"This obsession with the slavery of the Antebellum South, again, it is something that happened in the past. No White person alive today in the United States of America has ever owned a slave. No Black person alive today in the United States of America has ever had to pick cotton.

But the reality is, we are all (White or Black, Brown, Red, Peach Taupe Mauve, Plaid) slaves anyway to the "Infernal" Revenue Service, to the Federal Reserve, to the IMF, to the military industrial complex, to the Medical Industrial complex.  We do not have the freedom to be independent. 

We are forced to buy and to use certain products, to surrender our money for things we don't really want, and that really is an ideal definition of slavery: that your work product is taken away from you and you get nothing in return that you want.

But this obsession with the slavery of the Antebellum South is being fanned up to divide the American people against each other so that we don't unite together against the slavery that is happening in front of us now today. 

You think about that for a while." -- Michael Rivero

Bidgear ad


Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) recently urged fellow Republican lawmakers to pull support for a must-pass military funding bill after an Air Force memo declared the month of June “LGBTQ+ Pride Month.”

The military memo, shared with Fox News, approves the recognition of Pride Month in June and allows Air Force installation leadership to “plan and conduct appropriate activities in honor of Pride Month.”

“Each June, the Department of the Air Force recognizes Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ+) Pride Month. During this time, we celebrate the progress we have made towards inclusivity, commemorate the contributions of LGBTQ+ Americans, and recognize the obstacles they have faced and overcome along the way,” the memo states.

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This substack has covered Professor Bhakdi on numerous occasions. The man is a bonafide hero in the Medical Freedom Movement.

Dr. Bhakdi says the German government is persecuting him with totally false charges of antisemitism, but he is really being punished for speaking out against the CV19 vax.  Early on he told people not to get the CV19 injections.  If convicted, Dr. Bhakdi says he faces 5 years in prison.  His trial is in 2023.

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In 2010, Gates reportedly met Mila Antonova, a Russian bridge player in her 20s, during a bridge tournament where they competed against each other. Antonova later moved to the US and worked as a software engineer in Silicon Valley.

During a recent appearance on the Benny Johnson podcast, Darren Beattie raised an interesting point. While this incident may not involve elements of “sex trafficking” or “underage girls,” it sheds light on Epstein’s “modus operandi” and his use of blackmail to manipulate individuals to get what he wants. This story adds a lot of weight to theories claiming Epstein was an alleged intelligence asset, and used his island to gather compromising information on very powerful people for leverage down the road.

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The Archdiocese of Los Angeles condemned the Los Angeles Dodgers for reinviting a self-described group of "queer and trans nuns" to the team's Pride Night, lamenting that the group mocks real nuns and their work.

In a statement released Tuesday, the archdiocese said that the decision to reinvite the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence "mocks the Catholic faith and makes light of the sincere and holy vocations" of Catholic nuns and "has caused disappointment, concern, anger, and dismay from our Catholic community."

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Bankrupt satellite launcher Virgin Orbit has officially shut down after selling off its assets to three winning bidders at auction, the company confirmed Tuesday.

Virgin Orbit sold its 144,000 square-foot Long Beach, Calif., manufacturing facility and company headquarters to Rocket Lab for $16.1 million. Rocket Lab will also receive the company's 3-D printers and a specialty tank welding machine.

The California-based company sold its Mojave-based facilities to Launcher, a subsidiary of Vast Space, for $2.7 million. And its modified Boeing 747 jet, Cosmic Girl, went to Stratolaunch for $17 million.

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In the year 2000, the U.S. government debt was $3.5 trillion, equal to 35% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). By 2022, the debt was $24 trillion, equal to 95% of GDP. The U.S. debt is soaring, hence America’s current debt crisis. Yet both Republicans and Democrats are missing the solution: stopping America’s wars of choice and slashing military outlays.

Suppose the government’s debt had remained at a modest 35% of GDP, as in 2000. Today’s debt would be $9 billion, as opposed to $24 trillion. Why did the U.S. government incur the excess $15 trillion in debt?

