems build and fester until, sadly, the final straw falls and everything comes crashing down.

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Sometimes this collapse is by chance and sometimes it’s by design. In either case the catalyst is the same – The public does not prepare and they don’t take action to correct the people creating the crisis until it’s too late.

In our modern era of invasive technology, economic weakness, nuclear weapons and biowarfare, this is an unsustainable model. We can no longer ignore threats on instability in the hopes that they will go away or that governments will defuse the danger, nor can we simply pick up the pieces over and over again after each calamity. There may come a time when the mess is so big we won’t be able to clean it up. People must plan ahead, and they must stop tolerating the notion of passive involvement in the mechanisms that influence their lives and future.

I write often about hypothetical trigger events and breakdown scenarios because a large number of people still need to be educated on how fragile the western world truly is right now. For example, any significant disruption to supply chains and logistics at this time would be devastating for a large number of Americans (or Europeans).

In the past couple weeks alone there has been a rising tide of political discontent among US truckers; the very people that handle over 70% of all freight in our country. They have threatened to boycott a number of Democrat controlled cities (primarily New York City) over a host of issues and complaints including the legal treatment of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.  This boycott may not play out in the near term (watch for talk of boycotts to escalate in November around election time), but the potential is on the table and it’s an important learning moment.  What would happen if the US freight system actually stopped?

US supply chains operate on a “just in time” freight schedule – Meaning, all the grocery stores in your area will carry just enough backstock to serve normal business operations for about a week, when the next fleet of trucks arrive.

The just-in-time structure is the lifeblood of the supply chain, and most American cities would fall into chaos after one week without it. Trains and railway networks handle around 28% of total freight and have struggled through a long state of decline. There is no realistic alternative to trucks

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In a surprising turn of events, recent polling conducted by Harvard-Harris has revealed that voters may prefer Donald Trump over Joe Biden, even in the face of potential criminal convictions. The poll, conducted between February 21-22, surveyed 2,022 registered voters to gauge their sentiments regarding Trump’s legal challenges.

The findings shed light on the resilience of Trump’s support base, debunking the mainstream media’s narrative that criminal charges would deter Republicans. The numbers tell a compelling story:

Webmaster addition:  The voters recognize a political hatchet job when they see one.

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Joe Biden wants you to believe that spending money on weapons is good for the economy.

That tired old myth - regularly repeated by the political leaders of both parties - could help create an even more militarized economy that could threaten our peace and prosperity for decades to come. Any short-term gains from pumping in more arms spending will be more than offset by the long-term damage caused by crowding out new industries and innovations, while vacuuming up funds needed to address other urgent national priorities.

The Biden administration’s sales pitch for the purported benefits of military outlays began in earnest last October, when the president gave a rare Oval Office address to promote a $106-billion emergency allocation that included tens of billions of dollars of weaponry for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. MAGA Republicans in Congress had been blocking the funding from going forward and the White House was searching for a new argument to win them over. The president and his advisers settled on an answer that could just as easily have come out of the mouth of Donald Trump: jobs, jobs, jobs. As Joe Biden put it:

We send Ukraine equipment sitting in our stockpiles. And when we use the money allocated by Congress, we use it to replenish our own stores… equipment that defends America and is made in America: Patriot missiles for air defense batteries made in Arizona; artillery shells manufactured in 12 states across the country — in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas; and so much more.

It should be noted that two of the four states he singled out (Arizona and Pennsylvania) are swing states crucial to his reelection bid, while the other two are red states with Republican senators he’s been trying to win over to vote for another round of military aid to Ukraine

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Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Modernity.news,

In response to a debate about Muslim ‘no-go areas’ in the UK, a Labour MP said there were “millions of white men” who “beat or murdered women this week”.

Yes, really.

Tory MP Paul Scully is being attacked by the media and political class for saying there are ‘no-go’ areas in parts of Birmingham and London with large Muslim populations.

YouTuber Mayhar Tousi commented, “There are definitely “no-go” areas in London and Birmingham. It should not be a controversial comment.”

Blame all white men for that, are you?” she wrote.

Claire's Observations:  Millions?  MP Scully, from where are you getting those numbers, please, because I would really like to look at a valid statistical analysis to prove how very wrong you are.

When women intersect with any fundamentalist culture/religion which denigrates women, they are at risk of physical violence, or worse.  

