The philosopher Karl Popper argued that a theory can’t be considered scientific unless there is a way to test it and prove whether it is true or false. It’s therefore ironic that societies that claim to follow “the science” are constantly accused of “white supremacy,” an unfalsifiable concept backed by many who see themselves as democracy’s defenders or, like George Soros, Karl Popper’s ideological heirs. There is no need for evidence. Whites can be barely involved in an outrage; it’s still our fault.

The once-great American city of Memphis, Tennessee, is now just another majority-black ruin. In 2021, the city government dug up the body of General Nathan Bedford Forrest and his wife and reburied them elsewhere, likewise removing his beautiful equestrian statue. Then-mayor A. C. Wharton said the Forrest statue came from “a time gone by” that’s “not to be honored.” Presumably the present city, which recently broke its own homicide record, is morally superior.

Last fall, a black career criminal who had been released early from prison very likely killed Eliza Fletcher, a Memphis teacher who was white. Another black man, Ezekiel Kelly, went on a shooting spree in the city, killing four and wounding three. He broadcast it all on Facebook Live.

Tucker Carlson used Memphis to symbolize the fall of America:

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Even in a city that is nearly 82 percent white and two percent black, the reality of “white privilege” is tested. And it turns out this omnipotent belief somehow keeping black people from succeeding in life has absolutely no potency when confronted with reality of the truly privileged in America.

His name is Dr. Michael Mammone, a white doctor simply biking while white in Dana Point, California, whom a black male decided needed to die because of his “white privilege.” [Suspect accused of stabbing California doctor to death spoke of ‘White privilege’ during attack, witness says: The Orange County Sheriff’s Office have yet to determine a motive in Michael Mammone’s murder, Fox News, February 6, 2023]:

An anonymous witness who spoke to a local ABC affiliate said the suspect who allegedly struck a biker before stabbing him to death in Southern California last Wednesday muttered about “White privilege” during the incident.

The neighbor, who declined to be interviewed on camera, said she and her family heard what sounded like a gunshot before the attack against emergency room physician Michael Mammone, 58, and then heard the suspect issue the racial slur, according to ABC7.

Mammone was killed by a motorist in an attack in the coastal city of Dana Point while he was on an afternoon bicycle ride last week, according to authorities. The suspect, who also allegedly stabbed Mammone, was identified as 39-year-old Vanroy Evan Smith after being detained by bystanders and arrested on suspicion of murder.

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Low-income women in some cities are more likely than their wealthier counterparts to be targeted by Google ads promoting anti-abortion crisis pregnancy centers when they search for abortion care, researchers at the Tech Transparency Project have found.

The research builds on previous findings detailing how Google directs users searching for abortion services to so-called crisis centers – organizations that have been known to pose as abortion clinics in an attempt to steer women away from accessing abortion care.

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Give the Biden Regime credit for one thing: creativity in finding excuses to release illegal aliens that should, of course, not only be in custody but also deported. The Department of Homeland Security has decided that the accidental release of an illegal alien’s personal information is a get-out-of-detention free card and chance to stay in the country. Thus did DHS set free almost 3,000 illegals to further colonize—and terrorize—the heartland. Naturally, the latest administrative Amnesty cooked up by unindicted visa fraudster Alejandro Mayorkas has no basis in immigration law, but a little thing like the law hasn’t stopped Mayorkas and Biden before. After all, they refuse to enforce it. No measure, it seems, is too extreme if it pushes ahead the dispossession and replacement of the Historic American Nation.

The Amnesty doesn’t have a name, but it appears to build on crime-victim visas. Illegals have long abused the U Non-Immigrant Visa, a path to lawful permanent residency. Another is the T NIV  for alleged victims of trafficking. My guess: These could be permanently expanded to include the illegal-alien “victims” of the government’s publicly exposing, however briefly, their personally identifiable information. The result might not just be release but also the reward of a green card.

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The Anarcho-Tyranny sent a strong message to ranchers on the southwest border whose homes and properties are invaded, trashed, and sometimes robbed by illegal aliens. You better not tangle with illegal aliens, and if you do, you better not kill one. Cops in Santa Cruz, Arizona have charged a 73-year-old rancher with first-degree murder in connection with the killing of a Mexican illegal on January 30.

George Alan Kelly’s ranch is about a mile-and-a-half from the border.

The justice of the peace, Emilio Velasquez, set bond at $1 million and refused to reduce it even after Kelly explained that his wife would be alone.