The single biggest answer is the U.S. government’s addiction to war and military spending. According to the Watson Institute at Brown University, the cost of U.S. wars from fiscal year 2001 to fiscal year 2022 amounted to a whopping $8 trillion, more than half of the extra $15 trillion in debt. The other $7 trillion arose roughly equally from budget deficits caused by the 2008 financial crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Facing down the military-industrial lobby is the vital first step to putting America’s fiscal house in order

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Microsoft is launching a new AI-powered moderation service that it says is designed to foster safer online environments and communities. Called Azure AI Content Safety, the new offering, available through the Azure AI product platform, offers a range of AI models trained to detect “inappropriate” content across images and text.

The models — which can understand text in English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, and Chinese — assign a severity score to flagged content, indicating to moderators what content requires action. “Microsoft has been working on solutions in response to the challenge of harmful content appearing in online communities for over two years.

We recognized that existing systems weren’t effectively taking into account context or able to work in multiple languages,” the Microsoft spokesperson said via email. “New [AI] models are able to understand content and cultural context so much better. They are multilingual from the start … and they provide clear and understandable explanations, allowing users to understand why content was flagged or removed.”

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Facebook has been put in the spotlight once again after it recently deleted Christian content and labeled it “hate speech.” The latest incident was brought to our attention by FaithWire journalist Billy Hallowell, who was a former Blaze writer.

Hallowell, a Christian, exercised his religious freedom by posting on Facebook: “Jesus died so you could live.” However, despite his post reflecting one of Christianity’s core beliefs, Hallowell quickly discovered that his post was not only deleted by Facebook but was accused of spreading “hate speech”.

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Fox News quietly enforces woke pro-transgender workplace policies on its employees, even while it poses as a critical source of news about transgenderism, says a report at the Daily Signal.

The May 22 report cites the company’s handbook for employees, saying that “transgender” rights require that all other employees accept sex-switching claims without any “transphobic” disagreement, complaints, or appeals to science:

Under the category “Gender Transition,” Fox’s employee handbook promises that the company is dedicated to “expanding and strengthening” efforts to “sustain a more inclusive work environment.” The Fox employee handbook is posted on Workday, where employees can see company guidelines or policies, a former employee told The Daily Signal.

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The Russian Defense Ministry released footage showing American vehicles used by Ukrainian militants in Belgorod attack © The Russian Defense Ministry

President Joe Biden’s administration has suggested that contrary to the footage shared by the Russian military and many other images posted on social media showing US-made military vehicles destroyed in the Belgorod Region, the equipment used by Ukrainian militants in their latest attack on Russian soil wasn’t likely supplied by Washington or its Western allies.

“We’ve seen some of the reports circulating on social media and elsewhere making claims that US-supplied weapons were used in these attacks,” US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller told reporters on Tuesday in Washington. “I will say that we’re skeptical at this time of the veracity of these reports.”

Miller suggested that footage of the destroyed vehicles might be fake.

Webmaster addition: That's really lame, even for the US  Government!

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A woman who suffered severe nerve damage after receiving a COVID-19 vaccination and four others with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 vaccine injuries launched a lawsuit against President Joe Biden and his administration on May 22.

Brianne Dressen, co-chair of React19, in New York on Jan. 6, 2023. (Jack Wang/The Epoch Times)

Top government officials violated the plaintiffs’ rights to free speech and peaceful assembly when they pressured Big Tech companies to crack down on people sharing their experience after receiving the COVID-19 vaccines, Brianne Dressen, the woman, and the other plaintiffs say.

“Through threats, pressure, inducement, and coercion, Defendants now work in concert with social media companies to censor content the government deems ‘disinformation,’ ‘misinformation,’ and ‘malinformation’—a feat that the government could never lawfully accomplish alone,” the 124-page suit, filed in U.S. court in southern Texas, states.

In addition to Biden, defendants include Rob Flaherty, a top adviser to Biden; White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre; the Department of Homeland Security; the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; and Surgeon General Vivek Murthy.

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A powerful typhoon taking aim at Guam could be the strongest tropical cyclone to impact the U.S. island territory in decades.

