"'Green', at least where I come from, means immature, unprepared, and uneducated!" -- Michael Rivero

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It has been decades in the making, but the country is now on the precipice between its traditional ideology of political liberalism and a path that will lead, far sooner than Americans might think, to totalitarianism. The historical bulwarks of Americanism and the American political system—government of the people, freedom, and liberty—have been deliberately eroded. A citizenry steeped in republican virtue, cognizant of the political ideas and principles that made America a lasting and strong constitutional republic, and knowledgeable about the duties and obligations of American citizenship have been under daily assault for years from the foreign ideology of communism. That odious ideology has operated under synonyms such as “progressivism,” “multiculturalism,” or DEI to make its poison more palatable to American audiences.

The media—the so-called “Fourth Estate”—has been another layer of protection that has been peeled away. Today, they are activists advancing the left’s agenda in all but name. Great newspapers that were lively to read and informative are no longer. One reads them now the same way Soviet citizens used to read Pravda—only by knowing the lies that are printed and surmising what is left out of the story can one come close to knowing the truth. Compare the front page of the New York Times from fifty, forty, or thirty years ago to one today, and the change is telling and sad to see. Rather than a robust culture of free speech, censorship is pervasive by the legacy and social media, Big Tech, and by a ubiquitous and devilish culture of self-censorship.

American universities were once the envy of the world, as lively academies of intellectual debate and devoted to the pursuit of knowledge are now factories of indoctrination. Their law, medical, engineering, and business schools have also been transformed into political instruments that advance the “Party Line.” Unbelievably, thought control in K-12 is even worse. Popular culture fell a long time ago, and most of it is simply a contemporary version of Soviet entertainment where the heroic worker and peasant defeat the evil capitalist and priest. Worse still is the promotion of degeneracy and decadence with gender reassignment led by a teacher’s union that more resembles a Clockwork Orange ensemble than as the protectors of the most vulnerable in our society—our children.

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New York Democrat Dan Goldman continues to expand Judge Merchan’s vast conflicts of interest. Rep.Goldman has been mailing checks from his campaign to Judge Merchan’s daughter’s personal home in Richmond, Virginia. Authentic Campaigns is based in Chicago and Washington, D.C. Making matters worse, in an apparent attempt to cover up that he was sending checks to Merchan’s daughter’s home, Rep.Goldman wrote the checks to Authentic Campaign instead of Authentic Campaigns. This is a major FEC violation. Laura Loomer exclusively reported that Rep. Goldman is a client of Authentic Campaigns. Goldman said on MSNBC Monday that he “deposed Michael Cohen and met with him several times to prepare him” to testify against President Trump in Trump’s New York trial. Loomer was the first to report that Judge Merchan’s daughter, Loren, is the partner and part-owner of Authentic Campaigns, a firm whose “featured client “is the Biden-Harris Campaign. Goldman’s actions prove that the rule of law has disintegrated in Joe Biden’s America.

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The book proves that the true ancestors of  western Jewry were not Semites, but rather the warrior empire of the khazars, a mighty power that converted to Judaism in the dark ages, and whose subsequent exodus gave birth to the main stream of the Jewish people as they now exist.

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Representative Daniel Goldman (D-NY) appears to have sent over $160,000 in checks to the home address of Loren Merchan — the daughter of Judge Juan Merchan, who presides over former President Donald J. Trump‘s Manhattan hush money trial. The National Pulse reported Tuesday that Goldman acknowledged preparing disgraced serial perjurer Michael Cohen for his cross-examination by Trump’s defense attorneys, which occurred during the trial this week.

Judge Merchan placed a gag order on former President Trump, preventing him from discussing the judge’s daughter and her company, which raises money for numerous Democrat politicians and campaign organizations. The close personal relationship between Goldman and Loren Merchan suggests a clear conflict of interest for Judge Juan Merchan. Former President Trump’s legal team has already pushed the judge several times to recuse himself.

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Justin Trudeau’s Canada is proposing a new law that would arrest and detain people for future crimes they haven’t even committed.