In the 21st century among a subset of Muslim followers, Imams are still writing tracts about how men should beat their wives, and female genital mutilation is still performed. The numbers for this horrific practice are going up in the UK. 

This state of affairs cannot, and will not change regarding these issues, unless and until the culture itself adapts and assimilates into having a more tolerant view of women, which can only come with time.

And ladies, if there are "no-go zones" in your city; at least for the time being, please don't go there!!!!

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Over 20 Republican attorneys general led by Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach filed an amicus brief to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals expressing their support for Abbott’s efforts to keep the barrier in the river.

Pointing out that the Biden administration has failed in its responsibility of securing the border, the attorneys general argued that Texas has the right to defend itself.

Per The Daily Wire, the brief read in part, “The Constitution guarantees the States’ right to self-defense expressly and as a natural incident of the States’ status as sovereign entities. Here, however, the federal government has sought to disable Texas’s exercise of that right by claiming that it violates a federal law focused on the navigability of the nation’s waterways, a law that does not expressly limit the States’ ability to engage in self-defense.”

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There are new developments in the Pennsylvania government's legal crusade against Amish farmer Amos Miller, who has been under attack for years because he grows, produces and sells food to the public outside the government control matrix.

Attorney Robert Barnes of Barnes Law LLP shared an update on X explaining that, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, all food is "illegal" – just as illegal as "illegal drugs," by the way – unless it is manufactured in a government-approved facility of the kind managed by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

If a farmer in any way defies this by producing food without government approval, such as is the case with Miller, then said food can be destroyed at will by the government, according to the government.

See for yourself in the legal brief that Barnes shared what PA Agriculture says about who is "allowed" to produce food in America, and who is not (i.e., unapproved Amish farmers like Miller who sell, gasp, unpasteurized raw milk).

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The Palestinian Authority's prime minister Mohammad Shtayyeh on Monday announced the resignation of his government, which rules part of the occupied West Bank, citing the "new reality" that has emerged as a result of the Israel-Hamas war. Israel's military presented a plan for evacuating areas of the Gaza Strip as Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said a ground invasion into Rafah was necessary for "total victory". Read our blog to see how the day's events unfolded. 

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Myanmar's opposition National Unity Government (NUG) supports the rebel groups that have been fighting the ruling junta since late last year. These groups "have regained almost 60 to 70 percent of the territory," opposition foreign minister Zin Mar Aung told FRANCE 24's Marc Perelman about the ongoing conflict. 

Three years after the coup in Myanmar, the junta is facing an armed rebellion from ethnic groups, backed by the NUG. The junta are "losing on the ground" after already having lost popular support. "[They are] gradually losing practical control on the ground every day," Zin Mar Aung said. 

The National Unity Government claims to control some parts of the country, but has not yet claimed a large city or major military base. "We estimate that almost 60 percent of Myanmar's territory is under the control of the ethnic armed organisations and NUG-controlled areas," she said.

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The 18-year-old son of United States Representative Lauren Boebert has been slapped with 22 criminal charges in Rifle, Colorado with five of those being felonies. Among them are four first-degree criminal trespassing of an automobile, so it sounds like he might have been breaking into or entering unlocked cars without permission to steal valuables inside.

Someone stole the mayor of Denver's car and the whole thing was swept under the carpet.

On the evening of February 27, the Rifle Police Department announced on Facebook the arrest and charges filed against Tyler Jay Boebert, who is the oldest child of Lauren Boebert and her ex-husband. He was arrested at about 2:30 pm with the police department saying the area has seen “a recent string of vehicle trespass and property thefts.”

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U.S. Marines and sailors from the Okinawa-based 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit and troops from Japan's 2nd Amphibious Rapid Deployment Regiment, have begun three weeks of amphibious training amid concerns of Chinese military moves around Japan and Taiwan.

The combined troops will practice recapturing an island during the Iron Fist 24, which is “focused on island defense.

The exercise, which ends March 17, involves 2,100 U.S. and Japanese personnel.

Japan in recent years has strengthened its amphibious capabilities in response to a rapid Chinese military build-up, aggression toward neighboring countries and a promise by Xi Jinping to unify Taiwan, by force, if necessary.

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An audible gasp was heard on CNN last night as anchor and chief national correspondent John King broke down the incoming Michigan primary election results.