As of Wednesday 7:50 p.m. local time (5:50 a.m. ET), the eye of Typhoon Mawar was passing over or very near northern Guam with 140 mile per hour winds -- equivalent to a Category 4 hurricane. Mawar could make a rare landfall on Guam, which would mark the first time since 1976 that the island was directly hit by a Category 4 typhoon.

An earlier forecast projected Mawar to hit the island as a super typhoon packing winds as strong as 160 mph -- equivalent to a Category 5 hurricane.

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“Once the Lie becomes the Truth, there is no moving backwards. Insanity prevails. The world is turned upside down.”

Let us be under no illusions, the Covid Jab is not only “experimental”, it’s a Big Pharma “killer vaccine” which modifies the human genome. The evidence of mortality and morbidity resulting from vaccine inoculation both present (official data) and future (e.g. undetected microscopic blood clots) is overwhelming. 

The official data (mortality and morbidity) as well as numerous scientific studies confirm the nature of the Covid-19 mRNA vaccine which is being imposed on all humanity. 

Peer reviewed reports confirm the causes  of vaccine related deaths and “adverse events” (injuries) including among others blood clots, thrombosis, myocarditis, cardiac arrests.

Webmaster addition: The half-life of mRNA can range from minutes to several hours. The stability of mRNA is crucial for regulating gene expression and ensuring precise control over protein production within cells. For this reason, Covid shots at the start of the vaccination program were frozen at −80°C requiring the purchase of large commercial freezers. But care providers and hospitals balked at buying these expensive machines and so the Covid shots were stored at higher temperatures, which means the mRNA is prone to mutating despite newer encapsulation and delivery systems, thereby triggering a wide range of unpredictable gene expressions.

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The issue internationally with Russia officially incorporating the Donbass as part of Russia is that people maybe don’t make the distinction between that territory and internationally recognized Russian territory.

Belgorod is in normal Russia, it’s not a part of the former Ukraine.

Apparently, the purpose of this attack was to give the Ukrainians something to celebrate following their defeat in Bakhmut. There was no strategic purpose other than to terrorize the civilian population.


Several American-made armored cars were among the seven vehicles documented to have been destroyed on Monday, when a unit of Ukrainian militants was defeated after trespassing into Russia’s border region of Belgorod.

Photos and video taken by the Russian military in the aftermath of the battle showed several abandoned, damaged or destroyed vehicles used by the Ukrainian force.

Two M1151A1 Hummvee armored cars can be seen stuck in what appears to be a bomb crater, showing combat damage. Another Hummvee, the lightly armored cargo version still in desert tan color, sat on the side of the road with its tires shot out.

Two of the M1224 MaxxPro armored vehicles were apparently left behind, one near a treeline and another inside a warehouse.

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A video from AB InBev, the parent company of Anheuser-Busch that brews Bud Light, showed the company’s commitment to wokeism by purging White, male employees among its ranks.

The video from November 2022 showed various employees of the Belgium-based beer company pledging to become “more diverse and inclusive.” According to the clip, eschewing White, male employees gives way for staff members who “better represent” the woke ideology.

“We’re still 40 percent women and 60 percent men, still predominantly White,” said senior graphic designer Kara-Jessica Mallett. “There’s still work to be done.”

Webmaster addition: I have this crazy, radical, idea. How about we stop worrying about people's color, gender, etc. and just hire the people best able to do the job!!!!!

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George Soros is one of the most powerful people alive. Forbes estimates his net worth at $6.7 billion. That’s more than the GDP of some countries. He’s the man who “broke the Bank of England” when he shorted the pound and forced the British government to withdraw from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism in 1992. It’s a factual description to call him a currency speculator and hedge fund manager, practically a caricature of the rich capitalist whom leftists say they oppose. It’s therefore remarkable to see mainstream media and civil rights groups riding to his defense.

But that is what happened last week after Elon Musk criticized Mr. Soros’s funding for liberal prosecutors who are considered soft on crime. In a tweet, Mr. Musk compared Mr. Soros to a Marvel Comics supervillain:

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Make no mistake about what the G7’s Hiroshima Communique is all about.

The setting: a city in neo-colony Japan nuclear-bombed 78 years ago by the United States, for which it made no excuses.

