Jeffrey Epstein was convicted of sex trafficking charges before committing suicide [we are told]  while incarcerated.

Since then, his alleged partner in crime has also stood trial. Now, the rabbit hole into the sex trafficking operation is getting deeper. The U.S. Virgin Islands accuse a bank of being a key player in the operation.

The Daily Wire says, “The disgraced hedge fund manager owned Little St. James, a part of the island system considered a territory of the United States, where he may have hosted several high-profile lawmakers and business leaders. JPMorgan allegedly concealed transactions that raised suspicion of the sex trafficking enterprise, according to the lawsuit, which was obtained by The New York Times and Bloomberg.”

The lawsuit points out that JPMorgan Chase would usually have seen and investigated the transactions that paid people in the sex trafficking ring. However, the bank hid the transactions instead of investigating and reporting them.

Webmaster addition: More and more it looks like Epstein's island full of underage honey-traps was part of an intelligence operation.

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A U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that a Washington State middle school teacher was exercising his right of free speech while wearing his MAGA hat at school training sessions.

MAGA hat is free speech, says court in reviving threatened teacher's lawsuit

— Reuters (@Reuters) December 30, 2022


The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said there was no evidence that teacher, Eric Dodge, had caused any disruption by wearing his MAGA hat to teacher-only trainings at his Vancouver, Washington, school.

Dodge said the principal, Caroline Garrett, called him a racist and homophobe and he would need a union rep if he wore the hat again.

Garrett reportedly told Dodge that other faculty members were offended by the hat.

Dodge sued Garrett and the school district, claiming retaliation against his free-speech rights.

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19-year-old Trevor Bickford, from Wells, Maine, is the kid who injured three NYPD officers with a machete in an unprovoked attack in Times Square. He was on the FBI' watchlist' after being radicalized. 

UK's Daily Mail wrote, "the FBI in Boston do have an open case on him," and "he is on a 'guardian list' because of his radicalization."

Sources told NYPost that Bickford traveled via Amtrak train to NYC with "camping gear, a diary and a last will and testament" before he pulled off the machete attack. 

"Published reports reveal that Bickford appeared to be a typical American teenager before he allegedly became radicalized in the years after sources said his father died of an overdose in 2018," NYPost continued. 

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“Zero non-COVID” is the name that people in China are calling the regime’s new pandemic management policy. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has aggressively pushed the whole country towards an all-COVID-positive state.

China’s annual rubber-stamp legislature is usually in session during the month of March. It is widely expected that the coming session will focus on saving China’s economy because it is on the edge of collapse after the three-year long zero-COVID policy.

Party leader Xi Jinping is clearly willing to pay any price to reopen the country.

Government employees of Chongqing City in Sichuan Province and Zhejiang Province received notices telling them return to their offices to work even if they have tested positive for COVID-19, as long as their symptoms are mild.

The total population of Chongqing City is more than 31 million, and Zhejiang province more than 57 million.

Rumors on the Chinese internet talked about local governments of Chongqing City and Zhejiang Province being criticized by Beijing because these regions were too slow to reach a high percentage of COVID positive patients.

A local official in Shanghai told The Epoch Times on Dec. 27 that his office had received instructions to do whatever it could to push the city into the COVID peak status.

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China got away with its first BIG laboratory-manufactured coronavirus pandemic in 2020. So did Dr. Fauci who helped fund the gain of function research. There was never any repercussions for creating the virus or for allowing the virus to spread and then lying to the global community about their role in the deadly pandemic.
By: orraz
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Anthony Fauci is finally gone from his government perch. Let us recall that it was he who set this calamity in motion, squandering his credibility, while taking down public health and much else with it. More than anyone, he bears responsibility, even if he was acting on others’ behalf. That is especially true if he was carrying out a hidden agenda (take your pick of theories). 

There was already growing political and societal panic on March 11, 2020, when the House Oversight and Reform Committee convened a hearing on the new virus circulating. Fauci was the key witness. The only question on everyone’s mind came down to the most primal fear: am I going to die from this thing, like in the movies?

This was one day before Trump’s announcement of the travel ban from Europe, the UK, and Australia, essentially sealing the borders of the US to an extent never before attempted, thus separating families and loved ones and trapping billions of people in their nation states. It was five days before the evil declaration by all health authorities to immediately shut down all places where people could congregate. 

These few days will remain a case study in irrationality and crowd madness. Fauci, on the day of his testimony, however, seemed like a paragon of stability. He was calm and clear, nearly bloodness in his tone. The substance of what he said, at the same time, was clearly designed to generate panic and create the conditions for a full lockdown. 

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The most recent results from cable news show that CNN and MSNBC are cratering and FOX isn’t too far behind.
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Life and work in the 21st century is increasingly reliant on modern technology, with a country’s digital quality of life playing a massive role on people’s day-to-day.

