“One of the creeping hands of totalitarianism running through the democracy is the Federal Bureau of Investigation... Because why does the FBI do all this? To scare the hell out of people… They work for the establishment and the corporations and the politicos to keep things as they are. And they want to frighten and chill the people who are trying to change things.” -- Howard Zinn, historian

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Following a long legal battle, Germany's public health agency, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), has released the confidential protocols showing that it was aware "lockdowns cause more harm than good" and evidence for "making masks mandatory was lacking." The RKI voiced concerns in 2020 that shutting down German society could lead to increased child mortality and other negative outcomes. The RKI experts also disagreed with the implementation of mask mandates for FFP2 masks, saying there was a lack of data supporting such measures as being valuable to protecting health.
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The first battle between democracy and fascism was said to be the Spanish Civil War, which was also a prelude to the second world war. Although, George Orwell (25 June 1903 – 21 January 1950) has been quoted often in today’s battle between democracy and fascism, but rarely is it mentioned that in December, 1936 he left his English home and in the midst of the brutal civil war arrived in Barcelona, Spain volunteering to fight on the side of the Republicans. In his book ‘Homage to Catalonia‘ an eye witness account of the Spanish Civil War, he documents his experience and wrote that the “infighting between parties was ultimately stronger than their commitment to fight the fascists.” Yet here we are again. Have we learned anything from history or are we ignoring it and making those same mistakes again?
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“We have lived through a dark time” said Professor Dr. Stefan Homburg in a speech delivered last year and was reported in the Exposé soon after. However, the video of the speech has had a new lease of life on the X platform and is said to have gone viral. Dr David Cartland shared the video and wrote in his Tweet: “Penny is dropping everywhere! I wouldn’t want to be a covid cultist/jabaholic doctor/nurse or one that knows deep down what’s happened and the collateral harms/injuries/deaths but is remaining silent to calling out the biggest medical fraud/crime ever committed on humanity! Justice is coming…..the house of cards is collapsing!”
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JK Rowling has vented her anger online over Scotland's new hate crime law, warning it will muzzle free speech and criminalise something as simple as using the wrong pronouns.
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In Climate: The Movie, William Happer, the former physics professor at Princeton, describes the Central England Temperature (CET) record as a “world treasure” since it provides continuous recordings from 1659 – over 350 years. It shows a rise just over 1°C from the depths of the Little Ice Age to the present day. These days, the CET is under the control of the politicised Met Office, keen to catastrophise weather and climate in the interest of promoting Net Zero. Recent revisions have retrospectively cooled the near past and boosted readings from the last 20 years. In addition, the Daily Sceptic can reveal that two of the three measuring stations currently used to add to this scientific treasure are taken from near-junk class 4 sites that come with official ‘uncertainties’ of up to 2°C.

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Nearly 2,000 motorists, who are mostly tourists, are stranded after a portion of scenic Highway 1 collapsed in the Big Sur region of California over the weekend. California Department of Transporation officials reported on Saturday afternoon that chunks of asphalt from the southbound lane of Highway 1, located near the Rocky Creek Bridge, fell into the ocean after heavy rain hit the area. The bridge’s collapse caused the California Highway Patrol to immediately close the highway, resulting in nearly 2,000 tourists being stranded in the area.
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An Israeli airstrike reportedly killed Iran’s senior commander in Damascus, Syria. Mohammed Reza Zahedi, Iran’s top general in the Quds Force of the IRGC, was killed along with his lieutenant and several other high-ranking officers, according to Reuters. The Iranian consulate was reportedly flattened in the airstrike. Hezbollah, a Lebanese terrorist group that acts as Iran’s proxy in Syria and the surrounding region, vowed revenge. “This crime will not pass without the enemy receiving punishment and revenge,” Hezbollah said.
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On Easter Sunday, El Paso Magistrate Judge Humberto Acosta ordered the release of a large group of illegal immigrants accused of participating in a violent encounter with National Guard troops along the Rio Grande. The incident, which took place on March 21, has been described by authorities as a “border riot,” during which illegal immigrants, predominantly men from Venezuela, overwhelmed security measures and clashed with National Guard forces.
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In a press release, Niagara Regional Chair Jim Bradley said he issued a state of emergency “out of an abundance of caution.”

Bradley continued in the press release, “Declaring a State of Emergency under the EMCPA strengthens the tools the Region has at its disposal to safeguard the health and safety of residents and visitors and protect our critical infrastructure in any scenario that might arise.”

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Tuesday, Apr 02, 2024 - 04:45 AM

Several of the most dangerous countries in the world fall within a small radius in the Caribbean, a longstanding hotbed for organized crime.

These countries have homicide rates that are more than fourfold the rate of America, which stands at 6.4 per 100,000 people. Going further, the vast majority of killings are driven by criminal activity using illegal guns that are often smuggled in from the United States.