The message: the G7, actually G9 (augmented by two unelected Eurocrats) declares war – hybrid and otherwise – against BRICS+, which has 25 nations on its waiting list and counting.

The G7’s key strategic objective is the defeat of Russia, followed by the subjugation of China. For the G7/G9, these – real – powers are the main “global threats” to “freedom and democracy.”

The corollary is that the Global South must toe the line – or else. Call it a remix of the early 2000s “you’re either with us or against us.”

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Russia, together with other countries, will assuredly achieve a fair world order, whereas the model under which certain countries develop at the expense of others will become a thing of the past, Russian President Vladimir Putin said, greeting the participants in the 11th International Meeting of High-Level Officials Responsible for Security Issues.

"I am confident that, together, we will achieve the formation of a more equitable, multipolar world, while the ideology of exceptionalism as well as the neocolonial system, which has undergirded the exploitation of the resources of the entire world, will inevitably recede into the past," he noted.

Putin assured the foreign security officials that Russia was ready to engage in the closest level of interaction with all interested countries in efforts to counteract common threats and tackle the challenges that humankind is facing today.

Webmaster addition: I hope he is right. But that imperial "plunder other nations" mindset is buried deep in the psyche of many governments.

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Disturbing video shows the moment a machete-wielding Manhattan college professor menacingly chased a New York Post reporter and photographer down the street Tuesday.

Veteran scribe Reuven Fenton and a photographer had just left Shellyne Rodriguez’s Bronx apartment building — where she held the machete to the reporter’s neck after he knocked on her door to ask her about a viral video in which she curses out anti-abortion students.

She then followed The Post journalists out into the street, machete in hand, dashcam footage shows.

When the photographer snaps a picture of the now-former Hunter College art professor approaching them, she starts chasing after him down the sidewalk, forcing him to run into the middle of a busy roadway as traffic passes by, according to the video.

Webmaster addition: But remember, it's the Trump supporters who are violent!

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A landlord in Minnesota is accused of setting his own apartment building on fire last week.

Travis Lee Carlson, 37, has been charged with first-degree arson.

According to court documents, first responders were called to the apartment in Duluth for a fire that had started on the upper floors.

When they arrived, first responders said they found the building on fire, along with Billy Joel’s song “We Didn’t Start the Fire” blaring from the upstairs apartment.

Fire investigators found a drilled hole in the gas tank of Carlson’s truck with a drill laying nearby. There were also lids to gas cans laying on the ground by the truck.

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Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday pressed his legal battle before a court in the capital, Islamabad, which granted him protection from arrest until early next month in several cases including terrorism charges for inciting violence.

The development comes as authorities have been cracking down on the supporters of Khan, now Pakistan’s top opposition leader. Thousands staged violent protests and attacked public property and military installations following Khan’s arrest earlier this month.

The violence subsided only days later, after Khan was released on the orders of the country’s Supreme Court. Ten people were killed in clashes with the police.

Khan, who was ousted in a no-confidence vote in Parliament in April last year, has campaigned against the government of his successor, Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif, claiming his ouster was illegal and demanding early elections.

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U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Tuesday warned Sudan’s rival generals to abide by the latest cease-fire or face possible sanctions, as residents reported sporadic fighting between the sides in the capital of Khartoum and a northern city.

Sudan descended into chaos after fighting erupted in mid-April between the country’s military, led by Gen. Abdel Fattah Burhan, and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces, commanded by Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo.

The fighting has killed at least 863 civilians, including at least 190 children, and wounded more than 3,530 others, according to the Doctors’ Syndicate, which tracks civilian casualties. The toll could be much higher, the medical group said. The conflict has also turned Khartoum and other urban areas into battlefields. Early on, foreign governments raced to evacuate their diplomats and nationals as thousands of foreign residents scrambled to get out of Sudan.

Posted on: May 24 08:19

Witnesses in Sudan’s capital Khartoum reported artillery fire, fighter-jet flights over the city, and continued street battles in some areas as a weeklong ceasefire got off to a shaky start.