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A new report from Revolver News documents how the Joe Biden administration is trying to put a popular internet voice in jail for the Hillary Clinton memes he posted during the 2016 presidential race.

That was when Clinton became a two-time loser in the presidential sweepstakes.

Calling it the "most important First Amendment case you've never heard of," the report explains how Biden's Department of Justice is accusing Douglass Mackey of "conspiring …. to deprive individuals of their constitutional right to vote."

What did he do?

Posted anti-Hillary memes that were based on the age-old joke that members of the "other" party, in this case Democrats, "are so stupid they'd probably believe someone telling them election day is Wednesday."

"At the risk of being tedious, we will explain: memes promoting incorrect election dates are old hat. People have been making them online and in print since at least 2000, and who are we kidding, probably well before that. They’re either a humorous indication of one’s desire to win a race, or else a political in-joke," the report explained.

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China has told the United States the balloon it shot down last weekend “does not belong to America” as the search for debris in the Atlantic continued.

Foreign ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning made the comments during a scheduled press conference in Beijing on Tuesday, adding that the balloon “is Chinese”. She said: “The Chinese government will continue to resolutely defend its legitimate rights and interests.”

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Mere days after the United States pompously announced that it has soundly defeated an adrift weather balloon, another absurdity has taken the headlines in the mainstream media. Apparently, China somehow managed to overtake America in the number of ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missile) launchers. This was reported by the Wall Street Journal on February 7, citing the Senate and House Armed Services Committees. According to WSJ, the commander of the US Strategic Command, which oversees America’s nuclear forces, notified the US Congress about the supposed Chinese advantage.

“The number of land-based fixed and mobile ICBM launchers in China exceeds the number of ICBM launchers in the United States,” the commander stated.

The author of the WSJ article himself admitted that the US is currently modernizing its entire nuclear triad (land, sea and air-launched nuclear weapons) and that “it has a much larger nuclear force than China”. The Strategic Command also notified US lawmakers that America still has more land-based ICBMs than China, as well as several times more thermonuclear warheads mounted on those missiles. Worse yet, the report doesn’t even include SLBMs (submarine-launched ballistic missiles) and strategic bombers that make the US dominance even more pronounced.

But US officials and experts are claiming that “many of China’s land-based launchers still consist of empty silos”, meaning that Beijing “potentially has more launch options”. The lawmakers cited these launchers as “a portent of the scale of China’s longer-range ambitions and are urging the US to expand its own nuclear forces to counter the Russian and Chinese forces”. According to Mike Rogers, chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, “China is rapidly approaching parity with the United States”.

“We cannot allow that to happen. The time for us to adjust our force posture and increase capabilities to meet this threat is now,” Rogers stated.

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Centennial Elementary in Olympia, Washington created a club for 5th-grade BIPOC ("Black, Indigenous, People of Color") students, that excludes white students.

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The U.S. State Department has issued warnings and threats to Erdogan if he follows through on his plan to have a neighborly relationship with Syria.

On February 3, the Turkish interior minister, Suleyman Soylu, blasted the U.S. Ambassador to Turkey, Jeffry L. Flake, saying, “Take your dirty hands off of Turkey.”

The outrage was prompted after Washington and eight European countries issued travel warnings over possible terror attacks in Turkey. The U.S. and its western allies have attempted to connect a recent Quran burning in Sweden with travel danger inside Turkey. Muslim countries worldwide have denounced the burning as hate speech, not free speech, but this has no apparent connection to travel safety issues inside Turkey.

The U.S. travel warning is tantamount to a declaration of economic war on Turkey who is in an economic downturn of its tourism sector, which was 11 % of the GDP in 2019, representing $78.2 billion, and rose to $17.95 billion in the third quarter of 2022, of which 85.7 percent came from foreign visitors. In 2018, tourism directly accounted for 7.7% of total employment in Turkey.

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The French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has come under fire for publishing a cartoon which mocked the devastating earthquakes which hit Turkey and Syria on Monday. 

Shared as the "drawing of the day" on its Twitter account, the cartoon by artist Juin showed a damaged building, a toppled car and a heap of rubble with the caption: "No need to send tanks."

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Former Marine Corps intelligence officer Scott Ritter answers his critics who accuse him of being a “Russian stooge”.

Former Marine Corps intelligence officer Scott Ritter answers his critics who accuse him of being a “Russian stooge” and an “anti-American traitor” owing to his trenchant criticism of U.S. involvement in the Ukraine war with Russia.

Ritter says, “they can go to hell!” He adds, “my job is to tell the truth based on fact-based analysis”.