Some countries excel in internet access and affordability, while others have more modern digital systems and relevant laws. And, as Visual Capitalist's Omri Wallach details belowmany regions of the world suffer with lacking digital infrastructure and access across the board.

The 2022 Digital Quality of Life Index (DQL) from Surfshark analyzes countries on digital wellbeing, based on data from the UN, World Bank, Freedom House, and the International Communications Union.

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The elimination of cash bail in Illinois was set to go into effect on Sunday, January 1, 2023 but the state’s highest court halted the reform on Saturday.
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Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva was sworn in as Brazil's next president Sunday, and was greeted to cheers by hundreds of thousands of celebrating supporters packing the streets of the capital of Brasilia, after he defeated far-right incumbent Jair Bolsonaro in what was the tightest presidential race in over three decades.

"Our message to Brazil is one of hope and reconstruction," Lula said in an inaugural speech to Congress’ Lower House as his first act as president. "The great edifice of rights, sovereignty and development that this nation built has been systematically demolished in recent years. And to re-erect this edifice, we are going to direct all our efforts."

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In early December, Elon Musk released the Twitter Files, Part 4 report on the company’s discussions on the censoring and banning of United States President Donald Trump.
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After the Biden administration's chaotic withdrawal from transfer of power to the Taliban in Afghanistan, abandoned US military equipment which contain biometric data have been popping up on Ebay.

A Secure Electronic Enrollment Kit, or SEEK II, purchased by German researchers on eBay.Credit...Andreas Meichsner for The New York Times

Over the past year, German security researcher Matthias Marx and a small group of researchers at Chaos Computer Lab, a European hacker association, have bought six SEEK II (Secure Electronic Enrollment Kit) on the popular auction website, according to the NY Times.

The device, built as part of the Pentagon's vast biometric collection expansion following the Sept. 11, 2011 attacks, has a tiny screen, a little keyboard, and a mouse pad. It also contains a thumbprint reader under a hinged plastic lid, an iris scanner, and a camera. They contained biometric data at detainment facilities, on patrols, during screenings of local hires, and after the explosion of an IED. Officials at the time were concerned over a rash of shooting in which Afghan police and soldiers fired on American troops, and were hoping that biometric data could help identify any possible Taliban agents within their bases.

The shoebox-shaped device, designed to capture fingerprints and perform iris scans, was listed on eBay for $149.95. A German security researcher, Matthias Marx, successfully offered $68, and when it arrived at his home in Hamburg in August, the rugged, hand-held machine contained more than what was promised in the listing.

The device’s memory card held the names, nationalities, photographs, fingerprints and iris scans of 2,632 people.

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Democrat Senator Amy Klobuchar (MN) on Sunday called for regulations on social media companies for “misinformation” and “disinformation.”
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In over 99% of cases, flooding inevitably leads to panic over property damage, potential spread of disease, and even death. But for the nation’s filthiest and most amoral city, it counts as a long-overdue and essential bath.
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NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg claimed in an interview published Friday that the quickest path to peace in Ukraine is through NATO countries sending more weapons to Kyiv.

“It may sound like a paradox, but military support for Ukraine is the fastest way to peace,” Stoltenberg told the German news agency DPA. “We know that most wars end at the negotiating table – probably this war too – but we know that what Ukraine can achieve in these negotiations depends inextricably on the military situation.”

Stoltenberg’s comments come as there is no indication that Ukraine and Russia will come to the negotiating table. Kyiv maintains that its goal is to push Russia out of all the territory it has captured, including Crimea, while Moscow vows it’s not leaving the areas it has annexed.

Ukrainian officials are also demanding that Russia face war crimes tribunals before talks can even begin. While Stoltenberg said arming Ukraine is the fastest way toward peace, the support from the West has emboldened Ukraine to make such demands, and its hardline positions are unlikely to change as long as the aid keeps flowing.

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Israel launched more missile strikes on Syria early Monday, targeting the Damascus International Airport and putting it out of service as Israeli strikes against Syrian airports have become more frequent.

According to the Syrian military, the missile strikes killed two Syrian soldiers, wounded two more, and caused material damage in a nearby location. Israel rarely comments on its operations in Syria and has not acknowledged the strikes.

Israel frames its strikes in Syria as operations against Iran and Hezbollah, but they often kill Syrian soldiers and damage civilian infrastructure. Monday’s attacks marked the second time in seven months that Israel put the Damascus airport out of commission.

The UN said that Israel’s airstrikes on the Damascus airport last June halted the delivery of aid flights into Syria for two weeks. It’s not clear how badly Monday’s strikes damaged the airport or how long it will be out of commission.

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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Sunday called for an “exponential” increase in the production of nuclear weapons as tensions continue to soar on the Korean Peninsula.

In a statement released by North Korea’s state media, Kim said that Pyongyang must bolster its military to “safeguard our sovereignty, safety, and basic national interest to cope with the dangerous military moves by the US and other hostile forces that target us.”