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David DePape, the man convicted of attacking and injuring Paul Pelosi with a hammer in October 2022, was sentenced Friday to 30 years in prison. Prosecutors had asked for a 40-year sentence for DePape, who was convicted of breaking into Paul and Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco home in Pacific Heights and attacking Paul Pelosi, then 82, with a hammer in the early morning hours of Oct. 28, 2022.

Webmaster addition: Left unsaid; why were both men in their underwear!

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With Joe Biden sinking in the polls like a corrupt, senile inflatable duck with a hole in the bottom, Democrats are using all their resources to answer one question: Why don’t Americans like Democrat policies when Democrat policies are so great?

The search for answers began after Congresswoman and Conniving Harridan Nancy Pelosi was invited to speak at Oxford University so British students could hear what their language sounds like after you take all the meaning out of it.

Harridan Pelosi told the students that Americans are (and this is a real quote), “Poor souls who are looking for some answers. We Democrats have given them the answers, but they’re blocked by some of their views on guns, gays, and God, by which they mean a woman’s right to choose — and the cultural issues cloud some of their reception of an argument that really is in their interest.”

Now some of the Oxford students felt Pelosi’s words revealed that arrogant Democrat elites are completely ignorant about the ideas of ordinary people, while other students were too busy playing Candy Crush on their phones to hear what she said. But here at home, Democrats immediately decided to find out, why poor American souls won’t accept Democrat answers, when Democrat answers are so great.

Webmaster addition: Well, let's see. Wide  open borders bringing criminals, drugs, and disease. Gay sex being taught in the public schools. Collapsing infrastructure. Soaring inflation. Afghanistan. Ukraine. Israel.

Pelosi suffers from a common Democratic delusion; that their ideas are great but you "deplorables" are just too stupid to understand.

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President Biden faced a major setback after the DOJ appointed a special counsel to investigate him. Robert Hur interviewed Biden several times over classified documents he illegally kept at his home and office.

But the special counsel declined pressing charges, due to Biden’s shockingly poor memory.

Hur revealed that Biden performed so poorly during interviews, he would be unable to stand trial. This was a huge blow to Biden’s credibility. Congress requested to see the recordings of these infamous recordings. Now, Biden is doing something Democrats blasted Trump for trying to do.

From Breitbart:
President Joe Biden asserted executive privilege on Thursday over his interview with special counsel Robert Hur to prevent Congress from obtaining his audio recordings.

During the president’s interview with Hur, Biden, 81, experienced mental lapses and “poor memory” at least seven times, according to a transcript obtained by Breitbart News…

“Demanding such sensitive and constitutionally-protected law enforcement materials from the Executive Branch because you want to manipulate them for potential political gain is inappropriate.”

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In the recently released BBC documentary Better Off Dead?, disability rights activist Liz Carr interviewed Dr. Ellen Wiebe, Canada’s most notorious euthanasia doctor. Wiebe is also an abortionist and an activist with Dying With Dignity, the euthanasia lobby group seeking to expand eligibility for assisted suicide in Canada even further. Wiebe’s attempted defence of Canada’s euthanasia regime backfired when throughout her interview, she laughed and smiled as she discussed ending the lives of patients. 

“I love my job,” she told Carr. “I’ve always loved being a doctor and I delivered over 1,000 babies and I took care of families, but this is the very best work I’ve ever done in the last seven years. And people ask me why, and I think well, doctors like grateful patients, and nobody is more grateful than my patients now and their families.” Her euthanasia patients, it must be noted, are dead. As one disturbed watcher noted on social media: “Enjoying her job a little too much, I felt.” Many others concurred.  

Carr pushed Wiebe several times on the threat euthanasia poses to vulnerable populations, but Wiebe was having none of it. “I’ve certainly met people who are no more disabled than I am saying that life is not acceptable in this state,” she said. “And I would say, ‘Hm, you and I are different.’ But not different in the sense of wanting to have some control.” Carr responded: “For me, I’m concerned that giving the option and the right to a group of people puts another group of people at risk. But I don’t feel you see that as a worry.” 

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