“I do not serve the U.S. government, I serve the people and the Constitution,” says Ritter.

Ritter explains what guides his military and geopolitical views – “fact-based analysis”. He says this truth-telling has always got him in trouble with the Pentagon, the CIA and the U.S. government. He recounts how in his past career he had major scrapes with military and political superiors while working as a U.S. weapons inspector based in the Soviet Union and later as an intelligence officer during the First Gulf War in Iraq in the early 1990s.

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The Israeli government announced plans to construct a new illegal settlement in the Negev desert area near the besieged Gaza Strip, a decision immediately denounced by the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tweeted on 5 February, “We decided today during a cabinet session to develop a new settlement adjacent to the Gaza Strip in conjunction with the Minister of Construction and Housing, Yitzhak Goldknopf.”

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Israel’s far-right National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir threatened to shower 50 missiles on Gaza in response to each missile fired from the Strip, Israeli media reported.

According to the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, Ben-Gvir said the Israeli response to Palestinian Resistance attacks must be comprehensive.

Ben-Gvir added that he hopes the government will implement his vision of responding to Hamas rockets, adding that he is optimistic and believes this will materialize.

Israeli forces killed 42 Palestinians since the beginning of 2023, including nine children and an elderly woman.

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Unable to stop Russia’s advance on the front line, the Ukrainian military continues daily shelling of civilians in the regions they have lost. Every day, people are killed by Ukrainian artillery in the city of Donetsk and other settlements of the DPR and LPR.

On February 7, one of the Ukrainian attacks hit the Kievsky district of Donetsk located in the south-western part of the city. Ukrainian Nazis intentionally targeted a bus station on Semashko Avenue.

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In his State of the Union address on Tuesday night, President Biden took aim at China and said winning the “competition” with Beijing should “unite all of us.”

“Before I came to office, the story was about how the People’s Republic of China was increasing its power and America was falling in the world. Not anymore,” the president said.

Biden insisted that he made clear to Chinese President Xi Jinping that he seeks “competition, not conflict.” But the president said he makes “no apologies” for the fact that the US was investing in “industries that will define the future, and that China’s government is intent on dominating.”

Part of President Biden’s strategy to compete with China is through harsh sanctions that intend to cripple China’s semiconductor industry. As part of this effort, his administration is pressuring Japan and the Netherlands to also limit chip exports to China.

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Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad has highlighted Syria’s need for humanitarian assistance after the recent devastating earthquake, warning that the US sanctions have worsened the circumstances as the illegal bans have prevented the delivery of everything to the country. 

Mekdad made the remarks in an interview with Lebanon's al-Mayadeen television network on Tuesday after a 7.8-magnitude earthquake rattled Turkey and Syria, leaving more than 7,800 people dead and thousands of others injured in the two neighboring countries.

“The catastrophe of the earthquake that struck Syria is great, and what has increased its depth is the difficult circumstances that the country has been going through for the past 12 years as it is fighting terrorism and its supporters,” Mekdad told al-Mayadeen television network.

“What exacerbated the tragedy and catastrophe was the sanctions imposed by the United States and Western countries on Syria,” he added, reiterating his appeal to all the world countries to provide the required assistance to the Syrian people to confront the humanitarian catastrophe.

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A controversial Israeli regime minister from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's extreme-right cabinet vows that the regime's illegal settlement activities in the occupied West Bank will continue unabated.

"There will be no construction freeze in Judea and Samaria period," a statement from Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich's Religious Zionism party said on Tuesday, referring to the West Bank.

The remarks by Smotrich -- who has raised eyebrows before on many occasions through his incendiary remarks -- came less than a week after the UN announced that the regime had either demolished, forced owners to demolish or confiscated 88 Palestinian-owned structures throughout the occupied territory within an interval of about three weeks last month.

The report by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in Palestine offered the grim data in its biweekly Protection of Civilians report that covered the period between January 10 and 30.

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Let us take Biden at his word (though one can reasonably argue he does not comprehend what he is saying most of the time) — World War III has started. We have not seen a comparable back flip like Biden’s reversal on sending M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine since Nadia Comaneci wowed the World with her performance at the 1976 Olympics.