He said that the current tensions “highlights the importance and necessity of mass producing tactical nuclear weapons and calls for an exponential increase of the country’s nuclear arsenal.”

North Korea launched a record number of weapons tests in 2022 as the US and South Korea resumed large-scale war games. According to The New York Times, Pyongyang launched 95 missiles, including some ICBMs, more than any other previous year.

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Just when Israel, and even some Palestinians, began talking about the Lions’ Den phenomenon in the past tense, a large number of fighters belonging to the newly-formed Palestinian group marched in the city of Nablus.

Unlike the group’s first appearance on September 2, the number of fighters who took part in the rally in the Old City of Nablus on December 9 was significantly larger, better equipped, with unified military fatigues and greater security precautions.

"The Den belongs to all of Palestine and believes in the unity of blood, struggle and rifles," a reference to the kind of collective Resistance that surpasses factional interests.

Needless to say, the event was significant. Only two months ago, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz undermined the group in terms of number and influence, estimating their number to be "of some 30 members," pledging to "get our hands on them (..) and eliminate them."

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Accusations of Chinese tyranny are often based on demands from Beijing that Google and Facebook comply with their censorship orders as a condition for remaining in China. Reports over the years suggested that these firms typically comply: Google was building a censored search engine suited to Chinese demands; The New York Times has claimed Facebook developed a censorship app as its entrance requirement to the Chinese market, and Vox accused Apple of succumbing to Chinese censorship demands by banning an app from its store that had been used by protesters in Hong Kong demanding liberation from control by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

But now the tables appeared to be turning when it comes to U.S. censorship demands and TikTok. Threats to ban or severely limit the Chinese-owned-and-controlled platform from the U.S. have been hovering over TikTok's head through both the Trump and Biden years. The most common justification offered for the threat is that TikTok's presence in the U.S. empowers China to propagandize Americans, a concern that escalated along with the platform's massive explosion among Americans. Since early 2021, TikTok has been the most-downloaded app both worldwide and in the U.S. In August, Pew Research conducted a “survey of American teenagers ages 13 to 17” and found that “TikTok has rocketed in popularity since its North American debut several years ago and now is a top social media platform for teens among the platforms covered in this survey.”

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Parts of Indian-administered Kashmir are tense after five civilians were killed in two separate attacks in the same area in less than 24 hours.

Four people were killed and nine injured after militants fired at three houses in Rajouri district on Sunday evening.

On Monday, a child died and four people were hurt after a blast took place near the same houses.

The cause of the blast was not immediately clear.

Top police officials have started an investigation into the incidents.

Sunday's attack has triggered protests and strikes in Rajouri as people blamed the local administration for the security lapse.

Posted on: Jan 02 09:18

North Korea has fired Pak Jong Chon, the second most powerful military official after leader Kim Jong Un, state media reported.

Pak, vice chairman of the Central Military Commission of the ruling Workers’ Party and a secretary of the party’s Central Committee, was replaced by Ri Yong Gil at the committee’s annual meeting last week, the official KCNA news agency said on Sunday.

No reason for the change was given. Pyongyang regularly revamps its leadership, and the year-end party gathering has often been used to announce personnel reshuffles and major policy decisions.

State television showed Pak sitting in the front row of the podium with his head down during the meeting while other members raised their hands to vote on personnel issues. His seat was later shown unoccupied.

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An Israeli lawmaker said on Sunday that the occupation of Palestinian territories was permanent at least "as of right now" in response to the United Nations vote on Israel's occupation on Friday. 

Zvika Fogel, a far-right MP in the governing coalition, added that he supports "applying sovereignty on all land that legally belongs to Israel," in an apparent reference to Israeli plans to annex the occupied West Bank

On Friday, the UN voted in favour of asking the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to provide an advisory opinion on Israel's 55-year-long occupation of Palestinian territories. 

The judgements of the Hague-based ICJ normally take between a year to two years to conclude. They are binding but the court has no power to enforce them.

Israeli politicians in both the governing coalition and the opposition have slammed the UN for passing the resolution. 

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The Prohibition on the Purchase of Residential Property by Non-Canadians Act now prevents foreigners from buying residential property in Canada for two years.
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Bryan Kohberger, the suspect arrested in connection to the murder of the four University of Idaho students was stalking his victims for weeks according to a friend of the cop who tracked him.
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Posted on: Jan 02 09:13
Steve Cortez was on the War Room on Friday where he discussed the destruction of the US economy under Joe Biden in 2022.
Posted on: Jan 02 09:12
US GOP Representative Matt Gaetz isn’t buying the pro-McCarthy arguments for Speaker of the House. Gaetz and Americans want a hard-working and honest Speaker placed in Congress this week, not Kevin McCarthy.
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All private insurance plans in New York and California are now required to cover abortion if they offer maternity care coverage — without a copayment or a deductible.
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The first Latin mass in over 50 years was held on the Delmarva Peninsula this past week.
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