Heavy bombardment could be heard in east Khartoum and one resident shared a photo of thick black smoke rising into the sky. In Omdurman and Khartoum North, Khartoum’s twin cities, people said they heard sounds of small arms firing.

After five weeks of fierce battles between the army and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF), the warring factions agreed to a seven-day truce starting at 9:45pm (19:45 GMT) on Monday to allow the delivery of aid and let people escape.

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The party of East Timor independence hero Xanana Gusmão has won the most votes in the country’s parliamentary election, according to preliminary results, boosting his chances of returning as prime minister.

Gusmão’s National Congress for Timorese Reconstruction (CNRT) won about 42 percent of votes after all ballots had been counted, according to election commission data carried by national broadcaster Radio-Televisão Timor Leste.

Webmaster addition: In the photo, note the blue dye on the finger. This is how East Timor prevents people from voting more than once. The blue goes away after a week.

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The number of refugees in Chad who have fled the fighting between the forces of the two rival generals in Sudan for more than a month is "increasing very quickly" and is around 90,000, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees was alarmed on Monday. refugees (UNHCR).

The UN estimated them at 76,000 three days earlier. "As of now, we think we are close to 90,000 people," Raouf Mazou, Assistant High Commissioner for UNHCR Operations, told reporters in N'Djamena.

The UN estimates to date at a thousand dead and more than a million internally displaced persons and refugees the toll of this conflict which began on April 15. Mr. Mazou mentioned him, "more than 250,000 people who have left Sudan" for neighbouring countries since the start of this war.

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Papua New Guinea (PNG) will not be used as a base for "war to be launched", and a defence agreement with the United States prohibited "offensive military operations", its prime minister said on Tuesday.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Monday a defence cooperation deal signed with PNG earlier that day would expand the Pacific island nation's capabilities and make it easier for the U.S. military to train with its forces.

The deal sparked student protests amid concern it could embroil PNG in strategic competition between the U.S. and China.

Posted on: May 24 08:15

Is China really on the verge of invading the island of Taiwan, as so many top American officials seem to believe? If the answer is “yes” and the U.S. intervenes on Taiwan’s side — as President Biden has sworn it would — we could find ourselves in a major-power conflict, possibly even a nuclear one, in the not-too-distant future. Even if confined to Asia and fought with conventional weaponry alone — no sure thing — such a conflict would still result in human and economic damage on a far greater scale than observed in Ukraine today.  

But what if the answer is “no,” which seems at least as likely? Wouldn’t that pave the way for the U.S. to work with its friends and allies, no less than with China itself, to reduce tensions in the region and possibly open a space for the launching of peaceful negotiations between Taiwan and the mainland? If nothing else, it would eliminate the need to boost the Pentagon budget by many billions of dollars annually, as now advocated by China hawks in Congress.

How that question is answered has enormous implications for us all. Yet, among policymakers in Washington, it isn’t even up for discussion. Instead, they seem to be competing with each another to identify the year in which the purported Chinese invasion will occur and war will break out between our countries.

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One of the creeping hands of totalitarianism running through the democracy is the Federal Bureau of Investigation… Because why does the FBI do all this? To scare the hell out of people… They work for the establishment and the corporations and the politicos to keep things as they are. And they want to frighten and chill the people who are trying to change things.”—Howard Zinn, historian

Power corrupts. We know this.

In fact, we know this from experience learned the hard way at the hands of our own government.

So why is anyone surprised to learn that the FBI, one of the most power-hungry and corrupt agencies within the police state’s vast complex of power-hungry and corrupt agencies, misused a massive government surveillance database more than 300,000 times in order to target American citizens?

This is how the government operates, after all.

First, they seek out extraordinary powers acquired in the wake of some national crisis—in this case, warrantless surveillance powers intended to help the government spy on foreign targets suspected of engaging in terrorism—and then they use those powers against the American people.

According to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, the FBI repeatedly misused Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act in order to spy on the communications of two vastly disparate groups of Americans: those involved in the George Floyd protests and those who may have taken part in the Jan. 6, 2021, protests at the Capitol.

This is par for the course for the FBI, whose modus operandi has historically been to “expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, or otherwise neutralize” perceived threats to the government’s power.

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