Will Biden double down and answer President Zelenskyy’s impassioned calls for American-made F-16s? If past performance predicts the future then the answer is yes. But sending F-16s (or any other combat aircraft) to Ukraine is a real problem. Don’t take my word for it. Listen to Professor Justin Bronk, Editor of the RUSI Defence Systems:

First and foremost is the problem of Russia’s dense and highly lethal network of ground-based surface-to-air missile (SAM) systems. The skies over the frontlines in Ukraine are covered by multiple layers of air defence threats from large, long-range systems like the infamous SA-21 ‘Triumf’ (known in Russia as the S-400) to more numerous and mobile medium-range SAMs like the SA-17 ‘Buk’ and short-range SA-15 ‘Tor’.

The US has supplied significant numbers of the AGM-88 High-Speed Anti-Radiation Missile (HARM) to the UkrAF. . . . but HARM has not come close to removing the threat from Russia’s air defences against Ukrainian jets.

This matters because any western jet that might plausibly be supplied to Ukraine will face the same major threat from Russian SAMs. Even the full might of Nato air power would require a serious campaign at scale to degrade Russia’s integrated air defence systems, and would take losses doing so. . . .

However, in the largely flat terrain of eastern and southern Ukraine there is a limit to how effective terrain masking can be, and in any case flying at very low altitudes would seriously reduce the effectiveness of combat aircraft in many key missions.

In other words, Ukraine needs the equivalent of the U.S. Air Force if it hopes to weaken Russia on the battlefield. That is not going to happen. If Ukraine succeeds in getting the planes and flying them in combat the most likely outcome is an astronomical cost in terms of air frames and pilots.

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A deadlock in negotiations on restoring the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) on Iran’s nuclear program may lead to "uncontrolled escalation," Russian Permanent Representative to International Organizations in Vienna Mikhail Ulyanov said on Wednesday.

"The deadlock at the Vienna Talks on restoration of the JCPOA is fraught with uncontrolled escalation," the Russian diplomat wrote on his Telegram channel.

EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said earlier Iran’s stance on a number of issues complicates the process of reaching an agreement on JCPOA.

In 2015, the five permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany signed the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), also known as the "Iran Nuclear Deal," with Tehran, which was supposed to help address the crisis around Iranian nuclear developments. Former US President Donald Trump decided to withdraw from this agreement. The current US leader Joe Biden has repeatedly signaled the readiness to bring Washington back into the nuclear deal.

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Part three of the documentary series “Never Again” by Children’s Health Defense warns that the “extraordinarily evil” ideology behind Nazi Germany is manifesting today in biotech- and surveillance-enabled control of humanity.

In the third segment of her docuseries, Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav and the now-deceased Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, known for his successful COVID prophylaxis protocol, both caution that eugenics, the root of the Holocaust’s genocide, is still alive today, having only been “dormant” for a few decades, according to Zelenko.

Sharav suggested that eugenics ideology, which categorizes human beings as “inferior” or “superior,” threatens to ravage society through the use of transhumanist technology. While such technology is touted as enhancing our natural abilities, it is already expected that “mind reading” devices, for example, will be used to monitor brain activity in the workplace, triggering concerns that the tech will enable brain-based discrimination. Sharav pointed out that in theory transhumanist technology allows humans to be “totally” controlled.

“You’ve got biotechnology and surveillance technology, and when the two get together, that’s lethal. That leads to genocide,” Sharav warned.

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Starting in 2002, select nations could fly unarmed spy planes over America’s military bases, including its nuclear weapons sites. Under the Open Skies Treaty, any signatory nation could begin an overflight with as little as 72-hours’ notice. The aim was to reassure parties to the treaty that none were preparing a surprise attack. 

“If we’re going to attack,” the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark A. Milley, told Red China’s top general in 2020, “I’m going to call you ahead of time. It’s not going to be a surprise.” China then had only Milley to reassure it because China never signed the Open Skies treaty. But Russia did. Between 2002 and 2020, Russia made dozens of flights over the United States. 

President Trump pulled out of the Open Skies treaty in 2020 after Russia refused the United States flights over Russian bases in Kaliningrad and Georgia. Enter Joe Biden. Notoriously pro-China and anti-Russia along with the rest of the leftist Western regime, how would he and his administration have viewed a request by China to overfly military bases in the continental United States? 

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A newborn baby girl was found alive underneath a collapsed building in Syria after devastating earthquakes rocked the Middle East Monday. Her umbilical cord was still attached to her mother, who died during the natural disaster.
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Actor Alec Baldwin’s attorneys filed papers on Tuesday demanding that the special prosecutor who was assigned to the “Rust” shooting case be removed.
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White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre appeared to blow off Americans’ apparent concerns about a potential second term for President Joe Biden, saying simply, “Polls go up. Polls go down.”
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