This graphic, via Visual Capitalist's Niccolo Conte, shows the countries with the highest murder rates, based on data from UNODC.


With a murder rate that is almost 10 times higher than the global average, Jamaica ranks first.

In January alone, there were 65 killings across the country, leading the State Department to heighten travel warnings for Americans. Not only that, homicides are even becoming more common in all-inclusive resorts. Often, police action is lackluster in response to the ongoing deadly incidents, and prosecution is slow.

Along with Jamaica, island nations Trinidad and Tobago and the Bahamas fall on this list.

Ranking sixth globally is South Africa, with a homicide rate of 34 per 100,000 people. Last year, 75 people on average were killed each day, while robberies averaged 400 daily. One part of the problem is that the country is known to have widespread criminal activity across mining, construction, and taxi industries. Another major factor is that the country serves as a transit hub for illicit drugs that are transported from Afghanistan to Europe.

In South America, Ecuador ranks as the most dangerous country, driven by escalating gang violence. While the country had some of the lowest homicide rates in the region in 2019, drug gangs have increasingly gripped the country.

In January, gang members stormed a news station, detonated bombs through the streets, and kidnapped policemen when the president issued a state of emergency after a notorious cartel leader escaped from prison. More recently, an Ecuadoran mayor was found dead amid the country’s third month in emergency lockdowns.

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Finding a job can often be a Sisyphean task in this rapidly changing modern economy. Highly sought after skills come and go, following the greater tides of technology change, marketplace behavior, and shifting consumer patterns.

After all, take a look at what’s happening in the tech world.

Education plays an important role in this job hunting business of course. And some skill sets are losing their sheen, with their practitioners having a harder time than others in securing gainful employment.

But which ones are the worst right now?

We visualize the top 10 U.S. college majors, ranked by their unemployment rate, including their underemployment rate for additional context. These figures are of recent college graduates (those aged 22–27 with a bachelor’s degree or higher) and are sourced from the New York Federal Reserve, current up to February 2024.

ℹ️ Underemployment is when workers are working less than full-time or in insufficient jobs for their training.

Ranked: U.S. Majors with the Highest Unemployment Rates

Heading the first three spots on this list are all the majors with “art” in their name.

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Is this an April Fool's Day joke? While Democrats have spent the better part of the last six months insisting that President Biden is a well-oiled galaxy brain behind closed doors, the POTUS clearly can't keep up with his Marxist handlers.

Point in case, when asked about proclaiming Easter Sunday "trans day of visibility," Biden flat out denied it.

"I didn't do that," Biden reportedly said when asked about the proclamation, RealClear Politics' Philip Wegmann reports.

When asked about Speaker Johnson's claim that he had, Biden replied, "he's thoroughly uninformed."

Claire's Observations:  Even the Cognitive Klutzes allegedly representing American Womanhood  on "The View" are going to have a difficult time with this  :-)

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Monday, Apr 01, 2024 - 05:38 PM

Update(1838ET): Monitors cited in AFP report the death toll from Monday's Israeli air strike on the Iranian embassy complex in Damascus has risen to 11. "The death toll from the Israeli strikes on the Iranian embassy annex has risen to 11: eight Iranians, two Syrians and one Lebanese -- all of them fighters, none of them civilians," AFP quoted the war monitor as saying.

Regional and international reaction came hours later, with Lebanese Hezbollah -- a close ally of Iran -- vowing that Israel will be "punished" for the attack. As we detailed earlier (below), several top IRGC commanders were killed in the strike at a moment a high-level military meeting was taking place.

Russia's Foreign Ministry reacted as follows: "We strongly condemn this attack on the Iranian consular office in Syria. We consider any attacks on diplomatic and consular facilities, the inviolability of which is guaranteed by the relevant Vienna Conventions, to be categorically unacceptable."

However, Russia has by and large taken a back seat when it comes to responding to Israeli attacks on Syria. Israeli aircraft typically fire on Syria from over nearby Lebanese airspace, but Syrians have increasingly wondered why Moscow doesn't use its significant anti-air systems parked in the region to defend against such attacks on its ally the Assad government. But Russia and Israel apparently reached a status quo deal years ago, which allow for the Israeli raids as long as they are ostensibly targeting 'Iranian assets'

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Recent revelations have shed light on a startling reality: Housing inflation is grossly underestimated by official metrics. The government’s methodology, particularly changes made in 1983 in measuring housing inflation, paints a misleading picture. Instead of utilizing real-world data, the government relies on proxies, potentially skewing inflation numbers downward. This discrepancy is further exacerbated by the staggering rise in median mortgage payments for homebuyers, surging by a whopping 78% over the past three years. This surge in housing costs has priced many aspiring homeowners out of the market, exacerbating the affordability crisis.
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