While Biden easily vanquished his Democratic rivals in the Wolverine State, over 100,000 voters let their discontent with the administration's policy towards Israel be known by voting “uncommitted.”

The campaign, led by Rashida Tlaib's sister, had hoped to get 10,000 voters to mark “uncommitted” on their ballot instead of supporting Biden. That 10,000 number about equals the margin Donald Trump unexpectedly won Michigan by in 2016. (RELATED: Tlaib Calls On Michigan Voters To Abandon Biden Over Gaza)

Four years later, Biden defeated incumbent President Trump in Michigan by a margin of 2.78%. Precincts with the highest percentage of Muslims and Arab American voters overwhelmingly supported Biden, with the Democrat receiving 83% of the vote.

Yet, in a stunning twist, Biden suffered a 17-point loss in Dearborn, Michigan, last night – home to the largest concentration of Muslims in the United States.

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Israel is building a town exclusively for Jewish Israelis. To do so, it is building over homes it destroyed in Umm al-Hiran, a Palestinian Bedouin village in southern Israel.

In January 2017, security forces stormed the village to bulldoze homes and evict inhabitants. They killed a resident, Yaqoub Abu al-Qiyan, accusing him of attacking the forces with his car which spun out of control when they shot at it.

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Russia's Investigative Committee is identifying all Ukrainian commanders who gave the order to shoot down the Il-76 plane carrying Ukrainian prisoners of war for exchange, the agency’s head, Alexander Bastrykin, told TASS in an interview.

"Investigation to identify individuals from among the Ukrainian military involved in this terrorist attack is ongoing," he said.

Bastrykin said that investigators and experts had already identified the type of weapons used to attack the plane. "They are MIM-104A anti-aircraft guided missiles of the US Patriot surface-to-air missile system," the top investigator said. He recalled that the missiles were launched from the village of Liptsy in Ukraine’s Kharkov Region. "Several hundred fragments of the victims' bodies were found at the crash site. The results of DNA tests allowed to make an unequivocal conclusion about the affiliation of the seized body fragments to the crew members, military police officers and 65 Ukrainian servicemen who died in the crash of the plane," the agency’s head added.

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Remember that story last week about rogue groups with nuclear weapons? Well, sit down, pour yourself a few fingers of your favorite adult beverage, and read this story shared with us by D.P. (with our thanks):

Federal prosecutors in New York said they charged a Japanese Yakuza leader with conspiring to traffic nuclear materials from Burma to other countries.

Now, beyond the alleged fact that we're concerned with trafficking weapons grade nuclear fuels, there's something that really caught my eye in this story, and it probably did yours too, but just in case it didn't here it is:

Federal prosecutors in New York on Wednesday said they charged a Japanese Yakuza leader with conspiring to traffic nuclear materials from Burma to other countries in the belief that they would be used by Iran to make a nuclear weapon.

Webmaster addition:

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French President Emmanuel Macron wants to send NATO ground troops into Ukraine to defeat Russia.

Only a delusional fool could make such a crass proposal which goes to show that Macron is brain-dead. NATO troops deployed to fight Russian forces would mean an all-out war, which most likely would spiral into a nuclear conflagration.

Ironically, the French leader made headlines a while back when he labeled the US-led NATO alliance as being “brain-dead”. He’s now competing for the same epithet.

When Macron made those harsh remarks about NATO in an interview with the Economist in November 2019, some observers thought that he was being intelligently critical of the transatlantic military organization and how it was no longer fit for purpose in the modern age.

But, no, Macron wasn’t offering constructive criticism of NATO or American leadership. He was simply being a conceited charlatan, trying to promote himself as the “strong leader” of Europe and peddling his hobby horse of building up a European army by appearing to bad mouth NATO.

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The Resistance seeks to maintain their calibratory control for attriting Israel, whereas Israel wants to move directly to its ‘Armageddon vision’.

Israel’s dual strategy for Lebanon is to exert pressure through direct raids to instil fear amongst the wider population, whilst deploying diplomatic pressure to purge Hizbullah – not just from the border, but from regions beyond the Litani River (some 23 kms to the north).

Only Hizballah doesn’t budge.

It remains adamant: It will not be displaced from its historic homelands in the south – and refuses to discuss the matter at all.

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